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Sunday, 25 September


David Shurter and the Oakland Four Cold Case in Michigan "IndyWatch Feed National"

So I think that I am going to have some “fun”. You see- there is this case in Michigan called the ” Oakland Four”- where four children were ritually murdered within a year and a half of each other- starting in 76. Now you have to remember- I was forced to light that man on fire in 76. Therefore- I contend that it is possible that my dad (who was a pilot and flew his own plane and who GREW UP in Michigan) and his group are directly connected to this case. Why? Because I believe that they were trying to divert attention AWAY from Nebraska. All due to that guy who found us when we were in hiding. The one they made me light on fire.

So the “fun” I am speaking about is that I want to see if I focus on this case- will it too be “solved” within a few weeks? Seems like it is happening to all of the other cases- so let’s do an experiment and see- shall we?

It is interesting to me- because Cathy O’Brien is FROM Michigan- and I have searched- and had others search- and no one can even find ONE TIME where O’Brien has mentioned the Oakland Four case. If I were trying to expose these crimes (and I AM)- I certainly wouldn’t avoid this case where four children were ritually murdered and found DISPLAYED in Michigan (and I am NOT). So why is this “hero” not focusing on a case that happened in her own state that would VALIDATE the things that she has talked about? Why avoid this case- even though it could have brought awareness to all of this from the beginning? And this happened in her own state- so PLEASE don’t try to insist that she doesn’t know that this case exists. With EVERYTHING she has involved herself with- she wouldn’t know about a case in her OWN STATE? REALLY?

And I KNOW these children were ritually murdered because the Oakland authorities TOLD ME THIS THEMSELVES after they reached out to me after reading my comments on a website dedicated to this case called The Oakland County Child Killer-…/ne…/jonbenet-ramsey/TGCT4DRIT9SGLAF3D which you can see for yourselves is DIRECTLY connected to the JonBenet Ramsey murder. Go to the link and look for yourselves.

The police kept asking me if I was this guy who called himself “Bob”- who was posting constantly on there about this case. I wasn’t- but interestingly enough- “Bob” started posting right around the time I got wind of this case- and Bob is what my step-mother ALWAYS CALLED MY DAD. Coincidence? Maybe- but one thing is for sure- NO ONE AT THIS POINT KNOWS FOR CERTAIN.


Channel Seven, Capilano Honey and Addisons Lawyers involved in judicial favours scam "IndyWatch Feed National"

Why would the Kerry Stokes owned and controlled Channel Seven and Capilano Honey use Addisons Lawyers partner Martin O’Conner, who does not specialise in defamation law, to sue 2 bloggers for defamation? Because they are up to their necks in a judicial favours scam with the common link between the three being Kerry Stokes, Ryan Stokes […]

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Saturday, 24 September


Riverfire: War is not entertainment "IndyWatch Feed National"


Riverfire 2016

4.30pm 2x ARH Tigers and 2x MRH 90 Taipan from ARMY Aviation Oakey performs a 15 minute display in the South Brisbane and Town Reaches of the Brisbane River.

5.15pm 2x ARH Tigers and 2 x MRH 90 Taipan from ARMY Aviation Oakey performs a 15 minute display in the South Brisbane and Town Reaches of the Brisbane River.

What are ARH Tigers?

The Airbus Helicopters Tiger is a four-bladed, twin-engined attack helicopter. Tigers have been used in Afghanistan, Libya and Mali. TO KILL PEOPLE.

Fires Hellfire II air-to-ground missiles. TO KILL PEOPLE.

Advanced Precision Kill Weapon System guidance kit for use with the ARH’s 70mm FZ unguided rockets was successfully trialed in 2014. TO KILL PEOPLE.

Aside from this they’ve pretty much been a dud and huge waste of money (much like the current government).

These are different helicopters, but still they are made to do stuff like this.

What are the MRH 90 Taipans?

Designed to carry troops to war zones. TO KILL PEOPLE.

They’ve also been plagued with problems and a huge waste of money (much like the proposed same sex marriage plebiscite).

5.40pm 1 x FA18 Super Hornet from RAAF Amberley performs a 10 minute display in the South Brisbane and Town Reaches of the Brisbane River.

7.04pm 1 x FA18 Super Hornet from RAAF Amberley performs fly over to mark the commencement of Sunsuper Riverfire.

What is the FA18F Super Hornet?

This fighter jet has air combat capability for both air-to-air missiles and air-to-ground weapons. TO KILL PEOPLE.

The sound they produced would have been in excess of 100dB, up to a level high enough to cause pain to humans, which would definitely cause pain to animals whose ears are more sensitive.

It is made by Boeing one of the world’s leading manufacturers of arms. TO KILL PEOPLE.

Imagine being in a war zone and hearing these planes fly overhead perhaps firing missiles which are aimed at your location. TO KILL YOU.

These were presumably used by the RAAF when they ‘accidentally’  bombed Syrian troops in Syria. An incident which serves to drag Australia further into war with Syria and therefore its ally Russia.

These planes have also had their fair share of problems and been a waste of money (like locking refugees up on remote islands).

These are pro...


Refugees keep drowning in Mediterranean "IndyWatch Feed National"

This Deutsche Welle video says about itself:

Death toll rises in Egypt boat tragedy | DW News

23 September 2016

Another tragedy for refugees attempting the journey to Europe. In Egypt, 162 bodies have been pulled from waters close to Rosetta, a city on the country’s northern coast. Authorities are still recovering bodies and searching for surivors. Dozens more are feared dead.

From daily The Morning Star in Britain:

Number killed in refugee boat tragedy hits 162

Saturday 24th September 2016

THE full horror of Wednesday’s refugee boat disaster off Egypt began to emerge yesterday as more than 100 bodies were pulled from the sea.

The death toll stood at 162 and was expected to rise as the Morning Star went to press.

Up to 600 people may have been on board the appallingly overloaded people-traffickers’ boat that capsized and sank just eight miles off the port of Rosetta in the Nile Delta on Wednesday evening.

More than 160 have been rescued, most of them Egyptians along with some Sudanese, Somalians, Eritreans and other nationalities.

Local council chairman Ali Abdel-Sattar said currents had carried the bodies many miles from the site of the sinking.

“Today, four bodies, including two Egyptian children, were found 20km to the east,” he told reporters.

He added that many of the refugees were believed to have been “stored in the bottom of the boat, in the fridge.”

“Those are the ones who drowned first, most probably stuck, and their bodies might not be retrieved anytime soon,” he said.

“Those we found are the ones liberated from the boat. I believe many are stuck and now lying in the bottom of the sea.”

By Xinhua writer Wu Zhiqiang:

Commentary: Rosetta tragedy fresh...


Droudis Trial, Part 2: Cast of Characters, and Suburbs "IndyWatch Feed National"

Photo of Amirah Droudis from by Mary W Maxwell Amirah Droudis is on trial for killing a lady whose name we are not supposed to mention in connection with this court case, but which is well known from previous media discussion. I will refer to her as EXwife. In this Part 2 of the […]


Th’ th’ th’ th’ th’ that’s all folks "IndyWatch Feed National"

There’s a little polar lobe showing for late next week; the first in a long while. That’ll be it for 2016. Not a bad season really.


Spaghetti plot for Thursday

Spaghetti plot for Thursday

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Anna von Reitz -- The Big One: 20 Years of Work Filed in Your Behalf "IndyWatch Feed National"

by Anna Von Reitz
Saturday, September 24, 2016

Yesterday I filed the Big One, the Summation of over twenty (20) years work in behalf of the actual American states owed the land jurisdiction of this country and the living people of the 50 States United. Of course, with something this long in the making, there is a lot of remembering involved and a lot of focus required, so forgive me if I am brief with this announcement. I am very tired.

We, the living American People who claim our birthright political standing as American State Nationals---- Texans, Virginians, Ohioans, Wisconsinites, and so on--- and who have moved back to the land jurisdiction of our native land, are the beneficiaries of our estates. Those who additionally act as Fiduciaries in behalf of our states on the land are American State Citizens, obligated by oath and honor to act in the best interests of all and to meet The Prudent Man Standard in all those actions we undertake.

For many who have grown up listening to a constant litany of "National Debt" news, it may come as a great surprise to learn that you are, as American State Nationals, not in debt. You are by far the richest people on Earth.

In fact, you and your States are the Priority Creditors of the entire world. 

The debt that the rest of the world has owed us has been so insurmountable that it has served to quash business and growth, spawned a huge black market in counterfeit currencies and "derivatives", and caused unnecessary suffering that needs to end. So, in our own right and in your names, we've have moved to end it. 

As your servants and as "Prudent Men" we have requested a worldwide accounting and set off of debts, meaning that our debts to other nations are to be set off against their debts to us. What remains as "insurmountable debt" owing will be forgiven---written off, so that everyone can have a clean start. 

This is being done to regenerate hope and economic freedom and to prevent any necessity of war or undue suffering. It is well-within our ability and in our best interests to do this.
Our fortunes are so vast that it doesn't even matter.

We are the beneficiaries of approximately 185,000 of the richest corporations on Earth, approximately 10,000 state of, county of, and municipal corporations in this country, and corporations like CANADA and AUSTRALIA that "own" entire countries, together with all their corporations under them. 

Quite literally, we little pea-pickers and Indians have inherited the Earth. 

Now what to do with it? For starters, everyone needs a living stipend to make l...


Getting Kinky at Folsom: The World’s Largest BDSM Festival "IndyWatch Feed National"

BDSM: an overlapping abbreviation of Bondage (sexual practice involving tying up or restraining one’s partner) and Discipline (BD), Dominance and Submission (DS), and Sadism (deriving sexual pleasure from inflicting pain, suffering or humiliation on others) and Masochism (deriving pleasure from one’s own pain or humiliation) (SM).

Imagine a party where you can be completely naked in public, performing some of the most creative, confronting and outrageous sexual acts on earth. All walks of life are in attendance… including mothers and their strollers. Welcome to Folsom Street Fair in San Francisco, where BDSM and leather fetishism are celebrated on the streets – in the flesh. It’s the Mount Everest of sexual openness. There’s blood, lashings, piss parties, orgies between all genders and sexualities, and people dangling from chains. I see what you’re thinking: Is this too much? Am I comfortable? Am I scared? Should I be more open-minded?

Upon walking into the festival, my friends and I were plunged into a deep sea of bare-breasts, dick rings, arseless pants and leather on leather on leather. Walking past various stages, sex tents, bars, music stages and fetish markets, I could smell freedom and acceptance in the air, as well as some things I couldn’t quite put my finger on (and didn’t necessarily want to).


We made our way past a building called the Fay Boy Mansion, which was hosting a house party we would be attending later. As we glanced up to the second floor of the building, we saw our first performance take place. A man in his late twenties stood facing the street, wearing nothing but a leather harness. His bulging erection poked through the open window. Another man stood penetrating him from behind, whilst a third man shoved his fingers in the receiver’s (aka bottom’s) mouth, forcing him to gag whilst slapping and choking him.

The bottom’s face glowed with lust and passion. He became completely submissive, passing trust and control of his body to the men behind him. Soon enough, a person was pointed to in the crowd, and the bottom began spitting down at them. The people below giggled, gasped or gawked. I remember dropping my jaw, saying, “Oh my god!” and releasing a nervous laugh.

“Guys, I need a fucking drink,” I muttered to my friends.
“Agreed,” they replied in chorus.


Several shots later, we came to another stage and saw three naked men in leather holsters perched on their hands and kne...


Self Defense Shooting In America. "IndyWatch Feed National"

A woman defends herself, her household & her property against three armed intruders.

In my opinion this is how it should be. Australian citizens get hospitalised & murdered because they do not have a legal right to own a gun for reasons of self defence. Guns are being imported illegally into Australia & sold on the Black Market to criminals, yet we have to keep ALL our guns locked in a gun safe where we can not access them in time to defend ourselves. I understand the need for gun security, I understand that there is still a chance however small that guns can be stolen from private residence, but it seems to me that there should be some compromise between maximum protection of life & the minimum chance of having firearms stolen. Handguns are restricted to use on pistol club ranges only, this includes archaic firearms such as matchlocks, wheellocks, snaphaunce & flintlocks. It is about time that the government started showing some concern for people's safety & stop the bullshit & the scaremongering that they use to make ignorant Australians toe the line & back their draconian gun laws.
Last night I watched the Australian movie "Tomorrow When The War Began"  for the second time, & it made me wonder just how Australian citizens were going to be able to defend themselves IF this survival situation was ever to really happen.


Pine Gap endangers Australia – a likely target for nuclear missiles "IndyWatch Feed Vic"

Map-Aust-Target1Pine Gap: Secretive spy base’s role in drone strikes putting Australia in danger, expert warns  The World Today  By Brendan Trembath  An expert on Pine Gap has raised concerns about the spy base’s role in supporting drone attacks on suspected terrorists overseas.

Officially called The Joint Defence Facility Pine Gap, the site is jointly run by the Australian and United States governments and is one of Australia’s most secret sites. The facility has been in operation since 1970 and is located half-an-hour’s drive south-west of Alice Springs.

Professor Richard Tanter, from the University of Melbourne, says Pine Gap contributes targeting data to American drone operations, including assassinations. “One of Pine Gap’s two key functions is as a control station and a downlink station for signal intelligence satellites 36,000 kilometres up in space,” he said. “They are picking up a very wide array of radio transmissions, including cell phones, satellite phones and so forth. “And that provides the data, both the contents and the geolocation data for targets of interest through the United States military.”

He said Pine Gap was also used for counter-terrorism and wider intelligence programs, as the site was able to contribute data “pretty directly — for example into drone targeting operations.”

Professor Tanter acknowledged that those type of programs were part of the alliance between the US and Australia, and Australia’s interest in the global fight against terrorism

But he said the question was whether it could be considered a good idea on a political level, seeing the potential for creating “further terrorism” if a strike were to go wrong.

“At a legal and moral level do we really want to be involved in operations which are frankly illegal under international law. In countries where we’re not at war, such as Pakistan or Somalia or Yemen, these are simply assassinations.”

“We won’t like it very much when it’s done back to us I suspect.”

Base also a likely target for nuclear missiles Professor Tanter said the site continued to be a “pretty high priority nuclear missile target” in the event of a major conflict between the United States and Russia or China.

“It would be, as they say in the military, a lucrative target of many benefits,” Professor Tanter said . “Secondly it is itself involved in nuclear war planning. I think that’s a totally awful thing for us to contemplate — you can’t use nuclear weapons except in a fairly genocidal way.”The Defence Department said that “the facility makes an important contribution to national security.”

A spokesperson said: “It provides intelligence on priorities such as terrorism, the proliferation of weapons of mass destruction, and foreign military capability and weapons developments. “It also supports monitoring of compliance with arms control and disarmament agreements, and...


The Russians Discover That Negotiation With Washington Is Pointless. The USA cannot be trusted "IndyWatch Feed National"

The Russians Discover That Negotiation With Washington Is Pointless By Paul Craig Roberts “Information Clearing House” – If the dumbshit Western peoples and the corrupt EU, UK, Canadian, Japanese, and Australian political puppets don’t wake up ASAP, war will be upon us, a war that cannot be won. The criminal neoconservatives must immediately be removed […]


30 Israeli, Foreign Intelligence Officers Killed in Russia's Caliber Missile Attack in Aleppo "IndyWatch Feed National"

Mossad are the secret police of the state of Israel, which has explicitly waged wars of aggression against Syria in the past. Whilst we are aware of other NATO-aligned illegal presences in Syria, this news of the presence of Mossad is particularly shocking, in a series of increasingly shocking incidents. This report directly implicates US-NATO in terrorist activities and it is likely that the western newsmedia will avoid reporting this exposure of its illegal activities, for fear of calling into legitimate question the western presence in Syria.Republished from article of Wed Sep 21, 2016 12:12 on Farsnews (Iran) which cites Sputnick as its source. Inset Video is Russian language news report with summary in English by Lad Rey, from her article here: TEHRAN (FNA)- The Russian warships stationed in Syria's coastal waters targeted and destroyed a foreign military operations room, killing over two dozen Israeli and western intelligence officers."The Russian warships fired three Caliber missiles at the foreign officers' coordination operations room in Dar Ezza region in the Western part of Aleppo near Sam'an mountain, killing 30 Israeli and western officers," the Arabic-language service of Russia's Sputnik news agency quoted battlefield source in Aleppo as saying on Wednesday.

This video is a Russian news report of the incident. Here is Lada Rey's 'summary translation' published at According to Fars News agency, Russian military ships launched three Kalibr cruise missiles; the strike hit the Dar Ezza joint intelligence coordination center for the US coalition, killing 30 Israeli and Western officers. The center, aka, Field Operations Room near Aleppo is staffed with officers from US, Turkey, UK, Saudi Arabia, Israel, Qatar. Canadian researcher Michel Chossudovsky says that the center was hit after US c...



By Anon

Julian Assange at school.

I meet Julian at Palace Green in Kensington and we have lunch in a private dining room overlooking Kensington Gardens.

Julian is wearing an interesting disguise.

Mark Regev is a famous Australian, just like Julian Assange. He was born Mark Freiberg in
Julian Assange was born in 1971 in Australia.

After Julian was born, Julian’s mother Christine became sexually involved with Leif Meynell, a member of the The Family.

The Family was run by a Anne Hamilton-Byrne “who ran her ‘child-kidnapping cult’ on the outskirts of Melbourne.”

“Byrne dyed the stolen children’s hair blonde and fed them LSD.”

(Julian Assange of WikiLeaks: “Destroyer of Worlds)

Julian Assange.

I ask Julian what he remembers about Hamilton-Byrne and The Family.

“I do not remember Hamilton-Byrne or anything about the cult,” he says.

“I remember Leif Meynell,” Julian continues, “I remember he had shoulder-length blond hair. He punched me in the face once and my nose bled.”

I point out to Julian that the San­ti­nike­tan Park Asso­ci­a­tion of Anne Hamilton-Byrne “con­di­tioned chil­dren with drugs, sen­sory depri­va­tion, sleep depri­va­tion, tor­ture and rit­ual sex­ual abuse in order to pro­duce sub­jects who bent to the will of the group’s leader.”

(Wiki of the Damned)

Julian sips his wine.



Blushwood Berry Proven to Treat 75% of All Types of Cancer Within 25 Days "IndyWatch Feed National"

The first effects of this plant’s actions are visible within 2 weeks, until the whole tumors disappear within 25-30 days – it just falls off of the skin.

Blushwood has exceptional medicinal properties that are thought to take priority in combating the tumor in the near future.

In the north of Queensland, Australia, in the rain forest, a smaller population Blushwood (Hylandia dockrillii) has developed, whose traits were scientifically studied for eight years and came to startling data.

Out of 200 animals (horses, dogs, Tasmanian devils, cats) which were artificially induced with tumors of the neck and melanomas, the application extracts from the berries of this plant cured the tumor in 75% of the cases.

Read Entire Article »


Group walks to Morwell to raise cooperative awareness for a clean economy "IndyWatch Feed National"

Contributed from Victoria Members and supporters of Earthworker Cooperative are on a 100 kilometre walk from Melbourne to the La Trobe Valley. The purpose of...

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Thug Trolls Force Castlemaine Local and International Film Festival To Cancel Vaxxed Screening "IndyWatch Feed Cvic"


Note: It is a sad shame that we Australian’s are allowing a bunch of gutless, spineless troll thugs to dictate what we can & cannot see at the movies. Read More


One baby to another: twenty-five years of Nevermind "IndyWatch Feed National"

Nirvana’s legacy isn’t the kind that exudes an anxiety of influence. Rather the opposite has occurred: Nevermind was the tipping point where the political and aesthetic ironies of rock music and rock culture met. If we are to believe the hype, it was the moment where rock music died one of its many terrible deaths. Upon closer scrutiny, the exact opposite occurred.


Clearing The Smog: The Hunt For A Coherent Climate Policy "IndyWatch Feed National"

Modelling released this week on the Australian Government’s plan to tackle climate change is not exactly what you might term ‘inspiring confidence’, writes Thom Mitchell.

In August 1990, journalist Kerry O’Brien anchored a segment on the then-new “burning issue”. Climate change. Four Corners viewers were told that the very “survival of the planet itself” was being threatened. This was urgent. It couldn’t wait.

The Hawke Government had just joined an emerging international movement, agreeing in-principle with the Toronto Agreement. Australia would aim to shave 20 per cent off its carbon emissions by 2005, over a period of just 15 years. 

In the end, caveats were cashed, and literally nothing was achieved.

It seems ironic now, though, that even then O’Brien was identifying “a bankruptcy of effort in real terms”. In the 15 years since that broadcast, emissions have not declined. Even today, Australia is bereft of a fully-formed climate policy, and the odds of a disastrous repeat seem worryingly short.

Our form is bad. Australia has almost the highest per capita emissions of any developed nation. We export vast amounts of carbon each year. In 2014 Australia’s emissions pegged up for the first since their historical peak in 2005, and the rising trend continued through 2015.

In real terms, outside of the tricky numbers game of international agreements and carbon counting, analysts have warned that Government figures put absolute emissions on track to be up 6 per cent on 2000 levels by 2020.

Yet we’ve been told – incessantly, by former Environment Minister Greg Hunt – that we are “on track”. We’ve been told that we will “meet and beat” our current international commitment, to shave 5 per cent off 2000 level emissions by 2020.

That’s true – within the technocratic matrix of international carbon accounting – but it smacks of a bureaucrat’s victory, while overall annual emissions continue to trend the wrong way. According to analyst Hugh Grossman, from today’s emission levels, “we’ve still got emissions growing by around about 9 per cent through to 2030”. 

Grossman is the Executive Director of energy analytics firm Reputex, a division of ratings agency Standard & Poor’s. In a White Paper published this week, the group found that on current policy settings, emissions would be just 2 per cent lower in 2030 than they were in 2005.

It’s a far cry from being ‘on track’ to meet the 26 per cent cut the Coalition pledged to achieve by 2030 at the climate conference in Paris last year. If we’re going to meet that target, much of the policy development is yet to be done.

In its analysis, Reputex modelled two very different options for how the Coalition’s policies could be used to meet the 2030 target (more on that later).  Their scenarios are extreme, because they’re academic.

We actually don’t know that much abou...


Video: Students make a couragious stand "IndyWatch Feed National"

From Mic Oakland students sit in Oakland while playing the national anthem.

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Venues join CUB boycott "IndyWatch Feed National"

Contributed by Joe Montero A growing number of pubs in Victoria and interstate are removing CUB products from sale, including VB, Carlton, Melbourne Biter, Pure...

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The bush rebounds "IndyWatch Feed Cvic"

The local bush is a riot of colour after recent rain. Last weekend I didn’t find a single flowering waxlip – now the colour purple is dominating the ground layer and will for the next month with chocolate lilies to follow. I’m encouraged by the way many of the smaller shrubs – rice flowers, peas and wattles, have rebounded. This is wonderful for small shrub-dependent birds such as Brown Thornbills whose numbers fluctuate according to annual breeding success. This season is a chance to rebuild flagging populations.


Waxlip Orchid, Fence Track, 23rd September 2016






Slender Rice-flower


Gold-dust Wattle


Brown Thornbill




ABS submission to the #CensusFail Inquiry "IndyWatch Feed National"

Source document for this version

Australian Statistician

Senator Chris Ketter
Senate Economics References Committee Parliament House
Canberra ACT 2600

Inquiry into 2016 Census

ABS House
45 Benjamin Way Belconnen ACT 2617

Locked Bag 10
Belconnen ACT 2616 Telephone: (02) 6252 6705

Dear Senator

I am pleased to provide a first submission from the Australian Bureau of Statistics (ABS) to assist the Committee with its Inquiry.

The ABS exists to inform decision-making, research and discussion by governments, business and the community by leading the collection, analysis and provision of high quality, objective and relevant statistical information. This has been the mission of my predecessors, and it is one that I, and my staff, strive to give it the greatest effect.

The Census is the most significant collection that the ABS conducts and it provides information that is critical for many important decisions by governments, businesses and the community. The ABS is committed to delivering a high quality 2016 Census and current indications are that this will be achieved.

The unavailability of the Census online system for nearly 2 days slowed our progress in collecting Census returns. However, by Sunday 14 August, after the online Census had been back up for 3 days and with paper forms arriving steadily, we had caught up to our expected Census collection path and then exceeded it over most of the coming weeks.

The timing of this Inquiry and the deadline set for submissions of 21 September means we have been preparing this submission while we are still undertaking the Census process. As a consequence, the information in the submission around Census completion is the latest available when the submission was lodged, and we will be able to provide the Committee with updated information in October.

With the wide-ranging Terms of Reference for this Inquiry, the ABS has sought to provide the Committee with an extensive submission that canvasses the dimensions of:

 the purpose and role of the ABS;

 the transformation of the ABS more generally over recent years;

 an overview of the extensive ABS work program;

 the importance of privacy to the ABS and the protections we have in place;

 the history of Censuses in Australia, including a history of debates around privacy and the Census;

 international developments in Censuses and their relevance to Australia;

 plans and preparations for the 2016 Census;

 two operational incidents affecting the Census: excess demand experienced by the telephone inquiry service and the Distributed Denial of Service (DDoS) attack on the night of 9 August;

 the latest information on Census responses, including work by the ABS to ensure a quality Census; and

 the Census, data integration and the use of names and addresses.

I look forward to an opportunity to discuss the ABS submission with the Committee at a later stage. The ABS may also provide a further submission to the Committee to provide more up-to-date information on the Census enumeration progress.

Yours faithfully
David W. Kalisch
21 September 2016


Submission to the Senate Economics References Committee’s In...


Headline: National Ethnic Disability Alliance President Suresh Rajan on euthanasia "IndyWatch Feed National"

Following news that euthanasia has been performed on a terminally ill minor in Belgium, Indymedia spoke with National Ethnic Disability Alliance president Suresh Rajan about the implications on people with disabilities.


Sustainable House day talks "IndyWatch Feed Cvic"

Information Sustainable House day

MASH, a community solar bulk-buy organised by the not-for-profit Hub Foundation, started in Castlemaine two years ago and has so far installed almost 500 solar power systems in the Mount Alexander and Macedon Ranges shires.

Come and find out all about installing solar and batteries

Bank Australia

Consider switching your home loan to a bank that invests ethically and doesn’t finance fossil fuel projects.

Bendigo Sustainability Group has partnered with Bank Australia to offer its supporters one of the lowest basic home loan rates in the market.

Not only will you be getting a great deal, Bendigo Sustainability Group will receive a financial contribution from Bank Australia towards its sustainable living work amounting to 0.40% of the value of the loan. This money comes entirely from Bank Australia and does not affect your interest rate, fees or loan structure in any way.

City of Bendigo is working to become Australia’s most liveable regional city.

To achieve this goal our unique natural environment must be protected.

They help community groups with their projects for protecting and restoring our natural environment with the community grants program.

To help reduce and reuse they have created the Sustainable Living Guide. Books will be available on native plants and homegrown veggies.

City of Bendigo is also working to reduce carbon emissions.

City of Bendigo are supporters of the Bendigo Sustainability Group.

John Rohde is a solar installer and off grid expert. He provides premium energy efficiency solutions to residential, commercial and industrial clients. Energy efficiency includes Solar, Wind, LED lighting, Hot Water, Control Systems, Geo-thermal and Thermal control measures.

He will be available at the property at Diamond Hill Road to answer your questions about off grid solar installations and other solar questions

e+ Architecture have a wide range of projects ranging from unique houses to large commercial buildings and fitouts. e+ architecture also has a strong track record in designing educational facilities from early learning centres to tertiary educational facilities.

Rim Martin from e+ architecture will be at the Springs Road property to answer questions about the design and what creates good passive solar design and allows the building to become more sustainable.


Why is emergency-scale climate action necessary? "IndyWatch Feed Vic"


The world now faces a climate emergency. Our scientists tell us. We know it. Slowly the political elite are realising that the current international climate policy-making paradigm is dying of failure. Recognition of the climate emergency is now written into the platform for the Democratic Party for the 2016 US presidential election.

So how does our scientific understanding guide as to constructing a new way of looking at the challenge, as to what is happening, what is safe, and how we should respond? The Victorian Climate Action Network held a workshop on these questions on 11 September 2016. The slides below were the contribution by David Spratt to the first session, which asked the question ‘Why is emergency-scale action necessary?’



The Reason Why the Government Run Website HoaxteadResearch is Bitching About Sandy Hook "IndyWatch Feed National" lawsuit-filed-against-msm-for-staging-sandy-hook-

Which is why they are so up in arms- comparing Sandy Hook with Hampstead. Not to mention they are trying to assert that pot is behind human trafficking ( which is totally stupid).

Heroin, opium, etc etc but THESE people think that legalizing pot will increase child trafficking. So human traffickers aren’t responsible, but the fault lies within what they are smoking.

And they truly believe everyone is so stupid they will just believe their stupid government shit. Lmfao


What’s up with Earth? Mysterious anomaly interrupts stratospheric wind pattern "IndyWatch Feed National"

What’s up with Earth? Mysterious anomaly interrupts stratospheric wind pattern

What would cause a wind pattern that held for at least 60 years to suddenly change?

Scientists are baffled and try to solve and understand this new atmospheric enigma.

For the first time, scientists have observed a deviation from the typical alternating pattern of easterly and westerly winds in the equatorial stratosphere.

The weather we experience on Earth typically occurs in the troposphere, the lowest layer of the atmosphere. But the stratosphere, which envelops the planet just above the troposphere, is home to winds of its own. In a new study, Newman et al. report an anomalous interruption in an otherwise reliable stratospheric wind pattern known as the quasi-biennial oscillation.

Each cycle of the quasi-biennial oscillation begins with strong westerly winds that flow through the stratosphere in a belt around the equator. Over the course of about 1 year, these windsgradually weaken and descend in altitude to the lower stratosphere as easterly winds replace them. These easterly winds slowly sink and weaken, too, as westerly winds return. The cycle repeats roughly once every 28 months.

Since 1953, scientists have observed equatorial winds by instruments known as radiosondes, which are carried skyward by weather balloons. The quasi-biennial oscillation was discovered in the early 1960s. Although the timing of each cycle has sometimes varied by a few months, the pattern as a whole has remained uninterrupted—until now.

Using radiosonde data from several equatorial locations around the world, the scientists discovered that the quasi-biennial oscillation began to deviate from its usual pattern in late 2015. At that time, westerly winds were descending in altitude and should have continued to sink and weaken as easterlies replaced them.

Instead, the westerly winds shifted upward and seemed to cut off the descent of high-altitude easterlies before they could begin their usual dominance. Additional easterly winds developed at lower altitudes in the stratosphere, beneath the rising westerlies. However, by June, the westerlies appeared to have resumed their normal descent.

The researchers plan to continue analyzing wind...



SEPTEMBER 19, 2016 MADDCOLDSONOFKUFA by Jonathan Azaziah Weekend massacre executed against Syrian troops atop Deir Ezzor’s Thardeh Mountain now looks like some kind of a murderous colonialist get-together as Australia, the UK and Denmark have all admitted their role in the unspeakable atrocity. Their statements on the crime read just about identically, with each respective […]


Sea Shepherd Reveals a New Weapon in the War Against Japan’s Whaling "IndyWatch Feed National"

by Daniel Flitton / The Age


It is a custom-made warship without guns, pimped out with bigger engines and a long-distance fuel tank.

Anti-whaling activists Sea Shepherd have a brand new, $12 million custom-built ship they boast will for the first time match the speed and endurance of Japan’s whaling fleet.

And with Japan’s defiance of an international court ruling about to be in the spotlight at a global summit next month, the activists plan to sail the new vessel to Australia, before launching south in a bid to disrupt the summer whale hunt near Antarctica.

“Our biggest challenge in our campaigns in the past has been that the Japanese whaling vessels have rammed us with their superior size, and they have outrun us with their superior speed,” Sea Shepherd’s Peter Hammarstedt told Fairfax Media.

“So this is a vessel that they cannot catch.”

Christened Ocean Warrior, it is the first brand new ship Sea Shepherd has built, allowing the activist group to specify engine size and other features for its controversial high-seas protests.

All its other ships have been refitted older vessels, the Bob Barker once a Norwegian whaling ship, built in 1950, the Steve Urwin a former fisheries vessel operating from Scotland, built in 1975.

Ironically, for an environmental group that only serves vegan meals aboard, the design of Ocean Warrior is based on a popular supply ship for off-shore oil rigs.

Cargo space has been converted to fuel tanks to give the ship longer range.

Japan killed 333 minke whales last summer – the first hunt after a 2014 ruling in the International Court of Justice that declared the so-called “scientific whaling” to be illegal.

But Japan has since exempted itself from the court’s jurisdiction and drawn up new guidelines for whaling, effectively doubling the size of the hunting grounds in the Southern Ocean and the activist group was not able to track the whalers last summer.

The Japanese institute for whale research has also run a website to promote whale recipes.

Australia joined with 95 countries earlier this month to condemn Japan’s resumption of whaling, and the issue is expected to dominate a meeting of the International Whaling Commission in Slovenia in October.

Sea Shepherd won’t yet disclose the top speed of Ocean Warrior but said it comfortably topped 30 knots in recent...


Droudis Trial, Part 1: Don’t Pick Your Nose on the Platform "IndyWatch Feed National"

by Mary W Maxwell On September 7, 2016, I started to attend the murder trial of Amirah Droudis in Sydney. What has the title of this article got to do with that? The first few days focused on “tracking” the accused, and her late partner, Man Haron Monis. The authorities want to know where they […]


36,400 BC: The Historical time of the Zep Tepi Theory "IndyWatch Feed National"

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Snowstorms and Raging Wildfires in the Same Region on the Same Day: Welcome to Geoengineering! "IndyWatch Feed National"


September 24th, 2016 By Dane Wigington Guest writer for Wake Up World Climate engineers are increasingly desperate to hide the accelerating planetary meltdown with short term chemically nucleated cool-downs. Engineered cool-downs have been a major component of the climate engineering assault for many decades. The chemical cool-downs create the headlines the power structure needs to ...Continue Reading - Snowstorms and Raging Wildfires in the Same Region on the Same Day: Welcome to Geoengineering!


Turmeric Produces ‘Remarkable’ Recovery in Alzheimer’s Patients "IndyWatch Feed National"


September 24th, 2016 By Sayer Ji Contributing writer for Wake Up World Turmeric has been used in India for over 5,000 years, which is likely why still today both rural and urban populations have some of the lowest prevalence rates of Alzheimer’s disease (AD) in the world. A recent study on patients with AD found ...Continue Reading - Turmeric Produces 'Remarkable' Recovery in Alzheimer's Patients

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Scientists Find Fruit In Australia Capable Of Killing Cancer, Mainstream Media Stays Silent "IndyWatch Feed National"

‘Already, 1 in 2 people is expected to develop cancer in their lifetimes. That’s 50% of all humans on Earth. If a potential cure was found, one would expect to see it broadcasted on every mainstream media site, correct? Unfortunately, that’s not the world we live in. Regardless, this recent discovery is worth knowing about […]


Recently Vaccinated Kids Are Spreading Whooping Cough Everywhere "IndyWatch Feed National"

Sick children in bed wearing medical masks because of infection with influenza virus.

“Recently Vaccinated Kids Are Spreading Pertussis Everywhere”

by Barbara Loe Fisher
The Vaccine Reaction

There was fuss in the media last month about a little study of 26 vaccinated Florida pre-schoolers, who got sick with B. Read More


Plane forced to make emergency landing after cabin fills with smoke in Australia "IndyWatch Feed National"

Video footage shows the cabin crew and passengers on a Jetstar flight panic as smoke appears. One air hostess appears to be looking out the windows and another is on the phone trying to contact someone. Passengers can be seen looking around as hazy spoke appears during an emergency landing. At one point the overhead lights can be seen flickering on and off. The flight from Sydney to Cairns in Australia, which departed at 3.40pm on Thursday, had to be diverted to Brisbane. According to a statement on the airline's website, flight JQ956, encountered an issue with one of it's engines. The Sydney Morning Herald reported that passengers heard a scraping noise as the aircraft began to fill with smoke. A Jetstar spokesperson told the Herald: "The captain decided to shut down one of the engines as a precaution and divert the aircraft to Brisbane."


Cocaine Filled Greeting Cards Shut Down Brisbane Police Station "IndyWatch Feed National"

In Brisbane, Australia, two greeting cards managed to shut down an entire police station. The building was evacuated and a 50 meter exclusion zone was set up. Anthrax, a potent biological weapon, was suspected to be inside the greeting cards.

When an unidentified Australian man looked through his mail, he was surprised with two greeting cards. He was surprised once again upon discovering that one of the cards contained roughly 2g of white powder. Believing the powder to be dangerous, he placed both cards in a plastic bag for transport. The anonymous man drove straight to Boondall Police Station in north Brisbane.

Bringing a potential chemical weapon to a police department went as well as one could have expected. The police responded aptly. Boondall Police Station was flagged with do-not-cross tape while Queensland Fire and Emergency Service were dispatched. The building was completely evacuated by 8pm.

Forensics teams were then seen sweeping the building in bright yellow Hazmat suits and gas masks. According to ABC, Queensland Fire and Emergency Service conducted a dip-test on the suspicious powder; preliminary results indicate that the man received 2g of cocaine. Due to the very nature of the test, the dip-test is a very inconclusive test. Since the man unexpectedly received powder in the mail, investigators wanted a more in-depth analysis. The powder was then sent to the John Tonge Centre for further testing.

The presence of cocaine did, however, give the Boondall Police Station staff an opportunity to get back to work. By 10pm, the building was back to being operational.

Both birthday cards and the illegal contents within them were mailed from an address in the UK. Queensland Police are working with British law enforcement to track down the sender. There are major consequences for mailing controlled substances but the anthrax scare makes the investigation more intense.

DailyMail points out that “In 2008, a live batch of anthrax was accidentally sent to Australia in a bungle by the US military.”

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from Deep Dot Web


Hillary Clinton, lower corporate taxes and TPP "IndyWatch Feed National"

This video from the USA says about itself:

Clintons Want Lower Corporate Tax Rates… And TPP

22 September 2016

Hillary Clinton’s agenda on corporate taxes may not be super progressive. Or any progressive. Bill Clinton has tipped their hand. Cenk Uygur, host of The Young Turks, breaks it down.

“Bill Clinton suggested a proposed major trade deal between the U.S. and 11 Pacific Rim nations was in the nation’s foreign policy interests, but he stopped short of endorsing the plan.

The Trans Pacific Partnership is a major priority for the Obama administration, but is opposed by Clinton’s candidate spouse.

“The geopolitical reasons for it from America’s point of view are pretty clear,” the former president said of the TPP in an interview with CNBC. “It’s designed to make sure that the future of the Asia-Pacific region economically is not totally dominated by China.”

But he said Hillary Clinton has been “pretty clear” about her desire to see some additional provisions to ensure tough enforcement of currency manipulation and provide additional economic safeguards for Americans who may suffer from lowering barriers for foreign goods to enter the U.S.

According to edited video posted online by the network, Clinton said the TPP doesn’t “have anything to do with NAFTA,” the North American trade deal which was negotiated before he took office, but which he championed after taking office. Because Mexico and Canada are also party to TPP, the Obama administration has argued it is effectively a renegotiation of NAFTA and addresses many criticisms of it.”

Read more here.

First, Ms Clinton was for TPP before she was against it. Will there now, or after the November presidential election, be another flip-flop, being for...


Aussie Rapper Ivan Ooze Just Dropped A Single With Ghostface Killah "IndyWatch Feed Nsw"

Aussie Rapper Ivan Ooze Just Dropped A Single With Ghostface Killah

Witty lad Ben Townsend, better known as super-fast flowing Melbourne MC Ivan Ooze, has unleashed a new single ‘Bills’, proudly features Wu Tang Clan member and original rap God Ghostface Killah.

2016 marked a hectic year for Ivan Ooze with the successful release of first single ‘Hooligans’ from March release 93 KFC Rotisserie slingshotting the Aussie grown rapper onto the stage as the direct support to Wu Tang Clan.

Seizing the opportunity, Ooze and his team put on a performance that took the legends by surprise, and over the course of the tour he and Ghostface cultivated this catchy collaboration to form the lead single for Ivan’s new EP.

In celebration of the success that can take some musicians a lifetime to build, he’ll will be embarking on a 7 date national tour, and dropping his now Wu-affiliated EP before the end of the year.

Ivan Ooze 2016 ‘Bills’ Tour Dates

Tickets on sale Tuesday, 27th September

Friday, 11th November
Mojos, Perth
Tickets: Official Website

Saturday, 12th November
Jive, Adelaide
Tickets: Official Website

Friday, 18th November*
Howler, Melbourne
Tickets: Official Website

Saturday, 19th November
The Plot, Sydney
Tickets: The Plot

Saturday, 19th November*
Plan B Small Club, Sydney
Tickets: Official Website

Friday, 25th November*
The Brightside, Brisbane
Tickets: Official Website


You Can Spend The Night In A Record Store Thanks To Airbnb "IndyWatch Feed Vic"

You Can Spend The Night In A Record Store Thanks To Airbnb

Do you love music and NYC? Well, what if we said you could spend a night in arguably New York’s coolest borough, Brooklyn, where you’d have unlimited access to music and a HiFi system, whilst enjoying a personalised minibar? Oh and did we mention it was FREE?!

Well. Airbnb, the popular accomodation booking service is giving two music lovers an opportunity of a lifetime by registering iconic Brooklyn record store Rough Trade on the company’s website as a room you can legitimately spend the night in.

Partnering with Sonos, two very, very lucky people will get the opportunity to spend the night in the ‘Sonos Listening Room’ and will be showered in music treats such as a selection of out-of-print music zines, a personally customised playlist made by the employees of Rough Trade, and are even allowed encouraged to invite their mates to come down and party in the store (although they have to leave by 2am).

While it’s great to see the ways in which record stores are adapting to a 21st Century market, keeping them financially in the green – we’d love to see this kind of creativity coming out of Aussie record stores too.

Melbourne based store Polyester Records have taken the first steps with their in store live performances, but perhaps we’re still a few years away before we are able to give music lovers an experience like this.


9 Electronic Masterpieces You Need To Hear, With BUOY "IndyWatch Feed Vic"

9 Electronic Masterpieces You Need To Hear, With BUOY

BUOY is one of the most promising electronic talents in Australia right now, having dazzled us from early on with last year’s Immersion EP, but truly demanding everyone’s attention with the stark but stunning single ‘Clouds And Rain’.

She’s since released her second EP Break, winning us over completely and utterly, and is launching it in Melbourne tonight at Boney. As one of our favourite emerging acts in the country with an electronic bent, we asked her for some recommendations on other electronic artists that have inspired her own work.

Break is available to listen to below, and fits snugly in with BUOY’s selections of 9 works of electronic perfection that demand the attention of your eardrums.

CORIN – ‘Vexations’

This is sooo so stunning. I love the harmony and rhythm she builds using only synthesisers – the coolest sounds. Wow. I am way too excited have CORIN supporting me when I launch my EP in Melbourne this Friday, I cannot wait to see her live show.

Nearly Oratorio – ‘Occlude’

Beautifully timbred layers and vocals in this. The harmony gets through to me, I love when the bass comes in.

Radiohead – ‘Daydreaming’

When this came out back in May, I took myself to lay under the big trees in the park to listen. It was a windy day and the wind was blowing all the autumn leaves off the trees. It was a moment in time. Such a beautiful masterpiece created without any drums

Sampha – ‘Timmy’s Prayer’

Rhythm section in this is wholesome as and I am in love Sampha’s voice.

I’lls – ‘Speak Low’

This one has been melting me since its release. Simon Lam from Nearly Oratorio is the also the vocalist here. Incredible. He is an amazing audio engineer as well; he mixed my ‘Break’ EP.

Christopher Port – ‘Even’

Beautiful build and mastered rhythms by Christopher Port. He is so good at this. His live show is mind blowing. He will also be supporting me this Friday in Melbourne, and worked on some production of my ‘Break’ EP. Such an honour working with and knowing such a skilled person.



Maralinga: art exhibition raises the question- what has changed in pro nuclear activities? "IndyWatch Feed Vic"

see-this.wayArt exhibition to mark 60th anniversary of nuclear testing in Maralinga asks what has changed ABC Central Victoria  By Larissa Romensky , 22 Sept 16,  A national touring exhibition of artwork marks 60 years after the British government exploded an atomic bomb in South Australia’s outback.

On September 27, 1956 the British government conducted its first atomic test at Maralinga.

In total, seven nuclear bomb blasts were detonated between 1956 and 1967 in the southern part of the Great Victoria Desert in South Australia followed by more than 600 “minor tests”.

These were not the first nuclear tests to be conducted in Australia, but the term Maralinga, an Aboriginal word for thunder, became the name associated with this chapter in Australian history.

Black Mist Burnt Country, is a national touring exhibition that revisits the events and its location through the work of more than 30 Indigenous and non-Indigenous artists.

Curator JD Mittman said the title refers to the “mysterious” black mist that hovered over the country after the first test at Emu Field in South Australia in 1953 that “badly” affected Aboriginal families at Wallatinna.

“[Yankunytjatjara man] Yami Lester testified that people got very sick, some died, and he lost his eyesight,” Mr Mittman said.

Burnt country was in reference to the enormous heat generated by an atomic bomb blast, 1,000 times hotter than the sun.

“The blast melts the ground to glass, also called Trinitide, after the Trinity test ," he said.

Inspired by Jonathan Kumintjarra Brown

Jonathan Kumintjara Brown was a member of the stolen generation and later in life connected with his family in South Australia and found out about the atomic testing of his traditional land.

Mr Mittman said the exhibition was originally inspired by the artist's work entitled Marilinga before the atomic test.

"The question that came to mind immediately was: if there's a work that depicts the country before the atomic tests then surely there must be work that is also about the period after or during the tests," he said.

The work in the exhibition spans seven decades from across the globe from the first atomic test in Hiroshima to the present day, from both private and public collections........


Curator Special Projects "IndyWatch Feed National"

Australian National Maritime Museum


Madge Digest #146 August 2016 "IndyWatch Feed Vic"

1) Watch MADGE bake a birthday cake for our regulators, FSANZ, would you eat it?
2) Threat to bans on growing GM  and labelling.
3) MADGE out and about
4) GM canola planting falls in Australia 
5) GM Golden rice and Nobel Laureate's Red Faces
6) New GM soy causes neighbouring plants to die
7) Would you trust a scientific body that takes money from GM companies?
8) Farming our future - an inspiration


1) Watch MADGE bake a cake for our regulators, FSANZ's birthday

Birthday cake for FSANZ, our food regulator from Fran Murrell on Vimeo.

Food Standards Australia New Zealand is celebrating their 25th Birthday. If you want to let them know how the foods/ingredients/crops they approve affect your health please add your story to this facebook page .Or email us

Lawyers are holding seminars for the food industry telling them how to get around labelling requirements. If you are heartily sick of this deception you may want to buy direct from farmers or from trusted shops. See item 3 and 8 for ideas.

Deep Winter Agrarians Gathering 2016 from Fran Murrell on Vimeo.


2) Threats to bans on growing GM crops and labelling. 

If you disagree with this, you may like to put in a quick submission on their Inquiry into Regulation in Agriculture. It appears they forget people eat what farmers grow and many of us do not want to eat GM, pesticides and many other dubious substances. Even though our GM laws are so full of loopholes that almost nothing is labelled, their existence means they can be improved. Removing all ability to label is a huge backward step.

MADGE put in a submission to the Inquiry. We are appearing at their hearings next week. Perhaps you could come along too and/or register to present your own submission? It's very easy to do here. If we do not speak they will only hear from the big end of the food industry.

3) MADGE out and about.



Future Energy and Finance "IndyWatch Feed Vic"

You're invited to attend the inaugural Future Energy and Finance Australia on Monday the 7th of November in Melbourne.


Madge Digest #145 March 2016 "IndyWatch Feed Vic"

1) The weight of a chicken breast does not mean it is safe to eat

The inside story on how GM food is approved. Links at the end on how to #EatGMOfree.

2) Join us and GM-Free Australia at this free event Monday 4th April.

Celebrate, network and cross-pollinate with people stopping GMO and creating the local food, seed and community networks that nourish us. Food, skits, GM-Free sing-along plus how to #EatGMfree giveaways and Prize Draw.
When : 7-9pm on Monday 4th April 2016
Where : Friends of the Earth Food Co-op, 312 Smith St, Collingwood 3070
RSVP: Jessica 0407307231 or

3) Open letter to stop climate disasters in the Pacific being used to introduce GM and hybrid seeds. 

If you are a member of a group that would like to sign on to this letter please contact

4) What MADGE has been up to:
We have been quoted in the:
Huffington Post - “GMOs: What Are They, The Risks And Where Do We Find Them?"

Australian Financial Review - "GM Awareness Needs to be High on Food Shopping List"
According to a spokesperson from the Federal Department of Health, it is up to individuals to take responsibility for what they eat. Perhaps we could if it was fully labelled!

ABC - "Australian Food Regulator Deliberating Over New GM Techniques"
In a related story, they also published a useful piece on GMOs and the policies of the big supermarket chains. However, MADGE feels they are let off lightly. Many companies are using the FSANZ definition of GMOs, which still means the food contains unlabelled ingredients from GM plants.
MADGE joined with the GM-Free Australia Alliance to run a 3-day stall at the Sustainable Living Festival in Melbourne. We ran a workshop, it was lovely meeting others who care for the planet and a GMO-free future. Welcome to everyone who signed up to receive this digest. 

We were interviewed for 3CR’s sustainable breakfast series.
We sent two media releases:
1 - Farmers and eaters betra...


The Weekend Quiz – September 24-25, 2016 "IndyWatch Feed Nsw"

Welcome to The Weekend Quiz, which used to be known as the Saturday Quiz! The quiz tests whether you have been paying attention or not to the blogs I post. See how you go with the following questions. Your results are only known to you and no records are retained.

1. A nation, whose national government runs a balanced fiscal position over the economic cycle (peak to peak) must accept, that after all the spending adjustments are exhausted, its private domestic sector will be increasingly indebted if the nation is running an external deficit over that cycle.

2. A nation that manages its currency via a currency board always has to have sufficient foreign reserves to match the outstanding central bank liabilities (reserves and cash outstanding). Under this arrangement it can always guarantee 100 per cent convertibility but has to endure deflationary tendencies unless it runs external surpluses.

3. Modern Monetary Theory (MMT) demonstrates that mass unemployment can arise from workers demanding too high a nominal wage in relation to the inflation rate.


Wise in hindsight "IndyWatch Feed Vic"

My article on the failure of for-profit competition in human services included a hook to the recently published Productivity Commission report recommending more of the same. I haven’t had time to go through the report in detail, but I was struck by reports that the PC mentioned the FEE-HELP fiasco in the VET sector as an example of the way not to go about things.

It’s good to see some recognition of this but what matters here is foresight, not hindsight. So, I thought I’d check back to see what the PC was saying a couple of years ago, when the disaster was obvious, but was still being denied by those in charge of it. Here’s a quote from their submission to the Harper Competition review

The Commission’s study into the vocational education and training (VET) workforce (2011f) found that there had been a rising trend to harness market forces in the allocation of VET services, with principles such as user pays and user choice increasingly underpinning VET policy. The Commission suggested that, as the VET sector becomes increasingly competitive, a move towards greater managerial independence for public providers would give them the autonomy and flexibility they need to respond.
The Commission (2011f) also noted that opening up of the VET sector had not been a complete success, with some stakeholders raising concerns about quality assurance, monitoring and enforcement (especially in the international student sector).

Going back to the 2011 report, there is indeed a box referring to problems with international students, which drew a lot of attention at the time. But there’s nothing to suggest any awareness of the broader problems, which were already apparent*, let alone any capacity to predict them using the PC’s analytical framework.

* I wrote a report for the National Council on Vocational Education Research in 2012, making many of these points, and drawing on several years of evidence from Victoria. I was roundly derided for my pains by the private provider lobby.


Maynard James Keenan Has Something To Say To Australians "IndyWatch Feed Nsw"

Maynard James Keenan Has Something To Say To Australians

You may have heard that Maynard James Keenan is bringing his Puscifer project back to Australia for the Money $hot – Round Under Tour this January, which will include a performance at Hobart’s MONA FOMA.

Best known as the frontman for Tool and A Perfect Circle, Maynard James Keenan’s Puscifer project dates back to 1995, back when it was a non-musical comedy concept.

Finally releasing the trip-hop heavy “V” Is For Vagina in 2007, Keenan’s Puscifer continued to impress audiences, with a descent into the theatrical aspect of rock following a debut of live shows in Las Vegas in 2009.

With the Australian tour just months away, Keenan has taken time out from his busy schedule of fielding questions about when the new Tool album is coming to address his Australian fans… in character and in a very bizarre fashion of course.

Puscifer’s Money $hot – Round Under Tour Dates

Friday, 20th January 2017
Mona Foma, Hobart, Tas

Saturday, 22nd January 2017
Plenary, Melbourne Convention & Exhibition Centre, Vic or 132 849

Monday, 23rd January 2017
Thebarton Theatre, Adelaide, SA or 136 100

Wednesday, 25th January 2017
Darling Harbour Theatre, Sydney, NSW or 132 849

Thursday, 26th January 2017
Brisbane Convention & Exhibition Centre, QLD or 132 849

Sunday, 29th January 2017
Vector Arena, Auckland, New Zealand or 0800 111 999


I Would Like To Correct an Error I Made "IndyWatch Feed National"

So this NBC thing about microwave weapons that were reported on that were going to be used on American citizens actually was written in 2006- and is NOT recent. However, with that in consideration- Aaron Alexis and his shipyard rampage where he carved “ELF” on his gun- which stands for “electro low frequency”- which are EXACTLY what these “non-leathal” weapons are- occurred in 2013. And we were all lead as a nation to believe that these weapons were some kind of a conspiracy theory. So with that said- how can anyone rule out that our government drove this man into becoming a mass killer? That they didn’t use their toys and cause the deaths of so many innocent people? And really- is this what they consider NON-LETHAL?


Flyying Colours talk Mindfullness and the ‘S’ word with Nicholas Watts "IndyWatch Feed Vic"


  • Flyying Colours :: Interview with Nicholas Watts


“We’re pretty much a travelling comedy group who play music very seriously for 40 minutes of an evening.”

After launching their single ‘Mellow’ at Newtown Social Club, all four members of Melbourne psychedelic/shoegaze outfit Flyying Colours joined Nicholas Watts for a chat about their new album Mindfullness and the international power of music.

On the record’s title:

“It’s kind of representative of where we were at going into the record, trying to take each song and be natural with it. Having it spelled with the two “l’s” it was also a lot about us coming to a point where our minds were full – and we had to just do what we were doing organically and not really thinking what we could do with the songs too much.”

On the fan base they have acquired overseas:

“It just backs up that concept that music is the international language of the world. It doesn’t matter if they don’t understand what our lyrics are specifically saying, but if they can get behind the sound, it’s incredible. It’s really cool.”

On being labelled the ‘s’ word:

“That’s not all that we are. ‘Shoegaze’ is a very wide umbrella, a lot of things can come under it. I could play two shoegaze songs back to back and it would be tough to convince someone that they were the same very specific genre. I’m cool with it.”

Listen to the full interview above – including ‘Reason’ by local band Egoism.


The post Flyying Colours talk Mindfullness and the ‘S’ word with Nicholas Watts appeared first on FBi Radio.


Beans- one of the easiest vegetables to grow. "IndyWatch Feed Nsw"


Beans are easy to grow and are one of the most prolific warm season vegetables you can grow.

There is no comparison between a fleshly picked organic bean and a shop bought bean.

So be warned, after growing your first crop you may never be able to buy beans again!

There are many different varieties and if you buy open pollinate or heritage varieties then you can easily save your own seed from year to year.

Beans are a Legume and they have a symbiotic relationship with a bacterium that converts atmospheric nitrogen into nitrogen available to the bean plant which means they do not require a lot of fertilising and the soil after a legume crop has a higher nitrogen level then before it was growing there.

Annual Bean species.
Green Beans (Phaseolus Vulgaris)
Runner Beans (phaseolus coccineus)
Lima Bean (Phaseolus lunatus)
Snake Bean (vigna unguiculata var sesquipedalis)

All annual beans are suitable for pot culture

Types of Beans
1. Dwarf or Bush
• 60 cm high
• Plant 15 – 20 cm apart
• Rows should be 60 cm apart – ensures good air circulation. Prevents fungal diseases. Enables access to both sides for harvesting

My favourite varieties

• Green bean – Hawkesbury wonder, Gourmets delight etc
• Butter bean – Yellow
• Borlotti – speckled – grown for the dried beans seed rather than the pod.
• Lazy Wife – Heritage

2. Climbing Beans

Need a structure to climb on:
• Fence
• Tepee of Bamboo
• Mesh

Climbing beans are great use of vertical space increasing production without taking up much room.

My favourite varieties.

• Purple King
• Snake Beans

Scarlet Runner – 7 year beans-This is a perennial and needs to be in a more permanent position with other perennial vegetables.


Three ways of using beans.

1. Pick young bean pods and eat whole either raw, lightly steamed or quickly stir fried.
2. Pod mature slightly with the bean seed increasing in size – shell seeds from pod and eat.
3. Pods left to mature and dry out to produce hard seed – store and used as dried seed beans.

When and where to Grow your beans.

• On the East coast the best growing time is late spring, summer and autumn – with your first seeds going in around the October long weekend. In the Highlands I find I need to wait until the beginning of December to put my first seeds in as it takes this long for the soil to be warm enough for germination.

• In coastal region, if the summer is particularly hot and dry – there can be problems with pod formation and white fly but if it is too wet and humid then there are problems with powdery mildew.

• Beans must have 6 to 8 hours of sunlight.

Bed Preparation.

Soil based.

• Must be well drained mound
• Beans prefer a PH of 6.5 – 7, so add a little lime to adjust if needed.
• Being legumes your soil doesn’t require the amount of fertiliser of many other crops. In particular don’t add large amounts of high nitrogen manures such as poultry, as this will encourage excessive leaf growth at the expense of flowers.
• The addition of lower level nutrient manures such as cow and sheep with a little blood and bone with potash is preferable.
• Cultivate thoroughly and mound up rows to increase drainage
• To prevent weed germination mulch with sugar cane mulch to a depth of 100mm but just ve...


SEX CLASS ROLLBACK: Students, parents shocked by graphic lessons "IndyWatch Feed National"


Adult behaviours such as those described, should not be relevant to the lives of these underage girls Ali High

A PRINCIPAL has taken action after 15-year-olds were asked in a lesson to analyse graphic sexual scenarios described by one parent as “bordering on pornographic”.

Read More


Hip Fracture Care Standard "IndyWatch Feed Nsw"

The Australian Commission on Safety and Quality in Health Care in collaboration with the Health Quality & Safety Commission New Zealand has released the Hip Fracture Care Clinical Care Standard<<a href="">>. In Australia, an estimated 19,000 people over the age of 50 are hospitalised with a hip fracture each year, often after falls.

The Hip Fracture Care Clinical Care Standard<<a href="">> aims to ensure that a patient with a hip fracture receives optimal treatment from presentation to hospital through to the completion of treatment in hospital.
Fact sheets and other resources are also available.


Murri Rugby League Carnival kicks off in Redcliffe "IndyWatch Feed National"

THE 2016 Murri Rugby League Carnival is off to a flying start at Dolphin Oval, Redcliffe, Queensland. This year’s carnival featured 21 open men’s teams, nine open women’s teams and a boys’ under 15 competition. The final day of the carnival will be tomorrow, Saturday, September 24. For more action check out the Koori Mail’s Facebook page


Valerie Ransone - some further insights "IndyWatch Feed National"


Some interesting individuals come and go in the field of UAP research. One of these, is an American woman named Valerie Jean Ransone. She moved in high circles in the USA in the 1970's and 1980's, and was associated, among others, with US astronaut Gordon Cooper.

I first wrote about her in a post in 2011; after my former co-blogger, Pauline Wilson, mentioned Ransone's name in connection with Dr Christopher (Kit) Green. After finding additional information, I provided an update. Later, after locating Ransone in Hawaii; and several unsuccessful attempts to engage her in dialogue, I published a 'final post.'

Since Novermber 2012, as various individuals have read my posts about Ransone, I have been provided with additional snippets of information by some people; while others have merely been curious, as to whether or not, Ransone ever contacted me.

A timeline

For such enquirers, I now provide a timeline of information, together with a source.

1950 - Ransone born in the Chicago area of the USA. (Vallee, 2009, 'Forbidden Science Volume Two,' diary entry dated 9 July 1981.)

Image courtesy of Amazon Books

1971 - Studied journalism at NorthWestern University. (Vallee, 2009, diary entry 9 July 1978.)

1971-1976 - PR person for an energy information group - meets Wes Thomas (Vallee, 2009, 9 July 1978.)

1976 - Thomas introduces Ransone to Dr Puharich. (Vallee, 2009, 9 July 1978.)

June 1976 - Ransone in Hong Kong. ( Viewed in 2011, but currently not available.

March/April 1977 - Ransone and Puharich met Bob Beck. (Vallee, 2009, 19 May 1978.)

May 1978 - Kit Green visits Ransone in Houston. (Vallee, 2009, 19 May 1978.)

9 July 1978 - Thomas says he has known Ransone for years. (Vallee, 2009, 9 July 1978.)

11 June 1978 - Ransone establishes a company 'to disseminate messages she believes to be of extraterrestrial origin.' Center for Advanced Technology - 'reportedly financed by Security Around the Globe, an industrial protection and private detective firm.' (Vallee, 2009, 11 June 1978.)

8 August 1978 - Ransone organising 'Signs of the Spirit' conference - Washington - December 1978. Ransone aims to '...


Since HoaxteadResearch Would Never Let Me Post There- I Will Answer Their Question Here "IndyWatch Feed National"

Hoaxtead mob: Get your stories straight

Since they would never allow my comment- I’ll explain why I BELIEVE the Sandy Hook shooting was probably bullshit. It was when our FBI released their murder statistics the next year- and reported that NO ONE HAD BEEN MURDERED IN THAT COUNTY. Funny that they would FORGET about everyone who had died and publish such an error- ESP. CONSIDERING EVERYTHING- you know?

And why is it this group in the UK is so vested in all of this? The only answer is the obvious one- they are government players doing their best to spin the narrative.


Everything You Need To Catch At Listen Out 2016 "IndyWatch Feed Nsw"

Everything You Need To Catch At Listen Out 2016

Listen Out is just about to kick off for another year, with Melbourne and Perth this weekend, and Sydney and Brisbane to follow.

As always, there’s a great lineup of varied acts, led by the likes of local electronic champs RÜFÜS and French house maestro Tchami – but there are plenty of other gems nestled amongst the lineups.

From some very annoying last-minute news, to the up-and-comers who demand your attention, here’s our list of must-sees for Listen Out 2016.

Firstly: Stormzy Is Out

While he would have been on this list, in a very last-minute move, grime artist Stormzy has cancelled his anticipated Listen Out appearances, together with the rest of his gigs for the year. Festival organisers have said they’re doing what they can to tee up a consolation for punters, but it’ll be cold comfort for grime fans who are probably still smarting from another recent Aussie cancellation from Skepta.

Stormzy has provided an apology to fans, if not much of an explanation:


Get Down Early

We can definitely recommend Sui Zhen’s opening DJ sets, as she’s a great act with killer taste in music, but if there’s one act that you need to get down early for, it’s the Melbourne addition of talented multi-instrumental producer Alice Ivy. She deservedly won her way onto the bill through triple j Unearthed, but it was her recent sets at BIGSOUND that really placed her firmly on her radar.

Sydney’s Unearthed act Wallace is also one to firmly keep an eye on, as is the Brissy catch of Midas.Gold, so there’s plenty of incentive to head down as gates open.

Do Not Miss Tash Sultana

From busking and streaming from her home studio to massive international recognition, Tash has had one hell of a breakout year. Coming off a sold-out national tour and overseas shows, it’s bonkers that you’ll be able to catch her so early on in the arvo.

Willow Beats Are Back

The wonky electronic duo have re-emerged with new music after a long time away, and that time off is sure to make for a great set. The Pilerats signing’s appearance at Splendour In The Grass last year drew a good crowd full of some very enthusiastic dancers, and we’re sure this time around will be no different.

Anderson .Paak Are Quasi-Headlining

While the later sets from the likes of RÜFÜS and Tchami are going to be plenty of fun, there’s no doubting that Anderson .Paak & the Free Nationals could potentially steal the show before they’ve even had a chance to take the stage.

A recent collaboration with Mac Miller has raised their profile significantly, and we reckon...


Some kind of anthropocene: The Island Will Sink "IndyWatch Feed National"

It’s interesting that at this point in time there are calls being made to name the era we’re living in as the Anthropocene – the impact of humans is now observable in the fossil record, in our plastics and chicken bones. The period of The Island Will Sink is the ‘Praeteranthropocene’ – ‘human beings are no longer capable of remedying the negative impact they’ve made on the planet’.


US Attack in Syria Opens Disturbing and Unpredictable Scenarios "IndyWatch Feed National"

Syria (SCF) – We have been seeing in Syria in recent days more and more direct involvement in the conflict by Turkey, Israel, and the United States. Air raids, bombing and ground troops, albeit in limited numbers, reveal dissatisfaction and evident frustration by these nations hostile to Damascus.

The most recent example, more useful in emphasizing the disappointment that reigns in Washington, concerns the dynamics that accompanied the signing of the cease-fire between Kerry and Lavrov.

With Aleppo besieged and terrorists trapped, the United States and its allies have been forced to apply for a temporary solution to the conflict in order to halt hostilities.

In spite of the previous failure of the ceasefire, Russia, Damascus and Tehran have preferred to negotiate while continuing their military action. Had they refused to negotiate, they would have been painted by the Western media and international institutions as the reason for the intensification of the conflict. This would have easily opened the door to a greater involvement by Washington’s regional allies on account of Moscow’s refusal to negotiate.

Russian diplomacy has managed to transform a position of military strength, but of apparent diplomatic weakness, into an overall win. Washington was forced to request that the final terms of the agreement be kept secret. Moscow of course calls for transparency and has demanded that the agreement be made public.

The fact that the United States is opposed highlights Washington’s ambiguity concerning the fight against terrorism in Syria. The only hypothetical point of agreement made public covers a future joint coordination to hit Al Nusra Front and Daesh; although the day after the meeting between Kerry and Lavrov, US Defense Secretary Ashton Carter promptly denied the agreement, confirming that the US and Russia have different goals in Syria.

The meaning behind this statement leaves little doubt. Washington is unable — or, worse, does not want — to give up on the terrorists it supports in Syria against Assad, and has no intention of abandoning the idea of changing the government of Syria or tearing the country apart.

As evidence of US involvement in Syria on the side of the terrorists, a few days ago an important event occurred in Al-Rai in northern Syria in a town located on the border with Turkey and recently occupied by Ankara with the help of Islamist FSA/l Nusra troops.

A dozen American special forces soldiers present in the Syrian town alongside «moderate rebels» were forced to flee as a result of explicit threats to their lives from their theoretical «allies». A complete short-circuit. The worldview of FSA/Al Nusra does not allow it to fight alongside those whom they clearly define as «infidels» (in reality those who finance and arm them.)

The idea that the whole thing was staged, or a media stunt to distance the most radical elements from US troops, was blown away by the news coming from Deir ez-Zor a few hours later.

In Syria on September 17 at 5 pm local time, 2 Danish F-16s, along with 2 Australian or American A-10s and a British Reaper drone, attacked and struck four times positions of the Syrian Arab Army (SAA) in Deir ez-Zor, killing 62 soldiers and injuring more than 100, also causing considerable material damage. Shortly afterwards, Daesh advanced on the locations attacked in Jabal Al Tahrdah that had previously surrounded the government positions (the town of Deir ez-Zor has been under siege by ISIS for four years).

The immediate response of Moscow and Damascus was to declare Washington a supporter of Daesh terrorists, while sources in the US State Department offered that it was a mistake, there supposedly having never been any intention to deliberately target the SAA.

Whatever reading one gives to this incident, the US was at th...


Airbourne On Rock & Roll, Triple J & Being Big In Europe "IndyWatch Feed Nsw"

Airbourne On Rock & Roll, Triple J & Being Big In Europe

“We haven’t forgotten about Australia, obviously, we love to play here, but unfortunately because it’s so big over there, there’s millions more people over there, by the time we play a festival season over there and do our headline tour, it’s months and months and all of a sudden the year’s gone,” says Airbourne guitarist David Roads.

As Dave admits, nowadays Warrnambool-bred rockers Airbourne spend the majority of their time overseas and the lion’s share of that is spent in Europe, where the band’s quintessentially Aussie brand of rock and roll sees them billed at the top of festival lineups and playing in front of “anything from 70 to 100,000 people” by Dave’s estimate.

“Germany is the first big country that took us on board in Europe,” Dave recounts. “Then we sort of blew up in France. It’s sort of big all over the place there. Most of mainland Europe we do well in and we’ve even grown in eastern Europe.”

“We’re now starting to go to places like Serbia, Lithuania, Croatia, and Russia. We never used to go that far east, but we’re starting to do that now.” Back home things are admittedly quieter, but Airbourne are grateful for the reception the European crowds give them.

“We’ve had a few ups and downs throughout our career,” says Dave. “Our career was nearly doomed from the start, before we released our first album. Capitol Records got bought out by Virgin Records and just about every band on the label got dropped.”

“There were bands on tour that lost all their tour support and I think we were on tour with Dallas Crane, we’d just finished recording our first album, and then that happened and we thought that would really damage us but we had our lawyers fight for our album and we got it back.”

“We went back to America, showcased it as SXSW, and that’s when Roadrunner picked us up. We stayed with the Americans and being signed to Roadrunner made it easier to go to America a lot and that made it easier to make the jump over to Europe. That’s how we got our foot in the door in the Northern Hemisphere.”

Airbourne haven’t just got their foot in the doors, they’ve obliterated the door with battering ram force and proceeded mercilessly crush everything underfoot. The band’s manager, Gregg Donovan, who also takes care of Grinspoon and Josh Pyke, mused on the situation back in 2007.

“We’re doing really well with one of our acts, Airbourne, who we can’t get arrested in Sydney – we’re lucky to sell out the Annandale – but yet these kids from Warrnambool are selling 30,000 tickets in two weeks in the UK,” he told ABC News.

“They’re doing unbelievable business. They’ve been breaking all over the place, and that’s been really difficult.” Whilst the band’s American label proved the key to breaking into Europe, back home the gatekeeper, everyone seems to agree, is national youth broadcaster triple j.

Back in January 2014, Cherry Bar owner...


Mexican doco: Watching them die "IndyWatch Feed National"

Date and Time: 
Monday, September 26, 2016 -
6:30pm to 9:30pm

In conjunction with Ojos De Perro, the makers of the film, an international screening on Mon 26th September of the Mexican documentary "Watching Them Die: The Mexican Army and The Disappeared 43" will be happening at Jura.

It's about the killing and disappearance of 43 students in Ayotzinapa Guerrero (and other thousands of Mexicans through the years) by the Mexican army.

The government has protected the culprits and masked the truth, the journalists are trying to spread their independent work in Mexico and the world.

Doors open at 6:30pm with the screening to start at 7:00pm.



Bluesfest Is Officially Australia’s Best Regional Event "IndyWatch Feed Nsw"

Bluesfest Is Officially Australia’s Best Regional Event

Byron Bay Bluesfest 2016 — which featured a string of big names including Kendrick Lamar, The National, Brian Wilson, Tom Jones, and D’Angelo — has been named Australia’s Best Regional Event at the prestigious Australian Event Awards.

“Bluesfest is proud to once again receive the award Best Regional Event at the Australian Event Awards,” said Bluesfest founder Peter Noble. “This is the second time we have received this honour.”

“There are great events occurring all over regional Australia however, it is clear that the Byron area is the regional arts as well as the festival capital of Australia. Event presenters in the region bring tens of millions of dollars, hundreds of jobs and real culture to our area.”

“Festivals create a sense of community. They say Byron is a brand, it is festivals here like Bluesfest, that have had a huge impact on how the Byron brand is recognised as an arts capital around the world.”

“I call on our civic leaders, state member, councillors and mayor to adopt the slogan, ‘Byron – the regional arts capital of Australia’, to create greater awareness and wealth in our community, AND because, surely it is time this occurred.”

“The creative industries have made such a special contribution to our area. It is time we fully acknowledged that and show the support they so richly deserve. Thank you.” Bluesfest was selected from hundreds of entries across the country.

The next instalment of Bluesfest will take place, as always, over the Easter long weekend next year at the Tyagarah Tea Tree Farm in Byron Bay, with a lineup featuring Zac Brown Band, Mary J. Blige, Patti Smith, The Lumineers, and more

Bluesfest 2017

Mary J Blige
Corinne Bailey Rae
Michael Kiwanuka
Nako and Medicine For The People
The Suffers


Zac Brown Band

Patti Smith And Her Band Perform Horses

The Lumineers

Buddy Guy (Exclusive)

Bonnie Raitt
Mavis Staples (Exclusive)
Billy Bragg

Jethro Tull
Trombone Shorty & Orleans Avenue
Gregory Porter
Snarky Puppy

St. Paul & The Broken Bones
Beth Hart (Exclusive)

Laura Mvula
Roy Ayers

Booker T Presents The Stax Records Revue

Andrew Bird

Rickie Lee Jones
Joan Osborne

Turin Brakes
The Strumbellas

Jake Shimabukuro

Nikki Hill
Irish Mythen

Thursday 13th, April – Monday, 17th April 2017
Tyagarah Tea Tree Farm NSW
Tickets: Bluesfest


Flyying Colours Craft Chaos Into Something Irresistible On ‘Mindfullness’ "IndyWatch Feed Vic"

Flyying Colours Craft Chaos Into Something Irresistible On ‘Mindfullness’

As far as debut singles went in 2013, Flyying Colours’ was close to ideal. Infectious in the play it again and again kind of way, ‘Wavygravy’ suggested the Melbourne quartet were a rare treat: sans growing pains or that adolescent awkwardness you get when your limbs feel too long for your body, they seemed fully formed right from the get-go.

The kaleidoscopic video (more lo-fi visual art collage than ordinary performance clip), the stripy t-shirts and floppy hair all fit together perfectly. And then there was their sound — airy, boy-girl vocals, pulsating bassline, tumbling drum fills, and, with guitars for days, an unashamed wall of sound. While later singles such as ‘Running Late’ were more jangly than gazey, it’s hard not to think Flyying Colours would have fit right at home in an March 1991 edition of the NME. “Move over Ride, watch out MBV!”, a typically over the top headline might have bellowed.

Listening to Mindfullness, in which the group continues its crusade against good spelling (yes, that’s two ‘L’s they’ve used), those hyperbolic, hypothetical music editors might have had a point. This debut offers 10 songs that are dynamic, at times ethereal, and often thrilling, including a few moments memorable enough to worm their way into your mind long after the first listen.

Take opening track and single ‘It’s Tomorrow Now’. More Swervedriver than Slowdive with its grunge-like guitar grind, it’s an aggressive whirl of a song that builds to a cacophonous crash of wah wah guitar and tumbling drums. If it weren’t for the fade out, you might almost hear an exhausted band falling in a heap at the end of the recording.

The shameless pop of ‘1987’ plays as a less morbid, more rapidfire take on Joy Division’s ‘Disorder’, while ‘Long Holiday’, with widescreen synth wails and jangly Byrds-like guitar lines, is so poised it seems to strut as it slides from verse to chorus.

At half-time things move to a slower, more beautiful place via the dreamy, otherworldly ‘Mellow’ and slow burning ‘ROYGBIV’. Save for the jammy ‘Sun, Hail and Rain’, the album remains content to stay there. This reprieve from the addictive rush of songs like ‘It’s Tomorrow Now’ and ‘1987’ is not unwarranted nor unwelcome, but the album is certainly at it’s most captivating when it’s moving at pace.

Like many shoegaze records, the lyrics here often feel more ornamental than pivotal; they hang in the background, and at times it’s as if they exist solely as something to attach to front-pair Brodie Brümmer and Gemma O’Connor’s saccharine vocal melodies. Their voices often work in tandem, melting together and serving as counterpoints to the chiming guitar lines that usually provide each song’s main hook. Brümmer takes production reins with the band’s manager, musician Marty Brown, and whether that decision was financial, logistical or artistic, it pays dividends.

For their efforts, Mindfullness sounds sonically focused, honest, and plays as a satisfying culmination of a journey that began for listeners with 2013’s ‘Wavygravy’, and for the band, well before that. It also leaves plenty of room for exploration when the time comes for album number two.

Brümmer has said that the jokey album title is meant to reflect his pre-occupied state o...


Gulf War Syndrome: Documents Prove UK and US Military Personnel were Injected with Untested Vaccines "IndyWatch Feed National"


Dr. Garth L. Nicolson, the President, Chief Scientific Officer and Research Professor of Molecular Pathology at the Institute for Molecular Medicine in Huntington Beach, California, lecturing on the connection between military vaccines and Gulf War Syndrome.

Read More


OUTintheOPEN Festival is coming… "IndyWatch Feed Goulburn"

Click HERE for a full programme of events…



Healthy Communities: Hospitalisations for mental health conditions and intentional self-harm in 2013-14 (AIHW) "IndyWatch Feed Nsw" Healthy Communities: Hospitalisations for mental health conditions and intentional self-harm in 2013-14 presents local-level information on population rates of hospitalisations for mental health conditions and intentional self-harm in 2013-14. This information is summarised in profiles for each of Australia's 31 Primary Health Network areas at the end of the report.

Media release: Australians living in regional areas more likely to be hospitalised for a mental health condition<<a href="">>

Download report: Healthy Communities: Hospitalisations for mental health conditions and intentional self-harm in 2013-14<<a href="">>


Australian Burden of Disease Study: impact and causes of illness and death in Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people 2011 (AIHW) "IndyWatch Feed Nsw"

The Australian Institute of Health and Welfare has released the latest 3 reports from the Australian Burden of Disease Study 2011:

Australian Burden of Disease Study: impact and causes of illness and death in Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people 2011

* This report provides estimates of the non-fatal and fatal burden of disease for the Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander population; as well as estimates of the gap in disease burden between Indigenous and non-Indigenous Australians.
* The disease groups causing the most burden among Indigenous Australians in 2011 were mental and substance use disorders, injuries, cardiovascular diseases, cancer and respiratory diseases.
* Indigenous Australians experienced a burden of disease that was 2.3 times the rate of non-Indigenous Australians.
* Over one third of the overall disease burden experienced by Indigenous Australians could be prevented by removing exposure to risk factors such as tobacco and alcohol use, high body mass, physical inactivity and high blood pressure.
* This report is accompanied by a media release and a summary report.
Download the report: Australian Burden of Disease Study: impact and causes of illness and death in Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people 2011.

Australian Burden of Disease Study 2011: methods and supplementary material

* This document provides a detailed description of the methods used to derive the fatal and non-fatal burden of disease (using the disability-adjusted life years, years lived with disability and years of life lost measures) for the Australian and Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander populations for 2011 and 2003, as well as estimates of how much of the burden can be attributed to various risk factors.
* The report is targeted at researchers and epidemiologists, and those seeking to further understand results provided in the Australian Burden of Disease Study 2011.

Download the report: Australian Burden of Disease Study 2011: methods and supplementary material


Guidelines for Multimorbidity "IndyWatch Feed Nsw"

A third of all Australians have multimorbidity (co-occurrence of 2+ chronic conditions), and a substantial proportion have complex multimorbidity (3+ body systems each affected by at least one chronic condition. However, most care guidelines have been developed for single conditions.

The UK National Institute for Health and Care Excellence (NICE) has released a guideline covering care for people with multimorbidity (multiple long-term conditions.

Designed to optimise care by reducing treatment burden (polypharmacy and multiple appointments) and unplanned care, the aim of this guideline is to improve quality of life by promoting shared decisions based on what is important to each person in terms of treatments, health priorities, lifestyle and goals. The guideline sets out which people are most likely to benefit from an approach to care that takes account of multimorbidity, how they can be identified and what the care involves.

Access the full guideline on multimorbidity.


Minister admits to misleading parliament over Crown land "IndyWatch Feed National"

NSW primary industries minister Niall Blair has admitted to misleading parliament over the Crown lands management. Photo

NSW primary industries minister Niall Blair has admitted to misleading parliament over the Crown lands management. Photo

In a rare and embarrassing back down for the NSW government, the Minister for Lands has apologised to Parliament for providing incorrect information on Crown Land leases that have commenced since 2012.

During debate this week on the Auditor General’s recent scathing report into the sale and leasing of Crown Land, the minister, Niall Blair (Nationals), advised the House that no lease had been directly negotiated by Crown Land since 2012.

It turns out there were 19 – involving leases to airports as well as transactions tied up with the privatisation of Newcastle Port and the NSW electricity generators.

The report reflects also longtime concerns by campaigners against the takeover of public foreshore Crown land at Brunswick Heads by a government-appointed trust which runs three public holiday parks in the town.

Byron Shire Council recently renewed operating licences for the holiday parks amid a public outcry over the encroachments of public foreshore land.

The Opposition says that Crown Lands was clearly dysfunctional and now in crisis mode.

Shadow lands minister Mick Veitch said Crown Lands’ staff numbers have been slashed by the Baird government, and a lot of corporate knowledge has walked out the door since 2011.

‘The Auditor General’s report said that the Crown Lands agency did not know what was occurring on Crown Land,’ Mr Veitch said.

‘The minister’s false response actually affirms that Auditor General’s grave concerns for the management of public land in NSW.

‘Savage job cuts by the Coalition means that Crown Lands is no longer aware of many transactions are taking place on public land.

‘It has now provided incorrect information to the minister on leases – and the minister has admitted to misleading Parliament.

‘While the minister was quick to blame public servants – the real reason behind the dysfunctionality of Crown Lands are job cuts which have left many Crown Lands offices with a skeletal staff.

‘Without staff, you simply can’t know what is going on across land that comprises 42 per cent of NSW’.

Hansard transcription

(Hansard: 20 September 2016, Auditor-General’s Report)
The Hon. NIALL BLAIR (Minister for Primary Industries, and Minister for Lands and Water) (14:52 :25): By leave: On 15 September 2016 I participated in debate, under Standing Order 57, along with a number of other members, on the Auditor-General’s report into the sale and lease of Crown land. When speaking about direct negotiations since 2012, I advised the House that no new areas of Crown land were allocated by direct negotiation for commercial use by lease during this period. I have since been advised by the Department of Industry—Lands that, in fact, 19 commercial leases have been approved for direct negotiation with new tenants by the department since 2012. I apologise to the House for this regrettable error, which was contained in draft speech notes prepared by the department but not corrected prior to the debate. As soon as I was advis...


Camp Cope Just Blew Everyone Away With Their Like A Version Cover "IndyWatch Feed Vic"

Camp Cope Just Blew Everyone Away With Their Like A Version Cover

Camp Cope hit up the triple j studios this morning to tear through a rendition of their sterling single ‘Lost: Season One’ before absolutely blowing our minds with a powerful, heartfelt cover of the Yeah Yeah Yeahs’s timeless tune ‘Maps’.

The Melbourne trio stayed faithful to the original arrangement of the track, though they certainly beefed it up with the addition of Kelly-Dawn Hellmrich’s bass. But what really sends this cover into the stratosphere is Georgia Maq’s incredible voice.

The band completed a national tour earlier this month, following on from a very busy 12 months, which included sending their debut album into the ARIA charts, launching their own zine, and headlining a fundraiser to help women in music.

We recently ran through a few of our favourite Like A Version covers of the year so far, including Sarah Blasko’s incredible David Bowie cover, Guy Sebastian linking up with Paces, and Hey Geronimo mashing up Courtney Barnett and Regurgitator.

Check out our list of the best triple j Like A Version covers of 2016 so far!


Kev Carmody headlines 2017 Yabun Festival "IndyWatch Feed National"

Renowned Aboriginal troubadour, Kev Carmody, will headline the 15th annual Yabun Festival in Sydney on January 26, 2017. Other artists who will perform at Yabun Festival in 2017 include Red Ochre and Deadly Award winning country music artist Warren H Williams (joined by emerging artist Dani Young), Aboriginal rock ‘n’ roll icon Vic Simms, Sydney based blues artist Marlene Cummins, soul music performer and former The X-Factor star Rochelle Pitt, National Indigenous Music Award winning hip hop artist Philly, and popular reggae/dub band Oka.

Kev Carmody grew up in the Western Darling Downs area of Southern Queensland, his initial inspirations coming from the rural and oral traditions of his Irish and Aboriginal grandparents. Kev released his first album ‘Pillars of Society’ in 1988 and is among the most esteemed Australian singer songwriters and Aboriginal musicians. In 2009, Kev was inducted into the ARIA Hall of Fame.

“The music of Kev Carmody has impacted countless people over the past four decades, Indigenous and non-Indigenous alike, he is one of our most treasured and significant Australian artists and we are absolutely thrilled to have Kev as our headliner for the 2017 Yabun Festival,” said Yabun Festival Producer, Miah Wright.

Established in 2001, Yabun (meaning ‘music to a beat’ in Gadigal language) is one of the nation’s largest annual Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander cultural gatherings, and Sydney’s biggest Aboriginal music event. Held each year on January 26 at Victoria Park in Camperdown, Yabun Festival is a free event that features live music, a bustling stalls market, panel discussions and community forums on Aboriginal issues, a wide range of children’s activities including art, sport and culture workshops, and traditional Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander cultural performances staged at the Corroboree Ground. In 2016, over 20 000 people attended Yabun.

“As well as featuring some real legends of Aboriginal music, Yabun will be showcasing plenty of emerging talent in 2017, and the Corroboree Ground will once again bring traditional Aboriginal culture to the heart of Sydney, Yabun welcomes all people to join us for this one of a kind celebration of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander cultures,” said Ms Wright.

Former Yabun Festival headline performers have included Bart Willoughby, Archie Roach, Dan Sultan and Jessica Mauboy. The 2017 Yabun Festival will take place at Victoria Park in Camperdown, Sydney, on January 26, beginning at 10:00am and finishing at 6:00pm. Yabun Festival is supported by Australia Council, City Of Sydney, Arts NSW, Destination NSW, NSW Aboriginal Land Council, and the Department of Aboriginal Affairs.


Ireland Begins Arresting Top Bankers "IndyWatch Feed National"

From Ireland is following in Iceland’s footsteps by jailing its top bankers responsible for the 2008 financial crash.  Following from last year’s mass incarceration of...

The post Ireland Begins Arresting Top Bankers appeared first on The Pen.


Turnbull’s addresses almost empty United Nations "IndyWatch Feed National"

Contributed by Jim Hayes Australia’s Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull addressed the United Nations. Just as well the room was nearly empty. He focused on the...

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Australia’s Port of Melbourne sold for $7.3bn to investors "IndyWatch Feed Vic"


The Port of Melbourne has been sold for $7.3 billion to Chinese and Australian sovereign wealth funds and other investors. It is Australia’s biggest container and cargo port where 3,000 ships dock annually.

This is one of the biggest privatization deals in Australian history, falling short of the sale of the electricity grid company Transgrid for $10.3 billion last November.

The Port of Melbourne was sold at a higher price than the Australian government had expected.

“The lease, worth in excess of $9.7 billion, reflects strong bidder interest and the port’s value, as the biggest container and cargo port in the country,” the government said.

The takeover may be seen as a sign that investors are seeking safe havens in times of turbulence on the markets.

“Equity markets are starting to realize that they’re going to live in an environment where returns are going to be lower for longer, and they’re looking for secure investments,” Australia’s Treasurer Tim Pallas told Reuters.

According to Pallas, China Investment Corp will get a fifth of the port. A similar share will go to Australia’s sovereign wealth fund, The Future Fund, and Canada’s Ontario Municipal Employees Retirement System.

The sale comes weeks after Australia stopped the Chinese buying a majority stake in the state-owned power network Ausgrid. At the time, China’s commerce ministry said the rejection “seriously impacts the willingness of Chinese companies to invest in Australia.”


“The Port of Melbourne has been sold for $7.3 billion to Chinese and Australian sovereign wealth funds and other investors.”

chinese eh?

“This is one of the biggest privatization deals in Australian history”

selling the farm!

“According to Pallas, China Investment Corp will get a fifth of the port. A similar share will go to Australia’s sovereign wealth fund, The Future Fund, and Canada’s Ontario Municipal Employees Retirement System.”



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Paper terrorism’ case leads to charge against Freeman on the Land member "IndyWatch Feed National"

45-year-old Alberta man charged with intimidation of a peace officer

By Mack Lamoureux, Wallis Snowdon, CBC News Posted: Sep 21, 2016 Police say Allen Boisjoli conducted a campaign of 'paper terrorism' against the justice system and a peace officer after he received a speeding ticket.

Police say Allen Boisjoli conducted a campaign of ‘paper terrorism’ against the justice system and a peace officer after he received a speeding ticket.

Read More


Widespread flooding continues to ravage New South Wales, Australia "IndyWatch Feed National"

Floodwater continues to ravage Australia's New South Wales and meteorologists warn more rain is on the way. Since the flooding started three weeks ago, there have been 81 flood rescues and 1 811 calls for assistance to the SES. Widespread overnight rainfall of...... Read more »


NSW homes evacuated as floodwaters rise "IndyWatch Feed National"

The SES ferries sheep to safety in the Lachlan region. Photo SES Lachlan Region Facebook page

The SES ferries sheep to safety in the Lachlan region. Photo SES Lachlan Region Facebook page

Sydney [AAP]

At least a hundred homes have been evacuated in the NSW central west and a major freight corridor has been blocked off as floodwaters continue to rise in the region.

Around 170 people in the Ungarie area were forced to leave their properties on Thursday following heavy rainfall and water flowing into the Humbug Creek, and the failure of the town’s sewerage system, according to the State Emergency Service.

The Bureau of Meteorology has warned moderate flooding is already occurring at Forbes Iron Bridge and Cottons Weir, and says major flooding in line with the destructive 1990 floods is expected on Sunday.

Murray Brown, whose property sits near the Lachlan River, told AAP about two-thirds of his land was already underwater.

‘We left our cows in an area just thinking ‘There’s enough feed there for a month, that’ll get us through’,’ Mr Brown told AAP.

‘But here we are three weeks later and the water’s still rising.’

He is now preparing to swim a mob of 60 cattle to higher ground to ride out the rest of the flood period.

Farther south, the Newell Highway has been closed in both directions between West Wyalong and Forbes and will not reopen for several weeks. Diversions are in place but add more than three hours travel time, authorities have warned.

‘The problems that will arise with freight are obvious, but it’s also school holidays,’ Roads Minister Duncan Gay told reporters in Sydney on Thursday.

He has urged travellers who can steer clear of the area to do so.

Meanwhile, Emergency Services Minister David Elliott has again pleaded for residents in affected areas not to enter floodwaters.

Five rescues have taken place in the past 24 hours, and the number of rescues undertaken since the flooding began nearly three weeks ago has topped 80.

‘When you consider that a flood rescue requires four SES officers to retrieve, that means that we’re unnecessarily putting lives at risk,’ he said on Thursday.

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Disease rate higher for Indigenous people "IndyWatch Feed National"

Photo from the National Aboriginal Community Controlled Health Organisation (NACCHO)

Photo from the National Aboriginal Community Controlled Health Organisation (NACCHO)

Belinda Tasker

Sydney [AAP]

Indigenous Australians are more than twice as likely than non-Indigenous people to suffer from diseases, most of which are preventable, a report shows.

The latest snapshot of indigenous health by the Australian Institute of Health and Welfare shows while there have been improvements, there remains a wide gap in terms of illnesses and deaths suffered by Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islanders compared with non-indigenous people.

Chronic diseases made up the bulk of diseases among Indigenous Australians, with mental and substance use disorders topping the list followed by injuries, cardiovascular disease, cancer, and respiratory disease.

Overall, indigenous Australians were 2.3 times more likely to have a disease than other Australians, and six times more likely to have diabetes.

AIHW spokesperson Dr Fadwa Al-Yaman said a significant portion of the diseases were preventable.

‘By reducing risk factors such as tobacco and alcohol use, high body mass, physical inactivity and poor diet, over one third of the overall burden for Indigenous Australians could be avoided,’ Dr Al-Yaman said.

Dietary factors contributed to ten per cent of the diseases among indigenous people, while tobacco use was behind two-fifths of cancer, cardiovascular disease and respiratory disease cases.

The report, which was based on data collected in 2011, noted there had been slight improvements in terms of diseases, particularly cardiovascular problems, among Indigenous people since 2003.

However while fewer Indigenous people were dying from diseases, it appeared many were living longer with them.

There were higher rates of diseases among Indigenous people in the Northern Territory and Western Australia compared to those in NSW and Queensland.

Those living in remote and very remote areas were also more likely to have a disease.


* 64 per cent of the total diseases affecting Indigenous Australians are chronic diseases

* Those chronic diseases are:

– 19% mental and substance use disorders

– 15% injuries (including suicide)

– 12% cardiovascular diseases

– 9% cancer

– 8% respiratory diseases

* Males are most likely to have cardiovascular disease

* Females have more blood and metabolic disorders...


Schools funding on ministerial agenda "IndyWatch Feed National"

Shutterstock image

Shutterstock image

Canberra [AAP]

The nation’s education ministers will grapple with how school funding should be divvied up when they meet on Friday.

Ahead of the Adelaide meeting federal education minister Simon Birmingham released figures he claims show how existing arrangements are a ‘corruption’ of the Gonski funding model.

He wants the states and territories ultimately to sign up to a new arrangement that will tie funding to evidence-based school improvement initiatives.

This includes measures such as testing where Year 1 students are up to with reading and maths and putting in minimum literacy and numeracy requirements for Year 12 school leavers.

He’s also determined that any new agreement will include a guarantee from the states and territories that they’ll maintain the real level of per-student funding.

A new funding deal needs to be in place by the start of the 2018 school year.

State and territory leaders and the prime minister are expected to finalise the deal at their first COAG meeting in 2017, likely to be in March or April.

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On the Thermodynamic Black Hole….. "IndyWatch Feed Vic"

I recently heard Dmitry Orlov speaking to Jim Kunstler regarding the Dunbar Number in which he came up with the term ‘Thermodynamic Trap’. As the ERoEI of every energy source known to humanity starts collapsing over the energy cliff, I thought it was more like a thermodynamic black hole, sucking all the energy into itself at an accelerating pace… and if you ever needed proof of this blackhole, then Alice Friedemann’s latest book, “When the trucks stop running” should do the trick.


Alice Friedemann

Chris Martenson interviewed Alice in August 2016 about the future of the trucking industry in the face of Peak Oil, especially now the giant Bakken shale oil field in the US has peaked, joining the conventional oil sources. This podcast is available for download here.trucks_stop_running

Alice sees no solutions through running trucks with alternative energy sources or fuels. I see an increasing number of stories about electric trucks, but none of them make any sense because the weight of the batteries needed to move such large vehicles, especially the long haul variety, is so great it hardly leaves space for freight.

A semi trailer hauling 40 tonnes 1000km needs 1000L of liquid fuel to achieve the task. That’s 10,000kWh of electric energy equivalent. Just going by the Tesla Wall data sheet, a 6.4kWh battery pack weighs in at 97kg. So at this rate, 10,000kWh would weigh 150 tonnes….. so even to reduce the weight of the battery bank down to the 40 tonne carrying capacity of the truck, efficiency would have to be improved four fold, and you still wouldn’t have space for freight..

There are not enough materials on the entire planet to make enough battery storage to replace oil, except for Sodium Sulfur batteries, a technology I had never heard of before. A quick Google found this…..:

The active materials in a Na/S battery are molten sulfur as the positive electrode and molten sodium as the negative. The electrodes are separated by a solid ceramic, sodium alumina, which also serves as the electrolyte. This ceramic allows only positively charged sodium-ions to pass through. During discharge electrons are stripped off the sodium metal (one negatively charged electron for every sodium atom) leading to formation of the sodium-ions that then move through the electrolyte to the positive electrode compartment. The electrons that are stripped off the sodium metal move through the circuit and then back into the battery at the positive electrode, where they are taken up by the molten sulfur to form polysulfide. The positively charged sodium-ions moving into the positive electrode compartment balance the electron charge flow. During charge this process is reversed. The battery must be kept hot (typically > 300 ºC) to facilitate the process (i.e., independent heaters are part of the battery system). In gener...


How Black Athletes Could Create a Watershed in Activist History "IndyWatch Feed National"

There’s the potential at this juncture for bold black athletes to blend many identity issues and address concerns about Mother Earth simultaneously.

— Organizer for the 2016 Facing Race national conference, which will take place November 10-12 in Atlanta, Georgia.

Let’s think about fighting the good fight really well ringing the public bell from an entirely new angle.

In the 60s, when I was writing for Nat Fleischer, the Ring Magazine publisher and eventual inductee into the Boxing Hall of Fame, the old man told me about how Heavyweight Champion of the world Jack Johnson managed to secure a shot at the title in an age when white heavyweight champions routinely avoided the stiff competition offered up by “Negroes” of the day. Johnson had his way with racist champ Tommy Burns once he caught up with him in Australia — having followed him throughout England, Ireland and France — but he wouldn’t have had a chance in hell at winning that championship belt if he had not shamed him into defending his title, brazenly belittling Burns in public. Calling a spade a spade, as it were.

Boastful, arrogant and in-the-face of whites who cruelly ruled the roost and supported the racist professional pugilistic scene in North America, Jack Johnson forced himself into a position where he could be successful, and achieve the legendary status that he eventually did. He even went so far as to intermingle sexually with white women in the journalistic spotlight*, something that was totally verboten in the early 1900s, and for a long time afterwards. In fact, his proactive profile of snubbing traditional societal mores and refusing to play the expected role of a black athlete risked death by lynching.

*Johnson did get slapped with a year and one-day prison sentence for violating the Mann Act in 1912, the authorities having to torture and twist legal parameters to do so.

He wasn’t a Joe Louis or a Floyd Patterson toeing the proper line. And he certainly wasn’t cut of the same cloth as the best black fighters of his time, “Good Negroes” like West Indian Peter Jackson (“shadow” champion during the reign of John L. Sullivan, the first heavyweight champion) and Canadian George “Old Chocolate” Godfrey; they both knew their place, and didn’t push any envelopes. Harry Wills (“shadow” champion during the reign of Jack Dempsey), most boxing experts agree, would have humiliated the racist Manassa Mauler champ in much the same fashion that Johnson humiliated Burns in 1908. And that was true for a number of polite blacks who were denied championship fights, strong legitimate contenders. But they didn’t make any waves outside the ring, like Johnson did (with a smirk), and they so didn’t secure the opportunities they sought.

You might — understandably — ask why I’m going off on all of this boxing history. Well, I could cite counterparts to the history above, as you may know, by drawing from other sports realms too, spotlighting what happened to black jockeys around the same time, and many other sports figures.. The thing is, ALL black athletes today should understand the point that Nat Fleischer made to me shortly before his death. That is, that the blacks who toed the line as per the parameters set by the whites of their times got nowhere. That the breakthrough for Johnson, who became the first Black Heavyweight Champion of the World, becoming a model for Muhammad Ali, was possible only because he took a grand risk.

Colin Kaepernick’s...


10% Of Global Wilderness Has Disappeared Since The 1990s "IndyWatch Feed National"


10% of our wilderness has disappeared in the last 25 years. The bad news? We won’t be able to get that back.

By Alexis Henning

A new study undertaken by the School of Geography Planning and Environmental Management at the University of Queensland, Australia, has found that the world has about 10% of its wilderness only in the past 25 years.

James Watson, an associate professor with the study, stated that “without any policies to protect [most of]these areas, they are falling victim to widespread development. We probably only have one or two decades to turn this around”.

Central Africa and the Amazon saw the heaviest wilderness decline. Of the 1.27 million square miles of global wilderness lost since 1990, the Amazon accounted for about 1/3 of it. 14% of the wilderness lost was from Central Africa. Today, there are only 11.6 million square miles of wilderness left, which is about 20% of the Earth’s total land mass.

BEFORE [Liana Joseph]

BEFORE [Liana Joseph]

AFTER [Liana Joseph]

AFTER [Liana Joseph]

Co-author of the study, Oscar Venter, states:

“The amount of wilderness loss in just two decades is staggering.”

Venter is an associate professor of ecosystem science and management at the University of Northern British Colombia.  “We need to recognize that the wilderness areas, which we’ve foolishly considered to be de-facto protected due to their remoteness, is actually being dramatically lost around the world”.


DNA reveals possible link to mysterious branch of humanity "IndyWatch Feed National"

A group of humans migrating out of Africa some 40,000 to 70,000 years ago mingled with an as-yet unknown branch of humanity, researchers say. Modern humans originated about 150,000 to 200,000 years ago in Africa. However, scientists have long debated when and how the modern human lineage spread out of Africa to nearly every corner of the globe. Nearly everyone outside Africa descended from an exodus that occurred between 40,000 and 70,000 years ago, but recent archaeological findings and climate models suggest that migrations of modern humans from Africa began at least 100,000 years ago. One way to find out whether, in the past, modern humans dispersed from Africa in one wave or many — and to see if they intermingled with any other human lineages along the way — is to examine the genomes of present-day modern humans. "We're interested in understanding how our species has come to be how it is through the lens of ancient DNA," said Swapan Mallick, bioinformatics director at Harvard Medical School in Boston and lead author of one of the three studies appearing in the Sept. 22 issue of the journal Nature. Previous human genetic databases often sampled a relatively narrow range of populations, which could skew results or miss key details about the migrations of modern humans out of Africa. Now, three studies have collected new, high-quality data from 787 human genomes from more than 280 geographically diverse populations around the world, including typically understudied and rapidly disappearing groups. Among the understudied groups researchers looked at are African populations, which have considerable genetic, linguistic and cultural diversity. They also examined genomes from Australia, where previous research uncovered some of the earliest archaeological and fossil evidence of modern humans outside Africa.


Sunshine and gold "IndyWatch Feed Cvic"

Finding the nest of the Eastern Yellow Robin is always a delightful experience. Earlier in the week a rare burst of sunshine drew me to the Rise and Shine in search of this beautiful robin.

This species makes an exquisite nest – stands of grass, moss and fine bark are delicately woven to form the bowl which is then decorated with strips of bark that hang from the outer rim. The Rise and Shine is a great place to observe Eastern Yellow Robins – a series of drainage lines through the reserve are especially favoured.


Eastern Yellow Robin, Rise and Shine, 20th September 2016


The partially constructed nest



Eastern Yellow Robin on nest, Rise and Shine, 20th September 2016









Did you notice the leg-band on the first image?

Other birds seen and heard: Sacred Kingfisher (an early arrival), Horsfield’s Bronze-cuckoo, White-bellied Cuckoo-shrike, Collared Sparrowhawk, Dusky Woodswallow, Fan-tailed Cuckoo, Laughing Kookaburra and suite of the usual honeyeaters.



Bartering on Refugees: The Costa Rica Solution "IndyWatch Feed National"

We will also participate in a US-led program to re-settle Central American refugees currently in a resettlement centre in Costa Rica. Malcolm Turnbull, Australian PM, Sep 21, 2016 It used to be claimed that you could not let the former…


The SUWA Show (September 2016) : Rigaer94 + "IndyWatch Feed National"

On this month’s edition of Floating Anarchy on The SUWA Show (5.30pm /// Friday, September 23 /// 855AM /// streaming live on 3CR), Dr Cam and I have a yarn with uber-special-lovely-Berlin-squatter-guests Lukas, Patrick & Rizo all about Rigaer94, squatting … Continue reading


Singing fish: Fish recorded singing dawn chorus on reefs just like birds "IndyWatch Feed National"

The ocean might seem like a quiet place, but listen carefully and you might just hear the sounds of the fish choir. Most of this underwater music comes from soloist fish, repeating the same calls over and over. But when the calls of different fish overlap, they form a chorus. Robert McCauley and colleagues at Curtin University in Perth, Australia, recorded vocal fish in the coastal waters off Port Headland in Western Australia over an 18-month period, and identified seven distinct fish choruses, happening at dawn and at dusk. You can listen to three of them here:


The day White Privilege made me ‘dead on the inside’ "IndyWatch Feed National"

The demography of this nation is not reflected in our parliaments, which remain the citadels of White Privilege, bastions unleashing vice like assimilation. The racists of my generation are the parliamentarians of today. They may disguise themselves as ‘progressives’ but they perpetuate racism. Those who control the Australia we live in carry on with a […]


The Connection Between Jacob Wetterling and JonBenet Ramsey "IndyWatch Feed National"

Two cases- both freezing cold- suddenly solved within a month of each other. Hmmmm

I couldn’t understand why they are suddenly “solving” these cases- but now I understand. The common denominator in BOTH of these cases is that the REAL perps are connected to this government sanctioned MKUltra program (as Monarch isn’t real- but is used commonly by many) and child sex trafficking. THIS is why they are suddenly focusing on these cases- because my father was DEFINITELY involved- and although I do not know much about the JonBenet Ramsey case- this assertion that she was murdered by a NINE YEAR OLD BOY- who was not only able to murder her but COMPLETELY COVER IT UP is SO ABSURD it defies reality, I am pretty sure that Timothy Holmseth is probably onto something.

But it is THIS they are trying to cover up- and not very well I might add.

“Timothy Charles Holmseth, an author and journalist from East Grand Forks, Minnesota, received a threatening telephone message today from an unidentified caller after publishing a story that links the JonBenet Ramsey murder to a CIA behavioral engineering program called Project Monarch”


Don’t get caught up on a name. No- the name Monarch ISN’T real. It is a name that has been used because it makes people think of butterflies. It was used the SAME WAY Stranger Things on Netflix is being used. They are trying to normalize it and make it seem cool- because who WOULDN’T want to be like Nine? What they have been doing- AND STILL ARE- is VERY real, but the name Monarch is most definitely not.

And the only job police are doing with this is covering it up- unless of course you believe this socially awkward adult- who doesn’t possess the cognitive abilities NOW- AS AN ADULT- to pull this off was a GENIUS murderer at the age of NINE.

And far as MKUltra- we can’t forget Sarah Kershaw- who was investigating it and it’s connections to secret microwave weapons that our media has just said in the past month or so that not only do they exist- but that they are going to be used on US citizens to show the rest of the world THAT THEY ARE SAFE!


Turning tide: Young adults switching off social media apps say their lives have improved "IndyWatch Feed National"

Our love of social media seems to have grown and grown in the past decade, but recent studies show the tide may be turning for some platforms, with young people in particular ditching Facebook. One study claims that more than 11 million teenagers left Facebook between 2011 and 2014. It's been argued that they are swapping public platforms such as Twitter and Instagram for more private messaging apps like WhatsApp and Snapchat. We asked the Guardian's younger readers whether they have quit social media and why, as well as what apps they are ditching. Almost all reported a greater sense of happiness after going offline. Here, we share some of their experiences. Daisy, 23, Manchester: 'I feel less anxious and less like a failure' After a romance ended with a guy I really liked, I kept trying to avoid Facebook so I wouldn't have to see him. It was after this that I gradually switched off from it, but before that I'd been wanting to quit for a while. Facebook made me feel anxious, depressed and like a failure. When I went online it seemed like everyone was in Australia or Thailand, and if they weren't travelling they were getting engaged or landing great jobs. I felt like everyone was living the dream and I was still at home with my parents, with debt from my student loan hanging over me. I also felt that if I wasn't tagging myself at restaurants or uploading photos from nights out, people would assume I wasn't living. I remember a friend from uni said to me once, "Yeah, but you're still going out having fun, I've seen on Facebook." I tried to present myself as always having a great time. If my status didn't get more than five likes, I'd delete it.


An Interview With Dr. Andrew Wakefield: Why We Need Safe Vaccines Immediately — and How to Make it Happen "IndyWatch Feed National"


September 23rd, 2016 By Carolanne Wright Contributing writer for Wake Up World The question of vaccination has polarized parents across the U.S. and beyond for years. In one arena, parents feel itâŹ"s an absolute necessity to have children vaccinated, for the benefit of public good in stopping preventable diseases. These parents typically support the idea of mandatory vaccinations ......


Our Perception of Leadership Needs to Change If We Are To Change The World "IndyWatch Feed National"


September 23rd, 2016 By Tim Bryant Guest writer for Wake Up World âŹSPoor leaders push us towards the goal. Great leaders guide us along the journey.⏠⏠Simon Sinek When we think of world leaders, what often comes to mind? According to Forbes, the top ten qualities of good leaders are honesty, delegation, communication, confidence, ...Continue Reading - Our Perception of Leadership Needs to Change If We Are To Change The World


Neurosurgeon Reveals Radiation from Wi-Fi, Smart Meters and Cell Phones Cause the Blood-Brain Barrier to Leak "IndyWatch Feed National"


September 23rd, 2016 By Marco Torres Guest writer for Wake Up World Dr. Leif Salford is a Neurosurgeon at Sweden’s Lund University Hospital, and a Professor and Chairman of the Department of Neurosurgery at Lund University. Since 1988 Dr. Salford and his colleagues have conducted many studies on radio frequency radiation and its effects on the ...Continue Reading - Neurosurgeon Reveals Radiation from Wi-Fi, Smart Meters and Cell Phones Cause the Blood-Brain Barrier to Leak


The School System: The Incarceration of Children "IndyWatch Feed National"

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Thursday, 22 September


Vic police suspended for leaking info "IndyWatch Feed National"

There are plenty more actions of police corruption that the corporate media has not reported.

One example is one that occurs every day in the so called (kangaroo) courts of Australia.

For one the police swear an oath to a false entity namely the Queen of Australia.

As of 2013 Victoria Police was made a corporation with a CEO, arising from the Victoria Police Act 2013.

Is the corporate media protecting the names of criminals in Victoria Police?

Normally the corporate media publishes the names of (alleged) criminals in society.

When you are taken to court for an alleged criminal offence, you do not know (the legal name of the person) who takes you to court in the case of police, whereas your name is published in the court list.

As an example the name of an officer is published as P. Smith, which is NOT a legal name.

See article from from 22 September 2016 of the headline:

Vic police suspended for leaking info

Four serving police officers and a former officer are being investigated in Victoria over drug use and the leaking of police information to criminals.
Search warrants were executed at five Melbourne properties on August 17 and the five were all interviewed and released as part of an ongoing investigation, Victoria Police say.

"The arrests and searches relate to a protracted investigation into the improper release of police information to people not entitled to be in possession of such information, including criminals," a police spokesman said.

The investigation is also looking at drug use.

The four police officers, a female senior constable and three male detective senior constables, have been suspended with pay pending the outcome of the criminal investigation.

Police would not comment any further, saying it would be inappropriate "as the investigation is ongoing".


US airstrikes on Syrian troops were ‘intentional,’ lasted nearly 1 hour – Assad to AP "IndyWatch Feed National"

Syrian President Bashar Assad says that US airstrikes which killed 62 Syrian government troops were “intentional†and they lasted for an hour. He added that the US “does not have the will†to join Russia in fighting terrorists in Syria. Article contains video interview of Bashar al-Assad on this matter. (Article first published on RT on 22 Sep, 2016 11:18 at

Speaking to the Associated Press in Damascus, the Syrian leader denied that the airstrikes carried out by the US near Deir ez-Zor on September 17 were an accident. Sixty-two Syrian soldiers were killed and over 100 were injured, according to the Syrian military. Assad said they were “intentionally†targeted.

“It was not an accident by one airplane; it was four airplanes which kept attacking the position of the Syrian troops for nearly one hour or maybe a little bit more than one hour,†Assad told AP, adding they were attacking a large area that “constituted of many hills†adjacent to where the Syrian troops were stationed.

Assad also questioned how IS was able to launch an attack so quickly after the airstrike.

“The IS troops attacked at the very same time as the American strike. How could they know that America was going to attack that position in order to gather their militants right away and attack it one hour after the strike. It was definitely intentional and not unintentional,†he added.

The Pentagon said the airstrikes on Syrian troops were an accident and that they were aimed at Islamic State (IS, formerly ISIS/ISIL) terrorists.

Assad also claimed that the US is not interested in fighting terrorists in Syria, saying that Washington “lacks the will†to join Russia in trying to eliminate extremist groups.

“When you have many external factors that you don't control, it's going to drag on and no one in this world can tell you when,†he answered a question about when the war might end.

He also said that the conflict is likely to drag on because the US, Saudi Arabia, Turkey and Qatar keep supporting those opposed to Assad’s rule.

The Syrian president dismissed US claims that Russian or Syrian planes were responsible for a fatal attack on an aid convoy which killed 21 people September 19. He said the American accusations have “no credibility†and they are “just lies.â€

“I would say whatever the American officials said about the conflict in Syria has no credibility. Whatever they say is just lies.â€

When pressed about what happened to the aid convoys, Assad said they were passing through rebel-held areas and these “terrorists†were responsible for their security. 

“We don’t have any idea about what happened. The only thing we saw was videos of burnt-out, destroyed trucks and nothing else,†Assad said.

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Scientists Find Fruit In Australia Capable Of Killing Cancer, Mainstream Media Stays Silent "IndyWatch Feed National"


“The compound works by three ways essentially: it kills the tumour cells directly, it cuts off the blood supply and it also activates the body’s own immune system to clean up the mess that’s left behind.”

Via TrueActivist



Already, 1 in 2 people is expected to develop cancer in their lifetimes. That’s 50% of all humans on Earth. If a potential cure was found, one would expect to see it broadcasted on every mainstream media site, correct? Unfortunately, that’s not the world we live in. Regardless, this recent discovery is worth knowing about and passing along to others.

According to ABC News, an eight-year-long study led by Dr. Glen Boyle, from the QIMR Berghofer medical research institute in Brisbane, has confirmed that a compound in a rare berry which grows exclusively in Australia is capable of killing tumors. The flushed berry, also known as the Hylandia dockrillii, has a unique compound called EBC-46 that kills head and neck tumors as well as melanomas. In approximately 75% of the cases, says Dr. Boyle, the cancer cells did NOT come back.

He explains:

“There’s a compound in the seed – it’s a very, very complicated process to purify this compound and why it’s there in the first place, we don’t know. The compound works by three ways essentially: it kills the tumour cells directly, it cuts off the blood supply and it also activates the body’s own immune system to clean up the mess that’s left behind.” 

Scientists are astounded by how fast the compound in the flushed berry works, as well as the lack of side effects caused by the treatment. In trials, the drug took effect within five minutes and tumors disappeared within days.



ACT Elections: Sustainable Australia Candidates in all five electorates "IndyWatch Feed National"

All five ACT electorates to be contested by Sustainable Australia. Sustainable Australia’s first state/territory campaign will see the party contest all five ACT electorates, represented by a diverse range of candidates from an Indigenous Elder to a 20 year old ANU science student.

Sustainable Australia (ACT) president John Haydon is representing the party in Kurrajong, and says he's delighted to have all five electorates covered in the party's first non-federal campaign.

Mr Haydon says, "Our campaign will focus on three key points: Save Canberra from overdevelopment; Lower rates; and Protect our trees."

"We will provide for proper community consultation in all development applications across the ACT.

"By slowing population growth, we relieve the ACT of the need to build and/or retro-fit so much budget-breaking complex infrastructure - like ever more trams, hospitals and schools. This budget relief will achieve lower rates than would otherwise be the case.

"And by saving Canberra from ever more sprawl and infill overdevelopment we are the only party with a sustainable plan to protect our trees and green space."

Ngunnawal Elder Violet Sheridan is standing for the party in the seat of Yerrabi, covering Gungahlin.

Ms Sheridan says, "It is important to provide better education opportunities for Aboriginal youth and all young Australians, as well as housing affordability for first home buyers and renters. I'm also passionate about protecting the ACT's Aboriginal and European heritage from overdevelopment."

The party's Ginninderra candidate Martin Tye obtained a Bachelor of Applied Science in Geography from the University of Canberra, and also has an extensive background in small business, running successful retail outlets for over 30 years.

"My extensive campaigning around Belconnen has told me that many voters are tired of the same old political choices, and want something different. Most voters want a common sense party from the political centre, and support our aim for an economically, environmentally and socially sustainable ACT," said Mr Tye.

Mr Tye's son Oliver is also running for the party, in Kurrajong in which his university sits.

"I'm loving studying science at ANU but would go to part-time study if I had the privilege of representing younger voters in the ACT Legislative Assembly," said Mr (Oliver) Tye.

Full details on the campaign can be found at our website:

Policy Platform - Sustainable Australia

Sustainable Australia | Policies

Established in 2010 from the political centre, we aim to secure an economically, environmentally and socially sustainable Australia.

To meet our aims, we have developed a comprehensive policy platform, detailed below.

This includes 10 policy priorities:

  1. Secure jobs in a more diverse economy, underpinned by small business
  2. Environmental restoration with a renewable energy revolution and better protection of biodiversity
  3. ...


Where is the CCTV Footage for the 125 Murdered at the Pentagon? "IndyWatch Feed National"

CCTV of Jill Meagher (L), then  Adrian Bayley (R) By Dee McLachlan Four years ago today (22nd September, 2012), Gillian “Jill” Meagher, a 29 year old Irish woman, was raped and murdered while walking home from a pub in Brunswick, in Melbourne. After she failed to come home, her husband, Tom, reported her as missing, and it soon became a homicide […]


‘Ancient humans left Africa once’ "IndyWatch Feed National"

Human migration out of Africa, picture by P.D. deMenocal and C. Stringer/Nature 2016

From Science News:

Going global

Previous studies have used fossil, archaeological and genetic data to time humans’ colonization of the world (times shown above). New genetic studies may change that map; they suggest small numbers of people left Africa 120,000 years ago, but left little trace in the DNA of present-day people. Most non-Africans inherited their DNA from people who left Africa between about 70,000 and 50,000 years ago, new studies suggest. But a climate study indicates that was the worst possible time for an out-of-Africa migration and suggests people may have left earlier, between 80,000 and 100,000 years ago.

This video says about itself:

Predicted spread of humans around the world | Science News

21 September 2016

Earth wobbles on its axis, causing major climate shifts. Some of those shifts turned the Arabian Peninsula into lush grassland that ancient humans could have traversed as they migrated out of Africa. Researchers at the University of Hawaii at Manoa simulated climate conditions over the last 125,000 years and predicted how those changes would have allowed humans to spread around the globe (increasing intensity of red shows greater predicted migration).

Credit: Tobias Friedrich

The Science News article continues:

Single exodus from Africa gave rise to today’s non-Africans

Genetic data point to a date less than 72,000 years ago but climate scientists disagree

By Tina Hesman Saey

3:28pm, September 21, 2016

One wave of ancient human migrants out of Africa gave rise to all non-Africans alive today, three separate genetic studies conclude.

Those human explorers left Africa about 50,000 to 72,000 years ago, mixed with Neandertals and spread across the world, researchers report online September 21 in Nature. The studies present data from genetically diverse and previously unrepresented populations. Together they offer a detailed picture of deep human history and may settle some long-standing debates, but there is still room to quibble. All non-Africans stem from one major founding population, the studies agree, but earlier human migrations are also recorded in present-day people’s DNA, one study finds. And a fourth study in the same issue of Nature, this one focusing on ancient climate, also makes the case for an earlier exodus.

Scientists have long debated when anatomically m...


Why Is Environmental Damage Of War Considered A Taboo Subject? "IndyWatch Feed National"

By Diane Mantzaris While Australia’s so called progressive left has been hollering about the environmental damage caused to our planet and lamenting the impact of...


Beware — Someone is dropping Malware-infected USB Sticks into People's Letterbox "IndyWatch Feed Vic"

Hey! Wait! Wait! Wait! Don't plug in that USB stick into your laptop. It could infect your computer with malware and viruses. Australia's Victoria Police Force has issued a warning regarding unmarked USB flash drives containing harmful malware being dropped inside random people's letterboxes in the Melbourne suburb of Pakenham. It seems to one of the latest tactics of cyber criminals to


Strengthening Parks Victoria [1]: it’s the money, stupid "IndyWatch Feed Cvic"

What can be done to strengthen Parks Victoria? Currently Parks is running a community engagement campaign designed to elicit new ideas about how our parks system can run better.

You can find details about the campaign, and how you can participate here .

This sign was found by FOBIF members buried under debris: the spider tells the story. We propped it against a tree. Understaffing and poor resources means basic Parks infrastructure and maintenance are neglected.

This sign was found by FOBIF members buried under debris: the spider tells the story. We propped it against a tree. Understaffing and poor resources means basic Parks infrastructure and maintenance are neglected.











The campaign is backed by a discussion paper, Strengthening Parks Victoria, which is full of good ideas and info about our Parks System. We learn, for example, how Parks can improve people’s health, how they can protect biodiversity, how they’re vital in maintaining our water supply, and how they can increase the community’s understanding and appreciation of nature. None of this is new.

Almost the only thing missing from the document, in fact, is the information that our Parks are seriously under resourced. This puts a double question mark after most of the excellent aspirations in the document.

The entire exercise has a feel good quality: lots of photos of happy people and healthy animals doing their thing, under the benign eye of a well paid ranger. This can have a slightly cloying effect on the reader, as we pointed out in our post on the PV Annual report this year. This document, as readers will remember, essentially told us that the world was crashing around Parks Victoria’s ears, but that God was in His Heaven, and All was Well: although savage budget cuts had gutted PV’s ‘core operations’, a new era of ‘excellence’ was dawning.

For a grimmer account of the state of our park system, we recommend the March edition of Parkwatch magazine, available online here: The gist of this is something readers of this site will be familiar with: Parks need more money.


Strengthening Parks Vic [2]: have your say! "IndyWatch Feed Cvic"

For this reason, we believe it would be good if a lot of people responded to this consultation process.

It doesn't look much: a pile of lawn clippings dumped in the Castlemaine Diggings NHP: dumping of garden rubbish is actually worse than more unsightly junk like computers and the like, because it has the capacity to spread weeds into bushland. The answer is more active education, and better supervision. Both cost money.

It doesn’t look much: a pile of lawn clippings dumped in the Castlemaine Diggings NHP at Glenluce: dumping of garden rubbish is actually worse than more unsightly junk like computers and the like, because it has the capacity to spread weeds into bushland. The answer is more active education, and better supervision. Both cost money.

You don’t have to take a lot of time about it. Click here  and tell Parks what you think: or, by clicking on the heart icon on the feedback page, you can just give a vote to one of the opinions already on there. By doing so, you’re also talking to the State Government, and this is the real nub of the matter. We are told that the State has some money from the sale of the Port of Melbourne. Let’s put some pressure on the government to spend some of this on the proper management of our most precious resource: the environment.

If you want to be more ambitious in your response, you can download and fill in the workbook supplied by the project.

Responses are due by noon on October 7.


Strengthening Parks Vic [3]: we hope this phrase isn’t sinister "IndyWatch Feed Cvic"

The consultation project will culminate with the production of a final report, which will focus on:

  1. A community vision for parks
  2. Legislative and policy reform
  3. A modern business in government.

We haven’t been able to find out what the last of these means: but we hope it doesn’t prefigure yet another effort to turn this public service enterprise into a profit making business. We know that the parks system already generates $1.5 billion a year to the Victorian economy. We can do without projects to commercialise public assets via tourism infrastructure projects inside our parks.


Victoria’s parks burning: an intriguing statistic "IndyWatch Feed Cvic"

Some of the info revealed in the Parks Victoria discussion paper is predictable. Some is quite disturbing: for example, we learn that Parks Victoria administers 18% of Victoria—but contributes 50% of the planned burning target. This is an eloquent reminder that our parks bear the brunt of systematic burning, even though authorities repeatedly talk about how fuel reduction should be ‘tenure blind’—that is, that it should be concentrated where it is needed, whether on private or public land.


Herbal lore "IndyWatch Feed Cvic"

We have a special treat for this Sunday’s working bee at the Newstead Community garden which starts at 10am and goes through until about 2.30pm Thornhill Lane Biodynamics skincare owner and skincare product maker Stefania Netcu will be with us from midday for about an hour. Thanks to Gen for inviting her and organising it. … Continue reading Herbal lore


A Nice Triple Treat of Bizjets Call into Hamilton Island Airport Thursday "IndyWatch Feed Nsw"

On Thursday 22 September, there was a nice triple treat of bizjets to call into Hamilton Island Airport, including a nice American registered Gulfstream.

Jean-Luc Altherr /

Gulfstream Aerospace G-V-SP (G550) N919PE was noted arriving from Cairns and looked to be spending the night.

MWP Racing Bombardier CL-600-2A12 Challenger 601 VH-MXK made its second visit to CQ calling into Hamilton Island Airport from the Gold Coast.  It departed back there a bit later in the day.

And Brenzil Dassault Falcon 7X VH-CRW touched down at Hamo once again from its Brisbane base.  It too looked to be staying.

Meanwhile, after touching down at Hamilton Island Airport earlier in the week, GSA Industries Bombardier CL-600-2B16 Challenger 601 VH-NSB departed on Wednesday 21 September to the Gold Coast and Melbourne (Essendon).

And as mentioned below, on Tuesday 20 September, Shortstop Jet Charter British Aerospace BAe-125-1000B VH-LMP touched down at Hamo from Essendon and later departed to Sydney.

Finally, also on Thursday 22 September, LifeFlight (ex Careflight Queensland) (Aeromed) LearJet 45 bizjet VH-VVI "Ambulance 451" has yet again visited CQ, calling into Rockhampton Airport from Brisbane.  At the time of writing, it is currently flying to Blackall and will later fly to Longreach before returning to Brisbane.


Is Australia’s Refugee Policy Really Everything Turnbull Made it Out to Be? "IndyWatch Feed National"

For human rights groups who have been campaigning against the Australian immigration policy, Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull’s words of self-praise are a little hard to digest.

Malcolm Turnbull. Credit: Reuters/Files

Malcolm Turnbull. Credit: Reuters/Files

Canberra: In a small reception room, a stack of bilingual flyers in Vietnamese and English urged enrolment in the voters’ rolls before the October 15 legislative assembly elections in the Australian Capital Territory (ACT). Another pamphlet talked about a programme funded by the local government for volunteers to help students with their homework to cope with the burden of an unfamiliar school curriculum.

The Canberra-based Migrant and Refugee Resettlement Services of the ACT (MARSS) are a typical example of Australia’s extensive network of organisations, working with the government and equipped with dedicated social workers, to integrate refugees and asylum seekers into Australian society.

While their resettlement programme is considered to be a global model, Australian Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull supported a more controversial template when he spoke on Wednesday, August 21, in New York at the leaders’ summit on refugees.

“Strong borders are not just about security. They are crucial to ensuring social harmony and public support for migration domestically…,” Turnbull said at the invitation-only summit convened by US President Barack Obama.

He asserted that “strong borders” enable Australia to provide support to refugees. “Australia is a prime example. Securing our borders has increased public confidence and enabled Australia to have one of the world’s most generous humanitarian regimes,” he added.

Turnbull told the summit that Australia would increase its annual intake by over 35% to 18,750 refugees, up from 13,750, with another $130 million for next three years to resettlement services.

Former Australian Prime Minister Tony Abbott had previously announced before that his country would increase refugee intake to 18,750 refugees in 2018-19, but had not indicated that this level would be maintained. Turnbull said in his speech this increase would be permanent.

He added that strong borders were necessary for Australia to commit to welcoming 12,000 additional Syrian and Iraqi refugees.

Australian opposition leader Bill Shorten accused Turnbull of rehashing Abott’s figures. “Malcolm Turnbull has flown to New York to reannounce Tony Abbott’s policies,” Shorten said, as per an ABC report.

He accused Turnbull of not dealing with the “elephant in the room” – the continuing “indefinite” detention of refugees in offshore facilities.



U.K. Rap Veteran Akala Is Celebrating A Decade Of Hip Hop With An Aussie Tour "IndyWatch Feed Nsw"

U.K. Rap Veteran Akala Is Celebrating A Decade Of Hip Hop With An Aussie Tour

MOBO Awardwinning UK hip hop artist Akala is heading to Australia and NZ for a series of intimate shows, in celebration of a decade’s worth of work in music.

In addition to having five albums under his belt, the writer and poet has had a lot to celebrate throughout his ten years, from touring the U.K. with Nas and Damian Marley and supporting the likes of M.I.A., Christina Aguilera, and The Verve’s Richard Ashcroft, to appearances at every major festival on the U.K. circuit.

Thoughtful and outspoken, Akala has given a series of lectures on racial issues, and recently spoke to U.S. hip hop channel Vlad TV about racism in the U.K. and the U.K.’s role in slavery, continuing his commitment to social activism and thought-provoking art.

Interestingly, his song ‘The Edge’ was featured on the soundtrack for video game NBA 2K10, while his older sister and fellow rapper Ms. Dynamite was featured on the soundtrack for FIFA 2003.

Playing some of our favourite intimate venues in the country, we can’t think of a better evening for any fans of conscious lyricism delivered via sharp London flows.


Thursday Dec 8th – The Foundry, Brisbane QLD
Saturday Dec 10th – Newtown Social Club, Sydney NSW
Sunday Dec 11th – Nortcote Social Club, Melbourne VIC
Thursday Dec 15th – Whammy Bar, Auckland NZ
Friday Dec 16th – Edinburgh Castle, Adelaide SA
Sunday Dec 18th – Rosemount Hotel, Perth WA

Supports TBA

Tickets via OZTIX, TICKETSCOUT &...


Video: Hillary versus Trump "IndyWatch Feed National"

From The Juice Media Rap News comedy.

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Relationships Australia Victoria "IndyWatch Feed Cvic"

Relationships Australia Victoria (RAV) is a major sponsor of the 2016 ECCV Statewide Conference “The Next Generation of Multicultural Victoria: Intergenerational Perspectives,” which is being held in Ballarat on Friday 11 November, 2016.

RAV is a leading provider of family and relationship support services. With 12 centres across the state and additional outreach locations, RAV offers a diverse range of services including counselling, therapeutic case management, family violence, group work and dispute resolution services.

RAV's core expertise is in supporting individuals, families and communities affected by social and wellbeing issues such as family violence, mental health difficulties and high conflict family law disputes.

ECCV 2016 Statewide Conference - "The Next Generation of Multicultural Victoria: Intergenerational Perspectives" - Ballarat Friday 11 November, 2016. 

Details: here

For more information about Relationships Australia Victoria call 1300 364 277 or visit


Double J Unveil Big Plans For The 25th Anniversary Of ‘Nevermind’ "IndyWatch Feed Vic"

Double J Unveil Big Plans For The 25th Anniversary Of ‘Nevermind’

Saturday, September 24th marks 25 years since Nirvana’s Nevermind was released, and Double J are celebrating.

Nevermind is undoubtedly one of the most popular, critically revered, and influential albums of all time. Heralding the start of the grunge explosion that dominated most of the ’90s, Nirvana’s sophomore album still continues to sell well and inspire countless musicians around the world.

To celebrate, Double J are holding a big series of commemorative events. Kicking off on Saturday at noon with the ‘Smells Like Teen Spirit’ documentary, the Double J crew will be looking at the album’s famous single, the impact it had on Australian and international music, and pop culture in general. Then, at 4pm, Double J will be replaying Nirvana’s famous concert from Melbourne’s Palais Theatre from their one and only visit to our fair country.

Between the events, Double J will be playing the best music of 1991 from all of the other important albums to have been released that year, including Pearl Jam’s Ten, Yothu Yindi’s Tribal Voice, Clouds’ Penny Century, and Public Enemy’s The Enemy Strikes Back. To cap it all off, Caz Tran will be playing the entirety of the album itself at 10am on Sunday morning, interspersed with rare archival interviews from the band.

Be sure to be listening to Double J on Saturday and Sunday when they go through one of the most comprehensive tributes to Nevermind that you’ll ever see.


Safety experts want lower speed limits "IndyWatch Feed Nsw"

Safety experts want lower speed limits Oxley Highway

Experts at the recent Australasian Road Safety Conference in Canberra have unanimously declared that lower speed limits are the best answer for reducing the road toll.

Delegate Judith Kuerschner says the “simplistic solution” of lowering speed limits is pertinent given the current NSW Government move to reduce speed limits on the Oxley Highway.


The road safety campaigner says that when the conference panel of “experts” from the opening plenary was asked “what is the one thing we could do tomorrow that would have an immediate impact on reducing the road toll?” the unanimous, “and unfortunate”, answer was to lower speed limits.

“This, not only raises revenue for the govt but limits insurance payouts (less speed = less damage WHEN you crash),” she says.

“The expectation from governments and ‘experts’ is that everyone will crash because people will, inevitably, make mistakes. Their aim, as a quick-fix, low-cost, high-revenue solution is to lower speed limits (without care for the increased risk of fatigue or distraction related crashes).

“A longer term, however, potentially more costly, solution is to invest in competency based driver/rider training and ongoing post licence training updates to equip people with the skills to avoid crashes, correct their mistakes when they do make them and minimise risk to themselves and others on the road.

“There are many nations who make this investment, Australia chooses not to be one of them because our governments don’t have the fiscal management skills of a three-year-old and need the money generated from fines to provide basic services (of which road maintenance is not particularly considered one).”

Judith began her road safety campaign after witnessing her husband being killed by a driver turning in front of him without indicating. She was also an Australian Motoring Enthusiast Party candidate at the last election.

Judith Küerschner experts

Judith Kuerschner

Despite her concern about the speed-focus of road safety exerts at the conference, she says the new Director of Road Safety Programs at Austroads, David Bobberman, was a breath of fresh air.

“He was openly encouraging delegates to put forward new ideas for Austroads to follow up on, not just re-hash the same old, same old, which is what the speed and enforcement argument is,” she says.

“The fact that over 100 people have died on the road above the projections for a 30% decrease by 2020 must surely speak to the fact that what we are currently doing to reduce the toll isn...


My Body My Right presents 'Barely Legal' with Bad Bitch Choir, Mezko, Marcus Whale, and more "IndyWatch Feed Nsw"

You could spend fifteen bucks on half a movie ticket or you could use it for this excellent event. My Body My Right is a group that promotes and supports appeals for safe spaces around our state's abortion clinics. In another bid for this being potentially the least caring NSW government we've ever had, it's 2016 and our state leaders still view abortion as a crime. Thank goodness for the actions of people like My Body My Right, not only are they doing more then Baird to protect and support women, they're also hosting a bloody great gig.

Donate that aforementioned fifteen beans and be rewarded by sets from Marcus Whale, Del Lumanta, Mezko, Luen Jacobs, Legs 11.11, Wyldstyle and the joyous group of gals that make up the Bad Bitch Choir. There's also talks, a raffle, cheap drinks and a chance to be demonstrative about your alliance with reproductive rights. If you can't get there, at least sign the petition for sanctioned safe spaces here.


Jazz Made In Australia- 26 September 2016- Memory of Elements+ Gould & Nock "IndyWatch Feed Vic"

Memory of Elements is a Perth based band which seems to be a cooperative without one particular leader with compositions being contributed by all members who are all leaders in their own right. They are Jamie Oehlers, saxophones; Carl Mackey, saxophones; Tom O’Halloran, piano; Simon Jeans, guitar; Pete Jeavons, double bass; and Ben Vanderwal, drums. However, on this, their second release the compositions are by Tom O’Halloran except for one written by Paul Grabowsky.

Tom is known mostly for his trio albums and tours the trio regularly. He has worked with many name jazz players both here and overseas, but has also worked with rock and pop artists. Tom O’Halloran leads the jazz piano dept. at WAAPA that’s the West Australian Academy of Performing Arts and is also a composer of Contemporary Classical music.


Tom O’Halloran

Saxophonist Jamie Oehlers is considered one of Australia’s most outstanding jazz musicians and I would think that any follower of Australian jazz would be well aware of his music by now.

Carl Mackey is another extremely talented saxophonist  and leader of his own groups. He is also, like the others, an educator.

Another recording I will focus on this week is the latest in the Monash Sessions series. The two guest musicians invited to play with, and teach the students of the Sir Zelman Cohen School of Music at Monash University in Victoria are, Tony Gould and Mike Nock– veteran pianists, composers and educators.


Tony Gould


Mike Nock

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The Griswolds Appeared On US TV & It Was Ridiculously Awkward "IndyWatch Feed Nsw"

The Griswolds Appeared On US TV & It Was Ridiculously Awkward

If we needed any more proof that The Griswolds are killing it overseas right now, one need look no further than their performance on America’s Today show this morning.

However, it seems as though the hosts of Today aren’t too educated when it comes to the topic of Australian indie rock bands or famous ’80s comedies, considering they had no idea what the name of the band on their own show was and had to ask the group where their name comes from.

Co-host Hoda Kotb started the group’s introduction by asking “What is your name again, the name of your band?” Upon being told that they were in fact called The Griswolds, she investigated further, asking why they picked that name.

“Fans of the National Lampoon series,” responded frontman Christopher Whitehall. “Which tells you a lot about their wasted youth,” joked Kotb, before the group jumped into an amazing performance of new single ‘Out Of My Head’.

If the host having no clue about who they are wasn’t enough, they then sat down for an interview with the two hosts of the Today show and radio host Elvis Duran and were forced to sit through painfully awkward ‘Down Under’ jokes.

The Sydney four-piece have spent quite a large chunk of their time in the States recently, with a small tour of intimate shows finishing up soon. Considering the high viewership that Today has, there’s no doubt that The Griswolds have just won themselves a large portion of new fans.


pulled in all directions "IndyWatch Feed Nsw"

My quiet ways of late have nothing to do with writer’s block and everything to do with disappearing time.

Recently, there have been so many days where I’ve thrown my hands in the air and closed the laptop, essentially giving up. Trying to work with an eighteen-month-old in tow is impossible and so I’ve resorted to only writing when he’s sleeping (which is rarely…why oh why don’t my children sleep during the day?!) or when he’s with a doting grandmother. Still, I feel right now that I’m literally pulled in various directions, trying my best to keep up, watching the unread emails and the to-do list grow. It can be anxiety-inducing but in those moments of overwhelm I come back to my truth – breathe, be present, it will be ok.

Thankfully, Term 3 is just about done and we’re creeping to the finish line. Slow mornings with nowhere to be are just around the corner…I have grand plans for PJ days, library visits, book reading and beach walking. There’s a birthday to celebrate, too; Che turns nine and now, more than ever, I’m conscious of holding on to this last year before he hits double digits. I see glimpses of the teenager he will become; attitude, yes, but also a fabulous vocabulary, an insatiable appetite for books and a passion for acting. He wants to be on the stage, this boy, and I have no doubt that he’ll make it there. As he teeters on the cusp of 10 and takes a few more steps into the world away from me, I’m learning new ways of mothering – parenting the first born is always a new experience, no matter their age.


These past few weeks have been to-ing and fro-ing between winter and spring; rain and cool and warmth and blossoms. On the sunny spring days it’s glorious; wisteria in abundance, blue skies and just enough warmth to conjure days at the beach – not too far away. On each and every clear day there are two or three loads of washing on the line and I feel such a sense of accomplishment when the spaghetti bolognese stains are sun-bleached and impossible to find. I’m moving through the house doing my best to freshen up the space – flannelette has been swapped for cotton and I’ve gathered the woollens together to pack away with lavender; best keep those moths at bay.



Angus Stone Leads New Aussie Boutique Festival’s Debut Lineup "IndyWatch Feed Nsw"

Angus Stone Leads New Aussie Boutique Festival’s Debut Lineup

Grow Your Own, Australia’s newest boutique coastal festival is set to debut in Froster, NSW this summer with a stellar lineup featuring Dope Lemon, Jack River, The Ruiins, Jake Meadows, James Bennett, Galleri, Los Skallywags, and Vanilla Gorilla.

Dope Lemon is the newest project from acclaimed Australian singer-songwriter Angus Stone, best known as one half of the project he shares with his sister, Angus & Julia Stone, whose list of accolades includes ARIAs and topping the Hottest 100.

Besides an opportunity for punters to enjoy great music in a scenic location, Forster’s Grow Your Own festival is a celebration of the talent coming out of regional Australia, with seven of the eight acts having grown up in the Great Lakes area.

The event is the brainchild of former locals Holly Rankin and Lee McConnell. “I have always been so excited by the amount of creative talent coming out of my hometown. As well as bands and visual artists, we are seeing local labels finding national success,” said Holly.

“Along with this, more and more young people are moving to, and visiting the coast seeking a life more connected to farming and produce. Lee and I wanted to create a festival that celebrates all of this and Forster is more than ready for a large scale music event.”

“It’s pretty cool to have so much creative talent come out of the Forster area,” added Lee. “With Grow Your Own not only can we celebrate this and have fun together but also inspire the youth and those who are hiding there talents to go have a crack.”

Grown Your Own 2016

Dope Lemon
Jack River
The Ruiins
Jake Meadows
James Bennett
Los Scallywaggs
Vanilla Gorilla

Friday, 23rd December 2016
Club Forster’s Backyard, Forster NSW
Tickets: Forster’s Grow Your Own


The Grumpy Donuts shop is opening this weekend "IndyWatch Feed Nsw"

Elise and Scott at Grumpy Donuts have been tinkering and testing down in their donut laboratory, a place I like to imagine as some kind of sugar-glazed Large Hadron Collider. After a couple of years teaching themselves the art of what makes a good donut, they are ready to share their treats via their new shop in Camperdown, opening this Saturday the 24th.

These two donut connoisseurs gained their inspiration after taking on the noble task of travelling the world in search of fine sweets and pastries. Especially taken by honest and understated vendors in NYC, the pair returned and decided that Sydney needed a bit of a fresh sugar kick.

The cute little space sits on the corner of Pyrmont Bridge Road and Chester Street, just around the corner from Waywards Brewing Co where they held an event last night to celebrate their imminent opening.

Festivities kicked off with some cheeky little fried chicken sliders, Waywards’ usual array of ales and the choice of a Sour Raspberry Lemonade donut themed beer (actually delicious).

It was all about the donuts though, which arrived to rapturous applause. The Coffee and Almond offering is a striking mix of sweet and savoury while the Buttered Toast is mostly just sweet – delish.

Grumpy Donuts are pretty to look at, soft and satisfying to the touch and completely indulgent – everything a good donut should be. And, the first 200 customers who head down to the flagship's opening get free donuts.


Just Reinvest Youth Forum "IndyWatch Feed Nsw"

Youth Ambassadors of Just Reinvest NSW in partnership with the Kingsford Legal Centre are holding a Just Reinvest Youth Forum on Thursday 6 October, at 6.30pm in G02 Theatre, Central Lecture Block, UNSW.

We cannot afford to lose another generation of Aboriginal children to the criminal justice system.
Right now, over half of the children in NSW jails are Aboriginal. In 2014 it cost us $293,200 to lock up one child for one year. Imagine what that money could be spent on in communities.
The recently aired ABC Four Corners ‘Backing Bourke’ episode gave us insight into the importance of a justice reinvestment approach in the Bourke community to curb youth crime and reduce incarceration.


Sarah Hopkins, Chair of Just Reinvest NSW

Kaleesha Morris, KLC, Youth Ambassador, Just Reinvest NSW

Kobie Duncan, Youth Ambassador, Just Reinvest NSW

Trei Stewart, Youth Ambassador, Just Reinvest NSW

Keenan Mundine, Arbias, Youth Ambassador, Just Reinvest NSW

Come and learn more about Justice Reinvestment and what you can do to help!

Please RSVP by Friday 1 October 2016 by emailing your name to:





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Ready, willin’ and able: generosity and solidarity are key components of Williamstown singing group "IndyWatch Feed Vic"

Leaving Melbourne via the Westgate Bridge on a Wednesday evening, clouds of steam cluster and dissipate into the darkening sky. It’s fair to assume these plumes are output from the factories and refineries dotting the coast like pins in a board from Port Melbourne to Geelong. It’s also possible that part of the component entering the atmosphere is a heady mix of CO2 and endorphins being exhaled by the Willin Wimmin of Williamstown, having their weekly sing.

10583998_1446634612280983_6251822852438359669_nWillin Wimmin past and present were reunited last month to celebrate 25 years as a community choir giving voice to women, and spreading the joy of singing and community to audiences in the west and beyond. By their reckoning, this amounts to roughly 1000 rehearsals, more than 200 performances, over 300 songs and 250 women who have been involved since the inception of the singing group.

Worthy of a knees up, by anyone’s standard. The room was filled with friends, partners and family, everyone brought their own dinner, there was support with sound and lighting from their mates at the Newport Community Choir: it was a community event in every sense of the word.

The group sprung from the John Bolton Theatre School which was based in Williamstown, back in 1991. John employed Bronwen Barton as his music teacher who, with John’s partner and a few friends started singing together. The seeds for Willin Wimmin were sown and interest quickly caught on among the community. The singers were not only Willin Wimmin, they were feisty women with a will and the current members continue to embrace this identity: They set out as sisters doing it for themselves, collaborating as a cooperative and proudly eschewing the committee way of doing things until more recently.

The increasing requirements of funding bodies and venues requiring insurance over the years created a gradual push to become incorporated and adopt a more formal arrangement. Willin Wimmin eventually (reluctantly) bowed to the external pressure, formed a management committee and became incorporated last year.

Back at the start, Bronwen was a great vocal coach whose philosophy that anyone can sing set the value of inclusivity which has underpinned the group ever since. There have never been auditions and the women make it clear that no singing experience or knowledge of music is necessary. A good sense of humour, the will to embrace and celebrate cultural diversity and a shared belief in supporting, and welcoming one another is what counts. Willin Wimmin sing with heart and choose their material from an eclectic selection of genres including world, folk, choral and contemporary.

Julie Merritt has sung with Willin Wimmin for 18 of its 25 years, joining when the youngest of her three children was around 12 months old. The social side of belonging to the group drew her in; she felt a sense of belonging and like she’d found her tribe.

A strong social justice theme runs throughout the choir, and Willin Wimmin have sung on demonstrations and rallies, at sport, art, health and women’s issues events. They’ve trodden the boards at a variety of venues, too: Deakin Edge Theatre, Melbourne Recital Centre, the NGV as well as Fairlea Women’s Prison and Maribyrnong Immigration Detention Centre, to name but a few.

Willin Wimmin have been helped along their journey by the commitment from their leaders:

“We have been fortunate with our directors – they have each been fabulous, feisty, fearless, sometimes fearsome.  Each of them brought unique gifts and talents with warmth, patience and fun.  With...



Premiere: Tom Stephens’ Debut Album Draws You In Like An Old Friend "IndyWatch Feed Nsw"

Premiere: Tom Stephens’ Debut Album Draws You In Like An Old Friend

Hailing from Sydney, Tom Stephens has been making the rounds for a couple of years now, bringing his genuine indie rock styling to audiences all over. Now, he’s releasing his debut album What Lies In The Difference.

Following on from the release of his sophomore EP Embers back in 2014, Stephens’ debut album is a loose, flowing journey into his psyche, backed with humble guitar and a smooth, inviting vocals.

Taking clear inspiration from artists like Wilco and AA Bondy, Stephens’ record feels like a close friend telling you a story that you share genuine interest in. Each track creates a mood which grows on you, beckoning you in, before leaving you with a sense of prevailing calm.

Tom will be taking his live show on the road to launch the album, kicking off in October – dates below.

What Lies In The Difference Album Launch Tour

Saturday, October 15th
(With Georgia Mulligan & Egoism)
Oxford Circus, Sydney (Free)

Saturday, October 16th
(With The Luke Brennan Trip & Forever Son)
The Old Bar, Melbourne


SWOP Annual General Meeting 2016 "IndyWatch Feed Nsw"

Our Annual General Meeting will be held on Tuesday 18th October, 2016 at 6.00pm on the Ground Level of 414 Elizabeth St, Surry Hills (ACON Café in the ACON Building).


Have You Renewed Your Membership?

read more


8 Great Aussie Bands You Haven’t Heard, With Holy Balm "IndyWatch Feed Nsw"

8 Great Aussie Bands You Haven’t Heard, With Holy Balm

Holy Balm have had a great year so far, releasing their single ‘Fashion’ in May to significant acclaim and love from the music community, and following it up with their excellent new album Activity.

Now that the “wonky house” act are firmly on our radar, we thought we’d ask them to shed some light on the next wave of emerging Aussie talent we should be keeping our eyes on – and they certainly came through for us here, with eight new acts that definitely demand some attention.

You can give their selections a spin below, along with Holy Balm’s new record. If you like what you hear, you can catch them finishing off their album tour in Sydney this Saturday at the Newtown Social Club, and in Canberra the following night, dates below.

Activity by Holy Balm

LA Suffocated

Sydney based group that create a tense thumping space to move or generally go deep & zone out! Distorted and shrill vocals create tension amongst the drum machines & sequences – they never fail to create a hypnotic soundtrack live. Always want them to play longer sets.

Nicky Crane

James Vinciguerra’s solo work – exploratory, textured songwriting nodding across a few electronic music eras, cultural references & approaches. Pieces feel realised whilst creating even more curiosity with every release. Deep knowledge of rhythm and dynamic is his composition & touch.

Ela Stiles

New directions of Stiles’ solo work always keeps us guessing – there is always an interesting treatment of vocals and rhythm, and risk taking with form, durations & song structure. Bringing in flavours of folk, pop, experimental & even outsider sounds, abstract narratives take you somewhere else.

Video Ezy

Sydney / Melbourne duo, who are always moving towards a space synth cinematic paradise. Live – they really riff of each other and create a contemplative semi-instrumental space for listeners.

Enderie Nuatal

Originally Brisbane – now Sydney artist that has a curious approach to music making with others as ‘Cured Pink’ and solo as Enderie. Big sounds – samples of synth and vocals and drums, become a big, sweaty conversation. Sometime hard edge, always percussive – electric!...


The Centre for Multicultural Youth (CMY) "IndyWatch Feed Cvic"

The Centre for Multicultural Youth (CMY) is a major sponsor of the ECCV 2016 Statewide Conference The Next Generation of Multicultural Victoria: Intergenerational Perspectives, being held in Ballarat, on Friday 11 November 2016.

CNY is a Victorian not-for-profit organisation supporting young people from migrant and refugee backgrounds to build better lives in Australia.

Since 1988, CMY has worked to ensure that young people have every opportunity to succeed in Australia. CMY was the first organisation in Australia to work exclusively with migrant and refugee young people and through a combination of specialist support services, training and consultancy, knowledge sharing and advocacy, we are working to remove the barriers these young people face as they make Australia their home.

Young people can encounter significant barriers as they try to settle in Australia. Alongside the challenges of growing up, they are figuring out how things are done and adjusting to unfamiliar cultural, academic and social expectations.

Their sense of wellbeing and belonging can be considerably diminished by factors such as racism and discrimination. These barriers are often compounded and magnified by services and systems that are ill equipped to provide the specialist support needed.

Despite these complex issues, we know that young people have the enterprise, resilience and optimism to contribute to the continued prosperity of Australia. By engaging them as experts in their own lives and focusing on their strengths, they can be empowered to adapt and thrive.


ECCV 2016 Statewide Conference "The Next Generation of Multicultural Victoria: Intergenerational Perspectives".



To find out more about the Centre For Multicultural Youth visit their website at:


Michael Gudinski Once Tried To Split Up The Go-Betweens "IndyWatch Feed Nsw"

Michael Gudinski Once Tried To Split Up The Go-Betweens

The Go-Betweens are one of Australia’s most revered bands, having given us iconic releases like Before Hollywood and of course, the immortal 16 Lovers Lane and its timeless singles ‘Streets of Your Town’ and ‘Was There Anything I Could Do?’

But whilst the late ’80s yielded the Brisbane group’s most defining work, it was also when Australian music industry icon Michael Gudisnki, the chief of the Go-Betweens’s label, Mushroom, thought it was time to intervene and split the group.

As The Music reports, in Grant & I: Inside And Outside The Go-Betweens, the new memoir from Go-Betweens member Robert Forster, the guitarist recounts how his idea to give the band a flamboyant, eye-catching frontman didn’t sit well with their label.

According to Forster, some of the tactics he employed to become a Bowie-like flamboyant showman included dyeing his hair grey and wearing a dress on stage, something Forster did during the band’s tour supporting alt-rock legends REM.

“The dress had made one appearance after Perth, in Sydney,” Forster writes, via The Music. “There Michael Gudinski took Grant aside after the show. ‘You run the group, right?’ ‘Yeah,’ said Grant. ‘Get rid of the guy in the dress.'”

McLennan stood behind his bandmate and when the band hit Los Angeles for a subsequent show, Forster donned the frock once again. According to the guitarist, the band’s American label’s reaction was “one of shock and displeasure”.

“Grant was signed after the band’s break-up to the White Label, a boutique branch of Mushroom Records,” Forster writes of their eventual organic split. “He now had the platform to make hits, and could count on the confidence of Michael Gudinski. I was out of the way…”

Nowadays, Gudinski would much rather get rid of Australia’s scalpers. The Mushroom boss recently issued a statement in which he condemned the practice of buying up tickets and reselling them at exorbitant prices on resell websites.


We Bid A Fond Farewell To Aussie Rock Mainstays Jericco Ahead Of Their Final Show "IndyWatch Feed Nsw"

We Bid A Fond Farewell To Aussie Rock Mainstays Jericco Ahead Of Their Final Show

Jericco have been absolute stalwarts of Melbourne’s always-burning rock scene for the better half of a decade, but have announced that after a solid seven year run of pumping out some of Australia’s best melody and noise, they’re now calling it a day.

Having been fans of these guys for years now, we’re sad to see them go – and we’re certainly not the only ones, with fans traveling from interstate to catch their upcoming farewell show in November at the ideal hometown surrounds of the iconic Corner Hotel.

As the band bring this chapter of their lives to a close, we’ve had a chat with founding member Roy Amar about their achievements, the amazing times they’ve had, and the tough decision to leave Jericco behind.

Let’s get the big one out of the way: why have you decided to call it a day?

Unfortunately life got in the way. Our singer has recently moved to Canada, which makes rehearsals and gigs pretty challenging. Our drummer is a very busy man and runs a large venue in Melbourne whilst pursuing a career in tour managing and teching. I’ve dedicated a lot of time recently to starting my own artist development and management company, which launched the same month that I became a father to an incredible little boy.

But without the excuses… There came a time when we thought that the band had reached its peak, and we would rather quit than stick around trying to relive the glory days. It was an extremely tough decision, but one that we’re confident with. Doesn’t make it any less sad though.

What are some of the highlights from the past seven years?

When I’m looking back at it all, everything was amazing. (laughs) Some of the festivals that we played in the early days were incredible. I remember the first one we played when we opened at Come Together Festival in Sydney at Luna Park. I think it was 2010, and that gig was so much fun as our band had never played on a stage that huge before. We absolutely killed it and left such an awesome impression that the promoter got us back on the lineup the year after in a later time slot where we played to a full house!

Pyramid Rock Festival over the new year was also an incredible experience. Meeting, chatting and partying with all those amazing acts backstage was not only so much fun but incredibly motivating… I just want to do it all over again! (laughs)

Touring with Karnivool, Mammal and Dead Letter Circus were also huge times for the band. We were on cloud nine, everything was easy and it just worked itself out. Wow, those were the days! Bands like Jericco, Twelve Foot Ninja, Circles and MM9 all cutting our teeth playing shows together, supporting huge bands that we looked up to – and my god the partying. I’m s0 happy that we took a camera everywhere, I have tons of crazy footage and the best pictures ever!

Selling out our first show at The Excelsior Hotel in Sydney, that place and that gig were amazing! Being interviewed on Triple J with John Safran and Father Bob is also something I’ll always remember.

Charting with our debut record and also our second was damn exciting, too. We were constantly getting updates from our publicist, and at the same time thinking to ourselves, “who the fark is buying this album we wrote?” (laughs)

Packing out the Prince Bandroom for our l...


Airbourne’s ‘Breakin’ Outta Hell’ is “No Ballads, No Bull***t” "IndyWatch Feed Vic"

Airbourne’s ‘Breakin’ Outta Hell’ is “No Ballads, No Bull***t”

“Put on the single, or the album, and it’s fuck the boss and fuck all the tax I owe,” frontman Joel O’Keeffe bluntly intones on the Victorian rockers’ fourth record. “I’m going out, I’m getting pissed and I’m going to listen to some hard rock ‘n’ roll. No ballads, no bullshit. I’m breakin’ outta hell!”

There’s certainly no bullshit when it comes to the album’s production; Breakin’ Outta Hell is the first Airbourne record put together on the band’s home soil, with the quartet also re-enlisting the legendary ear of American producer Bob Marlette (Alice Cooper, Sebastian Bach), who first propelled the group to massive international success with their debut effort Runnin’ Wild back in 2007.

That signature rawness definitely punches its way through Breakin’ Outta Hell – and with a resounding maturity – but the record isn’t a perfect one. While its initial drive carries the record through a strong start, the band’s creativity and unstoppable force does occasionally falter.

From the get-go, it’s clear just how tight the band is, with Ryan O’Keeffe’s sharp drumming and his brother’s adrenaline-fuelled screams driving the title track. The lead solo halfway through is also a complete face-melter, and sure to be a favourite during Airbourne’s Aussie summer tour next year.

The transition into the much slower ‘Rivalry’ is the best one on the record; low, dirty riffing allows the deliciously guttural quality of Joel’s vocals to resonate, and the layered yet never-cluttered sound is testament to Marlette’s production. However, while ‘Get Back Up’ has a stadium rock vibe reminiscent of AC/DC’s ‘Shook Me All Night Long’, ironically the band steps off the pace just a little here, limping towards the finish line and into the next tune.

‘Thin The Blood’, thankfully, is the absolute standout, and the four-piece really crank it up with a frantic, country rock-infused sound. A particularly bass-driven track, the mimicking nature of the vocals and guitar, combined with Joel’s gut-busting solo, renders it a must-play at their upcoming shows.

Airbourne also leave no holds barred on the next two tracks, elevated with a sexual energy that would again undeniably explode in a live setting. Justin Street’s dirty bass groove continues to permeate the record, a real strong point for the Warrnambool boys. In fact, the whole group really keep up the intensity in a sea of unapologetic lyrics, slightly syncopated rhythms and Joel’s dynamic vocal delivery, ranging from screams to growls and downright whispers.

It’s from here though that the album loses a little of its juice, unfortunately – although the next few songs would still make for solid additions dispersed throughout the rockers’ live show.

‘Never Been Rocked Like This’ and ‘Do Me Like You Do Yourself’ move quite a way from the record’s intense beginnings, but although the intensity dips noticeably, the latter demonstrates rhythmic flair from David Roads, as well as one of the best lead solos on the record.

The exception to the lull is ‘When I Drink I Go Crazy’, with some unexpected key changes adding a refreshing change in sound, and the band bring it home strongly with echoes of “All for one...


Triple M Are About To Take On Triple J "IndyWatch Feed Vic"

Triple M Are About To Take On Triple J

Triple M looks set to take on triple j’s status as Australia’s premier nationally branded broadcaster, with Southern Cross Austereo reportedly planning a new overhaul cum expansion that will see Triple M absorbing some 30 regional Austereo stations.

According to Noise11, a statement to Austereo shareholders indicated Triple M will expand next year as “30 of our regional stations currently under LocalWorks radio network will be brought into the Triple M family”.

The LocalWorks stations affected by the change include MIX 94.5 Perth, MIX 106.3 Canberra, 105.7 The River Albury, 107.7 2GO Gosford, KOFM Newcastle, 92.5 Gold Coast, SEAFM Mackay, HEART 107.3 Hobart, and stations in Rockhampton, Coffs Harbour, and others.

On the surface it seems as though Austereo is simply taking its scattered brands and placing them under the one banner, but the move will in fact make Triple M the first nationally branded commercial broadcaster in capital cities and regional areas.

Typically, major networks — your KIIS FMs and Novas — only brand within major markets, so you’ll hear Nova in Melbourne but if you venture out towards regional Victoria, your premier local station is something completely different.

As Noise11 notes, the move also pits Triple M against triple j, who’ve been particularly successful at sapping listeners in the 25-39 demographic from its commercial counterparts. triple j is of course a non-commercial, government-funded radio network.

Despite the absence of advertising revenue, triple j has been very successful in gaining a considerable market share, regularly rivalling that of commercial stations such as Triple M and Nova in the capital city markets and remaining very popular in regional Australia.

It’s not clear when the change will take place, but as Noise11 writes, Southern Cross Austereo are hoping the move will bolster the Triple M brand, give it a boost in ratings surveys, and return advertising revenue to the radio sector.

As readers may be aware, there is some bad blood between the stations, at least on one end, with Triple M previously hitting out at triple j for what they perceive as the national youth broadcaster’s “elitism” and for focusing on music that is “on trend right now”.

Speaking during the launch of Triple M’s digital radio station in 2014, Triple M Network head Mike Fitzpatrick said, “Unlike our Taxpayer-funded ‘youth network’, Triple M Modern Rock Digital isn’t elitist. We don’t care about ‘cool’ music or ‘on trend right now’ styles. If it’s a great song, we’ll play it.”


Get on Ya Bikes for NSW Bike Week 2016! "IndyWatch Feed Nsw"

[ Sunday, 25 Sep; 11:00 am; ] The chilliest days are behind us, the sun is shining, and the cycleway is calling. What better time to to dust off the helmet, pump up the tyres, throw some lube on the ol’ chain and get pedalling! Join us for the Pedal To Piney starting at 11am Sunday 25 September from Curtis Park. This is [...] full article »


Armidale International Day of Peace "IndyWatch Feed Nsw"

[ Saturday, 24 Sep; 5:00 pm; ] You are invited to Dinner, Entertainment and Guest Speakers. Everyone Welcome! Venue: Armidale Town Hall Time: 5pm for 5.30pm Cost: $7 or $20 family Contact: Peter Ducat {mobile prefix oh for}28 669 866 / Jan Golding {local landline prefix}2 3181/ Hans Schaefer{mobile prefix oh for}50284 007/ Nina Sithakern{mobile prefix oh for}23 395 543 Visit: full article »


CANCELLED: Building on the success of the last AURG working bee "IndyWatch Feed Nsw"

[ Sunday, 25 Sep; 8:30 am; ] This event has been cancelled — site too wet We had a very good roll up and got a lot done last working bee and that there was interest in following up again. This working bee will be another weeding day as part of our Restoration and Rehabilitation of the Creeklands downstream of where Centennial Ave would intersect [...] full article »


Sugar Mountain Announce The Date For Their 2017 Festival "IndyWatch Feed Vic"

Sugar Mountain Announce The Date For Their 2017 Festival

The iconic Sugar Mountain festival is set to return for its 2017 edition, and festival organisers have today announced that the boutique festival’s seventh outing will be held on Saturday January 21, at Melbourne’s Victorian College of Arts.

While the festival lineup is yet to be announced, announcers promise that this year’s bill is set to include “world premieres, exclusive collaborations, food and drink offerings to die for and more”, so that should get you pretty understandably excited.

With the “summit of music and art” always managing to bring some of the most eclectic lineups to ever grace Australia, we’ll undoubtedly be in for another huge day when the lineup drops in the coming weeks. Stay tuned.

Sugar Mountain 2017

Saturday, January 21 – Melbourne’s Victorian College Of The Arts.


Launch of Community Solar Power Bulk-Buy for the City of Light "IndyWatch Feed Nsw"

The bulk-buy program was officially launched by Kevin Anderson, NSW Parliamentary Member for Tamworth, who spoke about how significant solar power was becoming for the region — especially given the recent news of another utility-scale solarfarm at the White Rock project near Glen Innes. The community bulk-buy is being coordinated by Farming the Sun, Australia’s most [...] full article »


Zac Brown Band Announce 2017 Bluesfest Sideshows "IndyWatch Feed Nsw"

Zac Brown Band Announce 2017 Bluesfest Sideshows

Already one of the big draws on the Byron Bay Bluesfest 2017 lineup, three-time Grammy Award winners Zac Brown Band have now unveiled two very special all ages sideshows set to take place in Melbourne and Sydney next April.

The band were last in the country two years for their debut Australian tour, which received rave reviews from critics and fans alike. The band will be looking to capitalise on that momentum when they return next year.

They’ll be hot on the heels of their latest platinum-certified album Jekyll + Hyde, their fourth consecutive Number 1 debut on the Billboard 200 chart and another addition to their quickly expanding discography.

Zac Brown Band have had Number 1 singles, collaborated with the likes of Bruce Springsteen, Elton John, Bonnie Raitt, and Foo Fighters, and now they’ve set their sights on Australia where they’ll delight crowds once again.

Zac Brown Band Australian Tour Dates

Tickets on sale 10am local time Tuesday, 27th September

Wednesday, 19th April 2016
Margaret Court Arena, Melbourne (All Ages)
Tickets: Ticketek | 132 849

Friday, 21st April 2016
ICC Sydney Theatre, Sydney (All Ages)
Tickets: Ticketek | 132 849


We can reduce carbon emissions while growing GDP "IndyWatch Feed Nsw"

Is it possible to have economic growth at the same time as a country is transitioning to a new climate economy? There’s a debate about whether growth can drive, or even coexist with, climate stabilization. On the other side of the coin, it’s also a discussion of whether climate stabilisation can drive growth. The debates on growth and resources are complex, [...] full article »


Patti Smith Expands 2017 Australian ‘Horses’ Tour "IndyWatch Feed Nsw"

Patti Smith Expands 2017 Australian ‘Horses’ Tour

It was just this week that the legendary Patti Smith announced she would embark on a headline tour of Australia to accompany her eagerly anticipated performance at Byron Bay Bluesfest 2017, and already the icon has been forced to add new dates to the tour.

It’s been eight years since punk rock icon, bestselling author, and acclaimed poet Smith graced Australian stages, so it’s no surprise that demand for the tour has been overwhelming. Smith has now announced additional dates for both Melbourne and Sydney.

The Godmother of Punk and two members of the original Patti Smith Group — Lenny Kaye and Jay Dee Daugherty — as well as bassist / keyboardist Tony Shanahan and Jack Petruzzelli will perform Smith’s landmark album, Horses, in its entirety.

It’s been 41 years since Horses exploded like a bombshell on the music scene, with its game-changing combination of vivid, poetic lyricism and ferocious proto-punk power. Seeing Smith and her band perform the album live is an experience not to be missed.

Patti Smith Australian Tour Dates

Sunday, 9th April 2017
State Theatre, Sydney

Monday, 10th April 2017 – NEW SHOW
State Theatre, Sydney

Sunday, 16th April 2017
Hamer Hall, Melbourne

Monday, 17th April 2017 – NEW SHOW
Hamer Hall, Melbourne

Also appearing at Byron Bay Bluesfest


Bring Me The Horizon Cancel Remainder Of Their 2016 Australian Tour "IndyWatch Feed Vic"

Bring Me The Horizon Cancel Remainder Of Their 2016 Australian Tour

Bring Me The Horizon have announced the cancellation of the remainder of their current Australian tour due to illness. The band are “fully committed” to returning to Australia in “early 2017” to complete their shows in Melbourne and Adelaide.

The band was forced to cancel an Adelaide performance earlier in the week due to frontman Oli Sykes’s viral throat infection, which has now been diagnosed as acute laryngitis. Doctors have advised Sykes to rest, meaning he cannot perform.

In addition to Tuesday’s cancelled Adelaide performance, the postponement affects Bring Me The Horizon’s two Melbourne performances at Margaret Court Arena (Thursday, 22nd September and Friday, 23rd September).

Ticket holders are advised to retain their tickets and await the announcement of new dates, details for which are to be announced shortly. Alternatively, fans can obtain a full refund from the point of purchase.

Bring Me The Horizon Australian Tour Dates

Tuesday, 20th September 2016 — CANCELLED
AEC Theatre, Adelaide

Thursday, 22nd September 2016 – CANCELLED
Margaret Court Arena, Melbourne

Friday, 23d September 2016 – CANCELLED
Margaret Court Arena, Melbourne


B-Town Warriors- ‘People of the Red Sunset’ "IndyWatch Feed Nsw"

Desert Pea Media came to Bourke and worked with a group of young Indigenous people enrolled at Bourke High School. The project came about through a partnership between Desert Pea Media, Bourke High School and Outback Division of General Practice.




Straight out of Bourke where the Darling River’s deep
Where the Wonkamurra, Paakantji, Nyaampa, Murrawarri meet
Connected to my country, red dirt through my black feet
Can’t track me – no guns but the sun packin heat.

I tell you it’s hard/ that violence leaving scars
Leavin’ bruises, broken families, broken homes and broken hearts
Smoking dope and getting drunk, skippin school and stealin cars
That type of yarn will get you nowhere but behind bars

I’m sick of this misery, my culture like a mystery
Massacre, stolen generation up in my history
Listen to this, with boomerang and clapsticks
You can hear it rockin from up Northy down to the Rizz

Kids pickin up bumpers lah! Drinkin, killin’ your liver brah
Better switch this up, better go to school,
Ya foolish think this cool or wha?
Better raise them voices up. Better make better choices ya
Better respect, better keep in check, myself, my song, my culture HAH


We from a place where the warm wind blows,
my place, my home, my spirit
We the people of the red sunset
we connect like the flows in the river.


Better learn about myself – help my family’s mental health
Better check if you alright, better make sure that you sleep at night
Better keep that dream alive, exercise and eatin’ right
Now’s the time to show our pride and take this yarn Australia wide.

Change it back to what it meant to be I’ll take back my identity
I’ll maintain my integrity. I’m black in the 21st Century
Yep there’s still room for improvement, work with us to start a movement
Bourke about to change the game and break the chain through this here music.

If you fair dinkum prove it bred, you better shake your leg
If you for real sis, hands up if you feel this.
If you on track, you better learn your lingo, bringin it back.
Learn the facts, learn your language, yep be proud be black

We livin’ black and white – get rid of that stereotype
Never give up, don’t quit, the truth is you can be anything you like
Yep you gotta grab that mic, gotta keep that fire alight
Gotta keep on dreaming keep your chin up, keep on shining bright.

About the Project

Desert Pea Media projects involve a dialogue-based storytelling process that encouraged participants to analyse ‘the real’, ‘the ideal’ and ‘the bridge’. In simple terms this means critically thinking about how to create positive change for individuals, for each other and for our communities.

This information was then disseminated into a narrative structure by local young people and Desert Pea Media staff – Toby Finlayson and Michael Graham (aka MC Boomalli), then the lyrics were co-written and recorded. We then shot a music video over two days all over Bourke and surrounding areas.

This project featured the expert musical direction and production of acclaimed musician and and songwriter Carlo Santone (Skin, Blue King Brown, Nattali Rize) who has since worked with us on a number of projects. Also featuring session Yidaki from Indigenous musician Fred Leone.

Further mentoring support came from previous DPM project participant Michael Graham (MC Boomalli), Kamileroi man who is now one of the head project facilitators for DPM.

The song is a celebration of survival, resilience, culture and pride and is...


earthcore launch party sydney lineup announced! "IndyWatch Feed Nsw"

We simply cannot wait to unleash the vibe at our Sydney launch party next week over the long weekend!

Full lineup including a special Swarm techno room announced!

Main Room
Loose Canon
Professor Purn
Zac Slade

Swarm Techno Room
Geoff Da Cheff
Vektor [LIVE]
Vic Zee

The post earthcore launch party sydney lineup announced! appeared first on earthcore.


The Vines Announce 2016 East Coast Tour "IndyWatch Feed Nsw"

The Vines Announce 2016 East Coast Tour

The Vines are one of those bands that’s always coming back even though they never really went away. They recently unveiled the first taste of their forthcoming seventh full-length effort and they now embarking on a tour to celebrate.

The band have announced a rapid-fire, three-date excursion along the East Coast of Australia to celebrate the release of ‘In Miracle Land’. They’ll be hitting up Sydney’s Oxford Art Factory, Melbourne’s Corner Hotel, and Valley Fiesta in Brisbane.

‘In Miracle Land’ is the first taste of new music we’ve heard from The Vines since they released their 2014 album Wicked Nature. It was unveiled back in April alongside a string of a solo tour dates from Vines frontman Craig Nicholls.

The band’s new album is said to be dropping some time this year and was recorded at Sydney’s Hercules Studio and produced by Nicholls himself. If ‘In Miracle Land’ is anything to go by, it’s a return to the band’s classic mix of Kinks-esque pop melodies and grunge-like aggression.

The Vines National Tour Dates

26th October 2016
Oxford Art Factory, Sydney

27th October 2016
Corner Hotel, Melbourne

29th October 2016
Valley Fiesta, Brisbane


Livin’ at ‘Leven (Updated) "IndyWatch Feed Cvic"

Livin at Leven

You asked for it, so we are delivering! That’s right folks, back by your extremely popular request is our live streaming from Edgar’s Mission. Join us on our Facebook page at 11.00am, Australian Eastern Standard Time, everyday this week as we go live to show you just some of the baaing, mooing, bok boking and oinking from around the farm. See our live streams below:

Wednesday 21st September 2016

Tuesday 20th September 2016

Monday 19th September 2016

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