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Friday, 23 March


Local Government Lies - No Through Road Corporate Australia

It's not enough that the good subjects of Her Majesty in the Commonwealth of Australia a being lied to by their so called representatives, the Mutts in Parliament (MPs).

It's not enough that the good people are being defrauded and lied to by the (Daniel) Andrews government, where even when caught the fraudsters still retain their jobs, salaries and superannuation (try that trick with the social security business called Centrelink).

Now the 'local' fraudsters in your friendly city council are delivering false information to drivers.

In the below photograph, a road contains a sign that says NO ENTRY (no need for concern with what's written underneath that).

Another sign underneath states that it's a NO THROUGH ROAD.

So with reference to the "NO THROUGH ROAD" a driver would comprehend that the road does not continue for automobiles.

This could be because the road is actually a court, or either through a natural obstruction,  like a mountain, or something a bit more subtle - a rockery with trees planted in the middle of a previously drive-able road that a hipster engineer decided to plan as a result of the global warming officer's advice.

The driver in this case knows that the city councils with their alleged third tier of law making ability can go screw themselves, and proceeded down this "NO THROUGH ROAD".

To the absolute astonishment of the driver and no doubt through a Moses like miracle, the road less traveled had no dead end, even though it was far from the dead sea, it was very passable, as seen in photo of biblical proportions.

All that matters is that you get fined for going through the (false info) sign.

But what are the penalties for your members of your 'local government' lying to you?

Uuummm, about the...


Ihr wisst ja, wie das ist. Kaum guckt man mal genauer ... "IndyWatch Feed Europe"

Ihr wisst ja, wie das ist. Kaum guckt man mal genauer hin, findet man berall Korruption und Kriminalitt. Heute: Die Australische Bank-Branche.

Research by the investment bank UBS has estimated that up to $500bn in mortgages could consist of so-called liar loans, or nearly one-third of all mortgages.
Money Quote:
There is evidence to suggest regular and widespread criminality has been committed by industry since the 1980s.
Ich wei! Kriminelle Banker?! Hold the presses!!

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Thursday, 22 March


MACKAY Manslaughter charge after Mackay woman allegedly attacked CrimeView

MACKAY March 22, 2018 at 04:33PM ,

Manslaughter charge after Mackay woman allegedly attacked

March 22, 2018 at 04:33PM ,

THE MAN who allegedly pushed an elderly woman in her South Mackay unit during an argument, causing her to fall and sustain fatal injuries, has had his charges upgraded to manslaughter. It will be alleged Jeremy Aaron Brown, 22, of South Mackay, pushed his neighbour Shirley Page, 72, at her

, ,

user1ouenvdy crimeviewqld , ,


The paper-thin veneer of Kevin-The-Expert Rudd Michael Smith News

This week John Garnaut, an Australian expert on China affairs, gave an address to the US House Armed Services Committee in Washington. He spoke on how China brazenly manipulated Australian society to tilt the political and strategic landscape to its advantage. Compare this address to the US Committee with...


Thomas Mayor: We wont give up on the Uluru Statement IndigenousX

Share this Post Prime Minister Turnbulls dismissal of the key Uluru Statement claim for a constitutionally enshrined Voice to parliament should not deter us from that aspiration. His ignorance should invigorate us because the dismissal demonstrates the importance. The eminent 19th century African American human rights leader, Frederick Douglas, once said, to identify the vanguard of your movement, you need ...


Britain Introduces Crypto Task Force To Foster Fintech Innovation "IndyWatch Feed Crypto"

UK Treasurys new crypto task force will collaborate with Australia for fintech innovation discourse. #NEWS


PERTH Mundaring Shire president satisfied with council process during dog prosecution case CrimeView

snip .

Mundaring Shire president satisfied with council process during dog prosecution case .

March 22, 2018 at 11:07AM .

SHIRE of Mundaring President Cr John Daw yesterday expressed his support for Chief Executive Officer Jonathan Throssell, and Shire staff involved in a recent high-profile dog prosecution case. A three-day criminal trial in the Perth Magistrates Court between the Shire and Simon Hey ruled on January .



The finest police commissioner money can buy cleared Dan Andrews/CFMEU/Labor of rorting allowances Michael Smith News

The ABC thought this was a story 2 years ago. Now, not so much. Labor Party cleared of misusing staff in 2014 Victorian election Updated 7 Jun 2016, 3:23pm PHOTO: Premier Daniel Andrews said using casual electorate staff was not against the law. (AAP: Joe Castro) RELATED STORY: Campaigning...


From this day backwards: @burgewords on the long journey to Australias first lesbian marriage No Fibs

Here we were on the other side of the world not being able to have clarified which of our relationships was valid. WHEN Australian same-sex couples were finally granted equal access to the Marriage Act in December 2017, the widespread expression of relief was tempered by a growing awareness of a legal minefield. Brisbane couple Elaine Crump and Sharon Dane let the emotions in, but the status of their long-term relationship remained in limbo. Like many same-sex couples seeking legal documentation during the interminable wait for Australia to pass marriage equality, Elaine and Sharon had already taken their chances in countries where equality was accessible. The pair first solemnised their []

Author information

Michael Burge

Michael Burge

Journalist at No Fibs

Michael is an author, artist and journalist who lives on Ngarabal country in the NSW Northern Tablelands.


Made In Indonesia: Aboriginal Art Company Lands In Federal Court Over Alleged Misleading Conduct New Matilda

With a highly distinctive Aboriginal art style , youve probably seen Birubi products in tourist shops all over the country. Everything from hand-made and hand-painted boomerangs and didgeridoos, to bull roarers and even drink coasters.

And you probably thought Aboriginal artists were behind them.

Today, the Australian Competition and Consumer Commission (ACCC) has announced its launching Federal Court action against the company behind the brand Birubi Art Pty Ltd (Birubi) alleging it spent years making misleading claims about Aboriginal art.

Between July 2014 and November 2017, Birubi allegedly contravened the Australian Consumer Law by making false or misleading representations that some of its products were made in Australia and/or that Aboriginal people had made or hand painted them, when in fact they were made in Indonesia.

ACCC Commissioner Sarah Court said the products displayed a combination of words and artwork including hand painted, handcrafted, Aboriginal Art, and Australia.

We allege that Birubis conduct is damaging as it is likely to mislead consumers into thinking they are buying genuine handmade Aboriginal art when they are not. This has the potential to undermine the integrity of Aboriginal art and negatively impact Indigenous artists, including by undervaluing their authentic works, Commissioner Court said in a written statement.

We allege that over 18,000 of these Birubi products were sold to retail shops in key tourist spots around the country.

In the lead-up to the Commonwealth Games in Australia next month, with tens of thousands of tourists visiting Australia, this action by the ACCC is a timely reminder to traders to ensure that products they are selling as Indigenous cultural objects or art are authentic.

The ACCC is seeking declarations, pecuniary penalties, injunctions, corrective notices, compliance program orders, and costs.

Ironically, Birubi claims to be a proud licensed supplier of many items featuring the copyright Aboriginal Flag image designed by Mr Harold Thomas.

The website adds: So please, when purchasing Aboriginal flag items, ensure they are authentic licensed products.

Birubi was part of a major feature by Fairfax media late last year, written by Frank Robson. And you can access genuine hand-made Aboriginal art here New Matildas Associate Publisher Gaala Watson is an Aboriginal artist, and the woman behind Bimbi Love.

The post Made In Indones...


The Batman By-Election: Labor Surges, Deflated Greens Have Some Serious Work Ahead New Matilda

The Greens loss in Batman suggests the party has a long way to go before it can challenge Labor in the lower house, Ben Eltham writes.

It was a tale of two parties. I spent the night of the Batman by-election between the election functions of the Greens and Labor. Needless to say, the moods were contrasting.

The Greens function was at Tallboy and Moose micro-brewery in Preston, a drafty former warehouse that now serves tasty burgers and their own range of IPAs and lagers. While there were plenty of party supporters in green t-shirts and the bar was doing a brisk trade, the atmosphere was deflated, even sombre. Adam Bandt looked downcast, Richard di Natale looked angry, and Alex Bhathal looked downright upset.

The reason was obvious. It was a terrible night for the Greens. Not only had Bhathal failed to win the seat, but her vote had gone backwards in two-party preferred terms. In a short concession speech, she acknowledged the defeat, and congratulated her opponent. I know that this has been a difficult night, she told supporters. We will continue to stand by our Greens policies and fight for what we think is right.

(IMAGE: Thom Mitchell.) Alex Bhathal at the Greens election party in 2016.

Greens supporters and volunteers I talked to were deeply disappointed, and many were quite shocked at the anti-Bhathal leaking that had harmed the Greens campaign. Some were angry at coverage from Fairfax and much of the mainstream media, which they believed was pro-Labor and anti-Greens.

Speaking off the record, one member acknowledged that the party had made a mistake campaigning in the northern suburbs, and had been complacent in the south of the seat, where Labor made strong gains.

It was, of course, a rather different atmosphere at Labors function at the Thornbury Theatre. As the results came in, the crowd of largely younger Labor supporters and campaign workers in red t-shirts cheered wildly. When the pie charts went up on the big screen, they broke into chants of Ged! Ged! Ged!

Labors candidate Ged Kearney was the woman of the moment. To many of the unionists helping out on her campaign, she is something of a personal hero. I spoke to one younger union organiser from the NUW who had handed out how-to-votes on the day. He was, unsurprisingly, upbeat about the result, but also about the union movement in general. Like...


Australian Dollar and Bitcoin "IndyWatch Feed Crypto"

1.00 AUD = 0.00009 BTC
0.00010 BTC = 1.15 AUD


Hauntology on country Overland literary journal

I flew to Hobart to pay my respects to an ecosystem already long gone. Tasmanias giant kelp forests, Macrocystis pyrifera, once fringed the eastern coast. Each languid frond of these once-towering marine metropoles harboured multitudes of fish, invertebrates, plankton and algaes. But giant kelp forests are fragile. As of 2017, only five percent of the original Tasmanian kelp forests remained. For the Aboriginal community in Tasmania, the sea is womens business, and so their relationship with the kelp forests is strong.


Early childhood educators are asking for support The Pen

Early childhood educators have a huge responsibility educating children in the first few years of their lives. But the Federal Government doesnt value our work; were paid as little as $21 an hour. Were some of the lowest paid professionals in Australia earning half the national average wage.

Were undervalued because our workforce is 95 percent female, and its seen as just womens work. So were saying its time Malcolm Turnbull values our work by funding equal pay.

This will be the biggest early education walk off in Australian history. Please support us as we take this historic action.

Join us at 4pm as we march through the city after walking off the job. We will be starting at Federation Square and finishing at Alexandra Gardens.

The post Early childhood educators are asking for support appeared first on The Pen.


Turnbull Government condemns Cambodias human rights regress at UN, yet insists refugees can still go there News | Human Rights Law Centre

The Australian Government has joined 44 other nations in delivering a scathing statement to the United Nations Human Rights Council overnight on the rapid deterioration of Cambodias human rights situation, expressing "deep concern about the recent serious decline of civil and political rights in Cambodia".

The statement comes only 24 hours after Foreign Minister Julie Bishop confirmed that the Government was persisting with its controversial Cambodia refugee deal, in which it paid the authoritarian regime $55 million to take refugees indefinitely detained by the Australian Government on Manus and Nauru.

Daniel Webb, a Director of Legal Advocacy at the Human Rights Law Centre, who is at the UN in Geneva, welcomed the Australian Governments decision to finally condemn the Hun Sen regimes brutal authoritarianism but said the Governments own words showed how unprincipled the Cambodian refugee deal has always been.

"Were talking about a ruthless regime headed by a former Khmer Rouge commander. The Cambodian Government has imprisoned the opposition leader in appalling conditions, abolished the entire opposition party, jailed human rights advocates and used violence and intimidation against community groups and the media," said Mr Webb.

"Its about time our Government condemned the Hun Sen regime. It should also admit that paying that same regime $55 million to offload refugees has been a morally bankrupt failure, said Mr Webb.

The statement, which was presented to the UN by the Government of New Zealand with the endorsement of 44 countries including Australia, Canada, the United Kingdom, France and the USA:

  • pressed for the release of Opposition Leader Kem Sokha, noting that he is currently imprisoned "reportedly in isolation, without adequate access to health care, subjected to intrusive observation, and other conditions, such as constant light";
  • urged the Hun Sen regime to "refrain from using judicial, administrative and fiscal measures as political tools against the opposition, the media, civil society and human rights defenders";
  • and called on the Cambodian Government to ensure the upcoming elections are carried out "without threats, arbitrary arrests or acts of intimidation".

The Cambodian Government reacted angrily to the statement, exercising its formal right of reply to bizarrely claim that the countries involved simply "want regime change" and "have their preselected candidates to win".

The Asian Forum for Human Rights and Development, a leading regional human rights organisation, welcomed the statement and called on the international community to press for a dedicated UN briefing ahead of Cambodias July elections. A copy of their statement is...


Akaku Upstairs Presents: IGNITE A LIFE Training for Youth Leaders Across Hawaii & the World, 3/29/18 "IndyWatch Feed 1stpeople.pacific"

Ignite A Life, a non-profit, dba Hawaii Leaders Core, has been opening doors for the youth of our island community, sponsoring attendance at various renowned youth leadership summits across the globe, including San Diego, United Kingdom and Australia. Co-founders of Ignite A Life are the mother-son team of Robin and Alex Muto. Alex is now 20 and leads the Hawaii Leaders Core. Robin is the CEO

The post Akaku Upstairs Presents: IGNITE A LIFE Training for Youth Leaders Across Hawaii & the World, 3/29/18 appeared first on Akaku.


TRUE OPINION: The Damsel in Distress Warner, de Kock, their school yard fight, and what it says about Men True Crime News Weekly

TRUE OPINION: What does a couple of professional international sportsmen fighting over a woman's honour tell us about men in the modern age, muses our columnist Miles Hunt. [READ MORE]


The unfolding Cambridge Analytica scandal tells us that there must be an investigation in Australia The Pen

Contributed by Joe Montero

Facebook is in trouble and its founder Mark Zuckerberg is in the spotlight over revelations of improper use of data, taken from those who have signed up with the social media platform. Other social media platforms like Twitter and Google, although they are not directly mentioned in this scandal, are also being drawn into the net, because it is understood that they have long been invloved in similar practices.

This affair has been has come to light, with the exposure that information about 50 million users has been passed over to a company called Cambridge Analytica, through an intermediary called Global Science Research (GSR).

It was the action of former whistleblower Chris Wylie, who let public know what is going on that made the difference, turning a wrongdoing into a scandal.  Part of his exposure ere the details of the companys involvement in political manipulation during the election of Donald Trump and Brexit referendum in the United Kingdom.

Zuckerberg has avoided calls for a public explanation and there is a rising tide, demanding proper investigation and regulation. Along side this there is a global campaign against Facebook called #DeleteFacebook, which is targeting its two billion users.

What the company has done in response, is to issue a fedensive statement and engage forensics firm, Stroz Friedberg, to investigate the matter. it has not satisfied critics, who are calling for an open investigation and not one behind closed doors.

Reaction has been so strong that the scandal caused Facebook shares to fall by 6.77 percent on Monday. Zuckerberg, who owns 16 percent of the shares, personally lost about $5.5 billion of his $74.5 billion, according to Forbes live tracker. While he certainly wont be thrown into poverty over this, it has caused damage to his and his companys credibility, and this could have a lasting effect.

There is a good chance that Zuckerberg will be called to testify before the American House of Representatives or Senate. Similar pressure is mounting in the United Kingdom.

In Australia, Rod Sims, the chairman of the Australian Competition and Consumer Commission (ACCC), confirmed the data collection practices of Facebook and other internet giants will be investigated, but only in relation to competition in the media and advertising markets. Whether practices like those of Cambridge Analytica have been taking place in Australia will not b...


Its Bye-Bye Time for the CIA, the Mossad, and MI6 Gumshoe News

Jos Manuel Rodriguez Delgado

by Mary W Maxwell

Last year when it came time to register as a presenter for this years Adelaide Fringe Festival, I had in mind to counteract the ABCs put-down of reports of mind control and Satanism. So I outlined a play called My Best False Memories the title being a sarcastic reference to the False Memory Syndrome Foundation a group that tries to suppress reports like Fiona Barnetts.

As usually happens, things change quickly, and by the time we were in rehearsal I had modified the script. It began to incorporate the controversy over Josef Mengeles working for the CIA, and Dr Jose Delgados possible dislike of what he was doing implanting stimo-ceivers in human brains.

Lacking any real talent for the theatre, I fell back on a conversational-style presentation. This consisted of three survivors of Dr Mengele telling their stories (I mean American girls in the 1950s, not inmates of German concentration camps in the 1940s.) Then, two implantees of Dr Jose Delgado told about their life with a stimo-ceiver.

Another part of the play was when the survivors (actors) confronted their perpetrators. (actors).  I didnt see many familiar faces in the audience; someone told me majority...


Venezuelas state-issued cryptocurrency raises concerns The Global Mail

Venezuela a country experiencing one of the worst economic turmoils in recent history made news when it launched the worlds first state-issued cryptocurrency, the Petro. The digital currency, according to Venezuela President Nicols Maduro, is tied to the []

The post Venezuelas state-issued cryptocurrency raises concerns appeared first on The Global Mail.


Can platypus milk save lives? National News Echonetdaily

A breakthrough by Australian scientists has brought the introduction of an unlikely hero in the global fight against antibiotic resistance a step closer; the humble platypus.

Owing to its unique features duck-billed, egg-laying, beaver-tailed and venomous the platypus has long exerted a powerful appeal to scientists.

In 2010 scientists discovered that platypus milk contained unique antibacterial properties that could be used to fight superbugs.

Now a team of researchers at CSIRO working with Deakin University have solved a puzzle that helps explain why platypus milk is so potent.

The discovery was made by replicating a special protein contained in platypus milk in a laboratory setting.

Platypus are such weird animals that it would make sense for them to have weird biochemistry, said Dr Janet Newman, CSIRO scientist and lead author.

The platypus belongs to the monotreme family. By taking a closer look at their milk, weve characterised a new protein that has unique antibacterial properties with the potential to save lives.

As platypus dont have teats, they express milk onto their belly for the young to suckle, exposing the mothers highly nutritious milk to the environment, leaving babies susceptible to the perils of bacteria.

Deakin Universitys Dr Julie Sharp said researchers believed this was why the platypus milk contained a protein with rather unusual and protective antibacterial characteristics.



Noble to learn of greyhound property fate National News Echonetdaily

Disgraced greyhound trainer Tom Noble will learn on Thursday if he will lose the Queensland property he used for live-bating.

His lawyers fought the application by the Crown in the Supreme Court in Brisbane on Wednesday to confiscate the banned trainers Churchable property, north of Gatton.

Crown lawyer Karen Bradford argued the property should be forfeited under the Criminal Proceeds Confiscation Act 2002 because it was used for illegal activity.

Noble used live piglets, rabbits and possums to develop a bloodlust in race dogs at the 16-hectare property between August and October 2014.

He received a wholly suspended three-year jail term in 2016 after pleading guilty to 15 counts of serious animal cruelty.

Nobles lawyer, Alastair McDougall, argued on Wednesday his client and his clients wife both suffered serious medical issues that would require ongoing treatment.

He said seizure of the property, which was listed for sale shortly after Nobles conviction but is now being used as a rental property, would force the couple onto welfare.

Justice Graeme Crow will hand down his decision on Thursday morning.

The post Noble to learn of greyhound property fate appeared first on Echonetdaily.


What are we breathing? "IndyWatch Feed Nthamerica"

Does it seem as if its getting a little harder to breathe? You may not be mistaken. That may not be just a figment of your imagination, especially with all the varied and unsuspected sources of air pollution resulting especially from the proliferation of chemical companies tripping over themselves to introduce new scents.

Perfumes from natural sources have been around since time immemorial. A perfume maker was discovered on a 1200 BCE Cuneiform tablet in Babylonian Mesopotamia. [Wikipedia]

Perfumery existed in the ancient Indus civilization (3300 BCE 1300 BCE), while Ayurveda texts contain many references to herbs and other botanicals used for healing. [Wikipedia]

Moving into the modern era, Europe started to become involved with perfumery around the 14th century. France became the center of European scent and perfumes with the region around Grasse becoming the premiere center, now recognized as the world capital of perfume. [Wikipedia]

I must say Grasse is quite the place. I visited there in 1990, and one cannot believe the natural scents wafting in that entire region from all the flowers grown to provide perfumers their raw ingredients, Natures scented flowers.

However, chemical companies began introducing synthetic scents, which makes much of the modern day perfumes possible, plus other fragrances used in various fragranced consumers products and commercial industries, which now are causing adverse health reactions for many sensitive individuals.

Those folks sensitive to scents and other environmental pollutants medically are classified as having Multiple Chemical Sensitivities or MCS. Its become a globally-recognized health problem even the World Health Organization identifies and calls it Idiopathic Environmental Intolerance or IEI.

A study was performed on a U.S. cross-section population in June 2016 and here are some of the results:

  • 12.8% of the population surveyed report medically diagnosed MCS
  • 25.9% report chemical sensitivity
  • MCS diagnoses increased over 300% in the past decade
  • Self-reported chemical sensitivity increased over 200%

Professor Anne Steinemann, PhD, The University of Melbourne, Melbourne, Australia, authored the article National Prevalence and Effects of Multiple Chemical Sensitivities published in the Mar...


Measles among smokers linked to COPD risk National News Echonetdaily

Childhood measles has been linked to an increased risk of developing chronic lung disease, but only in adults with asthma and a history of smoking.

An Australian study of more than 8000 Tasmanians found childhood measles infection a highly contagious respiratory infection appears to compound the associations between smoking, asthma and chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD) in adults.

The researchers believe it may be possible that airway damage from childhood measles predisposes an individual to asthma-like symptoms and increased susceptibility to airway obstruction if they also smoked.

While we have found measles to not have an effect by itself, our findings suggest it could contribute to COPD when combined with significant asthma and smoking histories, said lead author Dr Jennifer Perret at University of Melbourne.

Our research has uncovered childhood measles to be a potential predisposing factor for COPD risk and supports the public health recommendation of childhood immunisation, said Dr Perret.

Not smoking, however, is the most important message, noted Dr Perret.

For the study, published in journal Respirology, researchers used the Tasmanian Longitudinal Health Study (TAHS) cohort born in 1961. A history of childhood measles infection was obtained from school medical records.

Differences between asthma, smoking and measles subgroups provided further insight into the complex causes of obstructive lung diseases for middle-aged adults, said Dr Perret.

About 25 per cent of smokers developed COPD, and up to 20 per cent of COPD cases involve people who have not smoked. Other known risk factors, such as occupational exposures and second-hand tobacco smoke, did not explain the excess risk.

The post Measles among smokers linked to COPD risk appeared first on Echonetdaily.


Hinch still unconvinced on tax cut merit National News Echonetdaily

The Turnbull government is yet to win Derryn Hinch over on its company tax cuts, and a letter from big businesses committing to invest more hasnt convinced him either.

But the key crossbench senator says he is still listening.

I promised when I came here I would listen. Ill listen to you, Ill listen to the government, Ill listen to (Labor senator) Doug Cameron, who can do it in very colourful language at times, Senator Hinch told reporters in Canberra on Thursday morning.

The government needs support from nine of 11 Senate crossbenchers to extend its plan to cut company tax from 30 per cent to 25 per cent to all businesses.

They have four on board at the moment.

Some of Australias largest businesses on Wednesday promised to invest more in Australia if senators agree to pass the legislation, saying it would lead to more jobs and stronger wage growth as the tax cut takes effect.

But Senator Hinch said the two-line statement from the Business Council of Australia and heads of 10 of Australias largest companies wasnt enough to convince him.

The business council letter was very kumbayah, you know, well do this and well do that, but it didnt guarantee anything, he said.

I dont totally trust big business.

Senator Hinch also asked Finance Minister Mathias Cormann to put in writing something that breaks the mould on no wage increases and that perhaps helps pensioners, but says what he received from the government didnt cut it.
There was some good stuff in it but it doesnt get it over the line, he said.

One Nation leader Pauline Hanson, who controls three votes, said on Thursday she was still undecided. But the business letter and a guaranteed assurance from mining magnate Andrew Forrest had helped.

That was a sticking point. Twiggy Forrest has been absolutely fantastic on this, Senator Hanson said.

It does help, very much so.

But Senator Cameron urged crossbenchers to really take a close look at themselves and not just capitulate to a letter that means nothing.

Green leader Richard Di Natale said the big business pledge was totally meaningless.

If there really was a link between the company tax cut and wage growth then theyd commit to doing it and put it in writing, but they havent because they know that its bunkum, he told ABC radio.

The government is also waiting to find out how brand new independent senator Tim Storer will vote.

It still hopes to put the legislation to a vote before Easter.

The post Hinch still unconvinced on tax cut mer...


ACTU leader says trade deals must not undermine workers rights AFTINET

March 22, 2018: In her speech to the National Press Club yesterday, ACTU secretary Sally McManus argued that unfair trade agreements like the CPTPP were contributing to casualisation and underpayment of wages, and that major changes were needed to the industrial relations system.

She said "these trade agreements are not free, they are a complex set of rules negotiated by governments, pushed by big corporations."

She noted that trade agreements are being used to increase the numbers of vulnerable temporary workers who are tied to one employer, without testing if local workers are available. She argued for a return to "permanent migration with temporary visas used only for genuine shortages and with strong protections against abuse."

She added that governments must not sign agreements that allow companies to sue us or force the privatisation of our services. This is the selling of our jobs and our sovereignty to suit the greed of a few. This must stop."


Judge Sentences Five University of Manchester Students Who Sold Millions of Dollars of Drugs on the Dark Web "IndyWatch Feed Crypto"

Five students from the University of Manchester who sold more than 800,000 ($1.12 million) worth of drugs on the dark web using Bitcoin have been sentenced and jailed the ringleader, Basil Assaf, has received 15 years and three months.  

Assaf and his accomplice James Roden were arrested at their Manchester city centre flat on the day the FBI shut down Silk Road in October 2013. Agents found laptops used to access the dark web, thousands of pounds in cash, and drugs including LSD, ecstasy, ketamine, and diazepam. The value of their sales was at least 812,000, the court heard, but their profits are likely to have grown exponentially due to the rise in the value of Bitcoin over the past few years. Prosecutors have so far been unable to trace Assafs Bitcoin.

Dark Web Dreams

According to reports, the men partied in the Bahamas, Jamaica, and Amsterdam before being intercepted. The group, who likened themselves to Breaking Bads Walter White, included undergraduates studying pharmacology, computer science, petrochemical engineering, geology, and marketing.

Throughout the trial the Manchester crown court heard how the group originally sold drugs to fellow students to fund their own habits, then expanding their operation, selling ecstasy, LSD, and ketamine across Europe, the US, Australia, and New Zealand on the now-defunct online drug marketplace Silk Road. 

At one point the group was nominated for drug dealer of the year on the site, leading Assaf to brag to his accomplice Jaikishen Patel:

Nominated for shotter of the year haha on SR. Someone posted a thread and prof nominated us. TBF if they knew what we did IRL we do deserve it.

Judge Michael Leeming

Between May 2011 and October 2013 though 6,300 transactions with buyers across the world the group sold 16.7kg of ecstasy worth $750,000, as well as 1.23kg of 2CB, a drug that mimics the effects of ecstasy, and 1.46kg of ketamine. Sentencing the group, Judge Michael Leeming said use of the dark web was an aggravating factor and that the harmful and dangerous class A drugs wrought misery on society....


March 22 On This Day in Australian History Our Great Southern Land

1791 - Young Bundle/Bundall was an orphaned Aboriginal lad from the Cowpastures area of Sydney who attached himself to Cap. William Hill of the NSW Corps; when Cap. Hill went for a leisurely Sunday sail on board the Supply to Norfolk Island today Young Bundle naturally went with him.

1810 - Determined to learn them kids right a charity school was opened by Gov Macquarie in Parramatta.

1814 - Yippie Aunty Mildred, no more bush bashing in the 4WD as the road from Sydney to Liverpool was finally completed.

1819 - Macquarie, ever the man of the people, forwarded to the Colonial Office in London a petition from the 1,260 colonists who wanted, nay, demanded a new legal system that included trial by jury and the removal of restrictions on trade and distillation of spirits.
They wanted to brew up, get pissed and be judged by their own peers....I'd say they were successful!

1830 - Captain Stirling issued a Government notice advising those who were entitled to grants of land to select in the southern district. He made preparations to assist settlement, and sent several persons there from Perth within a few weeks. One farmer who accompanied the first expedition expressed the conviction that "with proper industry we shall all do better there than in the country round about Perth, for the climate is cooler and certainly the land preferable, and therefore on both accounts better adapted to the growth of vegetables and corn."

1831 - Australia's oldest school, The King's School was founded on this day and no doubt if you look closely in the dark recesses you'll find the original teachers and pupils still trying to master the 7 times table during their school day from 7am - 9pm.

1843 - At an encampment near the Merri Creek, nearly two hundred Kulin people came to join the Wurundjeri-willam in the ceremony of Tanderrum (to establish bonds of friendship between different Aboriginal clans). They had travelled from their own territories along the Delatite River to make a special visit to the land of the Wurundjeri-willam.
The newcomers carried torches or burning boughs in their hands which they used to purify the air. Water was brought to the newcomers but the locals drank first to show that there was no danger.
A young man visiting the Wurundjeri-willam for the first time stopped to drink from the Yarra without observing any preliminary ritual. He immediately lost the use of his voice.
{From People of the Merri Merri, the Wurundjeri in Colonial Days, by Isabel Ellender and Peter Christiansen, published by the Merri Creek Management Committee.
This book is available at the MCMC office and selected book stores for $19.80.}

1845 - The Moreton Bay correspondent scribbled out some observations which the Sydney Morning Herald published today,
"As past experience has shewn that whenever an assembly of blacks takes place, either for a corroboree or pullen-p...


Equal rights for casualised workers is an important necessity The Pen

Contributed by Jim Hayes

The pushing of big numbers into casualised work has brought in a major change in the nature of the workforce in Australia, and this makes it necessary to fight for better wagers and conditions for this part of the workforce.

A component of the change has been the emergence of the gig economy. This is where a person is not paid by the hour, but for carrying out a task. The gig worker is summoned via an app downloaded onto their smart phone. It often means having to be on standby and being paid nothing in between carrying out the tasks. For example, a recent report found Uber drivers in Australia earn an average of $14.62, which is under the $17.50 minimum wage rate.

A big part of the over all problem of casualised work is the labour hire industry, which is being used by corporations to undermine the position of permanent employees and has been at the centre of a high proportion of recent industrial disputes. Labour hire companies face little regulation. Workers tied to labour hire allows companies contract themselves out to them and are then rented out to employers, and this does not have top be at the going wage rate and under customary conditions.

The Australian Council of Trade Unions (ACTU) Change The Rules campaign has taken this on board and called for equal wages and conditions for the casualised workforce, plus the right to be shifted over to full time and permanent employment after six months.

Under this definition, entitlements to holiday pay, sick leave, workers compensation in the case of injury and holiday pay go out the window,alongside the reality of a lower wage.  On top of this, casualised workers,  may not receive the same standard when it comes to occupational health and safety.

Insecure work has been an important factor in keeping wages down across the board.

Working conditions have also been affected. A casual workforce has less capacity to assert itself, is not covered by unfair dismissal law and is often desperate enough to accept inferior working conditions. This makes the position of the permanent workforce less secure, in a similar way that a high level of unemployment will.

ACTU secretary Sally McManus says that the government, being the biggest purchaser of goods and services in the country ($450 billion worth), can use this to exert an influence over employment practices through the economy.

[We need to] rewrite the commonwealth procurement rules to ensure that the government hires directly and locally, and prefers local businesses, which pay fairly and provide secure jobs, she adds.

Ensuring that major employers pay proper wages and provide ongoing wor...


Twitter to ban cryptocurrency ads, CEO calls bitcoin currency of the future The Global Mail

Twitter, the microblogging platform, has joined the growing chorus of online entities that will ban cryptocurrency ads on its platform, according to Bloomberg Law. The move comes on the heels of other online giants, Google and Facebook, announcing similar bans []

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Dash Wallet: The safest wallets for storing your DASH coins The Global Mail

Dash is one of the earliest cryptocurrencies to be launched, making its debut in 2014. It has maintained a spot on the top 20 cryptocurrencies by capitalization over the last twelve months. Dash has its unique features and differs from []

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US, EU pledge to find acceptable outcomes on metal tariffs "IndyWatch Feed War"


AFP/File | US Commerce Secretary Wilbur Ross held talks with EU Trade Commissioner Cecilia Malmstroem

WASHINGTON (AFP)  The United States and the European Union are launching a fresh round of talks in order to reach a mutually acceptable solution on trade disputes including steel and aluminum tariffs, officials from Washington and Brussels said Wednesday.The announcement comes after talks between US Commerce Secretary Wilbur Ross and visiting EU Trade Commissioner Cecilia Malmstroem, and with steep new US import duties on steel and aluminum due to take effect later this week.

Ross and Malmstroem said they had agreed to launch immediately a process of discussion on trade issues of common concern, including steel and aluminum, with a view to identifying mutually acceptable outcomes as rapidly as possible.

Washington has already said Canada and Mexico, which are major producers of the metals, will temporarily be exempt from the tariffs during talks to renegotiate the North American Free Trade Agreement.

But other trading partners have peppered Washington with requests that they too be excluded from the punishing new tariffs of 10 percent on aluminum and 25 percent on steel.

Malmstroem had already said Europe should be exempted as a whole.

In congressional testimony earlier Wednesday, US Trade Representative Robert Lighthizer said Washington was currently discussing tariff exemptions with Australia, Argentina and Brazil.

The talks should be finished by the end of April, Lighthizer said.

Meanwhile, Trump is expected to raise the temperature on trade this week yet again by unveiling a new package of retaliatory trade measures on Chinese imports to punish Beijing for the alleged theft of American companies intellectual property.

The Trump administrations aggressive moves on trade have stoked alarm among lawmakers in the presidents own party, as well as industry groups, who say the measure exposes the United States to higher prices and retaliation.


Assange will give evidence to UK Parliament on Cambridge Analytica scandal "IndyWatch Feed World"

WikiLeaks co-founder Julian Assange may soon give evidence to a Parliamentary Committee about Cambridge Analytica, a voter-profiling company which accessed data of some 50mn Facebook users, triggering an international scandal. "I have accepted a request by the select committee of the UK parliament @CommonsCMS to give evidence, via video link, about Cambridge Analytica, and other matters, later this month,"Assange, currently holed up in the Ecuadorian embassy in London, said on Twitter. Just over half an hour later, the British Parliament's Digital, Culture, Media and Sport Select Committee confirmed that Assange "has offered to appear" before the House of Commons body, explaining that "no formal invitation" has yet been issued to the whistleblower. WikiLeaks rushed to clarify the matter, stating that the Australian was "approached" on a number of occasions to offer his expert opinion to British MPs. During the last attempt, on Monday, the investigative committee allegedly proposed holding the session with Assange on March 28 via video link, "to which Mr. Assange agreed."


China to reorganise propaganda efforts at home and abroad "IndyWatch Feed War"


AFP/File | The CCTV tower in Beijing: the broadcaster is facing consolidation with other state media

BEIJING (AFP)  China Wednesday announced a series of changes aimed at strengthening its global influence, including the creation of a centralised news service to better communicate the ruling Communist Partys message at home and abroad.The changes are part of a larger overhaul of government functions that will also see an increased role for the United Front Work Department, a shadowy organisation that has been accused of trying to manipulate politics abroad.

Under the new arrangement, the partys Central Propaganda Department will take direct responsibility for print, news and movies away from the central government, according to an announcement published by the official Xinhua news agency.

The move to put these branches of the media directly under the partys control comes as China has been tightening censorship and efforts to dictate the outlook and positivity of content.

Control of radio and television will be placed under a separate government-run organisation tasked with carrying out the Partys propaganda guidelines and policies.

The change is aimed at ensuring that broadcast media acts as the Partys mouthpiece, the announcement said.

As part of the change Chinese state media outlets CCTV, China Radio International and China National Radio will be consolidated into one super-broadcaster answering to the Central Propaganda Department.

Programmes targeted at foreign audiences will be rebranded as the Voice of China, the announcement said.

The reorganisation will also increase the prominence of the United Front Work , an agency which works to promote ties between the Communist Party and non-Communist elite including other political parties, former government officials, religious groups and overseas Chinese.

Under the new arrangement it will have complete responsibility for work related to Chinas ethnic minority groups, religious management and contact with overseas Chinese, which Beijing sees as an important constituency for its propaganda efforts.

President Xi Jinping has described the United Front Work Department as a magic weapon in the countrys soft power arsenal.

But it has come under increased criticism for what some say are covert efforts to...


Kirsten Banks:Im following the footsteps of my Aboriginal ancestors, the first astronomers IndigenousX

Share this Post I like to talk about astronomy a lot. No, scratch that, I love to talk about astronomy. All. The. Time. Thank goodness I do just that for a living. Ive worked at Sydney Observatory for the past two years as an astronomy educator, which is essentially my glorified term for a tour guide. My favourite part about being ...

Wednesday, 21 March


Kabul suicide bombing: Heavy casualties in Persian New Years blast "IndyWatch Feed War"

At least 29 people have been killed and another 52 injured after a suicide bomber blew himself up during Persian New Years celebrations in Kabul. The Islamic State group has claimed responsibility for the attack.

AFGHANISTAN-UNREST (AFP/Getty Images)Afghan police block off the road in front of Kabul University after a suicide bomber targeted Shiite worshippers marking the Persian New Year

New Years festivities in the Afghan capital of Kabul turned deadly on Wednesday, after a suicide bomber detonated himself near the citys main university, killing at least 29 people.

Another 52 people were injured in the blast, according to Health Ministry officials. Several women and children were among the casualties.

Interior Ministry spokesman Nasrat Rahimi warned the death toll was likely to rise.

Read more: Kabul residents in shock after wave of violence

The Islamic State (IS) jihadi group claimed responsibility for the blast.

Shiite worshippers targeted

The explosion went off on a road leading towards the Shiite Kart-e Sakhi shrine, where locals had gathered to mark the Persian New Year, known in Afghanistan as Nauruz. The countrys Shiite minority typically marks the holiday by visiting such shrines.

Rahimi said that the bomber had sought to detonate himself by the shrine, but couldnt get closer due to tight security. Instead, he detonated his explosive on Kabul University Road, right in front of Ali Abad hospital, among the civilians who were on the way to shrine, he added.



Mongoose: Australian Pedophile Judges The Noose Tightens "IndyWatch Feed War"


NSW Chief Magistrate Judge Graeme Henson protects his paedophile mate Chief Justice Tom Bathurst and 17 others

On Wednesday, the 21st June I was charged by the NSW police for breaching telecommunications laws for an email that I sent in September 2016 to all the judges of the NSW Supreme Court asking questions and giving them an opportunity to respond to allegations which is nothing more than journalists do around the world every day of the week.

The email in question shows up in an article I published last year titled Paedophile priest gets 3 months jail for raping 3 boys by NSW Supreme Courts Justice Hoeben and the article was also filed in court on the 4th of May as part of my defence. 

Read full post.

Robert David STEELE Vivas

ROBERT STEELE: President Donald Trump has, in the NSA database of all emails and telephone calls captured at a 99% level for the past ten years, all that is needed to indict, convict, and incarcerate all dirty cops, dirty prosecutors, and dirty judges and all elite pedophiles from Prime Ministers and Presidents through judges down to media mavens, world-wide. This is going to be the front line of the battle between God and Satan in the next decade not world war or other false conflicts promoted by...


Leopards could reduce rabies by controlling stray dog numbers in India, study finds "IndyWatch Feed Enviro"

Leopards are among the most widespread of all big cats, with a historical range covering large parts of Africa and Asia. Though humans have whittled away about 80 percent of that area, the big cats still overlap with some of the worlds largest concentrations of people. That convergence can be a recipe for conflict, but a recent study finds that leopards in India could be helping to keep people in India safe from rabies-laden dog bites. While leopards often conflict with people over livestock like cattle and sheep and are frequently persecuted throughout their range, we show that these unique predators can also be beneficial to human societies, Christopher OBryan, an ecologist at the University of Queensland in Australia and co-lead author of the paper, said in a statement. Stray dogs in Mumbai. Photo  Steve Winter/National Geographic. Dog bites exact a heavy toll on people in India, leading to perhaps 20,000 deaths each year from rabies, according to the World Health Organization. OBryan and his colleagues were curious about whether Indian leopards (Panthera pardus fusca) had any influence on stray dog numbers in Sanjay Gandhi National Park, which sits in the midst of Mumbai. With more than 20 million people, Mumbai is the fourth-largest city by population in the world. The team mined past studies for clues about what leopards living in the city park ate, and discovered that stray dogs made up about 40 percent of their diets. Only about 41 leopards are thought to live in the parks vicinity. But according


antifa notes (march 21, 2018) : nazis, patriots, drama, murder the usual slackbastard

Yeesh: talk about drama. Party for Freedom /// Neil Erikson Nick Folkes micro-Party for Freedom (PFF) has undergone some settling of contents over the course of the last few months. Gone is George Jameson and Penny Louise/Tridgell, along with a Continue reading


Gina Rinehart, Australias richest person, recites I love a sunburnt country donaldelley


I love a sunburnt country

Gina Rineharts version

I love a sunburnt country to dig my massive mines,
A land of sweeping plains to excavate,
Of ragged mountain ranges to level
Of droughts and flooding rains to wash all the top soil away
I love her far horizons,
I love her jewel-sea full of coal-dust and coal slag
Her beauty and her terror
The wide brown excavated land for me! I love a sunburnt barren country. A land of sweeping plains for me to place my diggers. I love to dynamite vast mines across her vast horizons. To tame her natural beauty and her terror, to frighten all her marsupials to hell, to dispossess her Aboriginal for peanuts. A wide brown dug up vast denuded Australian Outback for me.




Minneapolis cop acted 'recklessly' in fatal shooting of Australian woman, prosecutor says "IndyWatch Feed World"

Minneapolis cop acted 'recklessly' in fatal shooting of Australian woman, prosecutor says | 21 March 2018 | A Minneapolis police officer acted "recklessly" last summer when he fired a shot that killed an Australian woman who had called 911 to report a suspected rape, a prosecutor said Tuesday. Officer Mohamed Noor, who was charged with murder and manslaughter in the death of 40-year-old Justine Ruszczyk Damond, "clearly...violated the rules and deserves to be charged," Hennepin County Attorney Mike Freeman said during a news conference. Noor turned himself in after a warrant was issued for his arrest in connection with the case, his attorney confirmed.


[WGAR-news] 'Participants in the remote CDP are contg to be hit with penalties at a much higher rate..' A NewReport by ANUresearcher LisaFowkes "IndyWatch Feed 1stpeople"


// Social security penalties applied to participants in the
Community Development Programme to September 2017

Lisa Fowkes, Centre for Aboriginal Economic Policy Research, ANU

'A new report by ANU researcher Lisa Fowkes has shown that
participants in the remote Community Development Program (CDP)
are continuing to be hit with penalties at a much higher rate
than people in mainstream employment services.

'Even though participants in the CDP program make up
less than 5% of of all of those who are subject to mutual obligation,
they receive more penalties than the other 95% of Australians combined.

'The vast majority of those being penalised - ninety percent (90%) - are Indigenous people.
The main reason for the extraordinary rate of penalties being applied is that
people in the CDP scheme have to do around twice as many hours of
Work for the Dole as other Australians.

'The hours are inflexible - so that people have to attend 5 hours each day, every day of the week.
They have to do appointments and job search on top of these hours.
And, as we know, access to health and other services in many remote communities is poor,
so many people who should have reduced hours for health reasons cant get them.

'Unfortunately the Government has refused to acknowledge the damage being done
to people by these harsh penalties in some of our country's poorest communities.'

Read Lisa Fowkes report, under the following topics/headings:

* Key Points,
* Background,
* Total financial penalties,
* Penalties applied for failing to attend Work for the Dole,
* Serious Penalties,...


Australian Dollar and Bitcoin "IndyWatch Feed Crypto"

1.00 AUD = 0.00009 BTC
0.00010 BTC = 1.15 AUD


PERTH Italian tourist needed 300 stitches after alleged mobile phone robbery in Perth CrimeView

snip .

Italian tourist needed 300 stitches after alleged mobile phone robbery in Perth .

March 21, 2018 at 09:15AM .

officers found him lying unconscious on the pavement. He remains in a serious but stable condition. The alleged attacker was arrested in the city about half an hour later and has since been charged with one count of acting unlawfully with intent to harm. He faced Perths Magistrates Court on Monday. .



Free Your Mind, And Your Time: Step Away From Social Media New Matilda

Ever heard of a timesink? You possibly came to this article via one. Dr Glen Anderson explains.

There have been recent accusations that a political data firm, Cambridge Analytica, used the Facebook profile information of millions of Americans to finesse Donald Trumps 2016 Presidential victory.

This comes hot on the heels of accusations of social media interference (also known as computational propaganda) by Russian-backed troll factories in the same election against Democratic presidential candidate, Hillary Clinton.

Many observers are aghast, but just as many are unsurprised.

The primary purpose of free social media platforms is to gather data from individual users, which can then be repackaged for a profit for, guess who the social media company and its shareholders.

Increasingly, profits are being earned by marketing at the granular level, meaning that individual users are exposed to their own augmented social media realities.

The harvesting of Facebook profile information for political purposes should not, therefore, come as a shock. It is a natural extension of the platforms commercial function.

The deeper question, however, is why are so many people obsessed with Facebook and social media? I have to confess that I find it all rather boring. So boring, in fact, that I walked away from Facebook years ago. The whole experience was visually invasive and informationally bizarre. I got tired of millions of food photos, miserable people posing for happy snaps, and the general tendency of everyone to compete with everyone else to try and project the image of their own social and material utopia.

Perhaps more deleterious to myself was the amount of time it took to maintain the Facebook account. It required an integration of innumerable electronic devices most pervasively, the smartphone and very little of any substance came out of the whole process.

In my job as a law lecturer, I am often called upon to provide career advice to law students. Of course, I stress that they must study hard to increase their chances of realising high marks. They must then land their first job, and work diligently to develop specific competencies in that position. They must also learn to work constructively with others and admit when they do not know the answers to novel and complex problems.

But, as an adjunct to this time-honoured advice, I increasingly stress the need to avoid the excessive expenditure of time and energy on Facebook and social media. To have any chance of success in the modern workplace and economy, it is imperative to not just work hard, but also smart. This means not exposing your mind w...


Lonely Lamb Decides Family's Dog Is His New Mom "IndyWatch Feed Enviro"

Update: Sadly, Jerry the lamb was rushed to the vet on Wednesday with a sudden case of bloat and passed away. "I cannot believe it. He was running around playing all morning," Megan Mostacci told The Dodo, adding that she was glad so many lives were touched by his story. "People can see what a sweet soul he was." You can make a donation to the sanctuary in Jerry's memory.

When a little lamb named Jerry first entered the world, he was a disappointment. 

The runt of his litter at the Ontario farm where he was born, his mom rejected him in favor of his bigger, healthier siblings. Then the farmer decided it just wasn't worth the effort to bottle-feed him, which is what he would need to survive. 

Credit: Black Goat Farm and Sanctuary

"He would never get big enough to be 'worth it' [for the farmer]," Megan Mostacci, cofounder of Black Goat Farm and Sanctuary, told The Dodo. 

So that's how Jerry came to live with Mostacci and her husband at their sanctuary. But it wasn't easy at first.

Credit: Black Goat Farm and Sanctuary

"We got him and soon realized he also had a bad respiratory infection and a septic infection in all his joints," Mostacci said.

They rushed him to the vet for medicine and nursed him back to health with the help of their dogs, a Nova Scotia duck tolling retriever named Drake and an Australian shepherd named Lincoln.

Drake, particularly, was extremely attentive to Jerry on his first night at the sanctuary. "He was cleaning him, cuddling with him ... just being there with him," Mostacci said. 



Cwealth Games: Crisis rocks NTTF over womens exclusion "IndyWatch Feed Africa"

Federation boss, Tikom, exits sports forum in anger   The exclusion of women in Nigerias table tennis team to the forthcoming Commonwealth Games in Gold Coast, Australia took a new dimension on Tuesday when the ministry of sports stated that there was no request made by the Nigeria Table Tennis Federation for extra slots.   []

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NT Government moves towards righting historical wrongs News | Human Rights Law Centre

Today the Northern Territory Attorney-General, Natasha Fyles, introduced a bill to allow people charged under unjust laws against homosexual acts to remove the convictions from their criminal records. 

Dr Dino Hodge, a long-time LGBTI community advocate, said, "If this bill passes, it would mean closure. It would mean full equality when it comes to laws which criminalised us for who we are. After 30 years, we have finally achieved the justice we had been seeking."

Lee Carnie, lawyer at the Human Rights Law Centre, said, "Sex between consenting adults should never have been criminalised. This is an important step towards addressing the wrongs of the past."

The Bill has been welcomed by LGBTI advocates who remember the impact of these archaic laws well past decriminalisation.

"There were even cases of continuing police persecution after decriminalisation, when community attitudes had changed but police practices had not. Gay couples who were harassed and charged by the police, but the charges were dismissed by Magistrates, because the police had gone out of their way to harass people for being gay and having consensual sex in private. Those men were highly traumatised, they paid a lot of money to get legal representation and sadly they left the Territory afterwards," said Dr Hodge.

The Bill would allow people with charges and convictions for consensual same-sex activity to clear their names and remove the need to disclose these past convictions on employment or volunteering checks or visa applications.

"These unjust convictions did great and continuing harm. This reform will allow people to clear their names and also remove the barrier that came from having to disclose convictions when wanting to volunteer, drive a taxi, apply for a job or travel overseas. Its great to see the NT Government moving forward to ensure equality for all," said Lee Carnie.

All other states and territories have introduced similar bills. The WA Government is currently considering a similar bill which has passed the lower house but is yet to pass the upper house.

Advocates called the NT Chief Minister to also deliver a state apology for the far-reaching impact of laws which criminalised same-sex activity in the Territory.

"While expungement is welcomed, there is also a need for an apology to help heal past wounds still felt acutely today by so many people," said Dr Hodge.

For interviews or further information, please call:

Michelle Bennett, Director of Communications, Human Rights Law Centre, 0419 100 519

Photo: long-time LGBTI community advocate, Dr Dino Hodge (centre), with Hon Sandra Nelson MLA, and Hon Chansey Paech MLA


Beautiful One Day, Wordy The Next: $2k Award For Qlds Next Great Young Writer New Matilda

Iconic Aboriginal writer Tara June Winch has won it and now other young Queenslanders get a shot.

Entries are now open for the State Library of Queenslands annual Young Writers Award, with $2,000 going to the winner of the popular short story competition.

For more than 20 years the competition has helped launch the literary careers of the next generation of great Queensland writers. Leeanne Enoch, is the Queensland Minister for The Arts and herself an Indigenous Australian (shes a Quandamooka woman, the traditional custodians of Meanjin and Minjerribah (Brisbane, and Stradbroke Island, the latter of which is where New Matilda is now based). Enoch said the competition has a solid history of identifying and nurturing talent, linking young writers to professional networks and publishing opportunities.

The impressive list of past winners and finalists from Rebecca Jessen and Christopher Currie to Shastra Deo and Tara June Winch demonstrates the quality of writing produced by young people in Queensland, Enoch said.

But sorry folks not from the Sunshine State the competition is open to Queensland residents only, aged 15 to 25 years and is divided into two categories: 15 to 17 years (1,500 words) and 18 to 25 years (2,500 words).

Queensland Minister for the Arts, Leeanne Enoch.

The winner of the 18 to 25 years category receives $2,000 prize money, and the winner of the 15 to 17 years category receives $500. Runners-up and highly commended entrants are awarded prize money and book packs. All prizewinners receive a membership to Queensland Writers Centre.

Entries close 5pm on Friday 30 April, with the winners announced at the Young Writers Conference at State Library in July.

Queenslands State Librarian (and CEO) Vicki McDonald said the annual competition not only provides recognition for talented young Queensland writers, but also helps writers find their voice and launch their literary careers.

With over 300 entrants last year, the State Library hopes the competition will continue to encourage connection and expression through creative writing and story across Queensland, she said.

The Young Writers Award is presented by the State Library of Queensland with support from Queensland Writers Centre. Visit ...


We've asked Slater and Gordon to explain what happened to the AWU Workplace Reform Association file Michael Smith News

I sent this email to Slater and Gordon's media manager earlier today. On 7 September 2012 Mr Ralph Blewitt's lawyers wrote to your firm asking for a copy of "all documents" held by Slater and Gordon regarding the AWU Workplace Reform Association. On 24 September 2012 your firm's external lawyers...


Victorian Ombudsman finds 21 ALP MPs used taxpayer funds to pay for "well organised ALP political campaign" Michael Smith News

Trust in our politicians is declining and risks diminishing further with allegations of misuse of public funds, Ms Glass said. The public debate in this case confirms the importance of having an independent body, able to investigate allegations without fear or favour and to give short shrift to the...


Workplace dictators and the free market: reading Private Government Overland literary journal

In Amanda Lohreys Primates, the first story in the collection Reading Madame Bovary, the unnamed corporation for which the first-person narrator works is undergoing a dreaded restructure. Her manager, Winton, is attempting to introduce Theory Z, the Japanese business equivalent of a Danish lifestyle trend. It promises to get rid of hierarchies and bureaucracies in favour of a clan mentality with a high state of consistency in their internal culture.


The Simple but Questionable Role of Japans Men in Blue Global Hobo

An eager young cop kits up, does his hair, knocks back a not-so-fresh brewed caf latte from 7/11 and trots off to Tokyo Station, where a day full of adventure and enforcing law awaits him. By 3pm, however, hes completed his fifth lap of the Imperial Palace gardens. His only dose of action saw him whistle and yell at an Australian traveller who j-walked, and was completely oblivious to everything around him. He also refined his tacky tourist photography game by taking the same picture of more foreigners in front of that same old gate.

Welcome to the life of a Japanese policeman.

Meanwhile, I wake to an obnoxious siren on a cold Saturday morning in Tokyo. Not quite sure if its an earthquake or if someone has pressed the siren button instead of play on their newest J-pop album, I look out the window to see another police car whizz past, as if The Tokyo Drift Club were back in town causing a ruckus. No need to get all worked up, I think. Its most likely just an unchained bicycle stolen, without a trace, by some drunk Yank looking for a joy ride after missing the last train.

I make it to the historic Imperial Palace that day, and spend the morning taking it all in. I spot a young officer and wonder like me did he always want to be a cop, especially in a country with so little crime?  I then stop and, upon further inspection, realise hes been staring down and kicking that same pile of ice on the ground for almost a minute. I watch the feud a little longer. Still puzzled, I eventually grow impatient, walk over and force conversation.

Officer Hipeo Kurata is colloquially known as Omawari-san (Mr Walk-around). His polite warm smile eventually peels off and grows emotionless after I ask what he would be doing with himself in another life. Hipeo had goals of becoming an engineer in school, but the 25-year-old found himself suddenly enrolling as a man in blue. Three years have gone by, and like his fondness towards me, his dream grows ever so faint.

Japan may well be one of the safest places on earth. It records among the lowest rates of street crime, drug felonies and violent crimes. No wonder poor Hipeo is depressing to talk to. So, no matter how stupid, bad at planning and keeping track of your belongings you are, youll be alright! Your wallet will have every last Yen you left in it as it waits for you behind the bar you left it in last night.

But are Officer Kurata and his colleagues really so bored they take it out on snow...


HIV drug PrEP to qualify for govt subsidy National News Echonetdaily

The cost of a drug aimed at stopping the spread of HIV is about to be slashed.

Pre-Exposure Prophylaxis (PrEP) is a daily drug recently recommended for listing on the Pharmaceutical Benefits Scheme, which would significantly reduce its price.

It is 99 per cent effective in preventing the transmission of HIV among gay and bisexual men and from April will be available to high-risk general patients for just $39.50 a month.

Federal Health Minister Greg Hunts announcement on Wednesday amounts to a government subsidy of $180 million.

Until now access to PrEP has been patchy, prohibitively expensive and mainly accessed through clinical trials, the Australian Federation of AIDS Organisations says.

This will drive a substantial reduction in transmission and allow us to turbo-charge the Australian HIV response, federation CEO Darryl ODonnell said in a statement.

The federation argues investment in HIV prevention also makes excellent financial sense, with each averted transmission of HIV saving the taxpayer one million dollars in lifetime costs.

Under the listing, patients will receive a three-month prescription and a sexual health check on each visit to the GP.

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Likely Aussies caught up in data scandal National News Echonetdaily

Its likely Australians have been caught up in a scandal involving a political consulting firm and Facebook, Australias cybersecurity adviser believes.

Cambridge Analytica is facing claims it used data from 50 million Facebook users to develop controversial political campaigns for Donald Trump and others.

Australian Information and Privacy Commissioner Timothy Pilgrim is looking into the claims and is making inquiries with Facebook to see whether any personal information of Australians was involved.

National cybersecurity adviser Alastair MacGibbon says online giants like Facebook need to start acting in line with community expectations.

If you do some simple maths Id say its likely that Australians are caught up in this, he told ABC radio on Wednesday.

Increasingly the public is saying, Hey I have given you a lot of data. I expect you to treat it with respect, he said.

But you cant make $13 billion a year monetising that data and then tell those same customers thats just from advertising by the way that youre treating their data with respect.

Mr MacGibbon refused to offer Australian political parties advice on using firms such as Cambridge Analytica.

But everyone, of course, needs to make sure theyre careful about where the information theyre using comes from, he said.

Meanwhile, the Gold Coast City Council plans to mine the Facebook data of Commonwealth Games visitors who use the social media network to log into free wifi, but says use of the information will be limited.

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Workers at XXXX in Brisbane to strike over jobs The Pen

Contributed by Adam Carlton

Close to a hundred workers at the XXXX plant at Milton in Brisbane plan to walk off the job over job security and threats to lower working conditions.

About 40 jobs have been lost in recent years already, and Damien Davie, spokesperson for United Voice Queensland the union that represents these workers, said that company management needed to talk, otherwise disruption to beer supplies for the Commonwealth Games will come about.

We want everyone to be able to drink XXXX while theyre enjoying the Commonwealth Games, he said.

But management needs to come to the table, or theyll risk disrupting beer supply at this important time.

The walk off the job is expected to take place next Monday.

Tensions have been building for some time, and the turn towards industrial action is no surprise. Lion, the company that owns the brewery has for several years been trying to outsource labour. Rather than employ workers directly,  is opting to push in a system where a labour hire company supplies a casual workforce.

By doing this, agreed wages and conditions can be undercut, and the prerogative of management to hire and fire at will extended.

Damien Davies explained that XXXX management is threatening to shut down our legendary Milton brewery, if they dont get their way on shipping in cheap labour from over the border.

It this is true, Lion is determined to bring on the change, and the workers and their union are pushed into a major battle against it.

Lion claims that the union has been lying. It does however admit to be pursuing more flexibility in the use of labour, and the use of contractors when required.

It is obvious that the Commonwealth Games is a strategically good time for this workforce to engage in industrial action, and to take advantage of it maximises their bargaining strength.

Like other similar disputes, it is a mixture of existing industrial laws and more militant employers, urged on by the major employer organisations and government that has given rise to the situation.

The position of wage earners has been deteriorating in Australia, while corporations have been able to skim billions of dollars. Raising the pace of work, while decreasing the reward for doing it, is stepped up exploitation.

Nothing is more geared to raise the anger of the workforce. This is what has happened at XXXX.

These workers have an advantage,  If this turns out to be an ongoing dispute, they are in a good position to gain the sympathy of the public. This would cost Lion heavily, in terms of reputation and lost business. It is what Carton and United Breweries in Melbourne found two years ago.


The post Workers at XXXX in Brisbane to strike over jobs appeared first on...


Doug Mesner, the CIA, Child Trafficking, and Me

religion: a master and slave relationship

I recall Doug Mesner telling me the C.I.A. had asked him to write some private reports for them, maybe in my most paranoid state I could run with and ramble about the possibilities there More likely, The Satanic Temple is just the act of a group of social and career climbers using slick psychological marketing tricks in the tradition of Edward Bernays to meet their ends. But at the least, I think anyone could question and everyone should question the intent of a guy from wealth and without ties to the occult as to why he has decided to fund a Satanic religion while pulling the strings of a guy who has such a brilliant mind, who has studied the science of the mind at one of the top learning facilities in the world, and maybe, just maybe you could come up with the same conclusion I have, that The Satanic Temple has ulterior motives above and beyond helping mankind or making a movie.

No one really knows what the CIA does for definite. They are about as secret as secret organizations go- much like the Russian KGB. But one can assume it is about the same as Russias crime ridden KGB.

However- I am well aware of some of what Doug Mesner aka the Satanic Temples Lucien Greaves
is involved with.

I first had to deal with this narcissistic sociopath on Amazon- as he was combating and attacking anyone and everyone who claimed they were victims of Satanic Ritual abuse as a child.

Going as karmakaze and many variables of this same name- he attacked, discredited, and threatened anyone who spoke out. I, along with Pat Goodwin- fought him and his group for years in the comments sections in books such as Sybil Exposed and 22 Faces on Amazon. He and another who called themself Critthink .

Critthink aka Menagerie aka Amber Vollaton dropped out of the picture after the murder of Lori King which you can read about here

Doug has given seminar after seminar trashing survivors of ritual abuse- claiming putting your penis in a babys mouth does it no neurological harm- when he isnt exposing himself in public after doing weird rituals for the late Westboro Baptist Ministers dead mother to make her gay in the afterlife or getting a non for profit in 10 days for hi...


Weekly Cryptocurrency Price Analysis: Bitcoin, Ethereum, NEO, and other Major Coins The Global Mail

From the news Perhaps the news making the most headlines this week had to do with CoinBase e-Money license acquisition from UK"s FCA and the EU. With the license, it means CoinBase customers in the UK can make Faster Payment []

The post Weekly Cryptocurrency Price Analysis: Bitcoin, Ethereum, NEO, and other Major Coins appeared first on The Global Mail.

Cryptocurrency, blockchain and NASA The Global Mail

Cryptocurrency and its blockchain technology has been around for a couple years now but it has just recently been thrust into the mainstream spotlight, and now, its headed for space. Blockchain and NASA In late 2017, NASA awarded a three-year []

The post Cryptocurrency, blockchain and NASA appeared first on The Global Mail.


March 21 On This Day in Australian History Our Great Southern Land

If we all adopt a country footy /netty club and take out even 1 membership it will help small country clubs.
And let's call a spade a fecking shovel here, boys and girls - once the footy team folds, the netball clubs go and then it's like a set of dominoes and towns disappear.
Don't let that happen to our fabulous country towns!!!

1792 - In a letter he jotted to the good Rev William Morice about the coastal Eora people coming in frequently to the convict settlement at Sydney Cove, Captain Richard Johnson stated,
" A Number of the Natives, both Men women, and especially Children are every day now in the Camp - Two native Girls I have under my roof,"

1802 Matthew Flinders was a busy chap, trotting off and finding all sorts of things on his explorative travels, like today's Show and Tell subject Kangaroo Island.
Yes, we have so many of the hoppity critters we had to name a whole lump of dirt after 'em.

1816 - After two years of severe drought, the Gundungurra (Gandangara) came down from the mountains to attack settlers in the outlying Cow Pastures (Camden) district, burning houses and sheds, spearing cattle and plundering crops. They killed four men employed by George T Palmer (son of Commissary John Palmer) at the Nepean River and three of Mrs Elizabeth Macarthurs stock-keepers at Camden.

1829- Windradyne, known to European settlers as "Saturday", was a warrior and resistance leader of the Wiradjuri people; he passed to the stars on this day following a tribal fight at the Macquarie River.

1855 - Raffaello Carboni was tried for treason over his involvement in the Eureka Stockade.
Of course he found not guilty.

1863 - Thomas Pedder was hanged at Perth Gaol for the murder of Thomas Sweeny, a shepherd, at Irwin River.

1864 The very first hansom cab turned up in New Zealand with its driver asking for directions as his Sat-Nav was on the blink.

1895 - The Chickybabes Suffrage Act got the gong from Queen Vicky in South Oz when it twas Gazetted, thereby giving the gals the right to vote and to stand for Parliament.

1917 Infamous,wonderful author Frank Hardy, brother to the equally talented entertainer Mary Hardy, was pupped today.

1918- Dunolly-ite made good; Harry Lawson, pupped in Dunolly, assumed the position as Premier of Victoria.

1931 The aircraft Southern Cloud disappea...


Time to bring Queenslands abortion laws into the 21st Century News | Human Rights Law Centre

The Queensland Government should demonstrate its commitment to womens health and equality by upholding an election commitment to modernise the states woefully outdated abortion laws.

In a submission to the Queensland Law Reform Commissions inquiry into abortion laws, the Human Rights Law Centre has called for the decriminalisation of abortion and for new laws that respect womens right to choose what happens to their bodies. It also renewed its call for the creation of safe access zones around abortion clinics.

Adrianne Walters, Senior Lawyer at the Human Rights Law Centre, said that Queenslands law currently falls well short of accepted medical standards and community values.

"The current laws reflect completely outdated views about women and sex. The majority of the Queensland community have said they want to see the laws change. The medical profession want to see the laws changed. Its time for Queensland to bring abortion laws out of the 19th century and into line with community expectations, clinical practice, and common sense," said Ms Walters.

Polling in Queensland in 2017 showed that over 80 per cent of people think that it should be legal for a woman to decide to terminate her pregnancy in consultation with a medical professional.

Abortion is still a part of Queenslands criminal law, despite a wealth of evidence that criminalising abortion is bad for womens health.

"Criminalising abortion does not stop women having abortions, it just causes confusion and fear for women and doctors. It forces women to travel interstate or risk unsafe clandestine abortions. Women should be empowered to make the best decision for their lives in consultation with their doctor, and without fearing criminal prosecution," said Ms Walters.

The submission calls for the creation of safe access zones around abortion clinics to stop anti-abortionists from harassing and intimidating women as they enter.

"Women shouldnt have to run a gauntlet of abuse and harassment just to see their doctor. Queensland must ensure that all women can access health services without suffering harm," said Ms Walters.

The Human Rights Law Centre submission is available here.

For interviews or further information please call:
Michelle Bennett, Director of Communications, Human Rights Law Centre, 0419 100 519

Photo: Shari Birse


There will be an inquest over Joshs suicide The Pen

Contributed from Queensland

At last there is some positive news regarding the suicide of Josh Klumper. The seventeen-year old took his life, after being denied the timely help he needed at the Gold Coast University Hospital.

Thanks to the tireless efforts of his mother Ursula Skjonnemand, supporters and an online petition, a coroners inquest will take place, although a date has not yet been set.

Josh, diagnosed with Asperger syndrome (a form of Autism Spectrum Disorder), was not coping and desperately needed help. On 2 September last year, he went to the hospital with his grandmother.

But instead of immediate assistance, he was made to wait for four hours and told that he could not be seen on that night. For someone suffering from severe mental health stress, this can be a disaster, and the hospital should have known this.

Agitated, Josh walked out. The hospital did not follow up until three days later. It was too late. He had attempted to take his life and eventually died in hospital.

In a health system that is working properly a failure of duty of care like this, would not happen. A process to deal with in would be in place. The fact that the failure occurred, indicates that the hospital lacks the resources and the staff the training needed. The inquest must uncover the details of this.

This has not been the only failure. It is a disgrace that Joshs mother and supporters had to battle to be heard. An inquest into a death in such circumstances should be routine. The reason why this didnt take place should be explained, and the criteria for the intervention of the coroner changed, so that there can be a quick and adequate response.

It begs the question. How many others have been treated in a similar way at the Gold Coast University Hospital and through the Queensland health system?  This needs to be answered as well.

Ursula Skjonnemand told ABC Radio Brisbane she had fought for an investigation to make sure Joshs story could be a learning experience for others.

She wants this investigation to result in Queensland health taking measures that will ensureother receive the help that her son missed out on. This is an opportunity to save other lives.

The case has prompted Health Minister Steven Miles into a meeting with high-level public servants from the Health Departments mental health wing and deputy director-general of clinical excellence Dr John Wakefield. Hopefully, this will contribute towards bringing about some change.

But it must be remembered that any action required a push, and it should not have come to this.

The post There will be an inquest over Joshs suicide appeared first on The Pen.


The Antidepressant Wars in the Post-Truth Era "IndyWatch Feed Health"

Sometimes there are advantages to being outside the mainstream media. Australia dodged a bullet when the UK press announced claims about antidepressants. There was some coverage, but its comforting to hope that when the press releases came this way, our astute journalists were aware that during the previous months our press had already just run a competing big medical story: Prescription pills killing more people than street drugs.1

But the February 2018 UK press releases were all the more potent because they were attributed to such hallowed sources as Lancet, Oxford University and the BBC.2 British tabloid press was even more florid with interpretations such as GPs should prescribe anti-depressants to over a million more Brits, experts claim, citing an Oxford University study that supposedly found pills were up to 113 per cent more likely to tackle depression than no treatment at all despite previous claims that they did not work.3 Even at face value it seemed unlikely The Lancet would have used the words pills and tackle.

At a New Zealand conference, overseas visitors went even further. One headline virtually accused critics of mass-scale negligent homicide: Claims that antidepressants dont work are dangerous and akin to climate change denial, mental health professionals and experts say, citing supposed overwhelming evidence supporting the view that mental health problems were caused by chemical imbalances in the brain.4

Yet at the same time across the Tasman Sea a Professor of Psychiatry, former Australian of the Year, was assuring ABC listeners in response to a question about chemical imbalance that this was attributable to the drug companies, the DSM, the FDA American psychiatrists 40 years ago now no one believes that any more. If you talk to any modern researcher in neuroscience or psychiatry no one would say that is the explanation. But when you go to a GP or even some psychiatrists they will still trot out that very simplistic explanation to people.5

The big stakes in this are not being exaggerated. As Dr. AJ Frances put it: We have a medical system tha...


With Friends Like These, Australia Doesnt Need Enemies New Matilda

Our nations history of internal slaughter is world-beating. Its perhaps matched only by our support over the decades for regimes that also kill their own. Michael Brull explains.

In the image above, Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull is seen shaking hands with Hun Sen during the ASEAN Summit in Sydney last week. Smiling. Hun Sen is the dictator of Cambodia, which he has ruled since 1985. Under the reign of Pol Pot, Hun Sen served as a battalion commander in the Khmer Rouge army.

It is worth underscoring what this means. Ben Kiernan wrote a book, The Pol Pot Regime. Kiernan is the founding director of the Genocide Studies Program at Yale University. He found that the Khmer Rouge was responsible for the deaths of some 1.7 million people. That is about one fifth of the entire population, wiped out by its own government.

That makes Hun Sen a triumphant and reigning dictator from one of the most murderous governments of the 20th century.

Cambodians in Australia have protested the welcome extended to Hun Sen by our government. I was alerted to this issue by someone who came to Australia as a refugee from Cambodia. Dozens of family members, on both her mother and her fathers side of the family, were murdered by the Khmer Rouge.

Cambodian dictator Hun Sen arrives in Canberra for the ASEAN Summit, March 2018.

As if to underscore his commitment to despotism, Hun Sen has responded to protesters in Australia by saying I wan...


Breaking: Cop Who Killed Justine Damond Charged With Murder "IndyWatch Feed World"

The Minneapolis police officer who shot and killed an Australian woman last July is now behind bars and has been charged with third-degree murder and second-degree manslaughter.

Justine Damond was fatally shot by Officer Mohamed Noor last summer after she called 911 to report hearing a noise near her home.

From the Chicago Tribune:

Officer Mohamed Noor turned himself in Tuesday after a warrant was issued for his arrest. He shot Justine Ruszczyk Damond, a 40-year-old life coach, on July 15 minutes after she called 911 to report a possible sexual assault in the alley behind her home. Damonds death drew international attention, cost the police chief her job and forced major revisions to the departments policy on body cameras.

Hennepin County Attorney Mike Freeman planned a Tuesday afternoon news conference to discuss the charges.

As of the time of this reporting, the criminal complaint remained sealed. But according to the jail roster, Noor was booked on a third-degree murder charge for perpetrating an eminently dangerous act while showing a depraved mind. The second-degree manslaughter charge alleges he acted with culpable negligence creating unreasonable risk.

If convicted of third-degree murder, he could face a maximum of 25 years in prison, though the presumptive sentence is 12 years. A judge could issue a sentence ranging from about 10 to 15 years. The second-degree manslaughter charge carries a maximum sentence of 10 years in prison, but the presumptive sentence is four years,  the Chicago Tribune reports.

The charges reveal more details about what happened that night, reports the Star Tribune:

There is no evidence that Officer Noor encountered, appreciated, investigated or confirmed a threat that justified the decision to use deadly force, charges said. Instead, Officer Noor recklessly and intentionally fired his handgun from the passenger seat, a location at which he would have been less able than Officer Harrity to see and hear events on the other s...


Very heavy rainfall for central parts of NSW coast, warnings issued "IndyWatch Feed Enviro"

The Australian Bureau of Meteorology is forecasting very heavy rain for central parts of the New South Wales coast over the next few days, with dangerous conditions expected to develop. Many places are expected to get their normal monthly rainfall for March in just...... Read more


Market Talk- March 20, 2018 "IndyWatch Feed World"


Having seen a weak US session most Asian indices opened in the red. However, that was not to last and most recovered by the close. The SENSEX took less than an hour before it was trading positive whilst the ASX and Nikkei never actually managed a recovery. The key sector that has led the Nikkei higher have been the culprits during the decline. Technology weighed on both sentiment and confidence, but declines were halted as talk of Bank of Japan buying of ETFs helped to support prices. We do have a Japanese national holiday Wednesday and so volumes were light as the FED decision will be known by the next cash open. Worth keeping an eye on the Yen as it has rejected the mod 105s and is comfortably trading mid 106s. This could be crucial once the FED decision is known as the Yen has plenty of negative room that will aid stocks on an international basis. Australian All Ords finally closed the day down -0.4% but given that the A$ remains heavy, it was not a great day for international money invested there. Chinas Shanghai and the Hang Seng both turned positive in afternoon trading and are continuing via futures as the US markets recover.

Europe took much of its momentum from the US again today as it appeared to wake only once the US were in. Dont forget, we are on short lunches this week until the UK moves their clocks spring forward their one hour due March 25th. Therefore, US markets are heavily influencing European especially as the FED has such a prominent decision this week. Markets are happy to let the US lead still with the majority expecting a 25bp hike. All core closed around +0.6% firmer with the DAX leading via banks, insurers and tech bouncing back.

A healthy bounce today following yesterdays 300 point decline and especially ahead of tomorrows FED decision. Utilities and rate sensitive stocks tended to drag their feet, but that shouldnt be a surprise. Treasuries seeing a parallel shift across the curve, which is assisting the DXY; so worth keeping an eye on the Dot-Plot for a while yet! Lets see how we react after tomorrows announcement, but stocks are becoming accustomed to rate hikes whether we are talking three or four throughout 2018. Not since 2011 have we seen stocks r...


Australian Man Has Tracked Down Missing Flight MH370 With Google Earth "IndyWatch Feed Africa"

Flight MH370 was traveling from Kuala Lumpur to Bejing on March 4th of 2014 when it literally disappeared. On that plane were 239 people, and until recently, this plane was nowhere to be found.

That being said, a man is currently claiming to have managed to track down this missing plane all on his own. He used Google Earth to track its passage and may have located the plane. The search that went on for this plane was one of the biggest in history. It ended up costing millions of dollars and involved China, Malaysia, and Australia. While the search was basically called off/suspended last year small pieces of the plane did manage to wash up on shore around several islands in the Indian Ocean as well as on the coast of Africa.

Peter McMahon is the man who believes he has managed to do the impossible and locate this plane. He is an Australian mechanical engineer with over 25 years experience in crash investigations. He has found what he believes is the outline of a plane below the surface of the water about 10 miles south of the islet. McMahon told DailyStar that he sent his findings to the Australian Transport and Safety Burea and that they did, in fact, confirm that this might be the missing plane.

McMahon/DailyMail (Google Earth)


McMahon also went on to tell the DailyStar that US officials who are supposed to be working now to find the plane instructed those searching to stick to their assigned areas and not investigate where he had shown them the plane might be. It seems four Americans were sent to Australia to oversee the findings of MH370 and that while it could easily be there something fishy is going on.

He said as follows:

They have made sure that all information received has been hidden from the public, even our government but why?

McMahon claims that authorities do not want it found as its full of bullet holes, finding it will only open another inquiry.

Does this sound like some kind of cover up to you? What really happened to flight MH370? We can only hope that the truth abo...


Three Newspolls To Midnight: A Dangerous Exercise In Pub-Test Populism. New Matilda

Prime Ministers sometimes get it wrong, and some more than others. That should be the reason for their demise at an election, not their removal by a party obsessed with polls, writes Tom Haskell.

Its three Newspolls to midnight on Turnbulls leadership doomsday clock. The infamous 30 Newspolls in a row reasoning for challenging Tony Abbott for the leadership of the Liberal Party, and thus the Prime Ministership, must be something that haunts Malcolm every day. Indeed, it should be something that haunts us all. Not because Turnbull is a great leader (he isnt) or because the alternatives in the Liberal Party are any better (they arent), but because losing another Prime Minister to opinion polling does nothing but affirm a worrying trend of pub-test populism in Australian politics.

If not through an electoral loss, our leaders should be ousted for fundamental failures of leadership to those they lead and represent. It should be because they have failed the Australian people to a critical extent that they be relieved of their duties.

Sometimes governments and, indeed, leaders make unpopular decisions; sometimes they need to do so for the good of the Australian people. Licking your finger and testing the winds of your constituency is not a suitable way to lead, and thankfully the voters in South Australia realised this with their fierce rejection of the populist Nick Xenophon.

South Australian senator Nick Xenophon.

However, as an example of opinion polling leading poor policy outcomes, the newly elected Liberal government in South Australia is set to deregulate shop trading hours. According to opinion polling, 75% of South Australians support this.

Interestingly, small businesses in Adelaide are fearing having to close shop if these changes come through due to being unable to compete with the supermarket giants that can stay open indefinitely. It of course sounds like a common-sense initiative to keep the shops open for longer, it would mean shops could earn more money and employ more workers due to flexible trading hours, right?

Unfortunately not, the effects will be devastating for workers and small-business owners. Businesses unable to compete in a deregulated market will have to shut up shop, workers will lose their jobs and those who dont will work unsociable hours without penalty rates on the odd chance that someone wants t...


Minneapolis: Muslim cop who shot unarmed woman charged with murder, turns himself in "IndyWatch Feed War"

Islamophobia kills. We saw this again in Minneapolis, when a 40-year-old Australian woman, Justine Ruszczyk Damond, was killed by a rogue cop, Mohamed Noor. It is a cherished fiction on the Left that there exists an Islamophobia Industry, a well-funded group of propagandists who spread hatred of Muslims solely to line their pockets. This is []


Satanic Pedophilia Network Exposed in Australia It Starts at the TOP, Just Like in the USA and UK "IndyWatch Feed Europe"

The New World Order cult that rules the world administers a Satanic Pedophilia Network, including top-level politicians like Australian Prime Ministers and US Presidents.

The Satanic Pedophilia Network which underlies the New World Order was again exposed in the last few months by another brave whistleblower. Australian woman Fiona Barnett showed a ton of courage in going public at a Sydney press conference in October 2015 and naming names.

Fiona, a former victim of Satanic ritual abuse and part of an international VIP pedophile ring, not only exposed the existence of the Satanic pedophilia network and its international child trafficking ring, but actually named 3 former Australian Prime Ministers and 1 former US President as perpetrators.

She reveals that this network, composed of famous actors, celebrities, judges, politicians and other high-flyers, has infiltrated all the key organizations and institutions in Australia just as it has in the US and Britain.

Warning: what follows is graphic and requires a great deal of maturity to swallow, but if youre interested in the real truth of whats going on in the world, read on.

Fiona saw it all Satanic ritual, rape, torture and murder but actually says the way Ive been treated for reporting the crimes Ive witnessed and experienced has been far worse than my original abuse experiences.

That speaks volumes about peoples collective denial and amnesia, doesnt it?

Pedophiles Running Rampant Down Under

Fiona proclaims that Australia is a pedophile haven. She explains how Australia took in a large nu...


Kyra Kum-Sing: If equality can happen for marriage, it can happen for Indigenous people IndigenousX

Share this Post 7 December 2017 saw Australia become the 25th country to legalise marriage between people of the same sex. Love essentially won. Images of my uncles and partner during the celebration on Oxford Street in Sydney filled me with feelings of jubilation and success. Australians voted in favour of love and so was born a defining moment written ...

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