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Saturday, 24 March


Mass whale stranding at Hamelin Bay in Western Australia "IndyWatch Feed Enviro"

Some 150 whales were found stranded on a beach at Hamelin Bay in Western Australia on Friday morning, March 23, 2018. The event prompted major rescue effort, but only 15 of them remain alive. Only about 15 of the 150 short-finned pilot whales that stranded at...... Read more


Did John Bolton Defenestrate Anyone? Gumshoe News

John Bolton. (Photo on left: On right: Youtube)

Editors Note: This article was originally published on April 21, 2005 at Online Journal with the title Did John Bolton Murder State Department Official John J. Kokal? It is reprinted here with permission of the author.

by Wayne Madsen

In a case eerily reminiscent of the death of British Ministry of Defense bio-weapons expert, Dr. David Kelly, an official of the State Departments Bureau of Intelligence and Research Near East and South Asian division (INR/NESA), John J. Kokal, 58, was found dead in the late afternoon of November 7, 2003. 

Police indicated he may have jumped from the roof of...

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Friday, 23 March


True Love "IndyWatch Feed World"

Donald Trump mural believed to be the work of Australian graffiti artist Lushsux has popped up on Israels barrier in the West Bank, this time depicting the US president sharing a kiss with Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu.

Netanyahu and Trump kiss in West Bank mural. (Credit: Ammar Awad/Reuters)Netanyahu and Trump kiss in West Bank mural. (Credit: Ammar Awad/Reuters)

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Lushsux in front of mural (Credit: Ammar Awad/Reuters)Lushsux in front of mural (Credit: Ammar Awad/Reuters)

Standing against the backdrop of a cement section of the security wall in Bethlehem, his face hidden by a headdress, a man who identified himself as Lushsux said that he hoped his painting would draw attention to Palestinians stuck in an indoor prison.


More Than 130 Whales Die in Mass Stranding in Western Australia "IndyWatch Feed Enviro"

from The Guardian

One hundred and thirty-five whales have died after being washed ashore in Western Australia.

A rescue operation began on Friday morning in Hamelin Bay, on the states south-western tip, to save the remaining 15, with volunteers and vets trying to keep the surviving short-finned pilot whales alive before deciding when to herd them out to sea.

One witness described trying to steer one of the animals out to sea, only to watch it beach itself again.

Jeremy Chick, who is controlling the rescue attempt near the town of Augusta, said the main priorities were to ensure the welfare of the remaining live whales and the safety of everyone involved in the operation before any rescue attempt was made to herd the whales back out to sea.

The strength of the animals and the windy and possibly wet weather conditions will affect when and where we attempt to move them out to sea, he said.

People were asked to avoid the area because rescuers had enough staff there.

Authorities warned the public to take care near the water because the dead and dying animals could bring sharks closer to shore. A three-metre shark was seen in the bay within a few hours.

Hamelin beach is closed from Hamelin Caravan Park to North Point including Grace Road and Reserve Road, and a shark alert has been issued for the area.

The largest mass stranding of whales in WA happened in 1996 when 320 long-finned pilot whales stranded themselves in Dunsborough.

Short-finned pilot whales inhabit tropical and subtropical waters and may be seen in the hundreds but groups usually number fewer than 100.

On Friday, the whales were fir...


Reclaiming our narrative: WEAVE festival presents an immersion in culture IndigenousX

The WEAVE Festival has been running throughout the month of March at the Australian Museum, inviting a new interpretation of the large collections of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander and Pacific artefacts held by the Museum.


Central and northern New South Wales floods as 13 inches of rain falls in 48 hours in Australia "IndyWatch Feed World"

In just two days, more than 300 millimetres of rain has fallen in parts of eastern New South Wales, resulting in flash flooding. A low pressure trough moving slowly along the NSW coast brought persistent rain and storms to parts of the Hunter and lower Mid North Coast during the last 36 hours. The heaviest falls so far have occurred on the Barrington Tops, where a rain gauge at Careys Peak received 339 millimetres during the 48 hours to 9am today, Weatherzone recorded.


Sexual Assault in the Greens and the left "GroovUs Feed Nradio"

Recently sexual assaults within the Australian Greens have been gaining more attention. Jasmina Brankovich lives in Perth, Western Australia and has been following this issue closely.

In this interview we talk about sexual assault within the Greens and the lack of structures to deal with them.

In the second part we talk about this issue in the broader left and anarchist community.

[Part 1]

Jasmina: For the past few years especially last year I think weve had a number of allegations covering all shades I guess of a male sexual violence as I prefer to call it in the Greens, and its seemingly across all branches so I think that Ive heard about the New South Wales, Victoria, WA and at the very least those those main branches so what we had is basically a number  of allegations across a number of branches portraying theres complete lack of interest in dealing with them, theres also lack of structures structure for instance a lot of branches and I know about WA one of those allegations arose do not have anything like the sexual harassment policy and processes to deal with them  not-with-standing the fact that some branches and at them at the national level are developing their policy now.

These things were not in place when the allegations against the current Senator  Senator Jordan Steele John published in the True Crime News Weekly  so these allegations have been covered in the independent non mains stream press.

For instance the case of sexual assault allegations against Jarah Crook in New South...


Stocks Slide as China-U.S. Trade Conflict Kicks Off "IndyWatch Feed War"

European and Asian markets fall amid escalating trade tensions

  • Japans Nikkei drops 4.5%
  • U.S. stock futures edge lower
  • Bonds gain, yen hits highest since 2016

The global equities swoon deepened Friday in Europe and Asia, as market participants dumped stocks amid escalating trade tensions.

The Stoxx Europe 600 fell 0.9% in the early minutes of trading, following a 4.5% drop in Japans Nikkei and declines of 2%-4% in Hong Kong, South Korea, Australia and Shanghai. Futures suggested U.S. stocks would open slightly lower with the S&P 500 poised to edge down 0.2% and the Nasdaq off 0.6%.

The jitters came after the Trump administration on Thursday said it would impose tariffs on tens of billions of dollars of Chinese imports on top of duties on steel and aluminum imports. Chinas commerce ministry responded Friday announcing it would levy tariffsagainst $3 billion worth of U.S. goods including pork and recycled aluminum.

The market is so fixated on the potential effects of tariffs that its overshadowing anything else thats occurring, said Brent Schutte, chief investment strategist at Northwestern Mutual Wealth Management Company.

Overall, I still think the risk of a large trade war, while probably bigger than a year ago, is still not large enough to derail the broader economic story, he said, but noted there would be a lot of guess work for some time about just how far trade tensions can go.

On Thursday the Dow industrials fell 2.9%, their biggest one-day percentage decline since Feb. 8, while the S&P 500 fell 2.5% to erase all gains for the year.

Although the import tariffs had been telegraphed for weeks, Thursdays package, covering about $60 billion in goods, sent investors into safe havens....


Mass stranding of over 150 pilot whales at Hamelin Bay, Western Australia "IndyWatch Feed World"

A mass stranding of more than 150 pilot whales overnight has led to the deaths of most of those animals, in one of the largest beachings on Western Australia's southwest coast in several years. After being alerted by a fisherman early this morning, wildlife officers discovered about 75 short-finned pilot whales already dead, with around 50 still alive but beached on the sand at Hamelin Bay, 10km north of Augusta on the state's southwestern tip. But many whales have since died, according to senior marine operations officer for Parks and Wildlife John Edwards. At midday, volunteers and conservation officers were struggling to save 15 whales still swimming in shallow waters by guiding them back out to sea. The Department of Primary Industries and Regional Development issued a shark advice and warned people to avoid the area.


South African Politician Blasts "Racist" Australia For Harboring Fleeing White Farmers "IndyWatch Feed Africa"

In perhaps the most Orwellian statement of the day, the head of South Africas radical Marxist opposition party - who declared his party was "cutting the throat of whiteness" - called Australia a "racist country" for offering fleeing white farmers a refuge.
As we have detailed previouslylast month, South Africas parliament ...


Death and Impunity: Iraq Fifteen Years After "IndyWatch Feed Africa"

It might have made a bit more than a whimper had the US political scene not found itself in yet another paroxysm of the drama known as the Trump White House.  Fifteen years before, governments aligning with the dogs of war decided, in defiance of millions of protestors globally, to invade a sovereign state.  Papers cheered with blood lust; propagandists and public relations firms were hired to push the politics of regime change in a country that was already hemmed in by sanctions and surveillance.

The invasion of Iraq must, over time, be given its own specific criminal gravity.  It sundered the Middle East, it tore at the artificially imposed borders contrived by former colonial masters.  It emboldened new foes and generated further disagreements.  For generations, chaos will be guaranteed on the heaped folly of the 2003 decision.

The results are in, went a sombre Charles P. Pierce for Esquire. Iraq never recovered.  Syria devolved into civil war. We got closer than ever to the inhumane regime in Saudi Arabia, now engaged in mass slaughter in Yemen with weapons we supplied, because theres never been a problem with that before.

As Matt Taibbi reflected, the invasion had the element of awesome drama, made more thrilling by the seemingly obvious craziness of it all. The subtext was a lack of sensible reason, distorted by the mania that Iraq had somehow become a global threat with a trigger happy maniac. In place was ample hysteric delight, characterised by the opening phase of the campaign: Shock and Awe.

As with the Indochina War, the invasion mirrored an emerging malaise back home.  Invading Iraq was one of the great crimes of this or any age and destined to be a crossroads event in the history of Americas decline.  It was a cold, calculated, opportunistic power grab, aimed as much at future targets, and even our own population, as at the Iraqi enemy.

The US allies who, with unfazed enthusiasm went in with similar destructive intent, were also showing mixed degrees of reflection.  In Australia, former Prime Minister Kevin Rudd saw a chance to chastise his predecessor, John Howard, for having joined the US-led enterprise.  John Howards decision to commit thousands of Australian troops to the invasion of Iraq 15 years ago, began his opening salvo, ranks as one of the two great failures of Australian foreign policy since the Second World War.

Rudd can show periods of sensible reflection.  The decision to invade Iraq had to also rank alongside another US-led mission that was doomed: the V...


South Africa: where Australia is code for racist Overland literary journal

I am sitting down to write this on Human Rights Day, a national holiday commemorating the 1960 Sharpeville massacre. It is a day that evokes memories of state violence and institutionalised racism, of the apartheid governments determination to brutalise and dehumanise non-white South Africans, but it also points to more recent processes of nation-building and (as yet unrealised) healing.


Record number of U.S. Marines to train in Australia in symbolic challenge to China "IndyWatch Feed War"


SYDNEY (Reuters) The United States will deploy a record number of Marines to train in Australia, the Australian defense minister said on Friday, as Washington seeks to counter what it describes as Chinese aggression in the region.

U.S. Marine Pfc. Reuschel Ortiz (left) directs the distribution of ammunition at Freshwater Beach, Australia, during amphibious assault landing operations of Exercise Crocodile 99 on Oct. 1, 1999. Exercise Crocodile 99 is a combined U.S. and Australian military training exercise being conducted at the Shoalwater Bay Training Area in Queensland, Australia.  DoD photo by Petty Officer 1st Class Daniel E. Smith, U.S. Navy.

The U.S. military plays a vital role in underwriting security and stability across the Indo-Pacific, and the Force Posture Initiatives will be an essential component in preserving stability and security over the coming decades, Defence Minister Marise Payne said in a statement.

Payne said 1,587 U.S. Marines will spend six months training in Australias remote north, an increase of nearly 27 percent on its 2017 rotation for the program known as the Force Posture Initiatives.

The deployment, first introduced in 2011 as part of a U.S. pivot to Asia, has emerged as a key indicator of Washingtons commitment to the region under U.S. President Donald Trump and his willingness to counter Chinese influence in a region where tensions have spiked amid disputes over the South China Sea.

China claims most of the South China Sea, an important trade route that is also believed to contain large quantities of oil and natural gas, and has been building artificial islands on reefs, some with ports and air strips.

In a move likely to irk Beijing, the U.S. Marines will train with personnel from Australia, Indonesia, Japan, Malaysia, the Philippines, Singapore and Thailand, some of which also have claims in the South China Sea.

China will monitor whatever the U.S. does and it would prefer that the United States not work with the Asian countries included in these exercises, said Euan Graham, director of the international security program at Australian think tank the Lowy Institute.

Beijing would like to deal one-on-one with Southeast Asia nations that have counter claims, he said.

The U.S. Marines will also bring additional military equi...


Vietnam Courts Closer Ties with Australia to Check China "IndyWatch Feed War"

By Ralph Jennings

Prime Minister of the Socialist Republic of Vietnam Nguyen Xuan Phuc participates in a signing ceremony with Australian Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull at Australia's Parliament House in Canberra, Australia, March 15, 2018.
Prime Minister of the Socialist Republic of Vietnam Nguyen Xuan Phuc participates in a signing ceremony with Australian Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull at Australias Parliament House in Canberra, Australia, March 15, 2018.
Vietnam is edging closer to Australia as it seeks broader international help in checking Chinas expansion in the disputed South China Sea.On March 15, the two countries signed a strategic partnership to increase high-level dialogue, marking an upgrade to other partnerships in effect since 2009, the Australian foreign affairs department says. The partnership includes pledges to address security threats, and work together on maritime policymaking.

Australia and Vietnam reached the agreement as Vietnam seeks wider help in keeping the more powerful Beijing in check in the contested South China Sea. Australia is also looking for more inroads into Southeast Asia, where it has security and business interests.

To the extent theyre both concerned about especially things like freedom of navigation and the East (China) Sea they have a shared interest with Vietnam in keeping the sea lanes open, said Frederick Burke, partner with the law firm Baker McKenzie in Ho Chi Minh City.

Converging maritime interests

China and Vietnam dispute sovereignty over parts of a resource-rich sea that stretches across 3.5 million square kilometers from Hong Kong to Borneo. Taiwan and three other Southeast Asian countries have claims in...


A response to Joe Hildebrand's article 'Immigration debate is just left wing racism' "IndyWatch Feed World"

'Immigration debate is just left wing racism', according to the headline of Joe Hildebrand's latest article at He then goes on to assert that questioning our rate of immigration is an ideology confined only to the far right and the far left. Really? I would like to take this opportunity to re-assure readers that it is in fact a concern for Australians from all political backgrounds and walks of life and we ignore this at our peril.

This is why it was actually the duty of every media outlet from the Herald Sun to the 'quintessential progressive media double act of Fairfax and the ABC' to bring this conversation into the public realm. Bearing in mind that our cities will need to have a further 1.5 trillion dollars of infrastructure investment by 2045 just to keep up, this sudden interest from the ABC was, in fairness, a bit late in coming. Even Tony Jones acknowledged the sheer amount of concern that there is on this issue during a Q&A special on whether or not we are ready for a Big Australia.

So comparing all lefties who question our current rate of immigration with the kind of mindset that sparked the Cronulla riots is very problematic. The truth is that unless you are an advocate of open borders, there comes a point whereby everyone has a limit to what they think our annual rate of migration should be. In other words, according to Hildebrand, there comes a point whereby everyone becomes a racist.

Then there are those who do want to see a policy of open borders but that would do absolutely nothing to resolve the very issues that are pushing people to leave their homeland in the first place. In other words it does nothing to help the vast majority of people who, for one reason or another, would be left behind.

This is why a proactive measure such as foreign aid as opposed to a reactive measure such as unlimited migration can help communities on the ground to better manage their environment while providing increased access to education and family planning. That, in combination with much improved urban and regional planning at home, is the ONLY way that we can collectively reduce habitat loss and s...


No State Project ep 55 Cop Charged with Murder in Minnesota "GroovUs Feed Npodcasts"

Its rare, but a cop was charged with murder in Minnesota.

Spoke with Chris in Kansas about defending against a parking ticket.  Witt from Gilbert, Arizona, takes issue with this.

The post No State Project ep 55 Cop Charged with Murder in Minnesota appeared first on


John Horgan-Once Gaining Power Veers NDP Party To Right-Abandons Grassroots-Rolls Electoral Dice-Can Horgan Garner BC Liberal(Conservative) Voters to Make up for Losing BC's Progressive "Activist" Support "IndyWatch Feed Nthamerica"

Updated March 22/ written below, everything I said has come true...any shred of the BC NDP pre-election 2017 is now gone.....Horgan sold out the province and the people....Horgan gave the LNG industry PST exemption(read HST in a new form) long til all industry demands a HST tax regime....Horgan exempted LNG industry from the carbon tax....Horgan also removed BC's LNG taxation framework...a tax that started at 7%....then BC Liberals slashed that tax to 1.5%....Today John Horgan slashed that taxrate to ZERO %.....and with $billions in unclaimed(as of yet) deep-well drilling credits.....Corporate welfare on steroids....we have officially entered into the Australian like LNG taxation zone....meaning BC we never see any revenue from LNG......and with that...adios BC NDP....hope some of you cross the floors, I'd hate to see all you MLAs look like word salad idiots and Party Root any of you NDP MLAS have any honour, morals or backbone...Probably not!....

It's far worse people...because today in Ottawa(March 22nd 2018) several northern BC Mayors pleading for the federal Government, pleading to Trudeau to REMOVE IMPORT DUMPING DUTIES ON ASIAN STEEL COMPONENTS....because as you know, LNG Canada is having the entire natural gas liquefaction plant built in S Korea and barged to B.C.....along with Korean workers to reassemble what THEY built....that's how it is, Trudeau has Horgan by the balls....Horgan begging to remove import duties....Trudeau wanting Horgan to get out of the way of Kinder Morgan....this is a twofer, and it's coming.....Horgan has already made a deal with it is....(BC Government after studying Ottawa's and industry's spill response have determined that Kinder Morgan's pipeline expansion is safe to proceed) ...Horgan will boast.. that in return he got import duties removed too...

Horgan campaigned left and now governs far right....what a dishonest bunch BC NDP are..

Bottom line for LNG Canada and their project....They are PST carbon LNG tax...royalties will be next to none as there are $billion in dri...


Hard science can be undertaken on 'anomalies.' Unidentified Aerial Phenomena - scientific research

Dear readers,

I note that tomorrow, Sydney researcher Bill Chalker and abductee Peter Khoury are speaking in my home town of Melbourne at a VUFOA sponsored event. I am looking forward to going along as a silent observer. I am hoping that the duo may be providing some updated information about the physical evidence aspects of Peter's experiences. For readers who may be unaware of these details, which involve DNA analyses here is a link.

The 'Ata' anomaly

Coincidently, DNA analyses of an apparently anomalous skeleton, which some have suggested is extraterrestrial, features in a US CNN report dated 22 March 2018. 

A mummified skeleton was found 15 years ago in the Atacama Desert in Chile. The recent Dr Steven Greer documentary 'Sirius' which featured this skeleton, strongly proposed that the skeleton was of an extraterrestrial 'alien.' 

However, an article just published in the scientific journal 'Genome Research' reveals that this unusual skeleton is actually human, with multiple bone disease-associated mutations, thus giving it a very unusual appearance. Here is hard science at its best.

The 'Starchild' skull

A second recently published hard science analysis, including DNA work, reports on an unusual 900 year old skull found in the 1930's in Mexico. US researcher Lloyd Pye initiated work on this skull between 1999 and 2014 looking for evidence as to the possibilit...


Therapeutic Albo says Victorian Ombudsman Labor rorts report "an enormous beatup" Michael Smith News

Vic Labor rorts a 'beat-up': Albanese 23 Mar 2018, 3:36 a.m. Anthony Albanese says Victorian Labor's rorts-for-votes scandal is an "enormous beat-up". The discovery Victorian Labor wrongly spent almost $400,000 of taxpayers' money by redirecting electoral staff to work in the 2014 election campaign is an "enormous beat-up" says Anthony...


Pan-African News Wire "IndyWatch Feed Africa"

China Has Various Options for Hitting Back at US on Trade
By Wang Weiwei
Global Times
Published: 2018/3/22 21:53:40

US President Donald Trump has threatened to impose tariffs on imports from various countries, but has granted Canada, Mexico and Australia immunity. The tariff order also allows any country with a security relationship with the US to hold discussions, with the possibility of further exemptions. But Trump has been more and more aggressive in his trade measures toward China.

Earlier this month, the Trump administration asked China to cut its trade surplus by $100 billion. Several days later, Trump talked of a $60 billion annual tariff plan for Chinese products. The US leader's tendency to tie economic interests and security together to exert pressure on China is becoming clearer. But China can deal with the US measures and the threat of a trade war in various ways.

The first would be to increase imports and exports between the two countries in order to use cooperation to resolve the various issues. Exports were one of the main drivers of China's economic recovery in 2017 and an important source of employment. China's exports will be affected in the short term by the escalation of US trade sanctions, which will impact the Chinese economy. China could use cooperation to defuse the conflict by increasing trade between the two countries, for instance by expanding its opening-up in services, manufacturing and commodities. And the US could relax its controls on exports of high-tech, high-value-added products to China.

Second, multilateral organisations and a dispute settlement mechanism could be used to put pressure on the US. China can improve regional economic cooperation via the Free Trade Area of the Asia-Pacific (FTAAP) and the Regional Comprehensive Economic Partnership (RCEP), while countering the US within the framework of the WTO.

China could also set up an international dispute settlement mechanism to resolve trade rows. With the expansion of China's trade and investment, the country's economic development has become more integrated with the world economy, and a dispute settlement mechanism could help in solving any problems.

Third, there is the issue of security. The US uses its national security as...


RAP Project Officer "IndyWatch Feed 1stpeople.pacific"

Murdoch University Perth, Western Australia


Video: The man who refused to leave the children behind The Pen


In 1942, a man led 192 children to the gas chambers 80 years later, he is still celebrated for his act. His name was Janusz Korczak.

Lets never forget the heroes who stood up in the name of humanity.


Video from HSA Holocaust Social Archive


In 1942, a man led 192 children to the gas chambers 80 years later, he is still celebrated for his act!In memory of the Holocaust, let's never forget the heroes who stood up in the name of humanity HSA Holocaust Social Archive

Posted by Meirav Kaye on Sunday, March 18, 2018


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Make America Great Again by Making America Moral Again. Gumshoe News

(L) Colin Powells Presentation to the UN Security Council On Iraqs WMD Program, (R) Congress

by G5

If Trump wants to Make America Great Again, he first has to Make America Moral Again.

In all the annals of stupidity, someone forgot to tell America, that people will say anything to stop the torture not any Truth. And deli...


What I Know About These Directed Energy Weapons

In the time that I have been attacked by these directed energy weapons- this is what I know.

These weapons prevent one from being able to sleep. Years ago- I made a video talking about not being able to sleep for three weeks when I was being attacked. This is that video

At the same time this was happening, I discovered that the President of Iran- Mahmud Ahmadinejed- was experiencing the same thing. He had been unable to sleep and was so weak that he needed help to walk- so before I decided to go to the hospital I went online and found the email of every Iranian official I could find and emailed them- explaining what I knew and alerting them as to what to look for- as they seem to need fairly close proximity in order to use their directed energy weapon.

A week after I got out of the hospital it was reported on the news that Iran had found and executed a spy.

Suddenly Mahmud Ahmadinejed was fine- as he still is today. Coincidence? Maybe- but if what I reported helped it would suggest Iran is well aware of a weapon that our government pretends doesnt exist.

But then that is difficult when NBC reported that the Air Force told Congress about the fact that they had this weapon in 2006 and that were planning to use them on American citizens to show the rest of the world they were safe. Not to mention the official Air Force documentation.

Before this last attack that began last March in 2017- I interviewed a targeted individual whos name is Spence Everson who detailed what he knows about these weapons. Here is that interview

Last April and May I lost over a hundred pounds. However I was told to look for rocks in my yard. At first I believed this to be ridiculous but after being pushed to do so I discovered that twelve large rocks had been planted in my yard. I had mowed this yard for three years and knew these rocks had been placed in my yard as they hadnt existed before.

Mesner and his band will dismiss this- claiming they were talking rocks- but it wasnt the rocks that were the issues but rather the mold that was on the upside of the rocks that were above ground.

I found this SAME grayish black mold on the top of the vents of an air conditioner in my bedroom- although it was neither on the bottom of the vents nor was it inside the air conditioner itself but looked as if it had been painted on.

After discovering this- I was no longer being microwaved and gained the weight back almost immediately.

These weapons are being used to murder people q...


Tropical Cyclone "Nora" forms near Northern Territory, Australia "IndyWatch Feed Enviro"

Tropical Cyclone "Nora" formed in the Arafura Sea, Australian Northern Territory, on March 22, 2018 and is expected to intensify into a severe system over the weekend. This is the 9th cyclone of the 2017/18 Australian region tropical cyclone season....... Read more

AirAsia airline considering ICO The Global Mail

AirAsias CEO, Tony Fernandez, is a businessman known for taking risks, and hes about to take another one as hes considering an initial coin offering (ICO) for his low-cost airline. Launching the ICO is part of an agenda to push []

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Scared Koala Who Lost Her Forest Clung To Power Pole For 2 Days "IndyWatch Feed Enviro"

A wild koala is finally safe after spending two days clinging to a power pole in sweltering heat. 

The poor girl had climbed up the pole in the city of Toowoomba, in Queensland, Australia, probably thinking it was the trunk of a eucalyptus tree then couldn't get down.

She was stuck hovering above rushing traffic and barking dogs, probably terrified.

Credit: Clare Gover/Return to the Wild

Once the koala was spotted, Clare Gover, a wildlife rehabilitator and founder of Return to the Wild, and a crew of electricians with a cherry picker came to her rescue.

Credit: Clare Gover/Return to the Wild

The crew managed to coax the scared animal off the pole and safely into a net.

Gover found that the koala was dangerously dehydrated as well as very stressed. 

"We gave her fluids, a fresh leaf, and held her overnight for a rest," Gover told The Chronicle. "She started eating straight away."

The next day, the wild koala seemed like herself again, and so she was released back into the forest but the future of koalas in the region is uncertain...


2018 Chinese Australian Hometown Heritage Tour The Tigers Mouth

In January 2018, Sophie Couchman and I hosted our second Chinese Australian Hometown Heritage Tour to Hong Kong and Guangdong. The tour ran for eleven days, from 14 to 24 January 2018, and visited Hong Kong, Jiangmen, Kaiping, Taishan, Xinhui, Zhongshan and Zhuhai. We were joined on the tour by seventeen guests, from New South Wales,


Family members give evidence in Pell case National News Echonetdaily

Relatives of people who have accused Cardinal George Pell of historical sex offences are due to give evidence at a Melbourne court hearing.

Pell, 76, is facing a committal hearing at Melbourne Magistrates Court that will determine if he stands trial over multiple historical sex offences involving multiple complainants.

People related to the complainants, neither of whom can be named for legal reasons, are due to give evidence via video link on Friday.

The complainants have already given evidence in closed court, as required by law in sex offence cases.

The court has not released any details about the charges.

On Thursday, a witness told the court he believes Pell would not have been able to remove the ceremonial robes he was wearing on the day he is accused of committing a sex offence.

The parish staff member also said he does not believe the alleged incident occurred based on his knowledge of a churchs layout.

The defence has cross-examined several witnesses about their interactions with Pell at a swimming pool, cinema, and a lake in rural Victoria, and other locations.

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Labor marine park warning disingenuous National News Echonetdaily

Environment Minister Josh Frydenberg has savaged Labor claims that new boundaries for marine park reserves will put the Great Barrier Reef at risk.

The federal government this week introduced changes to the regulation of 44 Australian marine parks, reducing green conservation areas around the reef from 50 to 25 per cent.

Labor is warning the changes will remove more areas from conservation than any other government in the world.

Its disingenuous in the extreme for the Labor Party to talk about cutting protections, Mr Frydenberg told ABC radio on Friday.

They introduced draft management plans back in 2012 that due to their chaotic approach never got implemented.

The minister said there would be an extra 200,000 square kilometres of protection for the sea floor under his plans, and greater safeguards for hundreds of key conservation features like reefs, sea mounts and canyons.

They will now have the highest level of protections more so than under the Labor Partys plans, he said.Mr Frydenberg insisted he was striking the right balance between fishing and conservation.

Were allowing some of Australias five million recreational fishers to get access to more of the marine park, he said.

As well as ensuring the livelihoods of our commercial fishermen and the strength of coastal communities by allowing them to engage in sustainable fishing practices.

Labor will move to disallow the changes in both houses of parliament.

The opposition will need crossbench support for its disallowance motion to succeed, with independent senator Derryn Hinch concerned about changes affecting the Coral Sea.

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Blackout risk without better power plan National News Echonetdaily

NSW is at risk of long-term blackouts unless energy company AGL firms up its commitment to replace the Liddell coal-fired power station, the federal government has been advised.
The Australian Energy Market Operator said in a report released on Friday an extra 850MWs of power are needed to ensure reliability in NSW following the closure of Liddell.
It noted that if all three stages of AGLs proposed post-Liddell plan are delivered the resource gap will be eliminated.
However, given that AGL has only firmly committed to installing 100MW of additional generation there remains a significant resource gap of 850MW.
AGL welcomed the confirmation from AEMO that its NSW Generation Plan addresses the potential shortfall after the closure of Liddell.
AGL is already implementing our NSW Generation Plan, which proposes a mix of high-efficiency gas peakers, renewables, battery storage and demand response as well as the efficiency upgrade at Bayswater Power Station, it said in a statement on Friday.
Decisions for the investments are staged to enable flexibility to respond to the changing needs of the market and improvements in technology over the next five years.
In December last year, AGL outlined plans at the request of the prime minister to address a predicted 1000MW gap in electricity capacity following the closure of the 1970s-era power station in 2022.
The plan would be delivered over three stages and includes the 100MW Bayswater upgrade, and a mix of solar, wind, pumped hydro and battery storage, as well as gas peaking plants.
AGL says this will cost $1.36 billion and provide electricity at $83/MWh for up to 30 years.
By contrast, keeping Liddell open for just five years would cost $920 million and provide electricity for $106/MWh.AEMO chief Audrey Zibelman said in her review of the plan, if only the first stage of AGLs proposal was delivered there would still be a gap of 590MW exposing the power system to a high risk of involuntary load shedding.
AEMO can only include those resources for which there is a clear commitment to construct, she wrote.
She said the solution lay in the federal, state and territory governments reaching an agreement on the national energy guarantee by the end of 2018.
However, if the national agreement could be not reached a specific market mechanism should be put in place, in consultation with the NSW government, to find enough generation to replace Liddell via other projects.
Energy Minister Josh Frydenberg said it would be preferable for AGL to commit as soon as possible to stages two and three of its plan.
The existence of a major shortfall in dispatchable power following Liddells closure would clearly present an unacceptable situa...


ISDS tribunal awards $24 million to mining company that ignored Indigenous land rights AFTINET

March 23, 2018: An international investment tribunal has compensated a mining company that ignored Indigenous land rights in a case heard under the Investor-State Dispute Settlement provisions of the Canada-Peru Free Trade Agreement.

The tribunal ordered the government of Peru to pay Bear Creek Canadian mining company  $18.2 million in compensation and $6 million in legal costs because the government cancelled a mining license after the company failed to obtain informed consent from Indigenous land owners about the mine, leading to mass protests.

A dissenting minority judgement about the costs noted that Bear Creek had failed to implement provisions of the ILO Convention on Indigenous Peoples to which Peru is a party, and which it had implemented through national laws.

This is a very dangerous precedent which may encourage other mining companies to use ISDS provisions in agreements like the CPTPP in the Australian context. Although there are some exemptions in parts of the CPTPP for laws relating to Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander communities, there is no general exemption which would totally exclude a similar ISDS case. The only total exclusion is for tobacco regulation. The reference to the importance of indigenous rights inserted by Canada into the preamble is not legally binding, unlike the rest of the agreement.

The CPTPP includes Canada, Japan, Malaysia and other countries which may have companies that invest in mining and other developments requiring consultation with Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander communities. ISDS could be used if companies could argue that a legal or policy outcome harmed their investment.  Some Australian state governments are currently negotiating treaties with Indigenous communities, which might result in legal changes that could be subject to ISDS cases.


March 23 On This Day in Australian History Our Great Southern Land

1789 - London: The first news from Botany Bay hit Londons newspapers the following day.

1789 - Shipping more convicts one thousand (1,000) males and  three hundred (300)  females to Australia had been held up because, not until the Prince of Wales a returning First Fleet transport reached Falmouth on 23 March 1789, could anyone in England be certain any of the  First Fleet Robinson Crusoes marooned 13,000 miles (21,000 km) from their homeland since 1788 were still alive.

1790 - Norfolk Island: HMS Sirius, had successfully discharged her evacuees and most cargo, when she ran aground. Stuck fast in pounding surf on every side Sirius broke up over a number of days; happily, however captain Hunter and every other person belonging to her were saved.

1791 -  Tahiti: Edwards reached Tahiti but by then Fletcher Christian, who always knew the Navy would come after him, had fled. Eight (8) crew members and their Tahitian wives sailed with him to Pitcairn Island where the Bounty was scuttled.
Captain Edwards arrested fourteen (14) mutineers who had settled happily on Tahiti. Some had married into local families, two (2) had fathered a child and resisted arrest. Others, among them William Morrison and midshipman Peter Heywood, surrendered willingly but Edwards treated both groups with savage brutality.

1795 - The first cargo exported from Oz to India, of cedar logs and mahogany (you can drop some off at my joint, thanks!) was launched in the bath tub today.

1803 - Patrick Gannon, Hanged at Castle Hill for rape, attempted murder and robbery.

1803 - Francis Simpson, Hanged along with Patrick Gannon at Castle Hill for robbery.

1827 - Governor Darling  posted off a few notes on a forest of paper to Under Secretary Hay dealing with several matters in The Fair Isle of Oz, one being the rumoured murder of an Aboriginal in police custody...
"The circumstance of the Native shot at Wallis's Plains... has occasioned infinite trouble , without the possibility of coining satisfactorily at the facts. The case is briefly this. A Native, who was supposed to have been concerned in the murder of a Stockman, was seized and delivered over to the Mounted Police at Wallis's Plains under Lieut. Lowe of the 40th Regt. It was rumoured that the man had been taken out and shot in cold blood. Orders were immediately sent to the Magistrates to investigate the matter. The report of their proceedings was unsatisfactory; and they were reprimanded by my directions for not having taken the necessary steps to ascertain the facts referred to them. Conceiving it would be unavailing to employ them further in this matter, the Chairman of the Quarter Sessions was directed to proceed to Wallis's Plains and pursue the enquiry. He was wrecked on the Coast, and obliged to return to Sydney. The Acting Attorney General was then sent to Wallis's Plains; but the indispo...


Video: Lock The Gate holding massive rally in Sydney The Pen


In New South Wales, the Lock The Gate Alliance, Is stepping up its effort to put an end to coal seam mining in the state. To build the campaign top the next level, the alliance is holding a massive rally to be held at Martin Place in Sydney at 12pm on Saturday 24 March.

Meet the Nannas there, bring a snack, a placard, some water and your walking shoes.


No one says 'no' to their Nanna. That's just another great reason to RSVP now for the #Time2Choose rally this Saturday in Sydney. Meet the Nannas at the top of Martin Place at noon. Bring a snack, a placard, some water and your walking shoes. Cause it's #Time2Choose!

Posted by Lock The Gate Alliance on Wednesday, March 21, 2018

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Rising African Political Star Criticises "Poor" Australia: "No Black People To Exploit" "IndyWatch Feed Africa"

Rising South African political star Julius Malema has criticised Australian Home Minister Peter Dutton for offering white South African farmers a place of refuge from racism in their home country. Malema insisted Australia lacks the necessary amount of exploitable black people necessary for white farmers to avoid poverty. Malema offered the following concerns with respect to the plight of his white agragrian countrymen:

If they want to go, they must go. They must leave the keys to their tractors because we want to work the land, they must leave the keys to their houses because we want to stay in those houses.

Dont make noise, because you will irritate us. Go to Australia. It is only racists who went to Australia when Mandela got out of prison. It is only racists who went to Australia when 1994 came. It is the racists again who are going back to Australia.

They are rich here because they are exploiting black people. There is no black person to be exploited in Australia, they are going to be poor.

They will come back here with their tail between their legs. We will hire them because we will be the owners of their farms when they come back to South Africa. As to what we are going to do with the land, its our business, its none of your business.

We want Africa back. Africa belongs to our people. (archived)


Malema is the major opposition figure to South African president Cyril Ramaphosa who last month pushed through measures to allow white African land to be taken without compensation.



Truth is the first casualty in war - especially in cold war "IndyWatch Feed World"

I don't know why everyone's so hard on Putin these days. I mean, the Russian president is so kind and considerate that he waited until ex-spy Sergei Skripal had been strategically irrelevant for many years before poisoning him, and did so in a way that both failed to kill the target and strongly indicated that Russia was responsible for the attack. While other nations use highly trained killers to assassinate critical targets and make it look like a suicide, the Kremlin had the decency to use an attack that was simultaneously both ineffectual and the forensic equivalent of issuing a press release on RT saying "Yeah we totally poisoned that guy" for no conceivable benefit to itself. You can't buy that kind of charity from other western regime change targets. This is why Australians don't like Brits; they're such ungrateful whingers. The furor over the alleged Skripal poisoning has fit snugly into the pattern we've come to expect in the western empire's continual campaign to psyop the public into believing that escalations with a nuclear superpower are in their best interests. We're seeing the typical lack of evidence for the accusation, the typical one-sided reporting from all mass media outlets collaborating to weave the illusion of unanimous agreement about the accusation, and the typical escalation in cold war tensions as diplomats are thrown out, communications cut off, and European Union collaboration sought for tougher action against the Russian Federation.


Letter to Jeff Sessions about Robert Mueller and Dzhokhar Tsarnaev Gumshoe News

(L) Best Man Jahar Tsarnaev and friends (R) US Attorney General Jeff Sessions

by Mary W Maxwell, LLB

Dear Mr Jeff Sessions, United States Attorney General,           March 21, 2018

One of the nice things about being American is freedom of speech. In many ways its the Big One. With words you can accomplish just about anything.

Imagine yourself being Dzhokhar (Jahar) Tsarnaev today. There is so much he could do, if he could write to various people. H...


Victorias bushfires reveal a failure to maintain electricity delivery system The Pen

Contributed by Ben Wilson

The flames have hardly gone out in the Victorian bushfires, and a pattern is emerging, around claims that faulty electrical infrastructure is to blame. This is raising some serious questions about the conduct of the supply companies and the nature of the Victorian government subsidies to these companies.

At Tathra, according to investigators with the Rural Fire Service, the fire was caused by faulty infrastructure in the electricity transmission network run by Essential Energy.

The Electrical Trades Union (ETU) has blamed funding cuts, which have led to a reduction of maintenance. Assistant secretary Justin Page said the union had long been concerned about a backlog of maintenance to clear bush around electrical poles, and the union was not surprised at the cause, and that the State Government and national energy regulator needed to explain why they cut funding to the network.

Justin Page said,

The Australian Energy Regulator cut the funding in the order of 40 per cent that Essential Energy are able to use for tree-trimming and clearing for powerline infrastructure.

The investigators found that the problem on Reedy Swamp Road was the likely cause of the bushfire on Sunday, which wiped out 68 homes.

Essential Energy has denied its responsibility in a carefully worded statement.

Preliminary internal enquiries indicate network protection equipment activated as it is designed, it said.

An initial review also indicates that asset and vegetation inspections and maintenance in the vicinity of Reedy Swamp Road are up to date and in accordance with prescribed standards.

At the Garvoc fire, where 18 houses were destroyed  along with 52 sheds, and at least 14,000 hectares of land was burnt, the cause was a faulty power pole that snapped during fierce winds.

Brendan Pendergast from Maddens Lawyers in Warrnambool, who is representing a class action being made by residents against Powercor, told the ABCs Statewide Drive, This pole has obviously been identified as being structurally compromised.

It had been patched up by attaching semi-circular sleeves to the pole. So that is sort of a band-aid means of extending the life of the pole.

Jack Kennawho lives at the Sisters near Terang,  said the blaze started on his farm.

The pole that snapped off was supported by two steel props, so obviously there had been a problem with the pole in the past and I suppose they wanted to get a bit more life out of the pole.

At Gazette, a bluegum limb in a plantation fell onto powerlines. A similar thing happened at the Camperdown-Bullen fire, where power lines were brought to the ground. The Terang-Cobden fire was started by power lines clashing in the w...


New York BitLicense may soon be reworked after years of public backlash The Global Mail

The future of New York"s much-criticized BitLicense is uncertain amidst mounting public pressure. Several concerns have been raised over the inherently intrusive nature of the program, with some even believing that a complete overhaul is in order. More recently, a []

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MACKAY Crimestoppers lead police to Rural View drug bust CrimeView

MACKAY March 22, 2018 at 07:56PM ,

Crimestoppers lead police to Rural View drug bust

March 22, 2018 at 07:56PM ,

processing and paraphernalia for consumption of the dangerous drug. Senior Sergeant Adrian Rieck thanked the public for their help. A 27-year-old Rural View man was charged with producing dangerous drugs and possession of utensils and is due to appear in Mackay Magistrates Court on April 11.

, ,

user1ouenvdy crimeviewqld , ,


This study estimates there are more than 5 trillion plastic pieces weighing over 250,000 tons afloat at sea. "IndyWatch Feed Health"

PMID:  PLoS One. 2014 ;9(12):e111913. Epub 2014 Dec 10. PMID: 25494041 Abstract Title:  Plastic Pollution in the World's Oceans: More than 5 Trillion Plastic Pieces Weighing over 250,000 Tons Afloat at Sea. Abstract:  Plastic pollution is ubiquitous throughout the marine environment, yet estimates of the global abundance and weight of floating plastics have lacked data, particularly from the Southern Hemisphere and remote regions. Here we report an estimate of the total number of plastic particles and their weight floating in the world's oceans from 24 expeditions (2007-2013) across all five sub-tropical gyres, costal Australia, Bay of Bengal and the Mediterranean Sea conducting surface net tows (N=680) and visual survey transects of large plastic debris (N=891). Using an oceanographic model of floating debris dispersal calibrated by our data, and correcting for wind-driven vertical mixing, we estimate a minimum of 5.25 trillion particles weighing 268,940 tons. When comparing between four size classes, two microplastic4.75 mm, a tremendous loss of microplastics is observed from the sea surface compared to expected rates of fragmentation, suggesting there are mechanisms at play that remove

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The Top 10 Safest Places To Be In the World If Nuclear War Breaks Out "IndyWatch Feed World"

Our world is on the verge of World War III with ensuing terrorism covering over half of the globe, depletion of natural resources; such as water, oil, influentially biased and war-minded leaderships of the superpowers; And the uprising tensions between countries such as Russia and Ukraine, North Korea and South Korea, India and China.

Despite this, there are some highly neutral countries which might be left alone if World War III ever breaks out.

These are 10 Safest Countries:


Despite being in the heart of Europe, picturesque Switzerland has long maintained its tradition of neutrality. Thanks in part to being surrounded by mountains, Switzerland has largely been able to keep to itself through Europes darkest moments. Its refined population is well armed, and they dont rely so much on their government.


Havent heard of Tuvalu? I dont think youre alone in that, but if a war broke out, it would bypass this island nation where the 10,000 inhabitants can live in a self-sustainable fashion if need be. Tuvalu is situated halfway between Australia and Hawaii. It has more concerns about the effects of the possibility of rising sea levels due to climate change than a war.

New Zealand

Great place made super famous thanks to the Lord of the Rings and Hobbit films, plus its rugby team the All Blacks. Isolated, good agricultural land, and inhabited by a friendly bunch of people who are very capable of looking after themselves if the rest of the world went to war. New Zealand was ranked fourth in the 2015 global peace index.


Despite being wedged between India and China, Bhutan could see out a world war easily. It has had some border issues with communist-ruled China though. Protected by the Himalayan Mountains, Bhutan has historically been isolated, and its another place that could function without the need for the outside world and its conflicts. Just keep away Beijing! It has also been rated as one of the happiest places on Earth.


With its long coastline and friendly people, you dont need to have a world war as a reason to move to Chile, which is one of South Americas most stable and prosperous nations. Having an abundance of fresh water and clean air also makes Chile a good place to be if the world went to hell in a handbag. The country is also protected by the Andes mountain range.




Warning of power shortfall risk after closure of Liddell plant "IndyWatch Feed World"

NSW will need extra generation capacity unless AGL rolls out all three stages of its transition Australia's energy market operator says an additional 850 megawatts of dispatchable generation capacity will be needed in New South Wales after the closure of the ageing Liddell power plant if AGL Energy fails to complete all three stages of its transition plan.Last December AGL confirmed it would close Liddell in 2022 and replace the coal plant with a mix of renewables, gas power for peak [...]


US: EU, 6 other economies exempt from metals tariffs for now "IndyWatch Feed War"


POOL/AFP/File | US trade representative Robert Lighthizer announces temporary exemptions on metals tariffs for the EU and six other economies

WASHINGTON (AFP)  The European Union and six other economies will be exempt at least temporarily from the harsh steel and aluminum tariffs President Donald Trump has imposed, a top US trade official said Thursday.US Trade Representative Robert Lighthizer told a Senate committee that Trump authorized a pause in the imposition of the tariffs, which take effect Friday, while talks are underway to find a more permanent solution.

Argentina, Australia, Brazil, Canada, Mexico and South Korea will also be exempt from the penalties of 25 percent on steel imports and 10 percent on aluminum, along with the EU, he said.

Washington already had announced that major metals exporters Canada and Mexico would be exempt as talks continue to revamp the North American Free Trade Agreement.

And this week EU and US officials issued a joint statement saying they were working towards a solution to avoid tariffs on the trading bloc.

The idea that the president has is that, based ona certain set of criteria, that some countries should get out, Lighthizer said in testimony before the Senate Finance Committee.

There are countries with whom were negotiating and there will be a pause in imposition of tariffs with respect to those countries, he said.

Many countries, including the EU, have warned the White House that they will retaliate forcefully if they are face with tariffs on metals products.

The Trump administration has stressed that the primary target is China, which has long had massive overproduction that has impacted the global market for steel and aluminum, which poses a national security threat to the US economy.


ICO Trackers Are the New Gatekeepers of Crowdsales "IndyWatch Feed Crypto"

ICO Trackers are the New Gatekeepers of Crowdsales

The burgeoning ICO industry has spawned a lucrative business for tracker sites that monitor and review the latest projects. Not only do these sites earn lucrative sums for their featured reviews, but the largest have the power to make or break ICOs. Tracker websites have become the unofficial gatekeepers of crowdsales.

Also read: Joystream Test Drive How To Get Paid Bitcoin Seeding Bittorrent Files

ICO Trackers Are Growing Stronger Every Day

Safe Haven is an ICO addressing the problem of digital inheritance. The project is seeking to devise a means of passing on private keys to relatives so they can access your crypto wealth when youre gone. Halfway down the Safe Haven homepage, three logos are displayed prominently, prefaced by the words As seen in: ICO Daily, ICO List, and Coin Schedule. Its the same story with Nauticus, an Australian crypto exchange launching in mid-2018, also via an ICO. It proudly displays the ICO sites its featured on and their corresponding ratings out of five: Wiser ICO (4.5), ICO Marks (4.45), ICObench (4.7) and Trudex (4.15).

12 months ago, many of these review sites didnt exist. The proliferation of ICOs has resulted i...


Pastor Pat Mesiti. Domestic Violence Conviction 2016. Adulteries 1998-2016. Hillsong and C3 Pastor. Visited prostitutes on his Hillsong credit card. Hillsong Youth Pastor. Youth Alive evangelist. Fell from grace and restored by Dr Phil Pringle head pastor of C3 Church. How the corrupt priests of Pentecost sowed devils on each other. Part 8. Australian and New Zealand errant Pentecostal pastors who couldnt keep it in their trousers or sexually abused little kids donaldelley

pat mesiti q

Pastor Pat Mesiti, a restored pastor of Hillsong and  C3 Church an adulterer, visited prostitutes using his Hillsong credit card, cheated on two wives, anti-domestic violence crusader, marriage counsellor, professional wealth and motivation speaker, and now a Millionaire Mindset Club wife basher.

On New Years Eve 2015 Pat Mesiti was charged by the NSW North-West Police with bashing his wife.

Today he was convicted at Parramatta Court Sydney with one count of common assault for actual physical assault on his second wife Andrea- in a fit of rage while heavily intoxicated. He awaits sentencing. article below




Local Government Lies - No Through Road Corporate Australia

It's not enough that the good subjects of Her Majesty in the Commonwealth of Australia a being lied to by their so called representatives, the Mutts in Parliament (MPs).

It's not enough that the good people are being defrauded and lied to by the (Daniel) Andrews government, where even when caught the fraudsters still retain their jobs, salaries and superannuation (try that trick with the social security business called Centrelink).

Now the 'local' fraudsters in your friendly city council are delivering false information to drivers.

In the below photograph, a road contains a sign that says NO ENTRY (no need for concern with what's written underneath that).

Another sign underneath states that it's a NO THROUGH ROAD.

So with reference to the "NO THROUGH ROAD" a driver would comprehend that the road does not continue for automobiles.

This could be because the road is actually a court, or either through a natural obstruction,  like a mountain, or something a bit more subtle - a rockery with trees planted in the middle of a previously drive-able road that a hipster engineer decided to plan as a result of the global warming officer's advice.

The driver in this case knows that the city councils with their alleged third tier of law making ability can go screw themselves, and proceeded down this "NO THROUGH ROAD".

To the absolute astonishment of the driver and no doubt through a Moses like miracle, the road less traveled had no dead end, even though it was far from the dead sea, it was very passable, as seen in photo of biblical proportions.

All that matters is that you get fined for going through the (false info) sign.

But what are the penalties for your members of your 'local government' lying to you?

Uuummm, about the...


Ihr wisst ja, wie das ist. Kaum guckt man mal genauer ... "IndyWatch Feed Europe"

Ihr wisst ja, wie das ist. Kaum guckt man mal genauer hin, findet man berall Korruption und Kriminalitt. Heute: Die Australische Bank-Branche.

Research by the investment bank UBS has estimated that up to $500bn in mortgages could consist of so-called liar loans, or nearly one-third of all mortgages.
Money Quote:
There is evidence to suggest regular and widespread criminality has been committed by industry since the 1980s.
Ich wei! Kriminelle Banker?! Hold the presses!!

Thursday, 22 March


MACKAY Manslaughter charge after Mackay woman allegedly attacked CrimeView

MACKAY March 22, 2018 at 04:33PM ,

Manslaughter charge after Mackay woman allegedly attacked

March 22, 2018 at 04:33PM ,

THE MAN who allegedly pushed an elderly woman in her South Mackay unit during an argument, causing her to fall and sustain fatal injuries, has had his charges upgraded to manslaughter. It will be alleged Jeremy Aaron Brown, 22, of South Mackay, pushed his neighbour Shirley Page, 72, at her

, ,

user1ouenvdy crimeviewqld , ,


The paper-thin veneer of Kevin-The-Expert Rudd Michael Smith News

This week John Garnaut, an Australian expert on China affairs, gave an address to the US House Armed Services Committee in Washington. He spoke on how China brazenly manipulated Australian society to tilt the political and strategic landscape to its advantage. Compare this address to the US Committee with...


Thomas Mayor: We wont give up on the Uluru Statement IndigenousX

Share this Post Prime Minister Turnbulls dismissal of the key Uluru Statement claim for a constitutionally enshrined Voice to parliament should not deter us from that aspiration. His ignorance should invigorate us because the dismissal demonstrates the importance. The eminent 19th century African American human rights leader, Frederick Douglas, once said, to identify the vanguard of your movement, you need ...


Britain Introduces Crypto Task Force To Foster Fintech Innovation "IndyWatch Feed Crypto"

UK Treasurys new crypto task force will collaborate with Australia for fintech innovation discourse. #NEWS


PERTH Mundaring Shire president satisfied with council process during dog prosecution case CrimeView

snip .

Mundaring Shire president satisfied with council process during dog prosecution case .

March 22, 2018 at 11:07AM .

SHIRE of Mundaring President Cr John Daw yesterday expressed his support for Chief Executive Officer Jonathan Throssell, and Shire staff involved in a recent high-profile dog prosecution case. A three-day criminal trial in the Perth Magistrates Court between the Shire and Simon Hey ruled on January .



The finest police commissioner money can buy cleared Dan Andrews/CFMEU/Labor of rorting allowances Michael Smith News

The ABC thought this was a story 2 years ago. Now, not so much. Labor Party cleared of misusing staff in 2014 Victorian election Updated 7 Jun 2016, 3:23pm PHOTO: Premier Daniel Andrews said using casual electorate staff was not against the law. (AAP: Joe Castro) RELATED STORY: Campaigning...


From this day backwards: @burgewords on the long journey to Australias first lesbian marriage No Fibs

Here we were on the other side of the world not being able to have clarified which of our relationships was valid. WHEN Australian same-sex couples were finally granted equal access to the Marriage Act in December 2017, the widespread expression of relief was tempered by a growing awareness of a legal minefield. Brisbane couple Elaine Crump and Sharon Dane let the emotions in, but the status of their long-term relationship remained in limbo. Like many same-sex couples seeking legal documentation during the interminable wait for Australia to pass marriage equality, Elaine and Sharon had already taken their chances in countries where equality was accessible. The pair first solemnised their []

Author information

Michael Burge

Michael Burge

Journalist at No Fibs

Michael is an author, artist and journalist who lives on Ngarabal country in the NSW Northern Tablelands.


Made In Indonesia: Aboriginal Art Company Lands In Federal Court Over Alleged Misleading Conduct New Matilda

With a highly distinctive Aboriginal art style , youve probably seen Birubi products in tourist shops all over the country. Everything from hand-made and hand-painted boomerangs and didgeridoos, to bull roarers and even drink coasters.

And you probably thought Aboriginal artists were behind them.

Today, the Australian Competition and Consumer Commission (ACCC) has announced its launching Federal Court action against the company behind the brand Birubi Art Pty Ltd (Birubi) alleging it spent years making misleading claims about Aboriginal art.

Between July 2014 and November 2017, Birubi allegedly contravened the Australian Consumer Law by making false or misleading representations that some of its products were made in Australia and/or that Aboriginal people had made or hand painted them, when in fact they were made in Indonesia.

ACCC Commissioner Sarah Court said the products displayed a combination of words and artwork including hand painted, handcrafted, Aboriginal Art, and Australia.

We allege that Birubis conduct is damaging as it is likely to mislead consumers into thinking they are buying genuine handmade Aboriginal art when they are not. This has the potential to undermine the integrity of Aboriginal art and negatively impact Indigenous artists, including by undervaluing their authentic works, Commissioner Court said in a written statement.

We allege that over 18,000 of these Birubi products were sold to retail shops in key tourist spots around the country.

In the lead-up to the Commonwealth Games in Australia next month, with tens of thousands of tourists visiting Australia, this action by the ACCC is a timely reminder to traders to ensure that products they are selling as Indigenous cultural objects or art are authentic.

The ACCC is seeking declarations, pecuniary penalties, injunctions, corrective notices, compliance program orders, and costs.

Ironically, Birubi claims to be a proud licensed supplier of many items featuring the copyright Aboriginal Flag image designed by Mr Harold Thomas.

The website adds: So please, when purchasing Aboriginal flag items, ensure they are authentic licensed products.

Birubi was part of a major feature by Fairfax media late last year, written by Frank Robson. And you can access genuine hand-made Aboriginal art here New Matildas Associate Publisher Gaala Watson is an Aboriginal artist, and the woman behind Bimbi Love.

The post Made In Indones...


The Batman By-Election: Labor Surges, Deflated Greens Have Some Serious Work Ahead New Matilda

The Greens loss in Batman suggests the party has a long way to go before it can challenge Labor in the lower house, Ben Eltham writes.

It was a tale of two parties. I spent the night of the Batman by-election between the election functions of the Greens and Labor. Needless to say, the moods were contrasting.

The Greens function was at Tallboy and Moose micro-brewery in Preston, a drafty former warehouse that now serves tasty burgers and their own range of IPAs and lagers. While there were plenty of party supporters in green t-shirts and the bar was doing a brisk trade, the atmosphere was deflated, even sombre. Adam Bandt looked downcast, Richard di Natale looked angry, and Alex Bhathal looked downright upset.

The reason was obvious. It was a terrible night for the Greens. Not only had Bhathal failed to win the seat, but her vote had gone backwards in two-party preferred terms. In a short concession speech, she acknowledged the defeat, and congratulated her opponent. I know that this has been a difficult night, she told supporters. We will continue to stand by our Greens policies and fight for what we think is right.

(IMAGE: Thom Mitchell.) Alex Bhathal at the Greens election party in 2016.

Greens supporters and volunteers I talked to were deeply disappointed, and many were quite shocked at the anti-Bhathal leaking that had harmed the Greens campaign. Some were angry at coverage from Fairfax and much of the mainstream media, which they believed was pro-Labor and anti-Greens.

Speaking off the record, one member acknowledged that the party had made a mistake campaigning in the northern suburbs, and had been complacent in the south of the seat, where Labor made strong gains.

It was, of course, a rather different atmosphere at Labors function at the Thornbury Theatre. As the results came in, the crowd of largely younger Labor supporters and campaign workers in red t-shirts cheered wildly. When the pie charts went up on the big screen, they broke into chants of Ged! Ged! Ged!

Labors candidate Ged Kearney was the woman of the moment. To many of the unionists helping out on her campaign, she is something of a personal hero. I spoke to one younger union organiser from the NUW who had handed out how-to-votes on the day. He was, unsurprisingly, upbeat about the result, but also about the union movement in general. Like...


Australian Dollar and Bitcoin "IndyWatch Feed Crypto"

1.00 AUD = 0.00009 BTC
0.00010 BTC = 1.10 AUD


Hauntology on country Overland literary journal

I flew to Hobart to pay my respects to an ecosystem already long gone. Tasmanias giant kelp forests, Macrocystis pyrifera, once fringed the eastern coast. Each languid frond of these once-towering marine metropoles harboured multitudes of fish, invertebrates, plankton and algaes. But giant kelp forests are fragile. As of 2017, only five percent of the original Tasmanian kelp forests remained. For the Aboriginal community in Tasmania, the sea is womens business, and so their relationship with the kelp forests is strong.


Early childhood educators are asking for support The Pen

Early childhood educators have a huge responsibility educating children in the first few years of their lives. But the Federal Government doesnt value our work; were paid as little as $21 an hour. Were some of the lowest paid professionals in Australia earning half the national average wage.

Were undervalued because our workforce is 95 percent female, and its seen as just womens work. So were saying its time Malcolm Turnbull values our work by funding equal pay.

This will be the biggest early education walk off in Australian history. Please support us as we take this historic action.

Join us at 4pm as we march through the city after walking off the job. We will be starting at Federation Square and finishing at Alexandra Gardens.

The post Early childhood educators are asking for support appeared first on The Pen.


Turnbull Government condemns Cambodias human rights regress at UN, yet insists refugees can still go there News | Human Rights Law Centre

The Australian Government has joined 44 other nations in delivering a scathing statement to the United Nations Human Rights Council overnight on the rapid deterioration of Cambodias human rights situation, expressing "deep concern about the recent serious decline of civil and political rights in Cambodia".

The statement comes only 24 hours after Foreign Minister Julie Bishop confirmed that the Government was persisting with its controversial Cambodia refugee deal, in which it paid the authoritarian regime $55 million to take refugees indefinitely detained by the Australian Government on Manus and Nauru.

Daniel Webb, a Director of Legal Advocacy at the Human Rights Law Centre, who is at the UN in Geneva, welcomed the Australian Governments decision to finally condemn the Hun Sen regimes brutal authoritarianism but said the Governments own words showed how unprincipled the Cambodian refugee deal has always been.

"Were talking about a ruthless regime headed by a former Khmer Rouge commander. The Cambodian Government has imprisoned the opposition leader in appalling conditions, abolished the entire opposition party, jailed human rights advocates and used violence and intimidation against community groups and the media," said Mr Webb.

"Its about time our Government condemned the Hun Sen regime. It should also admit that paying that same regime $55 million to offload refugees has been a morally bankrupt failure, said Mr Webb.

The statement, which was presented to the UN by the Government of New Zealand with the endorsement of 44 countries including Australia, Canada, the United Kingdom, France and the USA:

  • pressed for the release of Opposition Leader Kem Sokha, noting that he is currently imprisoned "reportedly in isolation, without adequate access to health care, subjected to intrusive observation, and other conditions, such as constant light";
  • urged the Hun Sen regime to "refrain from using judicial, administrative and fiscal measures as political tools against the opposition, the media, civil society and human rights defenders";
  • and called on the Cambodian Government to ensure the upcoming elections are carried out "without threats, arbitrary arrests or acts of intimidation".

The Cambodian Government reacted angrily to the statement, exercising its formal right of reply to bizarrely claim that the countries involved simply "want regime change" and "have their preselected candidates to win".

The Asian Forum for Human Rights and Development, a leading regional human rights organisation, welcomed the statement and called on the international community to press for a dedicated UN briefing ahead of Cambodias July elections. A copy of their statement is...


Akaku Upstairs Presents: IGNITE A LIFE Training for Youth Leaders Across Hawaii & the World, 3/29/18 "IndyWatch Feed 1stpeople.pacific"

Ignite A Life, a non-profit, dba Hawaii Leaders Core, has been opening doors for the youth of our island community, sponsoring attendance at various renowned youth leadership summits across the globe, including San Diego, United Kingdom and Australia. Co-founders of Ignite A Life are the mother-son team of Robin and Alex Muto. Alex is now 20 and leads the Hawaii Leaders Core. Robin is the CEO

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TRUE OPINION: The Damsel in Distress Warner, de Kock, their school yard fight, and what it says about Men True Crime News Weekly

TRUE OPINION: What does a couple of professional international sportsmen fighting over a woman's honour tell us about men in the modern age, muses our columnist Miles Hunt. [READ MORE]


The unfolding Cambridge Analytica scandal tells us that there must be an investigation in Australia The Pen

Contributed by Joe Montero

Facebook is in trouble and its founder Mark Zuckerberg is in the spotlight over revelations of improper use of data, taken from those who have signed up with the social media platform. Other social media platforms like Twitter and Google, although they are not directly mentioned in this scandal, are also being drawn into the net, because it is understood that they have long been invloved in similar practices.

This affair has been has come to light, with the exposure that information about 50 million users has been passed over to a company called Cambridge Analytica, through an intermediary called Global Science Research (GSR).

It was the action of former whistleblower Chris Wylie, who let public know what is going on that made the difference, turning a wrongdoing into a scandal.  Part of his exposure ere the details of the companys involvement in political manipulation during the election of Donald Trump and Brexit referendum in the United Kingdom.

Zuckerberg has avoided calls for a public explanation and there is a rising tide, demanding proper investigation and regulation. Along side this there is a global campaign against Facebook called #DeleteFacebook, which is targeting its two billion users.

What the company has done in response, is to issue a fedensive statement and engage forensics firm, Stroz Friedberg, to investigate the matter. it has not satisfied critics, who are calling for an open investigation and not one behind closed doors.

Reaction has been so strong that the scandal caused Facebook shares to fall by 6.77 percent on Monday. Zuckerberg, who owns 16 percent of the shares, personally lost about $5.5 billion of his $74.5 billion, according to Forbes live tracker. While he certainly wont be thrown into poverty over this, it has caused damage to his and his companys credibility, and this could have a lasting effect.

There is a good chance that Zuckerberg will be called to testify before the American House of Representatives or Senate. Similar pressure is mounting in the United Kingdom.

In Australia, Rod Sims, the chairman of the Australian Competition and Consumer Commission (ACCC), confirmed the data collection practices of Facebook and other internet giants will be investigated, but only in relation to competition in the media and advertising markets. Whether practices like those of Cambridge Analytica have been taking place in Australia will not b...


Its Bye-Bye Time for the CIA, the Mossad, and MI6 Gumshoe News

Jos Manuel Rodriguez Delgado

by Mary W Maxwell

Last year when it came time to register as a presenter for this years Adelaide Fringe Festival, I had in mind to counteract the ABCs put-down of reports of mind control and Satanism. So I outlined a play called My Best False Memories the title being a sarcastic reference to the False Memory Syndrome Foundation a group that tries to suppress reports like Fiona Barnetts.

As usually happens, things change quickly, and by the time we were in rehearsal I had modified the script. It began to incorporate the controversy over Josef Mengeles working for the CIA, and Dr Jose Delgados possible dislike of what he was doing implanting stimo-ceivers in human brains.

Lacking any real talent for the theatre, I fell back on a conversational-style presentation. This consisted of three survivors of Dr Mengele telling their stories (I mean American girls in the 1950s, not inmates of German concentration camps in the 1940s.) Then, two implantees of Dr Jose Delgado told about their life with a stimo-ceiver.

Another part of the play was when the survivors (actors) confronted their perpetrators. (actors).  I didnt see many familiar faces in the audience; someone told me majority...


Venezuelas state-issued cryptocurrency raises concerns The Global Mail

Venezuela a country experiencing one of the worst economic turmoils in recent history made news when it launched the worlds first state-issued cryptocurrency, the Petro. The digital currency, according to Venezuela President Nicols Maduro, is tied to the []

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Can platypus milk save lives? National News Echonetdaily

A breakthrough by Australian scientists has brought the introduction of an unlikely hero in the global fight against antibiotic resistance a step closer; the humble platypus.

Owing to its unique features duck-billed, egg-laying, beaver-tailed and venomous the platypus has long exerted a powerful appeal to scientists.

In 2010 scientists discovered that platypus milk contained unique antibacterial properties that could be used to fight superbugs.

Now a team of researchers at CSIRO working with Deakin University have solved a puzzle that helps explain why platypus milk is so potent.

The discovery was made by replicating a special protein contained in platypus milk in a laboratory setting.

Platypus are such weird animals that it would make sense for them to have weird biochemistry, said Dr Janet Newman, CSIRO scientist and lead author.

The platypus belongs to the monotreme family. By taking a closer look at their milk, weve characterised a new protein that has unique antibacterial properties with the potential to save lives.

As platypus dont have teats, they express milk onto their belly for the young to suckle, exposing the mothers highly nutritious milk to the environment, leaving babies susceptible to the perils of bacteria.

Deakin Universitys Dr Julie Sharp said researchers believed this was why the platypus milk contained a protein with rather unusual and protective antibacterial characteristics.



Noble to learn of greyhound property fate National News Echonetdaily

Disgraced greyhound trainer Tom Noble will learn on Thursday if he will lose the Queensland property he used for live-bating.

His lawyers fought the application by the Crown in the Supreme Court in Brisbane on Wednesday to confiscate the banned trainers Churchable property, north of Gatton.

Crown lawyer Karen Bradford argued the property should be forfeited under the Criminal Proceeds Confiscation Act 2002 because it was used for illegal activity.

Noble used live piglets, rabbits and possums to develop a bloodlust in race dogs at the 16-hectare property between August and October 2014.

He received a wholly suspended three-year jail term in 2016 after pleading guilty to 15 counts of serious animal cruelty.

Nobles lawyer, Alastair McDougall, argued on Wednesday his client and his clients wife both suffered serious medical issues that would require ongoing treatment.

He said seizure of the property, which was listed for sale shortly after Nobles conviction but is now being used as a rental property, would force the couple onto welfare.

Justice Graeme Crow will hand down his decision on Thursday morning.

The post Noble to learn of greyhound property fate appeared first on Echonetdaily.


What are we breathing? "IndyWatch Feed Nthamerica"

Does it seem as if its getting a little harder to breathe? You may not be mistaken. That may not be just a figment of your imagination, especially with all the varied and unsuspected sources of air pollution resulting especially from the proliferation of chemical companies tripping over themselves to introduce new scents.

Perfumes from natural sources have been around since time immemorial. A perfume maker was discovered on a 1200 BCE Cuneiform tablet in Babylonian Mesopotamia. [Wikipedia]

Perfumery existed in the ancient Indus civilization (3300 BCE 1300 BCE), while Ayurveda texts contain many references to herbs and other botanicals used for healing. [Wikipedia]

Moving into the modern era, Europe started to become involved with perfumery around the 14th century. France became the center of European scent and perfumes with the region around Grasse becoming the premiere center, now recognized as the world capital of perfume. [Wikipedia]

I must say Grasse is quite the place. I visited there in 1990, and one cannot believe the natural scents wafting in that entire region from all the flowers grown to provide perfumers their raw ingredients, Natures scented flowers.

However, chemical companies began introducing synthetic scents, which makes much of the modern day perfumes possible, plus other fragrances used in various fragranced consumers products and commercial industries, which now are causing adverse health reactions for many sensitive individuals.

Those folks sensitive to scents and other environmental pollutants medically are classified as having Multiple Chemical Sensitivities or MCS. Its become a globally-recognized health problem even the World Health Organization identifies and calls it Idiopathic Environmental Intolerance or IEI.

A study was performed on a U.S. cross-section population in June 2016 and here are some of the results:

  • 12.8% of the population surveyed report medically diagnosed MCS
  • 25.9% report chemical sensitivity
  • MCS diagnoses increased over 300% in the past decade
  • Self-reported chemical sensitivity increased over 200%

Professor Anne Steinemann, PhD, The University of Melbourne, Melbourne, Australia, authored the article National Prevalence and Effects of Multiple Chemical Sensitivities published in the Mar...


Measles among smokers linked to COPD risk National News Echonetdaily

Childhood measles has been linked to an increased risk of developing chronic lung disease, but only in adults with asthma and a history of smoking.

An Australian study of more than 8000 Tasmanians found childhood measles infection a highly contagious respiratory infection appears to compound the associations between smoking, asthma and chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD) in adults.

The researchers believe it may be possible that airway damage from childhood measles predisposes an individual to asthma-like symptoms and increased susceptibility to airway obstruction if they also smoked.

While we have found measles to not have an effect by itself, our findings suggest it could contribute to COPD when combined with significant asthma and smoking histories, said lead author Dr Jennifer Perret at University of Melbourne.

Our research has uncovered childhood measles to be a potential predisposing factor for COPD risk and supports the public health recommendation of childhood immunisation, said Dr Perret.

Not smoking, however, is the most important message, noted Dr Perret.

For the study, published in journal Respirology, researchers used the Tasmanian Longitudinal Health Study (TAHS) cohort born in 1961. A history of childhood measles infection was obtained from school medical records.

Differences between asthma, smoking and measles subgroups provided further insight into the complex causes of obstructive lung diseases for middle-aged adults, said Dr Perret.

About 25 per cent of smokers developed COPD, and up to 20 per cent of COPD cases involve people who have not smoked. Other known risk factors, such as occupational exposures and second-hand tobacco smoke, did not explain the excess risk.

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Hinch still unconvinced on tax cut merit National News Echonetdaily

The Turnbull government is yet to win Derryn Hinch over on its company tax cuts, and a letter from big businesses committing to invest more hasnt convinced him either.

But the key crossbench senator says he is still listening.

I promised when I came here I would listen. Ill listen to you, Ill listen to the government, Ill listen to (Labor senator) Doug Cameron, who can do it in very colourful language at times, Senator Hinch told reporters in Canberra on Thursday morning.

The government needs support from nine of 11 Senate crossbenchers to extend its plan to cut company tax from 30 per cent to 25 per cent to all businesses.

They have four on board at the moment.

Some of Australias largest businesses on Wednesday promised to invest more in Australia if senators agree to pass the legislation, saying it would lead to more jobs and stronger wage growth as the tax cut takes effect.

But Senator Hinch said the two-line statement from the Business Council of Australia and heads of 10 of Australias largest companies wasnt enough to convince him.

The business council letter was very kumbayah, you know, well do this and well do that, but it didnt guarantee anything, he said.

I dont totally trust big business.

Senator Hinch also asked Finance Minister Mathias Cormann to put in writing something that breaks the mould on no wage increases and that perhaps helps pensioners, but says what he received from the government didnt cut it.
There was some good stuff in it but it doesnt get it over the line, he said.

One Nation leader Pauline Hanson, who controls three votes, said on Thursday she was still undecided. But the business letter and a guaranteed assurance from mining magnate Andrew Forrest had helped.

That was a sticking point. Twiggy Forrest has been absolutely fantastic on this, Senator Hanson said.

It does help, very much so.

But Senator Cameron urged crossbenchers to really take a close look at themselves and not just capitulate to a letter that means nothing.

Green leader Richard Di Natale said the big business pledge was totally meaningless.

If there really was a link between the company tax cut and wage growth then theyd commit to doing it and put it in writing, but they havent because they know that its bunkum, he told ABC radio.

The government is also waiting to find out how brand new independent senator Tim Storer will vote.

It still hopes to put the legislation to a vote before Easter.

The post Hinch still unconvinced on tax cut mer...


ACTU leader says trade deals must not undermine workers rights AFTINET

March 22, 2018: In her speech to the National Press Club yesterday, ACTU secretary Sally McManus argued that unfair trade agreements like the CPTPP were contributing to casualisation and underpayment of wages, and that major changes were needed to the industrial relations system.

She said "these trade agreements are not free, they are a complex set of rules negotiated by governments, pushed by big corporations."

She noted that trade agreements are being used to increase the numbers of vulnerable temporary workers who are tied to one employer, without testing if local workers are available. She argued for a return to "permanent migration with temporary visas used only for genuine shortages and with strong protections against abuse."

She added that governments must not sign agreements that allow companies to sue us or force the privatisation of our services. This is the selling of our jobs and our sovereignty to suit the greed of a few. This must stop."


Judge Sentences Five University of Manchester Students Who Sold Millions of Dollars of Drugs on the Dark Web "IndyWatch Feed Crypto"

Five students from the University of Manchester who sold more than 800,000 ($1.12 million) worth of drugs on the dark web using Bitcoin have been sentenced and jailed the ringleader, Basil Assaf, has received 15 years and three months.  

Assaf and his accomplice James Roden were arrested at their Manchester city centre flat on the day the FBI shut down Silk Road in October 2013. Agents found laptops used to access the dark web, thousands of pounds in cash, and drugs including LSD, ecstasy, ketamine, and diazepam. The value of their sales was at least 812,000, the court heard, but their profits are likely to have grown exponentially due to the rise in the value of Bitcoin over the past few years. Prosecutors have so far been unable to trace Assafs Bitcoin.

Dark Web Dreams

According to reports, the men partied in the Bahamas, Jamaica, and Amsterdam before being intercepted. The group, who likened themselves to Breaking Bads Walter White, included undergraduates studying pharmacology, computer science, petrochemical engineering, geology, and marketing.

Throughout the trial the Manchester crown court heard how the group originally sold drugs to fellow students to fund their own habits, then expanding their operation, selling ecstasy, LSD, and ketamine across Europe, the US, Australia, and New Zealand on the now-defunct online drug marketplace Silk Road. 

At one point the group was nominated for drug dealer of the year on the site, leading Assaf to brag to his accomplice Jaikishen Patel:

Nominated for shotter of the year haha on SR. Someone posted a thread and prof nominated us. TBF if they knew what we did IRL we do deserve it.

Judge Michael Leeming

Between May 2011 and October 2013 though 6,300 transactions with buyers across the world the group sold 16.7kg of ecstasy worth $750,000, as well as 1.23kg of 2CB, a drug that mimics the effects of ecstasy, and 1.46kg of ketamine. Sentencing the group, Judge Michael Leeming said use of the dark web was an aggravating factor and that the harmful and dangerous class A drugs wrought misery on society....


March 22 On This Day in Australian History Our Great Southern Land

1791 - Young Bundle/Bundall was an orphaned Aboriginal lad from the Cowpastures area of Sydney who attached himself to Cap. William Hill of the NSW Corps; when Cap. Hill went for a leisurely Sunday sail on board the Supply to Norfolk Island today Young Bundle naturally went with him.

1810 - Determined to learn them kids right a charity school was opened by Gov Macquarie in Parramatta.

1814 - Yippie Aunty Mildred, no more bush bashing in the 4WD as the road from Sydney to Liverpool was finally completed.

1819 - Macquarie, ever the man of the people, forwarded to the Colonial Office in London a petition from the 1,260 colonists who wanted, nay, demanded a new legal system that included trial by jury and the removal of restrictions on trade and distillation of spirits.
They wanted to brew up, get pissed and be judged by their own peers....I'd say they were successful!

1830 - Captain Stirling issued a Government notice advising those who were entitled to grants of land to select in the southern district. He made preparations to assist settlement, and sent several persons there from Perth within a few weeks. One farmer who accompanied the first expedition expressed the conviction that "with proper industry we shall all do better there than in the country round about Perth, for the climate is cooler and certainly the land preferable, and therefore on both accounts better adapted to the growth of vegetables and corn."

1831 - Australia's oldest school, The King's School was founded on this day and no doubt if you look closely in the dark recesses you'll find the original teachers and pupils still trying to master the 7 times table during their school day from 7am - 9pm.

1843 - At an encampment near the Merri Creek, nearly two hundred Kulin people came to join the Wurundjeri-willam in the ceremony of Tanderrum (to establish bonds of friendship between different Aboriginal clans). They had travelled from their own territories along the Delatite River to make a special visit to the land of the Wurundjeri-willam.
The newcomers carried torches or burning boughs in their hands which they used to purify the air. Water was brought to the newcomers but the locals drank first to show that there was no danger.
A young man visiting the Wurundjeri-willam for the first time stopped to drink from the Yarra without observing any preliminary ritual. He immediately lost the use of his voice.
{From People of the Merri Merri, the Wurundjeri in Colonial Days, by Isabel Ellender and Peter Christiansen, published by the Merri Creek Management Committee.
This book is available at the MCMC office and selected book stores for $19.80.}

1845 - The Moreton Bay correspondent scribbled out some observations which the Sydney Morning Herald published today,
"As past experience has shewn that whenever an assembly of blacks takes place, either for a corroboree or pullen-p...


Equal rights for casualised workers is an important necessity The Pen

Contributed by Jim Hayes

The pushing of big numbers into casualised work has brought in a major change in the nature of the workforce in Australia, and this makes it necessary to fight for better wagers and conditions for this part of the workforce.

A component of the change has been the emergence of the gig economy. This is where a person is not paid by the hour, but for carrying out a task. The gig worker is summoned via an app downloaded onto their smart phone. It often means having to be on standby and being paid nothing in between carrying out the tasks. For example, a recent report found Uber drivers in Australia earn an average of $14.62, which is under the $17.50 minimum wage rate.

A big part of the over all problem of casualised work is the labour hire industry, which is being used by corporations to undermine the position of permanent employees and has been at the centre of a high proportion of recent industrial disputes. Labour hire companies face little regulation. Workers tied to labour hire allows companies contract themselves out to them and are then rented out to employers, and this does not have top be at the going wage rate and under customary conditions.

The Australian Council of Trade Unions (ACTU) Change The Rules campaign has taken this on board and called for equal wages and conditions for the casualised workforce, plus the right to be shifted over to full time and permanent employment after six months.

Under this definition, entitlements to holiday pay, sick leave, workers compensation in the case of injury and holiday pay go out the window,alongside the reality of a lower wage.  On top of this, casualised workers,  may not receive the same standard when it comes to occupational health and safety.

Insecure work has been an important factor in keeping wages down across the board.

Working conditions have also been affected. A casual workforce has less capacity to assert itself, is not covered by unfair dismissal law and is often desperate enough to accept inferior working conditions. This makes the position of the permanent workforce less secure, in a similar way that a high level of unemployment will.

ACTU secretary Sally McManus says that the government, being the biggest purchaser of goods and services in the country ($450 billion worth), can use this to exert an influence over employment practices through the economy.

[We need to] rewrite the commonwealth procurement rules to ensure that the government hires directly and locally, and prefers local businesses, which pay fairly and provide secure jobs, she adds.

Ensuring that major employers pay proper wages and provide ongoing wor...


Twitter to ban cryptocurrency ads, CEO calls bitcoin currency of the future The Global Mail

Twitter, the microblogging platform, has joined the growing chorus of online entities that will ban cryptocurrency ads on its platform, according to Bloomberg Law. The move comes on the heels of other online giants, Google and Facebook, announcing similar bans []

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Dash Wallet: The safest wallets for storing your DASH coins The Global Mail

Dash is one of the earliest cryptocurrencies to be launched, making its debut in 2014. It has maintained a spot on the top 20 cryptocurrencies by capitalization over the last twelve months. Dash has its unique features and differs from []

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