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Saturday, 17 November


Die USA haben Julian Assange angeklagt, aber die Anklage ... "IndyWatch Feed National"

Die USA haben Julian Assange angeklagt, aber die Anklage versiegelt, damit es keiner merkt. Damit Assange wie ein paranoider Spinner aussieht, wenn er sagt, die Amis wollen ihn anklagen.

Das wissen wir, weil sie an anderer Stelle eine Aktennotiz vergessen haben.

The disclosure came in a filing in a case unrelated to Assange. Assistant U.S. Attorney Kellen S. Dwyer, urging a judge to keep the matter sealed, wrote that due to the sophistication of the defendant and the publicity surrounding the case, no other procedure is likely to keep confidential the fact that Assange has been charged. Later, Dwyer wrote the charges would need to remain sealed until Assange is arrested.
Einmal mit Profis arbeiten!

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Friday, 16 November


While Some States Are Still Counting Ballots, California Is Burning "IndyWatch Feed National"

California forests have long been a disaster waiting to happen. Forest density, antiquated forest practices, stressed and dead trees as a result of bug infestation, conflicts between state and federal government, and private property owners wanting to live close to the wildland-urban interface are just a few of the problems.

In this weeks WhoWhatWhy podcast, we talk with longtime California environmental reporter, Julie Cart, about just how bad the problem is and what is being done to prevent more death and destruction.

She explains that a full 30 percent of California is forested. Of this total, 60 percent is owned by the federal government, 2 percent by the state of California, and the rest is owned either privately or by local governments. Each has a different approach to dealing with the problem.

California has an estimated 129 million dead trees, an acknowledged factor in spreading wildfires, Cart says. The cost for removing a single dead tree is approximately $1,000, and the optics of cutting down trees, even dead ones, in a state with strong environmental rules make remediation even more difficult.

The impact of climate change on forest fires involves a deadly feedback loop. So many of the fires are a direct result of extended drought related to climate change. But in torching so many dead trees, a severe fire season of one or two months can release enormous amounts of carbon into the air more than that emitted by all the cars in California each year which significantly adds to the buildup of greenhouse gases fueling climate change.

Last years fires cost over $9 billion; this year the toll will be even higher. In both dollars and lives lost. Cart points out that while Cal Fire and the US Forest Service have vast resources, so much of those resources are diverted to firefighting, leaving little time or money to do the necessary work of prevention.

Cart suggests that perhaps the real solution is simply to tell people, as they do in Australia, that if they choose to live in certain areas, they cannot expect a fire truck to roll up the driveway during the next disaster. They will have to learn how to fend for themselves.



Central issue in the transgenderism debate "IndyWatch Feed National"

Thanks to Macca's website. I think you've cleared this up for most of us.


1950 UK Conservative Party report on Miss Margaret Roberts, aka Maggie Thatcher "IndyWatch Feed National"

Thanks to Miranda Devine and Gray Connolly for the tip about this wonderful piece of history. Gray describes it thus: An internal Tory HQ memorandum of 14 February 1950 discussing the political skill, deft campaigning, and sheer hard work of a Miss Margaret Roberts, who, as Margaret Thatcher, would late...


Beautiful Christmas message from Sir Elton John. "IndyWatch Feed National"

Just beautiful. Thank you Sir Elton and John Lewis & Partners.


Australian Universities ban sarcasm as 'form of violence' "IndyWatch Feed National"

Government launches probe into campus censorship Australian universities have begun banning sarcasm by deeming it a "form of violence," according to a watchdog group. Gideon Rozner, director of policy at the Institute of Public Affairs (IPA), a think tank "dedicated to preserving and strengthening the foundations of economic and political freedom," praised the Australian government's announcement that it is launching a probe into the suppression of free speech on campuses across the country. Rozner explained to Sky News Australia the findings of a recent study conducted by IPA, which rated more than 80 percent of Australian universities as "hostile to free speech," while only one school earned a "green" rating for being supportive of free expression.


Californian Democrat Senator compares US Border Agents to Ku Klux Klan "IndyWatch Feed National"

What a half-wit. I hope that people who are crashing the US border are in fear of the officers-of-the-law who are trying to stop them. These law-officers are keeping the peace! So what if the crooks fear them! Kamala Harris, the dull-witted Democratic Senator from CA, referred to ICE, as...


MACKAY Police find miniature cannon in raid at Blacks Beach home "IndyWatch Feed National"

MACKAY November 16, 2018 at 06:03AM ,

Police find miniature cannon in raid at Blacks Beach home

November 16, 2018 at 06:03AM ,

Jason Stewart Furini found himself forced to appear before Mackay Magistrates Court on Wednesday. The 42-year-old man, on probation for unrelated

, ,

user1ouenvdy crimeviewqld , ,


A little bit of sun "IndyWatch Feed Vic"

Queensland turns the corner

To look at the latest employment and unemployment figures you might things haven't been so bright for Queensland, but these are lagging indicators. 

But the latest state accounts for financial year 2018 released today showed gross state product up by 3.4 per cent - behind only Victoria of all the states - for the strongest result since 2011-12, while final demand in the Sunshine State was also up by 3 per cent. 

Source: ABS

Better still, business investment in Queensland recorded double digit growth at 10.6 per cent after a lean five years. 

Provided China keeps importing Australian coal in 2019, the next few years should be better for profits and wages.

Gross income per capita grew in Queensland by 2.3 per cent after an awfully sluggish few years (nothing compared to the Canberra bubble, mind you!).

Finally, 2018 was characterised for the housing market by switching to lower mortgage rates, but with more principal being repaid.



Why Sleep Apnea Patients Rely on a CPAP Machine Hacker "IndyWatch Feed National"

Via: Vice: An Australian hacker has spent thousands of hours hacking the DRM that medical device manufacturers put on CPAP machines to create a free tool that lets patients modify their treatment.


Chinese Education Stocks Tumble on Policy Change "IndyWatch Feed National"

Guidelines would ban privately owned kindergartens from going public, bar listed companies from buying peers with shares or cash

Image result for preschool education, china, photos

Beijing is tightening the rules on kindergartensupsetting investors who bet on huge and rapidly growing Chinese demand for education.

Whats Happening

Chinas official news agency, Xinhua, late on Thursday unveiled a draft overhaul of preschool education. The guidelines from Chinas cabinet, known as the State Council, would ban privately owned kindergartens from going public and stop listed companies from buying peers with shares or cash. The proposal follows several scandals over alleged child abuse.


  • The Shanghai Composite index rose less than 1%.
  • Benchmarks in Australia and South Korea advanced modestly.
  • Beijing fixed the yuan at 6.9377 to the dollar, little changed from Thursday.

It sent the shares of Chinese education operators tumbling in the U.S. and Hong Kong. In New York trading on Thursday, RYB Education RYB -52.97% plunged 53% and Bright Scholar Education BEDU -16.71% fell 17%, wiping a combined $477.6 million off their market value. For both, it was the biggest single-day drop since listing last y...


Prominent lefty human rights lawyer P15SED as a newt abusing Air India staff for more grog "IndyWatch Feed National"

IRISH 'LAWYER FOR THE PALESTINIAN PEOPLE' ARRESTED FOR DRUNK, RACIST RANT Simone O'Broin hurled insults and racist slurs at Air India staff who denied her more alcohol. BY AMY SPIRO NOVEMBER 15, 2018 14:51 An inebriated woman who claimed to be an international lawyer and pro-Palestinian activist was arrested after...


Election 2018: our scorecard "IndyWatch Feed Vic"

2014-2018 has seen significant public transport investment under Labor, and they have delivered on their major promises. But as Melbourne continues to grow, and demand for regional travel increases, the challenge ahead is to build a public transport network not only copes with patronage growth, but also provides usable services into areas which currently dont have them.

So how do the parties rank?

1. Greens in some ways the Greens have the least ambitious transport plan. But its full of affordable, commonsense policies. They are the only party to commit to the Metro 2 tunnel, and to frequency upgrades across the train, tram and bus networks essential for making the public transport network vastly more usable in the short term. Accelerating the rollout of low-floor trams and implementing on-road priority, extending metro services to outer suburbs with high capacity signalling are also important initiatives. The Greens also oppose the major road projects proposed by the other parties, rightly recognising that they will simply generate more traffic.

2. Labor some ambitious plans in starting the huge Suburban Rail Loop project, alongside continuing the successful Level Crossing Removal Program, and extensive upgrades planned elsewhere around the metro and regional rail networks. They lose points for construction of three major tollways/freeways, a lack of progress on bus and tram upgrades, and for lagging on the rollout of more frequent all-day metro train services essential for a big city such as Melbourne.

3. Coalition theyve backed away from what is probably their best policy, of metro trains every 10 minutes all day, leaving commitments to build three major tollways plus other freeways, and the messy grade separation of road intersections. More positive is commitments to extend metro trains to Clyde and Baxter. Their regional high speed rail plan is ambitious, but would only speed up trains moderately, and there are doubts over whether it could really be delivered in the timeframes promised.

For more details, including a summary of minor parties, read the full report (PDF)

Keep watching for updates


When passwords get stolen, this Australian guy alerts the world "IndyWatch Feed National"

Troy Hunts Have I Been Pwned is a one-stop shop for learning if youre among the millions affected by security breaches. And hes trying to do it the responsible way.

Massive databases of user accounts seem to get hacked daily. The number of exposed accounts and passwordsusually encrypted weaklyhas risen into the billions. Yet liability and embarrassment have left companies loathe to quickly disclose that theyve been hacked.

Read Full Story


China in South Pacific Region: One Step Away from Absolute Power "IndyWatch Feed National"


The South Pacific region, stretching from the shores of Australia to South America and encompassing more than 30,000 islands, has felt Chinas growing influenced since 2000s. By 2018, it had grown so strong that it became a threat to Australias strategic security. It should be noted that in the last 30 years, Australia has viewed itself as a regional leader. Chinas enormous investments, loans, grants, intended for the benefit of thirteen small island-states and another thirteen dependent territories in the South Pacific, belonging to Australia, New Zealand, France, and the USA, have made PRC a key benefactor, but not a strategically important player in the southern part of the Pacific Ocean as yet. Beijings negotiations with the island states on stationing Chinese bases there have been thus far successfully countered by Australian diplomacy. These negotiations are linked with PRCs initiative One Belt One Road, a part of which encompasses the Pacific Ocean. And establishing Chinese military bases in the territory of country-participants is a by-product of the project.

Papua New Guinea could have become a geostrategically convenient location for Chinas first military base in the South Pacific. The country lies only 2,000 km away from Australia and provides a convenient access point to the South China Sea, an area where PRC is pursuing its policy of expansion (including military expansion). Historically, China and Papua New Guinea have had close ties. By the middle of the 20th century the biggest Chinese diaspora in the region (approximately 100,000 people), working in the export of timber and natural resources, had made Papua New Guinea its new home. In 1968, the Chinese established Papua New Guineas second most powerful party. In 1980 (five years after the nation had gained its independence), the leader of this party, Julius Chan of Chinese and Papua New Guinean descent, became the countrys leader. In fact, in the following twenty years he occupied the post of Prime Minister three more times. By the end of the 20th century, the Chinese had settled in South Pacific islands, rich in forests and natural resources, such as the Solomon Islands, Vanuatu, Fiji, and French territories of New Caledonia and French Polynesia (better known as Tahiti, where from 2006 to 2011 a member of the Chinese diaspora, Gaston Tong Sang was in power three times).

Negotiations, which started in 2014, on a strategic partnership between PRC and Papua New Guinea, and on repair work of four ports in the cities of Wewak (home to Japans largest air base fr...


Pastor Frank Houston Founder of Hillsong. Pedophile. Criminal mind. Part Four. Prophet of the Lord, Pastor Philip Powell, works hard to out the pedophile Frank Houston "IndyWatch Feed National"

Philip Powell 1

The criminal pedophile Frank Houston, the founder of Hillsong Church in Sydney, Australia in 1977, found the escape haven he sought in Sydney, Australia.

His new nest was undisturbed for a while.

The peace lasted about four years from 1977 before the prophet of the Lord, Pastor Philip Powell, found out Frank Houstons new church address and his new church office fax number.

Once the criminal pedophile Frank Houston escaped the heat and the chasers in New Zealand he settled in to a different lifestyle in Darlinghurst Sydney.

The pedophile Frank Houston the rock-spider

Ive explained in the previous three articles how pedophiles are like spiders. In fact the term rock-spider is Australian jail slang for pedophile.

Pedophiles, like spiders, build nests, cobwebs and layers and layers of complex defences and ploys.

They are amongst the most evil and cunning people on the planet.

Frank Houston was a hardened pedophile by the time he was 20.

He chose Christian ministry as a foil, disguise and cover to maintain a pedophile lifestyle, have an outwardly good and godly reputation, and have ready access to heaps of unsuspecting Christian families and their little children.

Every family has its defences to predators. Acting as a Christian pastor, the evil criminal pedophile Frank Houston was able to breach these defences and gain total trust. Nobody would have suspected an evil pedophil...


What Branches of Government Could Help Martin Bryant or Jahar Tsarnaev? "IndyWatch Feed National"

(L) Justice Michael Kirby,  (R) Trump. Photo: newsmax

by Mary W Maxwell, LLB

Jahar Tsarnaev, the Boston non-bomber, has been in prison for 5 years, and Martin Bryant, the Port Arthur non-shooter, has done over 22 years. Many people have tried to get them out of jail by using popular means.

Popular Means for Martin

For Martin, there was a petition to the Premier of Tasmania, organized by Cherri Bonney who also composed a marvelous song for Martin entitled Wish I Kne...


Australian police offer reward for information about murder of ex-KGB colonel "IndyWatch Feed National"

Police in the Australian state of Queensland have offered a $250,000 (US $182,000) reward for information that can help solve the murder of a former Soviet KGB colonel 18 years ago.


Real Estate Taxes Currency "IndyWatch Feed National"

COMMENT: Dear Martin,

I bought The World Real Estate Report at the end of 2016. It stated that Australian real estate was going to fall after the first quarter (March) in 2016. The property prices in Melbourne (where I live) continued to rise in April 2016 so I sent an email to Socrates Support asking them when real estate should peak. I received the reply below, which stated that the peak was either in for global real estate or the latest by the end of the first quarter 2017.

Anyway, since I owned a tiny house in Melbourne, I was facing a difficult decision if I should sell or not since it would be impossible to buy back in if the prices continued to go up.

I have been reading your blog daily since 2012, and I have read all of your forecasts being correct (eg. the Dow continuing to go up, US Index going up, Brexit, Trump winning). I also bought your Gold report in 2014 and watched gold bottom (Dec 2015) correctly for the date and price on the first benchmark, truly an unbelievable forecast.

Based on your track record I decided to sell my property at the end of the first quarter (March 2017), for which I received a fantastic price.

Im happy to inform you that prices have been falling since the 3rd quarter of 2017.

I just wanted to congratulate you on another correct forecast.

REPLY: We all need a place to live. Governments are attacking real estate thinking it is too high and they need to make it more affordable for others to buy. They fail to understand that when they do that, the wipe out the savings dor retirement for others. Raising taxes to support government pensions is morally wrong and economically a disaster. There really should be some qualification to be a politician who them plays with peoples lives.


Australian Dollar and Bitcoin "IndyWatch Feed National"

1.00 AUD = 0.00013 BTC
0.00010 BTC = 0.75 AUD


Where there is risk there must be choice "IndyWatch Feed National"

Dr Judy Wilyman speaks at an event in Perth, WA about how vaccines should remain a voluntary medical intervention. Via a Facebook post by Dr Judy Wilyman. On the 10 November an event discussing vaccination choice was held at a council venue in Perth, WA. For the first time in a decade the Australian media []


Neulich so: Boykottiert ACE!1!!Jetzt so:In a tragic ... "IndyWatch Feed National"

Neulich so: Boykottiert ACE!1!!

Jetzt so:

In a tragic moment in the history of human civilization, and the trampling of academic free speech, an academic conference, ACE 2018, The 15th International Conference on Advances in Computer Entertainment Technology, which was to have been held at the University of Montana, USA has been forced to shut down by anti-free speech groups comprising of mainly academic researchers, who have been acting in a fascistic manner.
Aber nicht doch, mein Herr! Das ist nicht Faschismus, wenn man sagt, es diene der Faschismusbekmpfung!

Ich warte ja darauf, dass der Trump das kapiert, und seine Familientrennungen an der Grenze mit Faschismusbekmpfung begrndet.

Ach komm, Fefe, du wirst doch nicht Leute, die Steve Bannon einladen, als Opfer darstellen wollen, wenn das ganz klar die Tter hier sind!1!! Naja, h,

The words that were used in their email and social postings about ACE Committee members and the ACE 2018 Keynote Speaker include sicko, child-abuser, TOOL, Peadophiles, child-rapist, fraudster, scammers, criminals, horseshit, monkey, prick, Nigerian 419 scammer, druf trafficker, pig, twat, scumbag, 6mm nano penis, conman, fraudster, monster, creepy, hag, criminal, etc. There were also significant racist attacks on our esteemed committee member Prince Akinwale Ojomo (a highly qualified World Economic Forum Global Leader and awardee of the highly prestigious US Presidents Volunteer Service Gold Award), simply because he is African and Nigerian. These anti-free speech people were supported in public statements by the academic societies British DiGRA and DiGRA Australia and the FDG (Foundations of Digital Games) Conference.
Da wei man doch, was man hat! Rassismus ist nmlich auch kein Rassismus, msst ihr wissen, wenn es von Leuten gemacht wird, die blo den Faschismus bekmpfen wollten!1!!

Ich hatte gehofft, dieses Mal knnen wir Schlimmeres verhindern, bevor Bcher verbrannt werden.

Update: Es gibt inzwischen mehrere Reaktionen auf den Text, die ich sehr spannend finde. Die ignorieren nmlich rundheraus den Rassismus sondern machen sich ber ... festhalten! ... das "Opfer-Getue" lustig. Dieser Konferenz-Veranstalter jetzt. Denn das sind ja Nazis, daher steht denen kein Opferstatus zu. Dieselben Leute, die ansonsten ganztgig damit beschftigt sind, auf der Linken Opferrollen zu verteilen und sich gegenseitig zu besttigen, wie marginalisiert sie doch seien, die finden das jetzt unertrglich, wenn diese Konferenz-Veranstalter sich in ihrer angenommenen Opferrolle suhlen.

Ich fr meinen Teil halte Opferrollen immer fr schdlich, egal von wem und waru...


The Weekend Quiz November 17-18, 2018 "IndyWatch Feed Nsw"

Welcome to The Weekend Quiz. The quiz tests whether you have been paying attention or not to the blog posts that I post. See how you go with the following questions. Your results are only known to you and no records are retained.

1. Imagine that macroeconomic policy is geared towards keeping real GDP growth on trend. Assume this rate of growth is 3 per cent per annum. If labour productivity is growing at 2 per cent per annum and the labour force is growing at 1.5 per cent per annum and the average working week is constant in hours, then this policy regime will result in:

2. Students are taught that the macroeconomic income determination system can be thought of as a bath tub with the current GDP being the water level. The drain plug can be thought of as saving, imports and taxation payments (the so-called leakages from the expenditure system) while the taps can be thought of as investment, government spending and exports (the so-called exogenous injections into the spending system). This analogy is valid because GDP will be unchanged as long as the flows into the bath are equal to the flows out of it which is tantamount to saying the the spending gap left by the leakages is always filled by the injections.



Part 52H Australias irrelevant Crimes against Humanity. COPS INVESTIGATE MINISTER Page 1 banner heading of The Advertiser "IndyWatch Feed National"

Chapman-gate is being investigated and Commissioner Grant Stevens is trying to keep a tight lid on the investigation.

Cops Probe


NOTE: The short link URL for this posting is:

See Part 52 of this Ronalds space posting, on the 19th October 2018, for the 1st Emcott Report complaint.

Below is the next installment of the Emcott Report Complaint to Commissioner Stevens



The highs and lows of podcasting "IndyWatch Feed National"

By this time next year the global number of podcasts may likely surpass the population of Queensland, and that's even taking into account the giant melon currently occupying the town of Chinchilla. There are podcasts about inanimate objects, Nicolas Cage, urban mythology, fountain pen addiction, and even podcasts about podcasts -- the latter being a kind of hellish inception far worse than one could ever begin to imagine.


Local environment provides the face of 2018 Black Gully Festival "IndyWatch Feed Nsw"

A stylised lizard is the face of this years Black Gully Festival an annual celebration that brings people together to enjoy music, art, the environment and our community. Designed by local artist Simon Mellor, this years logo makes a creative mark while representing many elements of what the Black Gully Festival is all about. Black [...] full article 


UNE Tamworth Practical Solutions for Reversing Climate Change "IndyWatch Feed Nsw"

[ Tuesday, 20 Nov; 5:30 pm; ] Based on the book "Drawdown The Most Comprehensive Plan Ever Proposed to Reverse Global Warming" This event aims to educate and inspire individuals and businesses in practical ways we can reverse climate change locally. The night will consist of guest speakers and a Q & A section + light refreshments On Tuesday 20 November 2018 at [...] full article 


Latham's 8-Point Plan to stop overpopulation in Sydney "IndyWatch Feed National"

Ex Labor leader, Mark Latham, recently joined Pauline Hanson's One Nation Party and will be running for the NSW legislative council at the next state election. Here is his 8-Point Plan to "save Sydney suffocating from overpopulation and overdevelopment."

Latham's 8-Point Plan

1. Our immigration program must be framed in the interest of the people who live here now. This is especially true of policies impacting on an over-crowded, increasingly dysfunctional city like Sydney.

2. Permanent immigration numbers should be slashed, bringing them closer to their 20th Century average of 70,000 per annum (down from 190,000 currently). Temporary visas must also be cut back.

3. NSW should not take any more special refugee intakes, given the mismanagement of Syrian refugee settlement by the Baird Government.

4. Sydneys planning laws must be overhauled to make the city more efficient and sustainable. An urban containment strategy is needed. For existing suburbs, One Nation supports development and density restrictions in under-serviced, over-crowded LGAs. The Government should publish a comprehensive report identifying these suburbs (most likely, most of the city).

5. The release of greenfields residential land also needs to be limited to prevent further urban sprawl. Priority should be given to the development of employment land in Sydney to reduce commuter-travelling times, especially in the citys outer suburbs.

6. The Greater Sydney Commission should be disbanded (at an annual cost saving of $18 million) as it has become a mouthpiece for Big Australia immigration and unlimited population growth in Sydney. Political appointments and unrealistic planning strategies have dominated the Commissions work.

7. The Greater Sydney Commissions excessive housing and population growth targets should also be abandoned. NSW Planning should be given the task of containing the citys growth to reasonable lifestyle, infrastructure and environmental limits. Local Councils, as the level of government closest to the people, also have a critical role to play in limiting densities and development in line with local infrastructure/service capacity. One Nation respects this vital local government urban planning role.

8. The State Government should scale back the responsibilities of the so-called W...


Final day to show us some love & win prizes (and we promise not to mention Subscriberthon for 350 more days) "IndyWatch Feed National"

This is it one final appeal to you, dear reader, to put your spare $$ where your love is and take out a subscription sometime in the next few hours. In return, youll go into the prize draw for all our mind-blowing prizes.


CRIME CULTURE: American Animals "IndyWatch Feed National"

CRIME CULTURE: The year was 2003 and a quartet of college idiots were about to set out to their university library in one of the dumbest heists ever planned. Gary Johnston give us his verdict on whether new doco-drama American Animals captures the spirit of their infamous criminal caper. [READ MORE]


Black Gully Festival is plastic water bottle free! #BYOBottle "IndyWatch Feed Nsw"

[ Saturday, 17 Nov; 10:00 am; ] Single use, disposable plastic water bottles are one of the most visible environmental impacts of the music scene - hugely wasteful, toxic to us and our land and water, and completely unnecessary. Sustainable Living Armidale and Green Music Australia will help phase them out and we need your help! BYO Bottle Please help us spread the word We will supply [...] full article 


Book Launch: Locked On! "IndyWatch Feed Nsw"

[ Friday, 7 Dec; 5:30 pm; ] Friday 7th December, 5.30 pm Readers Companion, 149 Beardy St Mall This event launches Marty Branagans illustrated novel Locked On! The Seventh and Most Illegal in the Hitchhikers Guide Trilogy. Its a fictionalised account of the Leard Forest blockade against coal mining on the Liverpool Plains, and the blockade against coal seam gas on farmland at Bentley, [...] full article 


Now is your last chance to go solar before RECs reduce again on 1 January 2019 "IndyWatch Feed Nsw"

The uptake of solar power across Australia continues to be one of the shining lights for sustainability, particularly against the backdrop of drought, deepening climate change and losses to biodiversity. The financial benefits of going solar are as significant for most people as these environmental reasons. St Vincent de Pauls recent annual electricity report (see Sydney Morning [...] full article 


John Pilger Film Festival Opens Soon "IndyWatch Feed National"

A film festival celebrating the work of documentarians and curated by one of the most internationally renowned of them all, John Pilger will open in Sydney at the end of the month.

The Power of the Documentary is a collaboration between the Museum of Contemporary Art (MCA) and the Riverside Theatres, Parramatta.

The festival presents 26 landmark documentaries selected by Pilger, including a retrospective of his own work.

At a time of information onslaught, much of it repetitive, said Pilger, the documentary remains a powerful way of making sense of the world, of connecting the past with the present and breaking the silence that is so often truth.

The programme runs from November 28 to December 9 and includes the long banned War Game by Peter Watkins, Edward Murrows Harvest of Shame and Peter Daviss Hearts and Minds.

Tickets are available here.

The post John Pilger Film Festival Opens Soon appeared first on New Matilda.

12:20 crowdfunding film: Accelerate "IndyWatch Feed Nsw"

This is what it would take to fund the transition to a new world. All of Australia could be converted to renewable energy for 7.7% of the money in the super funds in this country which is how we know 100% renewable energy is 100% doable. Thats one of the messages in the Accelerate film, the [...] full article 


Nature Conservation Council Top 20 NSW deforestation hotspots exposed "IndyWatch Feed Nsw"

A few hours ago, I was in NSW Parliament to launch a new report on deforestation in NSW. Weve exposed the top 20 deforestation hotspots in NSW. Shockingly, 17 of the 20 hotspots are home to koala habitat that is now at risk of land clearing under NSWs new deforestation laws. With fewer than 21,000 koalas [...] full article 


One year on from the Royal Commission, the NT youth justice system remains broken "IndyWatch Feed National"

To mark the anniversary of the release of the Royal Commission into Protection and Detention of Children in the Northern Territorys final report, the Change the Record Coalition including human rights organisations is calling on the NT Gunner Government to raise the age of criminal responsibility and get children out of harmful youth prisons.

Everyone wants their children to be safe and supported but the Gunner Government is putting children in danger by reopening Don Dale and continuing business as usual after the Royal Commission called for a profound shift from past practice, Co-Chair of the National Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Legal Services, Cheryl Axleby said. Tear gassing children is a significant human rights violation and sees the NT Government mark the anniversary of the Royal Commission choosing to subject kids to further trauma and harm, said Ms Axleby.

The Gunner Government reported on 11th November that children who had been locked away in police cells were returned to Don Dale following an incident where tear gas was used against the children in Don Dale.

There's no time to wait: the NT Government can make changes right now to fix this broken system. It urgently needs to raise the minimum age it locks up children from 10 years old to 14, and fund Indigenous-led programs like Balunu, which will support our kids not to end up in the system in the first place, and to stay out of detention, said Rodney Dillon, Indigenous Rights Adviser with Amnesty International.

We need to see more action from the NT Government to get children out of prison, said Ms Axleby. Expediting measures like raising the age of criminal responsibility and appointing a Commissioner for Aboriginal Children and Young People will be a positive step to keep children out of dangerous prisons like Don Dale, she said.

The Gunner Government cannot just sit on its hands while children continue to suffer. Don Dale is a dangerous powder keg. Just in the last week children have been tear gassed and held in solitary confinement, said Shahleena Musk, Senior Lawyer with the Human Rights Law Centre. Punishment and confinement will not achieve the change we want, the future of youth justice is in supporting children to thrive, with their families and in their communities, she said.

Kids should be supported in the community, including through mental health supports, bail hostels, education and training programs. It is well and truly time for the Gunner Government to show us what progress has been made in this past year in line with the recommendations of the Royal Commission aimed at preventing children being funnelled into prison, said Ms Musk.

For media comment please contact:

For Cheryl Axleby please contact Karly Warner on 0423 610 587



Fighting breaks out in Sri Lankan parliament "IndyWatch Feed National"

I have written before about the Byzantine political intrigues in Sri Lanka that has led to political turmoil. A measure of how things have deteriorated can be seen by a fight that broke out in the Sri Lankan parliament when some members rushed at the Speaker.

The latest chaos followed the abrupt decision by the president Maithripala Sirisena (MS) on October 26 to dismiss the prime minister Ranil Wickremesinghe (RW) and install the leader of the opposition party Mahinda Rajapaksa (MR) in his place. MR had been president and MS one of his cabinet members before MS and some of his supporters defected from MRs party, joined up with RWs party in a coalition, defeated MR in the next presidential election, dissolved parliament and called for new elections in which RWs party became the largest one, and then appointed RW as prime minister. Got that? That kind of shifting alliances is not uncommon in Sri Lankan politics.

The recent falling out between MS and RW has triggered the current state of confusion. RW has said that his dismissal was unconstitutional, but MS went ahead and appointed MR as prime minister and also appointed a cabinet. When it became clear that MR did not have the support of the majority in parliament, MS first suspended parliament, a move that was challenged, and then he brought it back into session to enable MR to show that he had majority support. When that support did not materialize, MS dissolved parliament and called for new elections but then the Supreme Court stepped in and said that he could not do that.

It appears that RWs party then brought a no-confidence vote against MR and it passed on Wednesday. MR addressed the parliament on Thursday and apparently the fight started when the Speaker called for a vote on whether to approve or reject MRs remarks. Parliament has been adjourned until Friday afternoon but it is hard to see how this impasse will be resolved.

It is truly a mess.


Privatisation of Centrelink services is making matters even worse "IndyWatch Feed National"

Contributed by Ben Wilson

It was bound to happen. Privatised outsourcing of customer information provision at Centrelink is giving incorrect information to people.

Not that this is a huge change. What is shows, is that instead of doing something about it, Scott Morrison and his lot, have tried to hide it by handing over the work to private companies.

The problem is not on only misinformation. A stack of other errors, are being made. Calls are being constantly transferred around and there are a lot of mistakes in the processing.

This comes from a Community and Public Sector Union (CPSU) survey of Human Services workers.

According to the survey, 85 per cent of respondents say private call providers are having a negative impact on service standards. They report the private call centre staff dont have the training they need, and clients are waiting longer to have their issues resolved, because they cant always be fixed by the private contractors. They say that Human Services workers often have to fix problems caused by the call centres.

Most scary is that private contractors are also working in the compliance area. Human Services staff suggest that appealing to against a decision is being made harder, when it is suggested that an application cannot be made without providing further evidence first. Although this is supposed to be against the guidelines, they are getting away with it.

A consequence is that staff are facing a rise in the number of angry people that they must face, and this is having a negative impact on the quality of the work environment. The use of sacually employed contractors is also creating job insecurity.


Photo from the CPSU: Centrelink staff are campaigning against the private call centres












But it is much worse for those who depend on Centrelink to get by. Too many are missing out on the already miserly income provided and are having uncalled for debts imposed on them, and this inevitably adds to the poverty problem in Australia.

Although the governments figures suggest that waiting times on phone calls are going down, this is misleading. There...


Rewriting her story "IndyWatch Feed Cvic"

Edgars Mission - lamb, Lucille

Little Lucille Lamb managed to out fox a fox, but she couldnt out fox kindness. It was a kind heart who brought Lucille to Edgars Mission after a predator attack inflicted multiple wounds over her body, where infection had set in. Not long after her arrival, we realised it would take our very best efforts to pull her through.

Edgars Mission - lamb, Lucille-2

Lucille has undergone a procedure to debride the severely infected wound claiming a large portion of her hindquarters and x-rays have been taken to determine the extent of damage to her front leg. With a splint applied to straighten the limb, it is our hope Lucille will regain use of it once more and be able to run, skip and jump as all lambs should.

With her delicate long lashes and soul-searching eyes, Lucilles beauty, strength and resilience have well and truly captured not only our hearts but also our respect. As twice-daily bandage changes, laser therapy, medications and regular veterinary check-ups continue, we are utilising all we have in our arsenal to ensure Lucille has many more years of love, care and kindness ahead of her. Stay tuned as we continue to rewrite the chapters of Lucilles life. Her story has only just begun.



Refugees pick Nauru over US "IndyWatch Feed National"

I know I said posts would be light today - and I know I have to knuckle down and get the DPP submission done - but some things just have to be shared. Forty of the 300 refugees who left Nauru to resettle in the US have contacted the island...


Launch of Overland editorial intern Magan Magans debut poetry collection! "IndyWatch Feed National"

6.30 pm Saturday 8 December VU at MetroWest, 138 Nicholson Street, Footscray Overland editorial intern Magan Magan is launching his first collection, published by Vulgar Press, in Footscray on 8 December.


Don't be dishonest - Left Testicle's sentence "stern but fair" "IndyWatch Feed National"

Ex-Labor MP's sentence had to be 'stern' Margaret Scheikowski, Australian Associated Press November 15, 2018 1:53pm Former NSW minister Ian Macdonald's sentence for misconduct in public office was "stern" but not unreasonable nor plainly unjust, five Court of Criminal Appeal judges have been told. "This was a Minister of the...


Malcolm Turnbull to star at Australian Bar Association conference tonight "IndyWatch Feed National"

The preeminent legal conference of 2018 rise2018 relevant/resilient/respected is a prestigious two-day conference to be held at the International Convention Centre Sydney. The conference boasts an impressive speaker line-up that will highlight and profile the excellence of the Australian legal profession with a focus on national and international legal...


Posts will be light today "IndyWatch Feed National"

I'll be offline (but checking comments from time to time) for most of today preparing a submission I've been asked to make to the DPP.


Will robots bring us utopia? An end-of-year debate! "IndyWatch Feed National"

6 pm Friday 7 December The Toff in Town, 252 Swanston Street, Melbourne Overland and the National Union of Workers are hosting a lively end-of-year debate on the topic of automation and what it will mean for workers and labour.


River + summer = colour "IndyWatch Feed Cvic"

Sacred Kingfisher, Loddon River @ Newstead, 14th November 2018


Spain moves to go completely renewable by 2050 "IndyWatch Feed National"

Contributed by Jim Hayes

The Spanish governments declared intention to completely switch over to renewable energy by 2050. Its aim is to slash 90 percent off carbon emissions and take a major step towards decarbonising the whole economy, and it is grabbing worldwide attention.

The plan includes installing at least 3,000 megawatts of wind and solar power each year for the next ten years.

The shift to renewables is not sudden. Spain has been a leader in this for some time. The strength of public opinion had been difficult for the pro mining conservative government to hold back the tide. Now that the Pedro Sanchez led Socialist Workers Party of Spain is in a minority government, it has a strong incentive to consolidate its position.

Holding barely more than a quarter of the parliamentary seats, it can only survive if the anti-austerity party Podemos (We Can) and the Catalan and Basque independence parties dont vote against it. The Socialists falied to enter into a left coalition, because an agreement could not be struck with Podemos. In its absence, they do not have a great deal of room to maneuver and faces a high prospect  of political instability, before facing the polls in 2020.

After  being thwarted in an attempt to bring a modest increase to the budget by the conservatives, still wed to cutting back spending, and by those on the other side, branding it as insufficient, the government needs a way out that will win it some political capital to consolidate political support.

This led to successful negotiations in October, which brought an agreement on raising the minimum wage by 22 percent,  raising pensions, increased funding for education and science, increasing disability benefits, more spending on housing and increased paternity leave. This agreement set the ground for progress on renewable energy.  Both the political circumstances and the push within the Socialist Party have created the political conditions for change.

Consequently, Spains efforts to meet commitment to the Paris Agreement has been lifted to a higher level.

Under the plan, there will be a ...


Blessed relief "IndyWatch Feed Vic"

Relief as jobs fire

With the new articles getting more shrill by the day on tighter credit, it's becoming more important than ever to watch the facts closely with a clear head! 

Following on from yesterday's wage price index, there was a tremendously upbeat employment report today, with full-time jobs leaping by +42,300 in October 2018, described variously as a  'jobs boom' and 'beautiful set of data'.

Stepping away from the monthly noise, this takes annual employment growth back up to 2 per cent, or +308,100 (there are six charts to expand below). 

New South Wales again drove the gains in October, with quarterly employment growth for the state booming by +63,100, and annual growth soaring off the charts at +151,000, for a staggering +3.9 per cent annual gain. Wow.

There were also very solid gains for Victoria over the year at +93,100, while at the other end of the scale things have been looking rather messy for the Northern Territory over the past 18 months, with total employment trending ever lower. 

Unemployment rate lowest since 2011

The seasonally adjusted unemployment rate held firm at 5 per cent, confirming that last month's surp...


Canaans Hong Kong Listing Plans in Limbo "IndyWatch Feed National"

Canaan's Hong Kong Listing Plans in Limbo

Plans by bitcoin mining equipment manufacturer Canaan to list shares on the Hong Kong stock exchange are now uncertain, as the Chinese companys application for an initial public offering (IPO) expired on Nov. 14 exactly six months after it submitted the documents to the Asian bourse.

Also Read: Bitcoin ATMs Most Common Scam Payment Method in Australia

IPO Will Not Happen in 2018

Canaans $400 million IPO may not happen this year as there was no update from the stock exchange for a listing hearing, according to a report by Reuters, quoting sources familiar with the matter.Canaan's Hong Kong Listing Plans in Limbo The Hong Kong exchange has released a report on IPO applications, delistings and suspensions that shows that more than 200 applications have lapsed before they were finalized. The report does not identify any of the applicants by name.

Regulators in Hong Kong, including the stock exchange itself, have reportedly raised concerns about Cana...


MACKAY Menacing phone calls, texts land South Mackay miner in hot water "IndyWatch Feed National"

MACKAY November 14, 2018 at 02:42PM ,

Menacing phone calls, texts land South Mackay miner in hot water

November 14, 2018 at 02:42PM ,

Joshua James Mackenzie, 23, appeared before Mackay Magistrates Court, pleading guilty to using a carriage service to menace, harass or cause

, ,

user1ouenvdy crimeviewqld , ,


Longer fire seasons threaten to disrupt US-Australia firefighting cooperation "IndyWatch Feed National"

An arrangement that has worked well for decades is at risk of coming unstuckLonger bushfire seasons in Australia and the US threaten to disrupt the sharing of vital personnel and equipment between the two countries, fire experts and coordinators have revealed.At least 50 people have lost their lives in California's deadliest wildfires, which continue to rage. Fire authorities and scientists say climate change has made the conditions worse.I think there's no other plausible explanation than [...]


Australia: Jihad murderer withdraws his apology, says I ask Allah to grant victory to the believers "IndyWatch Feed National"

Justice Peter Johnson said the letters also gave an insight into the 22-year-olds lack of rehabilitation and de-radicalisation. He seems to have shut the door to the path.' What Johnson should ponder is why exactly Atai would shut the door to deradicalization. If he did, he would find abundant incitement to violence in the Quran []


Australia: Muslim leader says Islam cannot be connected with any form of violent acts "IndyWatch Feed National"

The religion of Islam cannot be connected with any form of violent acts. Unfortunately, Islamic jihadists around the world keep connecting them. ISIS may draw some of their justification from the religion of Islam. That does not make it a form of Islam. Odd statement. Who within Islam has the authority to determine what is []

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Thursday, 15 November



From the moment we drove through the gates at NRMA Darlington Beach Holiday Resort we loved it. Within hours of arriving we agreed that it was one of our favourite parks to date.

It has everything you could possibly want in a holiday park, located on 1...


MACKAY Charge dropped: Million-dollar laundering case falls flat "IndyWatch Feed National"

MACKAY November 14, 2018 at 01:11PM ,

Charge dropped: Million-dollar laundering case falls flat

November 14, 2018 at 01:11PM ,

PROSECUTORS have dropped a charge levelled against an elderly Mackay man who had been accused of laundering about $1 million as part of an

, ,

user1ouenvdy crimeviewqld , ,


MACKAY Menacing phone calls, texts land Mackay miner in court "IndyWatch Feed National"

MACKAY November 14, 2018 at 06:26AM ,

Menacing phone calls, texts land Mackay miner in court

November 14, 2018 at 06:26AM ,

BOMBARDING a woman with menacing phone calls and texts during a fiery feud between two families has not ended well for a miner from South

, ,

user1ouenvdy crimeviewqld , ,


Vestas wins largest project in Victorias Renewable Energy Auction with the first V150-4.2MW turbines in Australia RenewEconomy "IndyWatch Feed Vic"

The project is the largest of six successful bids underVictorias928 MW Renewable Energy Auction Scheme, and the second winning project backed by Vestas customised solutions. The post Vestas wins largest project in Victorias Renewable Energy Auction with the first V150-4.2MW turbines in Australia appeared first on RenewEconomy.

via Vestas wins largest project in Victorias Renewable Energy Auction with the first V150-4.2MW turbines in Australia RenewEconomy


Energy Estate, MirusWind propose 4GW wind and solar project in NSW RenewEconomy "IndyWatch Feed Nsw"

Energy Estate and MirusWind propose 4GW wind and solar project with storage in NSW the largest single renewable energy project in Australias main grid. The post Energy Estate, MirusWind propose 4GW wind and solar project in NSW appeared first on RenewEconomy.

via Energy Estate, MirusWind propose 4GW wind and solar project in NSW RenewEconomy


Australian Dollar and Bitcoin "IndyWatch Feed National"

1.00 AUD = 0.00013 BTC
0.00010 BTC = 0.75 AUD


Bitcoin ATMs Most Common Scam Payment Method in Australia "IndyWatch Feed National"

The Australian Taxation Office (ATO) has warned taxpayers to be on high alert for phone scammers demanding payment through bitcoin ATMs. It said payments via BTC cash machines have now overtaken iTunes vouchers as the most common method of scam payment reported to the tax authority.

Also Read: IMF: Central Banks Could Issue Digital Currency

Tax Month November Is Prime Time for Fraudsters

Around one million Australians are due to pay their taxes to the ATO on Nov. 21. In a statement on Wednesday, ATO assistant commissioner Kath Anderson said fraudsters are growing increasingly sophisticated. They hope to exploit vulnerable people, often using aggressive tactics to swindle people out of their money or personal information, she lamented.



Canstruct: Nauru detention centre contractors profit from abuse "IndyWatch Feed National"

At the same time as children and their families are being medically evacuated from Nauru, its been reported today that Canstruct, a Queensland company, is set to make in the order of $150 million in earnings from the Australian Government for running the Nauru detention centre.

Keren Adams, Director of Legal Advocacy at the Human Rights Law Centre said it was appalling that a so-called family business was profiting from an intentionally abusive system.

"Its been five long years of misery and suffering for the men, women and children on Nauru. And now people are being evacuated after this prolonged cruel treatment. What kind of business looks at that abuse and sees an opportunity for profit?" said Ms Adams.

According to audited accounts lodged with Australias corporate regulator the company made a profit of $43 million dollars in the past seven months. While the exact figure is not known, the contract extension could potentially reach in excess of half a billion dollars, with the total contract expected to bring in $150 million in bottom line earnings when the contract expires in April 2019.

"The offshore detention centre on Nauru continues to be the site of horrific and ongoing violations, including illegal detention, sexual assault and child abuse. There is simply no ethical way for a company to run this centre," said Ms Adams.

Canstructs contract was due to end this this year however the contract has been renewed for six months even amidst mounting public pressure to end offshore detention. Canstruct was awarded the detention centre contract last year after Spanish company Ferrovial said it did not want to renew its deal with the Australian Government.

"Australias offshore detention is, by design, a regime of cruelty intended to breed hopelessness and despair. Canstruct say they are a family company. If that really is the case it surely recognises that the indefinite warehousing of men, women and children is not an acceptable business for any company," said Ms Adams.

For interviews call:

Michelle Bennett, Director of Communications, Human Rights Law Centre, 0419 100 519


People See A Scared Little Animal Stuck At The Bottom Of A Mineshaft "IndyWatch Feed Cvic"

Manfred Zabinskas, cofounder of Five Freedoms Animal Rescue (FFAR), is rather accustomed to rescuing animals from strange situations

Just recently, Zabinskas went down into a mineshaft because a little face was peering up out of it. He managed to sedate and carry a kangaroo back onto solid ground.

Credit: FFAR

And so when another call came in earlier this month about an animal stuck at the bottom of another mineshaft, Zabinskas expected he would have to go it alone.

Thankfully, this time was a bit different. 

Credit: FFAR

When Zabinskas arrived at the mineshaft in Invermay, Victoria, Australia, he had help. And the small wallaby stuck down at the bottom needed all the help he could get. 

Six firemen and emergency services workers were there to help the little guy, who came to be named Louie.

Credit: FFAR

"A host of personnel from Creswick and Ballarat took charge of the incident and conducted the rescue of the animal with military precision," Zabinskas wrote on the FFAR...


Were impressed youve held out so long but its the second-last day of Subscriberthon 2018 "IndyWatch Feed National"

Today is the second-last day to subscribe to Overland and be in the running for prizes so incredible that you must really look at the full list to appreciate their spectacularness!


Get to know your candidates "IndyWatch Feed Goulburn"

Independent Member for Shepparton District, Suzanna SheedIndependent Member for Shepparton District, Suzanna Sheed

WITH the election just around the corner, The Adviser caught up with the candidates and asked them a list of questions to find out why the community should elect them.

Independent Member for Shepparton District, Suzanna Sheed


What do you think you could bring to the region if re-elected?

For the past four years, I have been your independent voice in the Victorian parliament. I have worked hard to build strong relationships with all levels of government and our region is now reaping the benefits. Never before have we enjoyed so much attention from the major parties. As an independent, I cant make election promises or funding commitments, but I can deliver results. Since taking a stand and electing an independent in 2014, our community has successfully secured more than $660M for critical health, education, rail and road infrastructure. These projects are all underway, but theres more to achieve and if re-elected, I will continue to advocate for the investment we deserve.


What are your main points that you would focus on if re-elected?

Its incredible to see how far our community has come in such a short amount of time; the redevelopment of our hospital has started, work is underway to deliver better educational opportunities and outcomes for our young people, and $356M of upgrades to the Shepparton train line to deliver faster, reliable and more frequent services have begun. Each of these projects are the building blocks of a strong and vibrant community and need to be funded to completion, but now they are underway we have the opportunity to do even more. As a community we have many and diverse needs. Among them, is the need for a mother-baby unit to better support our families when they are vulnerable. We need delivery of the second stage of our hospital and an integrated cancer centre to offer treatment services close to home. We need a fully funded Shepparton Bypass, a redeveloped sports stadium and first-class regional education precinct.



What do you think are the main issues facing the area right now?

Irrigated agriculture is at the heart of the Shepparton district community....


Residents celebrate big race "IndyWatch Feed Goulburn"

ALL THE EXCITEMENT OF THE MELBOURNE CUP From left, Kensington Gardens residents, Kaye Dobson, Judy Hanlon, Alice Morrison and emcee, Warwick Long at the special Melbourne Cup Day luncheon at Kensington Gardens last week. Photo: Supplied.ALL THE EXCITEMENT OF THE MELBOURNE CUP From left, Kensington Gardens residents, Kaye Dobson, Judy Hanlon, Alice Morrison and emcee, Warwick Long at the special Melbourne Cup Day luncheon at Kensington Gardens last week. Photo: Supplied.

RESIDENTS at Kensington Gardens got right into the spirit of the race that stops the nation on Tuesday last week, holding a special Melbourne Cup luncheon.

One hundred and ten participants came together to enjoy a range of activities including a fantastic fashions on the field event that was judged by Kate Long and the residents, with best dressed lady won by Judi Hanlon, best dressed man won by Colin Morris, best dressed couple won by Bev and Peter Schumacher and best hat of the day was worn by Lorrain Rivett.

The residents were also privileged to have Ross Patterson donate a painting he had done of a racing scene, which was unveiled at the luncheon.

Kensington Gardens Social Club president, Lorraine Morris said, It was fantastic. We all had a great day.

We enjoyed a champagne and chicken luncheon with salads and sweets made by the residents.

We had sweeps on every race and we had a couple of wins.

It was quite an enjoyable afternoon.


Payroll tax cut welcomed by regional business "IndyWatch Feed Goulburn"

THE Liberals pledge to cut the current payroll tax rate of 2.425 percent for qualifying businesses in regional Victoria to just 1.0 percent has been welcomed by businesses in the Shepparton district.

The new rate under a Liberal Government will be less than one-quarter of the standard 4.85 percent rate and is the lowest payroll tax rate in Australia.

Gouge Linen Services director, Rob Priestly has welcomed the commitment to cutting taxes for regional business, acknowledging that in an environment of skyrocketing costs such as energy prices, this will assist business to remain competitive.

A 1 percent payroll tax for regional Victoria is a fantastic initiative. It makes regional business more competitive and will drive regional development and job growth.

At a time of rising costs this would be a great assistance to our business.

Liberal Candidate for Shepparton, Cheryl Hammer said the Liberals comprehensive plan for decentralisation includes incentives for economic development in regional Victoria.

Thats why a Liberal Government will cut payroll tax in regional Victoria to just 1.0 percent for all businesses under the existing eligibility criteria for the concessional rate.

Our tax cut is expected to save around 4,000 businesses an average of $11,633 a year, many of these businesses are in our region and have applauded the tax relief policy, Cheryl said.

Around 4,000 regional businesses qualify for the concessional payroll tax rate. The qualifications include that at least 85 percent of the payroll must be comprised of Victorian wages associated with regional employees and that the employer is based in regional Victoria.


Chamber elects president and vice "IndyWatch Feed Goulburn"

LEADING THE WAY From left, Shepparton Chamber of Commerce and Industrys new vice president, John Anderson and re-elected president, Carl Hainsworth. Photo: David Lee.LEADING THE WAY From left, Shepparton Chamber of Commerce and Industrys new vice president, John Anderson and re-elected president, Carl Hainsworth. Photo: David Lee.

AT THE recent Shepparton Chamber of Commerce and Industry board meeting, Carl Hainsworth was officially re-elected as president of the chamber for another term. John Anderson was elected vice president and also Chair of the CBD Sub Committee having recently sold his pharmacy after almost 40 years of trading.

With over 40 years of experience in the business sector and three years on the chamber board, Carl Hainsworth said that officially being elected again as president for another term was an honour.

We have achieved a great deal in the last 12 months especially the decision from council to proceed with the partial opening of the mall. My decision to stay on as president is to oversee the implementation of the final design. I would also like to instigate through the chamber a few more programs aimed at youths that connect them with local business, which will help to show them the potentials available here in Shepparton, Carl said.

John Anderson brings much experience to the role, having been in business in retail for nearly 40 years and an active member of the local community.

John said, The chamber of commerce is moving into a new and exciting era with the great success of the iconic business awards, the planned CBD revitalisation and also construction of SAM to move Greater Shepparton forward.

We hope to continue our close relationship with council and also the other groups to help make Shepparton a prosperous destination.


Charges following thefts and burglaries in Cobram and Numurkah "IndyWatch Feed Goulburn"

COBRAM Crime Investigation Unit detectives have arrested two men and a teenager following a series of burglaries and thefts in the area.

It is alleged a number of burglaries and thefts took place at businesses as well as a residence across Cobram and Numurkah between October 19 and 26.

A 19-year-old man was charged with three counts of burglary and theft and has been bailed to appear at Cobram Magistrates Court on December 12.

A 27-year-old man has been charged with two counts of handle stolen goods, deal with proceeds of crime and commit indictable offence while on bail. He has been bailed to appear at Cobram Magistrates Court on November 14.

A 16-year-old boy has been charged with 18 offences, including theft, burglary, theft of motor vehicle and commit indictable offence while on bail. He was bailed to appear at a childrens court at a later date.


Community Connect "IndyWatch Feed Goulburn"

For more information on how to register for your Community Connect listing contact The Adviser via email at Please note listings are to be fewer than 55 words.



WITH INSPIRATION FROM THE MARYBOROUGH ROTARY CLUB, THE ROTARY CLUB OF MOOROOPNA is investigating ways to be involved in the say no to violence campaign. The club will host a workshop in association with Womens Health Goulburn Valley North East as part of our project on November 29 from 7pm at the Sir Ian McLennan Hall in Mooroopna. All welcome.


THE SENIOR CITIZENS XMAS CONCERT will be held on November 29 at the Senior Citizens Centre on Welsford Street from 1:30pm. Guest artist is Marke Kelly, a talented singer, with Paul Zito. Entry is $5 which includes afternoon tea. Everyone is welcome. Bookings can be made by calling 5821 4921 or 5821 9580.




ASSOCIATION OF INDEPENDENT RETIREES meets on the third Monday of each month at 9:45am at the Overlander Hotel, Benalla Road in Shepparton. Share group meets at 9am. For further information, phone Bill on 5821 1854.


VIEW CLUB is a ladies friendship group who help to support the Smith Family and meet on the first Friday of the month at the Terminus Hotel for lunch at 11:30am. For further information, phone Helen on 5821 7503.


NAGAMBIE LAKES COMMUNITY MARKET runs on the first Saturday of every month (except January) from 9am to 1pm. Lots of locally grown and made items, live music, food and drinks. Located in the main street of Nagambie on the banks of Lake Nagambie. Disabled access friendly. For further information, phone 0475 885 047.


SHEPPARTON MS PEER SUPPORT GROUP would like to welcome back all its members for the year, and also any new members who wish to join. Meetings and outings are held on the third Tuesday of the month from approximately 10am to 12:30pm. For further information, contact Ken Morelli on 0427 919 116 or Barry Flemming on 0411 468 489.


HEARTBEAT VICTORIA GOULBURN VALLEY meet on the first Monday of the month at the GV Health dining room from 6pm for a meal. Meeting and guest speaker starts at 7pm. For further information, contact Ian Powell on 0418 575 141.


EXTENDED HOURS at The Salvation Army Thrift Shop. Now open 9:30am to 4:30pm every Saturday. Come and see us for a friendly chat and find yourself some bargains at 3 Mill Street, Mo...


Local schools race to raise over $9,000 "IndyWatch Feed Goulburn"

THREE-HUNDRED and fifty students from Mooroopna Park Primary School and Verney Road School helped to collectively raise $9,170.42 after taking part in fun runs which were organised to raise the funds for the schools.

Brad Robinson from Mooroopna Park Primary School and Matthew Gill from Verney Road Special School said the students commitment to the fun run was second-to-none.

Our students are so excited about the money theyve helped raise for school resources and they thoroughly enjoyed participating in the school fun run alongside their peers as they cheered each other on, Brad and Matthew said.


Letters to the Editor "IndyWatch Feed Goulburn"


Dear Editor,

I have spoken to many people locally who have had property damage, home invasions, vandalism etc. and called to report to police, where nobody has turned up and no reports were taken.

It appears that the real numbers are very skewed against what is happening on the ground.

I have noticed that the postcode 3629 was number one for crime via RACV reporting covering Coomboona/Mooroopna/Undera/Ardmona/Mooroopna North area etc.

Yours sincerely,

Ross Farrar




Dear Editor,

Some may criticise Bob Katter, but no one can deny that he puts his electorate and people before political ladder climbing. He has made a real difference to his electorate and given his constituents opportunities.

How amazing is it when the leader of such a small party from Queensland can secure funding for investment in not one but two irrigation schemes in northern Queensland.

Meanwhile, the Federal Government with our local member as one of its team is throwing $13B at destroying already well established, efficient and modern irrigation systems across southern NSW and northern Victoria.

Bob Katter continues to fight for his constituents and gives them hope, instead of prioritising personal or political gain, which is rampant within the major parties.

I wonder what it would take for governments to make genuine investment in our electorate?

At present we have a national party federal water minister who seems committed to destroying our region, and a state national party member who is not prepared to stick his neck out to protect us. Even our local Nationals Senate candidate refuses to oppose the recovery of additional water, despite its potential damage.

With state and federal elections on the horizon voters in the Murray Valley need to think very carefully about what makes a good representative and who will fight for what their constituents want.

It seems neither our National or Liberal representatives are able to influence their city-based colleagues, who are more interested in environmental votes than our sustainability. If they do not show substantial change in coming months, we need to send a clear message of discontent through the ballot box.

Yours sincerely,

Andrew Hateley






Alternative solutions to feel good this summer "IndyWatch Feed Goulburn"

MOTIVATIONAL, HEALTHY HELP Naturopath and registered nurse, Jodi Campbell is passionate about assisting you in achieving your goals. Photo: Katelyn Morse.MOTIVATIONAL, HEALTHY HELP Naturopath and registered nurse, Jodi Campbell is passionate about assisting you in achieving your goals. Photo: Katelyn Morse.

AT Verdure Naturopathy, Jodi Campbell prides herself on her passion to help others achieve their health goals.

As a registered nurse and naturopath, Jodi assesses all facets of her clients lifestyle and works exclusively to assist in reaching your health target, whatever that may be.

Currently, Jodi has the perfect program to help attain and maintain body self-confidence this summer. If you commence the new Reset Program now, the first six-week portion would be completed by Christmas and you should certainly feel the results.

You can sign up alone, or save money and sign up as a group. Health objectives are easier to maintain in a group as you can lift each other up and hold one another accountable. Its surely the easiest and most enjoyable way to achieve your health goal.

Jodi said, Our aim is to start with the simple things like food and lifestyle. We also want to acknowledge that every body is different and we want clients to be able to love and appreciate themselves.

Leading up to Christmas, now is a good time to start preparing to feel healthy. Visit Verdure Naturopathy at Shop 2/69 McLennan Street, Mooroopna, or give Jodi Campbell a call at 0408 356 044 to book an appointment.


Works start of Maude Street revitalisation "IndyWatch Feed Goulburn"

THE Maude Street amenities, plaza and bus interchange redevelopment works commenced lasts week with the demolition of the structures near the corner of Maude and Vaughan Streets.

The demolition will allow for the construction of new public toilet facilities. The new facilities will include toilets, an adult change room, breastfeeding and baby changing rooms. The works also include construction of the plaza area and a new eight bay bus interchange. These works have been programmed to run concurrently minimising the impact of road users in the area and will cost approximately $3M. Funding for the project is coming from the Australian Governments Building Better Regions fund, Public Safety Infrastructure fund, VicRoads, Public Transport Victoria and Greater Shepparton City Council. Works are due for completion in mid-2019.

Greater Shepparton City Council Director Infrastructure, Phil Hoare said, The construction of new public toilets including adult change and bicycle storage facilities and a plaza area will create a user-friendly space for shoppers within the precinct.

The plaza area will provide a great space for socialising and the new facilities will be user friendly and compliment the new bus interchange, it will greatly enhance the amenity and safety of the area for our community.

The new bus interchange will improve the functionality within the CBD and the area will be safer for pedestrians and traffic. The creation of an eight bay bus interchange will provide Shepparton with a central, user friendly public transport hub with direct access to the CBD, train station and other major destinations within Greater Shepparton. The bus interchange will operate on both sides of Maude Street for north and southbound traffic.

Later stages of the overall project include streetscaping of Maude Street from Vaughan to High Street and traffic signals to replace the roundabout at the intersection of Vaughan and Maude Streets. The overall project works will be staged over the next two financial years with completion likely to be in late 2020.


Time running out to nominate for 2019 Australia Day awards "IndyWatch Feed Goulburn"

TIME is running out to nominate local residents for the 2019 Australia Day Awards.

Nominations are open for Citizen of the Year and Young Citizen of the Year (aged under 30) and Community Event of the Year for Arcadia, Dookie, Mooroopna, Murchison, Shepparton, Tatura and Toolamba.

Nominations are also sought for other categories including sports and education awards.

Greater Shepparton City Council Director Sustainable Development, Geraldine Christou encouraged residents to nominate friends, neighbours or colleagues who had volunteered their time to make a difference in their community.

We all know people who just get out there and make things happen, lend a hand when the chips are down or go above and beyond the call of duty when it comes to supporting other people or a cause for the community, Ms Christou said.

Councils Australia Day Awards are a fitting tribute for these quiet achievers, and I urge anyone who has ever thought someones contribution deserves some recognition to nominate them for the 2019 awards.

Greater Shepparton Young Citizen of the Year for 2018, Brooke McCluskey said, Being nominated for the Australia Day award was such an honour and made me feel really appreciated for my efforts within the community, I think its a great way to show some recognition for the hard work put into the community every day!

Nomination forms are available from councils Welsford Street office, online at, from Australia Day committee members or by contacting council on 5832 9700.

Nominations close for Murchison on November 23, 2018 and for the other towns on November 30, 2018.


Northern Victoria shows resiliency in dry conditions "IndyWatch Feed Goulburn"

THE regulated rivers, catchments and storages managed by Victorias largest rural water authority, Goulburn-Murray Water (GMW), are showing their resilience to the dry conditions gripping other parts of Australia, but the region is set to face a dry outlook for the remainder of spring and early summer.

GMW interim managing director, Bill Jaboor said the water reserves established over the last few seasons have contributed to water security for all entitlement holders, including those in the Goulburn Murray Irrigation District.

Our astute customers, primarily made up of the farmers who provide food and fibre for us all, are increasingly taking advantage of seasonal carryover and other water management options to make the most of the regions most precious resource, Mr Jaboor said.

With the volume of water available to use this season, GMW is currently well placed to meet the demands of our entitlement holders as they arise.


Together we can mural launch "IndyWatch Feed Goulburn"

A COLLABORATIVE mural project undertaken by GOTAFE CUA20415 Certificate II Aboriginal & Torres Strait Islander (ATSI) Cultural Arts students and 27 pre-school students, aged three and four years from Alexander Street Kindergarten in Mooroopna, was officially unveiled yesterday.

The architectural mural which celebrates the 2018 NAIDOC Theme, Because of her, we can, features the role of family and women, using animals indigenous to the Goulburn and Murray River region.

GOTAFE students involved were Victoria Webbe, Celine Jukes, Anna Williams, Delrae Lui. These students, along with staff were involved in developing art work relating to ATSI Identity, in particular, the role of women in Aboriginal culture, working with others and planning art site installation.


Ballot draw order revealed "IndyWatch Feed Goulburn"

CANDIDATES ORDER ON BALLOT Victorian Electoral Commission election office manager, Mick Bastian read out the ballot paper order for the upcoming election at the reveal last week. Photo: David Lee.CANDIDATES ORDER ON BALLOT Victorian Electoral Commission election office manager, Mick Bastian read out the ballot paper order for the upcoming election at the reveal last week. Photo: David Lee.

THE Shepparton Districts Ballot Draw Order was revealed as 1 Independent Candidate for Shepparton District, Suzanna Sheed, 2 The Nationals Candidate for Shepparton, Peter Schwarz, 3 Shooters, Fishers and Farmers Party of Victoria Candidate, Murray Willaton, 4 Bill Heath, 5 The Greens Candidate for Shepparton, Kickee Freeman and 6 The Liberal Candidate for Shepparton, Cheryl Hammer.

The Northern Victoria Ballot Draw Order was revealed as 1 Voluntary Euthanasia Party (Victoria), 2 Derryn Hinchs Justice Party, 3 Australian Liberty Alliance, 4 Health Australia Party, 5 Sustainable Australia, 6 Animal Justice Party, 7 Australian Greens, 8 Shooters, Fishers and Farmers Vic, 9 Australian Labour Party, 10 Liberal Democrats, 11 Australian Country Party, 12 Hudson 4 NV, 13 Victorian Socialists, 14 Fiona Pattens Reason Party, 15 Liberal/The Nationals, 16 Aussie Battler Party, 17 Transport Matters and 18 Labour DLP.


Skaters on film "IndyWatch Feed Goulburn"

LOCAL skaters showcased their talent in front of a camera at the Inverloch skate park on Saturday.
The YMCA hosted a clip comp.
Skaters had three hours to achieve the best clips with plenty of prizes up for grabs.
Participants could skate, BMX or scoot.
YMCA event coordinate Darren Marks said around 30 people took part, ranging in age. Most of the participants were local.
Events like this give our young people something to do. Its something a bit different and it gets them involved in skating, he said.
It keeps them off the street and off computer games.
The competition was held in conjunction with the Bass Coast Cycle Challenge.
We did something similar last year with the cycle challenge because theres a few more people around, Darren said.
Darren said there was a lot of a great young talent coming through at the skate park.
Some of the videos from the event can be viewed on Bass Coast Skate Parks Facebook page.
The YMCA is planning more events in the future to attract local skaters.
The skating culture is growing in Bass Coast, with Bass Coast Shire Councils skate strategy aiming to create and upgrade more skate parks in the region.

On film: Inverlochs Zeke Holden, Wonthaggis Angus McGillvray and Inverlochs Lloyd Edwards were at the clip comp at the Inverloch skate park on Saturday.


Help the Salvos spread hope this Christmas "IndyWatch Feed Goulburn"

WITH Christmas just over one month away, The Salvation Army is encouraging Shepparton locals to connect with their community, whether it is through participating in Christmas activities, giving a hand up to someone in need, or reaching out to the Salvos for help.

Christmas is one of the hardest times of year for Australians doing it tough, but Shepparton Salvation Army officer, Captain Karyn Wishart says just a small contribution can make a big difference in helping us to give hope where its needed most.

For just $29 you can provide food on the table and a present under the Christmas tree to help give hope to someone in need this Christmas, Captain Wishart said.

Research from The Salvation Army has revealed that 95 percent of all households who access the Salvos emergency services are living in poverty, with 74 percent experiencing food insecurity and 67 percent reporting that food affordability is their greatest daily challenge.

At Christmas, the Salvos will serve over 100,000 meals, distribute more than 500,000 gifts and toys and support more than 70,000 families in need. But we can only do this with the support of the Australian public, Captain Wishart says.

Christmas is the busiest time of year for the Salvos. Not only is The Salvation Army in Shepparton running its annual Christmas Cheer operation, to provide toys and food for those in need, it is also putting on a community carols event and preparing for special Christmas services.

The Salvation Army is inviting the public to gather to celebrate the hope and joy of Christmas at a special service at 10am on December 23, and on Christmas Day at 9am, at The Salvation Army Shepparton, 99 Nixon Street, Shepparton. Everyone is welcome to attend.

Shepparton locals are also invited to attend The Salvation Armys carols service at 5pm, on December 16, at The Salvation Army Shepparton, 99 Nixon Street.

Whether you are by yourself, or with friends and family, Christmas is a time that is best spent together. So, join us, so we can share the true spirit of Christmas, Captain Wishart said.

To give hope where its needed most this Christmas, donate to The Salvation Armys Christmas Appeal at or by calling 13 SALVOS (13 72 58). Donations can also be made in person at any Westpac branch or at Salvo Stores.


Volunteers thanked for magnificent reserve "IndyWatch Feed Goulburn"

LEONGATHAS proud sporting history starts with its exemplary sports hub.
The Leongatha Recreation Reserve has been well maintained by its committee of volunteers for many years and services an abundance of sport and community groups.
These clubs include the tennis, croquet, football, cricket, table tennis, golf, small bore, little athletics, umpires association, netball, basketball, swimming, cycling and the Historical Car Club.
The recreation reserve is home to South Gippsland SPLASH, which features an indoor pool and stadium.
On top of this, a skate park was developed in 2016 and continues to be well used. The recreation reserve is also the home of Leongathas Avenue of Honour.
The reserve is well used for its park and barbecue facility, and is frequented by walkers and joggers.
Major events have also been held at the reserve, including the Rotary Show N Shine, the circus and school sporting events.
The Leongatha Recreation Reserve is unique. According to Leongatha Recreation Reserve committee chair Mr Glenn Wright, theres only one other reserve like it in Victoria.
Its important for the community to have a facility like this and that it is kept in good repair. It reflects on the towns pride when people come in to visit and see our excellent facilities, he said.
The recreation reserve is in fantastic condition thanks to the hours put in by volunteers and the respective clubs.
Volunteers play a huge role in the upkeep of the recreation reserve. Mr Wright acknowledged the work of
Leongathas Kevin Thorn, who has taken on the role of curator and has done a magnificent job.
The committee is also grateful to South Gippsland Shire Council and the State Government for contributing to the facilitys maintenance.
We have been fortunate in the last few years to receive some government grants, Mr Wright said.
We coordinated with the shire to seal the roadway on the top end which has made a huge difference as well as some kerb and channel works. We spent around $1 million. The committee contributed $150,000, council contributed a similar amount and the rest was covered by government grants.
The recreation reserve is growing with the latest addition of Leongatha Football Netball Clubs outdoor netball courts.
Leongatha and District Netball Association also secured funding recently to bring its courts up to standard.
Mr Wright said the netball redevelopments would allow Leongatha to host more finals and championships.
Next on the committees list of improvements is to give the grandstand a revamp and improve the parking near the netball courts and velodrome.
The grandstand has a lot of historical significance but it still needs to be maintained. We will be applying for grants to give it a bit of a face lift, Mr Wright said.
Our top pr...


Saario recognised for commitment to volleyball "IndyWatch Feed Goulburn"


TOM Saario was recently awarded the Contribution to Refereeing Award for the 2018 Volleyball Victoria State League season.

Tom is a highly valued stalwart of Korumburra Volleyball Inc and a life member of Volleyball Victoria.

Contribution to Refereeing recognises an individuals outstanding dedication and contribution to refereeing within, and outside of, the State League competition.

Each State League morning, Tom would arrive pre-opening to check all nets for junior matches before travelling to Springers Leisure Centre to act as referee delegate and referee development officer; overseeing all of the referees at Springers Volleyball Centre.

Well deserved: Tom Saario (right) received the Contribution to Refereeing Award for the 2018 Volleyball Victoria State League season. He is pictured with fellow Volleyball Victoria life member and member of Morwell Volleyball Club Ian Burgess.


Holly bound for China "IndyWatch Feed Goulburn"

MEENIYANS Holly DeGaris will soon be heading off to China for the experience of a lifetime.
Pony Club Australia has been working in China for the last two years to develop the equestrian industry and education for young riders.
Pony Club Australia regularly sends Australian coaches to centres in China to train and accredit the coaches and examine riders for Pony Club certificates.
A Pony Club Australia coach has been stationed at the Gold Saddle Equestrian Club in Guilin, Guangxi province, for most of 2018.
A team of eight from Australia was selected to join the coach in China, Holly among them.
The Australian riders will ride in showjumping rounds and gymkhana games, demonstrate riding to Chinese students, and do sightseeing and cultural activities.
Holly is set to leave for China on November 20 and its looking forward to the experience.
The 16 year old has been riding since she was three years old and has been a member of the Meeniyan Pony Club for the past 10 years.
She decided to apply for the experience after hearing great reviews from a friend who had been part of the program in previous years.
I am looking forward to learning about pony clubs in China and what they do differently. Im also excited to learn about a new culture, she said.
My friend said it was amazing and I wanted to find out what it was all about. I am willing to give every opportunity a go.
This is the fourth group Pony Club Australia has sent to China.
Holly said she loves being part of the Meeniyan Pony Club and has always enjoyed horse riding.
You form a great connection with your horse, she said.
Its a great feeling, whether youre competing or just going for a ride down the road.
Her greatest achievements include competing in the National Pony Club Formal Gymkhana in Toowoomba last year and taking part in the State Tetrathlon.
Her goal is to make it to the national Tetrathlon team and compete internationally in 2020.
She is committed to her goal and trains extremely hard. She swims three times a week, runs three times a week, goes to gym three times a week, rides up to six times a week and practices shooting for at least 10 minutes each day.
Pony Club Australia is part of an active global community and has sent teams to compete in the Tetrathlon in the USA, Polocrosse in the UK, Mounted Games in the UK and showjumping in France.


Locals triumph in cycle challenge "IndyWatch Feed Goulburn"

TWO local cyclists raced across the line first in the Bass Coast Cycle Challenge.
Battling it out in the 121 kilometre race, both Cowes Jesse Riley and Leongathas Alex Dunbar crossed the line first with a time of three hours, 28 minutes and 31 seconds.
The cycle challenge has been running in Inverloch for eight years.
With 121, 85, 53 and 40 kilometre races, the challenges leave Inverloch and circles through Kongwak, the Glen Alvie hills, Almurta and Moyarra, taking cyclists through stunning scenery before ending back in Inverloch.
Between 600 and 700 cyclists took part this year; similar numbers to last year.
This year, the challenge was moved out of Inverlochs main street and onto Ramsay Boulevard.
We decided to move the challenge so we would have a beautiful park to use and there would be less impact on the main street, festival co-director Jess Bodiam said.
The Rainbow Park was used for childrens activities such as face painting, giant board games and the pimp my bike competition.
This competition was won by Inverlochs Anahla Cameron for her robot design.
Stalls from sponsors were also a point of interest.
A fun run was held early in the morning in conjunction with parkrun and a billy cart race took place.

Over the line: Leongathas Alex Dunbar and Cowes Jesse Riley were the first over the line in Bass Coast Cycle Challenges 121 kilometre race.


New homes for elderly a risk of homelessness "IndyWatch Feed Goulburn"

ELDERLY people who are struggling with homelessness in Shepparton will soon have a new place to call home thanks to $5.5M in Victorian Government funding.

Representing the Minister for Housing, Disability and Ageing, Martin Foley, Member for Northern Victoria, Mark Gepp said the funding would support a $10M project being delivered by Wintringham Housing Ltd.

The project will result in 28 to 30 one-bedroom accessible homes being built in central Shepparton on a property adjoining other homes and support services currently managed by Wintringham.

The homes will be allocated to elderly homeless people or those at risk of homelessness, with priority being given to those who have experienced family violence. Construction is expected to start in 2020 with the first residents being housed in late 2021.

Additional funding has come from the Australian Nursing and Midwifery Federation and a philanthropic body.

Wintringham CEO and founder, Bryan Lipmann AM said, We are proud to already be serving the Shepparton community, and this project means we can extend our housing and support services for those in need even further. This is a powerful example of how government and community funds can be used in partnership to deliver much needed services.


McCormack fighting for farmers "IndyWatch Feed Goulburn"


YOUR LABOUR DLP CANDIDATE Labour Democratic Labour Party Candidate for Northern Victoria, Chris McCormack. Photo: Supplied.YOUR LABOUR DLP CANDIDATE Labour Democratic Labour Party Candidate for Northern Victoria, Chris McCormack. Photo: Supplied.

THE Democratic Labour Party (Labour DLP) is dismayed at the plight of food growers in Victoria as a result of destructive policies from successive governments which have led to the demise of farming and the flow-on effect of lost jobs in rural and regional Victorian communities.


Labour DLP Candidate for Northern Victoria, Chris McCormack said, In the year 2000, there were 12,896 registered dairy farms in Australia. Last year there were 5,789.

This decimation of the industry has been brought about by deregulation of the dairy industry and deregulation of water. The price of temporary water rose 900 percent between 2012-2015 and in some cases is now selling for over $300 per megalitre which is making farming unsustainable while water barons profiteer.

Labour DLP believes in giving farmers back useable and affordable water allocations by immediately ceasing all water buy-backs, reviewing all water acts and an immediate moratorium on the Murray Darling Basin Plan, with those adversely affected compensated.

So-called environmental flows, lacking any scientific basis, whereby up to 70 percent of water stored in reservoirs is sent out to sea is an absolute disgrace and must be reversed, Mr McCormack said.

Shepparton is among the top 20 highest youth unemployment hotspots in Australia, at 16.1 percent unemployment. Labour DLP believes in encouraging manufacturing and business in the regions through the abolition of payroll tax and industry-specific incentives, making power affordable and reliable and building new dams to drought proof Victoria. These are essential if Victorian jobs are to survive long-term.

Building new high efficiency, low emissions coal power stations, and encouraging co-operatives throug...


Local triathletes to tackle IRONMAN Western Australia "IndyWatch Feed Goulburn"

IRONWOMEN FOR A CAUSE From left, GV Health McGrath Foundation breast care nurse, Michelle Parish, KMD Creative logo designer, Kris Muir, triathlete due, Kylie Jones and Fiona Le Gassick, McDonalds owner operator, Tully Lyster and trainer, Anne Maclean. Photo: David Lee.IRONWOMEN FOR A CAUSE From left, GV Health McGrath Foundation breast care nurse, Michelle Parish, KMD Creative logo designer, Kris Muir, triathlete due, Kylie Jones and Fiona Le Gassick, McDonalds owner operator, Tully Lyster and trainer, Anne Maclean. Photo: David Lee.

LOCAL triathlete duo, Kylie Jones and Fiona Le Gassick are tackling the gruelling IRONMAN Western Australia in December in the name of the McGrath Foundation.

Kylie is a three times breast cancer survivor, having recently experienced her third diagnosis even after an earlier double mastectomy, and with Fionas daughter at risk of carrying the breast cancer gene, the two friends and training buddies have united in the support of the Pink Ribbon cause.

This will be both Fiona and Kylies third IRONMAN (3.8km swim, 180km ride and 42.2km run) but the first one they have competed in together.

Kylie and Fiona said, We wanted to financially support the McGrath Foundation as we believe breast care nurses make a world of difference to the lives of families experiencing breast cancer.

Under their team name, Pink Peaks IRONMAN, they hope to raise $5,000 for the McGrath Foundation to assist with continuing to provide breast care nurses for the Goulburn Valley.

To kick off their fundraising campaign local McDonalds licensees, Tully and Michelle Lyster have kindly donated $2,500 to the cause.

As a major fundraiser Pink Peaks IRONMAN will be hosting a trivia afternoon on Sunday, November 25 at 2pm at the Senior Citizens Centre. The event will be hosted by local trivia guru, Dean Waldo Walton, with tickets available via Eventbrite Pink Peaks IRONMAN McGrath Foundation Trivia Afternoon. Tickets are just $15 per person with tables of 10 encouraged.

To make a donat...


East Shepparton covered bowling green pledge "IndyWatch Feed Goulburn"

ELECTION PLEDGE From left, East Shepparton Bowls Club vice president, Dennis Galt, board member, Kevin Cox, Liberal Candidate for Shepparton, Cheryl Hammer, Nationals Leader, Peter Walsh, Nationals Candidate for Shepparton, Peter Schwarz and East Shepparton Bowls Club president, Chris Johnson at the recent announcement that if elected this month the Liberal Nationals Government would provide $600,000 towards a new covered bowling green at the club. Photo: Supplied.ELECTION PLEDGE From left, East Shepparton Bowls Club vice president, Dennis Galt, board member, Kevin Cox, Liberal Candidate for Shepparton, Cheryl Hammer, Nationals Leader, Peter Walsh, Nationals Candidate for Shepparton, Peter Schwarz and East Shepparton Bowls Club president, Chris Johnson at the recent announcement that if elected this month the Liberal Nationals Government would provide $600,000 towards a new covered bowling green at the club. Photo: Supplied.

A NEW covered bowling green for the East Shepparton Bowls Club could be on the cards if the Liberal Nationals Government is elected this month, pledging to provide $600,000 toward the $1.2M project.

The new undercover green will allow the 120 club members and bowlers from around the Shepparton electorate and wider area to play bowls all-year-round.

The club hosts many local and major tournaments such as the Victorian Open and the undercover green will ensure such events are not affected by inclement weather.

Shadow Minister for Regional Victoria and Decentralisation, Peter Walsh said, Sports clubs like East Shepparton Bowls Club are experiencing strong participation and are in desperate need of better facilities to make sure they can keep up with demand...


The false economy of Melbourne's real estate market "IndyWatch Feed National"

Melbourne's property prices have gone through the roof, as a result of many factors, where one of the most important ones which stands out is caused by the massive influx of migrants allowed to enter the country.

This post is not going to be of book size proportion or megabytes of text, explaining or touching the various other aspects that effect the good people of Australia with regards to something that is deliberately erroneously referred to as population 'growth' by the mainstream media, but rather migration influx or the indiscriminate dumping of humans into another country, as a result of corrupt governments screwing over the 'good' people of other countries that leads to people fleeing their native land.

At a current rate of 2,500 imports per week into Melbourne alone, the current infrastructure and tax enslaved general population is struggling to support the newcomers, despite what the 'authorities' will tell you.

For the purpose of this post, we'll just look at one very small problem created by the authorities with regards to the 'supply and demand' in the current rental market in Melbourne.

Let's have a look at the following gem of a house in a very dodgy Melbourne suburb, that is on the market for $350 per week.

As you can see from the above photo it seems that the renter must supply their own kitchen, for this is a room that looks like it had a kitchen in it, once upon a time.

When a house is built in Victoria before it can be inhabited by humans it must come with a certificate of occupancy which guarantees the premises contains facilities conducive to sustaining life, like heating, water, toilet, tiles to wet areas and also, you guessed it, a kitchen.

It seems that this place is not fit to sustain humans.



Australian Taxpayers Have Paid $1 Million to Scammers Through Bitcoin ATMs Since July "IndyWatch Feed National"

The Australian Taxation Office (ATO) has used official channels to warn taxpayers of scammers who are fooling people into paying their taxes through Bitcoin ATMs to their accounts.

As the deadline approaches on 21 November, the authority told the one million taxpayers, who will need to make a payment to the ATO, to be wary.

Australian Taxpayers on High Alert

Kath Anderson, assistant commissioner at the ATO, stated that increasingly sophisticated scammers look to exploit vulnerable people often using aggressive tactics to take their money or personal information.

The top five scammer signs include the threat of immediate arrest, unusual payment methods such as prepaid cards, the request of personal security information including tax file number, bank details or social media sites. The authority added that scammers often ask for money in order to process a refund or other payment.

November is a prime time for scammers as they know lots of people have tax bills to pay. Be wary if someone contacts you demanding payment of a tax debt you didnt know you owed [] Our advice is simple the ATO will never ask you to make a payment into an ATM or via gift or pre-paid cards such as iTunes and Visa cards, or direct credit to be paid to a personal bank account, Anderson said on the ATO website.

Since July 2018, Australians have reported over 28,000 scam attempts, totaling nearly $1 million paid to scammers, with payments through Bitcoin ATMs becoming their favorite means of payment, followed by iTunes vouchers. Anderson is also concerned about vulnerable personal information that is given away to scammers.

Since 1 July, weve seen almost 6,000 taxpayers give away their personal or financial information to scammers through things like phishing scams. Your identifying information like tax file numbers, bank account numbers or your date of birth are the keys to your identity, and can be used by scammers to break into your life if they are compromised. Scammers have been known to impersonate tax agents too its recommended that you hang up and call your agent direct on a number you have sourced independently.

A recent...


Australia becoming more corrupt warns former judge "IndyWatch Feed National"

Nick OMalley writes in the Sydney Morning Herald (14 November 2018), about the support of former judge, David Harper, for the creation of a national commission against corruption. In OMalleys considered view,  Australia is becoming more corrupt. In the wake of the rising number of publicly known incidences of corruption, the call for such a comission has widespread  support across Australia.

Australia is becoming more corrupt because successive federal governments have failed to create an effective national anti-corruption body similar to the NSW Independent Commission against Corruption, a leading jurist has argued.

Writing in support of a national anti-corruption body, David Harper, a former Court of Appeals justice at the Supreme Court of Victoria, noted that in 2012 Australia ranked seventh in Transparency Internationals global corruption index, but that today we were ranked 13th.

The lack of a federal anti-corruption agency remains a reason why we have never come close to being corruption-free, he has written in an opinion piece for the Herald.

Mr Harper writes that the lack of an effective federal anti-corruption watchdog had allowed corruption to flourish undetected and, in turn, allowed federal politicians to hide behind the myth that the federal sphere is free of corruption.

In NSW, Victoria, Western Australia and Queensland, extraordinarily serious instances of corruption have been unearthed by royal commissions or broad-based anti-corruption authorities, he writes.

A survey by the Victorian Independent Broad-based Anti-corruption Commission (IBAC) found that 40 per cent of past, present and prospective suppliers to government agencies believed corruption in public sector procurement to be either a major or moderate problem.

Corruption in the states is certain to be replicated federally and if procurement in the states is a problem, federal procurement is necessarily fraught. In 2009, the Defence Department alone sought tenders for more than $45 billion. When money of this magnitude meets power and greed, as inevitably it will, corruption or attempts to corrupt are the result.

Mr Harpers piece was written in support of a briefing paper prepared by the Australia Institute, which is lobbying for a similar federal body, for federal crossbenchers, who last month announced their support for a federal anti-corruption body. Labor also supports the proposal. So far the government has opposed such a body, or discussed one with far more limited powers.

The paper finds that the NSW Independent Commission Against Corruption remai...


The humanity and inhumanity of a call centre "IndyWatch Feed National"

The 36pm Friday shift is known as one of the worst. Personally, I prefer it to Monday morning, maybe because I sympathise with people being leaving work, not getting to it. Anyway, Friday shifts are intense. Theyre busy. School has finished. People leave work early. Its the shift change for drivers. Trains are usually out somewhere. Its bloody awful for everyone.


The Bridge Projects and the Arts & Industry Festival "IndyWatch Feed National"

How to Build Bridges Symposium 10 am 6 pm Friday 23 November The Substation, 1 Market Street Newport The Bridge (the play) Wednesday 21Saturday 24 November The Substation, 1 Market Street Newport


Our numbers are up! "IndyWatch Feed Cvic"

We are slowly working towards getting our signage needs sorted at the garden. The Give Us A Sign project, funded by Mount Alexander Shire Community Grants  aims to improve the experience for members and non members alike when they visit. Thanks to the generosity of Richard Flavell at Sandleford, we now have durable stainless steel Continue reading Our numbers are up!


Sign our letter against the damaging RCEP trade deal "IndyWatch Feed National"

See AFTINETs latest leaflet here and send a message to the trade Minister here.

The  TPP-12 corporate agenda faced opposition in most TPP countries, especially the US, where there was bipartisan opposition leading to the US withdrawal in 2017. But the Japanese and  Australian governments led the push to resurrect the TPP-11 and are pushing to repeat the same  model in other trade agreements. Next in line is the Regional Comprehensive Economic Partnership (RCEP). 


Cant Help You, Im Not Qualified Attorney-General Porter "IndyWatch Feed National"

The A-gs HQ

by Dee McLachlan

I wrote to all the Attorneys-General on 27 September, 2018, describing that This is utter madness that we cannot help these children NOW...


RCEP giant trade deal talks to continue in 2019 as civil society resistance grows "IndyWatch Feed National"

15 November 2018: CEP Ministers from 16 countries meeting in Singapore have confirmed in a statement that they will miss the deadline of finishing the agreement in 2018, and that talks will continue in 2019. The statement says that seven of twenty chapters of the agreement have been completed. 

The Regional comprehensive Economic Partnership talks between China, India, Japan, South Korea, Australia, New Zealand and the 10 ASEAN countries, covering half the worlds population, began in 2012 and have missed many deadlines.

The deal is bigger and more secretive than the TPP.

The delay follows ongoing disagreements over TPP-like proposals on foreign investor rights to sue governments (ISDS) and stronger monopolies on medicines from Japan and South Korea, which have been resisted by India and some ASEAN governments. There are also disagreements about tariffs, trade in services and other issues.

Pressure has also come from civil society groups in many of the member countries, which oppose ISDS and stronger medicine monopolies, which would delay the availability of cheaper medicines and other restrictions on government regulation in the public interest.

See AFTINETs latest leaflet here and send a message to the trade Minister here.


How to organise a call centre "IndyWatch Feed National"

Im one of the delegates in my workplace I have been so for about a year. In that time, Im proud to say, weve successfully increased union membership from 30% to 96%. How did we do this? By taking up political questions in the workplace that are relevant to broader society such as marriage equality, refugees and the racist demonisation of the South Sudanese community, as well as agitating and campaigning around issues at our workplace to improve our working conditions.


From boobtube to Youtube "IndyWatch Feed Nsw"

My kids watch a lot of Youtube, mostly videos of people playing video games

One thing that bothers me is the unregulated nature of the content, especially the ads they are forced to watch.

There is strict legislation surrounding the advertising (particularly at children) on television, yet it's quite shocking to see the branded content masquerading as user-generated material (like unboxing videos) and those commercials that play before videos too.

I was watching one the other day that basically told kids to pester parents for sugary cereal in the supermarket.

Another example is that advertising which has been banned from television is still available Youtube.

Like this Holden ute commercial that was deemed as showing unsafe driving.



Superb! "IndyWatch Feed Cvic"

This Superb Fairy-wren has been parading around the front garden in recent days looking, well, superb!

Superb Fairy-wren, Wyndham Street Newstead, 11th November 2018


Clinton Foundation donations tanking "IndyWatch Feed National" Money to Clintons' nonprofit tapers for third year in row Donations down 57.8% in 1 year by Frank E. Lockwood | November 11, 2018 Donations to the Bill, Hillary and Chelsea Clinton Foundation dropped sharply in 2017, the third-straight year of declining revenue. Contributions, which peaked during the foundation's...


Report shows the scale of government handouts to the rich "IndyWatch Feed National"

Contributed by Joe Montero

A report commissioned by Anglicare from Per Capita brings out some of the details to what most people already know, that is, that the richest part of Australian society receives much more government support than the poorest.

When the study, using Treasury data, ABS figures and the University of Melbournes HILDA survey, shows that major tax concessions to the top end cost taxpayers $135 billion a year, it comes as no surprise to anyone. It amounts to far more than the combined cost of Newstart, the age pension, family assistance payments and disability payments.

And governments have continually insisted that welfare payments are a burden on society and remained tight lipped on handouts to the best off.

It is even more telling when more than half of these handouts go to the richest fifth of Australian society. They get $68.5 billion a year.  Every person on a wage has to pay $37 a week to fund this.

This generosity comes through tax concessions. Compare this to the bottom 20 percent who get $6 billion.

The report however, only looks at benefits paid out in terms of households. While it does factor in, the ability of wealthier households engaged in business to use discounts existing in the taxation system to offset expenditures, by claiming them as household expenditures, it does not consider benefits going to corporations. If this is included, the benefit going to the top would show to be much bigger.

For example, Foxtel pocketed a $30 million handout last year and avoided paying $8.3 billion in tax for three years.  This is only one case. According to the Tax Office, 354 companies operating in Australia avoided paying income on $911 billion, and last year, said said that 36 percent of  companies pay no tax. This is not the complete picture either. WikiLeaks Paradise Papers disclosures, gave a good idea of the scale of the tax avoidance industry through transferring funds to tax free havens, and this includes Australia.

In the 2015-16 financial year,...


SOTT FOCUS: The crucifixion of Julian Assange "IndyWatch Feed National"

Julian Assange's sanctuary in the Ecuadorian Embassy in London has been transformed into a little shop of horrors. He has been largely cut off from communicating with the outside world for the last seven months. His Ecuadorian citizenship, granted to him as an asylum seeker, is in the process of being revoked. His health is failing. He is being denied medical care. His efforts for legal redress have been crippled by the gag rules, including Ecuadorian orders that he cannot make public his conditions inside the embassy in fighting revocation of his Ecuadorian citizenship. Australian Prime Minister Scott Morrison has refused to intercede on behalf of Assange, an Australian citizen, even though the new government in Ecuador, led by Lenn Moreno - who calls Assange an "inherited problem" and an impediment to better relations with Washington - is making the WikiLeaks founder's life in the embassy unbearable. Almost daily, the embassy is imposing harsher conditions for Assange, including...

SOTT FOCUS: The Crucifixion of Julian Assange "IndyWatch Feed National"

Julian Assange's sanctuary in the Ecuadorian Embassy in London has been transformed into a little shop of horrors. He has been largely cut off from communicating with the outside world for the last seven months. His Ecuadorian citizenship, granted to him as an asylum seeker, is in the process of being revoked. His health is failing. He is being denied medical care. His efforts for legal redress have been crippled by the gag rules, including Ecuadorian orders that he cannot make public his conditions inside the embassy in fighting revocation of his Ecuadorian citizenship. Australian Prime Minister Scott Morrison has refused to intercede on behalf of Assange, an Australian citizen, even though the new government in Ecuador, led by Lenn Moreno - who calls Assange an "inherited problem" and an impediment to better relations with Washington - is making the WikiLeaks founder's life in the embassy unbearable. Almost daily, the embassy is imposing harsher conditions for Assange, including...


Above or below? Aussie PM grilled on hot topic of the day: Proper placement of onions in sausage sandwiches "IndyWatch Feed National"

Australians are fired up as tensions simmer across the country over one of the hottest topics to skewer public opinion: should the onions be placed above or below the sausage in a certain national delicacy? Wildly popular Australian hardware chain Bunnings, known for its charity fundraiser barbecues and its delicious 'snags' (a sausage sandwich), recently told staff to put onions under the sausages amid health and safety concerns over renegade loose onions escaping and causing patrons to slip. The debate has gotten so out of control, it has even entered the international political sphere.


Writers, submit your short fiction to our future sex edition! "IndyWatch Feed National"

Overland is seeking fiction submissions for a special online edition themed around future sex, to be edited by Michalia Arathimos. We are looking for stories that engage with what our changing sexualities look like, both now and in the future.


Donald Elley Blog-Site. There is no other voice anywhere near as strong for Christian and Biblical truth in Pentecostal circles in Australia or New Zealand as this blog-site. "IndyWatch Feed National"

The writer of this blog-site Donald Elley of Bellingen.

God led me to start this blog-site in 2011. The thing is though, I didnt know He was initiating it.

I started this blog-site as a travel log and kind of shared diary in 2011 when I was about to go to Japan and travel about a bit.

With Gods leading and guidance, this blog-site has evolved into what it is today.

In 2011, one of my two adult daughters Rebeccah, a journalist, said to me, Dad, youre doing some interesting things. Why dont you start a blog-site.

I replied, Whats a blog-site?. Becky helped me set it up, and the rest is history.

This blog-site has had 850,000 views

This blog-site has had 850,000 views. Articles read most are about Hillsong and Brian Houston.

Yesterday there were 506 visitors (readers) to this site, reading 713 articles. When Brian Houston was at the Royal Commission in 2014 ther...



Australia: Muslims laugh as theyre found guilty of jihad plot to massacre non-Muslims on Christmas Day "IndyWatch Feed National"

Why did they laugh? Because they have nothing but contempt for the Infidel court, and because they are secure in the knowledge that they were trying to do a great thing for Allah. Its not hard to kill a person with a machete. It just takes one slice to the neck. Thats per Quran 47:4, []


Australian woman finds needle in pear just after strawberry scare arrest "IndyWatch Feed National"

It was just on Sunday when a woman was arrested and charged with contaminating strawberries in Australia's Queensland. But it looks like the fruit saga is far from over as a needle was again spotted... this time in a pear. Clare Bonser, a make up artist with ABC News Breakfast, said she was driving on Tuesday as she casually "chomped on" her pear. For some lucky twist of fate, she happened to look down at the fruit before taking the next bite. That was when she spotted the menace and managed to just narrowly avoid being injured by the spiky item. "At first I just put it on the seat next to me and tried to process what I saw, then realised, 'Oh crumbs'," Bonser said.


Christine Assange Issues Call For All Journalists, Politicians, Medical Professionals And Activists To Stand Up For Julian Assange "IndyWatch Feed National"

For the past 6 years in the embassy, the UK government has refused his request for access to basic health needs: fresh air, exercise, sunshine for vitamin D and access to proper medical and dental care according to Christine Assange and Julian Assanges lawyer, Greg Barns. As a result, his health has seriously deteriorated; and his examining doctors warn these detention conditions are life-threatening. The slow and cruel assassination is taking place before our very eyes in the embassy in London, Christine expressed. Assanges doctor, Sean Love, has previously stated in an opinion piece that depriving him of medical care is cruel, inhuman and degrading treatment. Adding, It is time for Australia to intervene.


Tangible Evidence: UK Funding Killer Robot Drone Project Leaked Report "IndyWatch Feed National"

Sputnik November 14, 2018 In 2017, hundreds of academics in Canada and Australia called for a pre-emptive ban on the development and use of lethal autonomous robotics, a move that became part of the Campaign to Stop Killer Robots. The development of killer robot drones has actively been funded by the British government, which is []


I Lost My Passport And Found My Calm In India "IndyWatch Feed National"

The noise, the chaotic traffic that felt like a death-sentence every time I attempted to cross the road, the perpetually-burning incense: for me, India was a slap-in-the-face that was overwhelming and invigorating.

Women in saris of every colour you could think of were bent over sweeping rubble, glittering red and gold and turquoise and purple in the sunshine optimistically pushing its way through the smog. Men carried everything from buckets of water to couches, with huge bands strapped around their foreheads to help carry the load, and entire families managed to squeeze onto one motorbike. Once, I counted seven people.

It was my first trip on my own; no family, no friends, just me, my passport and my backpack. Id been diagnosed with an anxiety disorder the year before, so India was a surprising choice of places to venture on my own. Yet amongst this utter chaos that theoretically should have been sending me spiraling into a panic attack (I struggle going into my local supermarket on a busy day), the millions of people, the sounds of cars and bikes and markets and camels and oxen had me feeling paradoxically calm.

I was absolutely in love with this country.

Id met my tour group that afternoon; wed huddled awkwardly in the foyer, sharing stories of what wed done that day, contents of our first aid kits and souvenirs wed paid far too much for.  Our guide, Shiva, went through the itinerary for the trip, and we then left the frenetic energy of Delhi that evening and headed into the desert to Bikaner via train.

On the overnight train, we squeezed into tiny bunks three up each wall and I stumbled across my first problem for the trip. My bed was barely big enough for me, let alone my large backpack. Shiva, noticing my frustration asked what was wrong, noticed that yes, indeed, my pack was taking up an impractical amount of space and why didnt I just leave it under the bunks with the rest of the luggage?

It will be safe, he assured me, nodding wisely.

Well, if this man Ive known for roughly 12 hours says it will be safe on this rickety, creaking train, it must be safe, I reasoned.

Okay! I beamed, and with a joyous heave I squished my pack passport and all under the bunks.

Shiva was probably unaware that my passport was in there or else he may have provided me with less awful advice.



Leafy seadragons of South Australia "IndyWatch Feed National"

This video says about itself:

4 November 2018

In an epic expedition down under, the Bird family goes on a search for the most exquisite seahorse in the worldthe Leafy Seadragon! Just south of Adelaide in South Australia is a place where the Leafies can be found! But the water is cold and the wind is blowing!

JONATHAN BIRDS BLUE WORLD is an Emmy Award-winning underwater science/adventure series featuring underwater cinematographer/naturalist Jonathan Bird.


Bruiseberries "IndyWatch Feed National"

A nightclub in Chengdu. The floor vibrates. My legs jiggle like jackhammers. The Chinese promoter Catherine dispenses more Jger like medication to us three outsiders. All wearing fluffy panda hats for some reason, were taking silly photos with others and I bow in front of groups of girls like in ancient times or do the kungfu respect stance with a fist into a straight palm. They giggle and mirror my movements. Im making out with a girl in a white T-shirt and she purposely bites my tongue. I push her away and say fuck off, curious about what kind of person she must be.

Catherines mind looks somewhere else. I want to find out more about her, if she does this almost every night and if shes fulfilled, what does she really hope for when shes lying in bed alone, whats the thing from her past holding her back. But when I touch her palm and yell into her ear, the deafening music slams my weakening voice and I realise this place sucks, only allowing surface hi-fives and empty laughter.

White T-shirt waves from a booth and the Jger is hitting me hard and, shit, why am I sitting with my arm around this girl now? My tongue is tentative. Her lips are wild fruits. Smudged mulberries on my cheek. Were walking off and her hand is numb and the elevator drops us to a bright lobby.

Taxis line the curb. Jumping in the front seat I tell the driver Shuangqiaolu and show him Shuangqiao Road station on the metro app. My place is only 15 minutes away. After 20 minutes, something doesnt feel right. I check the map on my phone and weve headed the complete opposite direction, out of the city. White T-shirt has overridden me and given her address.

What the fuck? I turn to the back seat. She doesnt respond.

After 45 minutes, were out of the taxi and shes arguing with the driver. The street is empty. Trees from a park across the road create pleasant, clean air a facade of a place where good things happen. She waves her phone, claiming she paid with the WeChat or AliPay app, I guess. But the driver dismisses it, motioning his hands fiercely and raising his voice.

I get between them, trying to mediate and find out the exact problem. She wont say anything to me, just keeps yelling in Mandarin. At this point I dont even know how much of my English she understands.

A policeman comes over, but the arguing doesnt stop. Seems like shes gonna hit the driver. She speed-walks away, up the street, receding into the distance, leaving me with the cop and taxi driver and I dont know what to...

Wednesday, 14 November


Greece-Ecuador-Australia: Joint police operation to dismantle cocaine-trafficking ring "IndyWatch Feed National"

A major police operation in cooperation of Greek, US and Ecuador authorities to dismantle an international cocaine-trafficking ring is underway on Wednesday.

Simultaneous arrests are taking place in Greece and Ecuador after authorities in the Latin American country found and confiscated 300 kg cocaine on a yacht.

The yachts was to transfer the cocaine to Australia and from there the drugs were to end up in Europe via Greece.

The worth of the 300kg drugs is estimated to be over 1.5 million euros.

Greek police has arrested two Greeks and one Albanian national who are suspected for having organized the cocaine transfer from Ecuador to Australia.

One of the Greeks is reportedly owner of a cafeteria, the other one was a cars dealer. According to media, the three are the masterminds of the international drugs trafficking ring.

No further details have been reported about the case. More arrests are expected in Greece.

Another six people have been arrested in Ecuador.

Greek police has been reportedly cooperating with US Drug Enforcement Administration (DEA).

The post Greece-Ecuador-Australia: Joint police operation to dismantle cocaine-trafficking ring appeared first on Keep Talking Greece.


Australia: Tax Regulator Warns of Fraudulent Requests for Tax Payment via BTC ATMs "IndyWatch Feed National"

The ATO publication states that Australians have reported over 28,000 scam attempted associated with the ATO, and have paid nearly $1 million to scammers



Open-access journal editors resign after alleged pressure to publish mediocre papers "IndyWatch Feed National"

All 10 senior editors of the open-access journal Nutrients resigned last month, alleging that the publisher, the Multidisciplinary Digital Publishing Institute (MDPI), pressured them to accept manuscripts of mediocre quality and importance. The conflict is familiar for many commercial open-access publishers: Because authors pay fees per published article (about $1800 in the case of Nutrients), the publisher has an incentive to publish as many as possible. On the other hand, scientists prefer to publish in choosy, reputable journals, and academic journal editors want to maintain this quality. On 15 August, the editor-in-chief of the journal, Jon Buckley, of the University of South Australia in Adelaide, received an email from MDPI announcing his replacement at the end of the year by someone who would "bring different ideas on board." Buckley says this was an excuse to push him aside because of his strict editorial policy. He resigned immediately, and nine other senior editors...


Pastor Frank Houston Founder of Hillsong. Pedophile. Criminal mind. Part Two. A criminal pedophile too far in to go backwards. "IndyWatch Feed Nsw"

Pastor Frank Houston, the greatest evangelist in Australia and New Zealand. Young males turned him on. He couldn't help himself. A true life-long pedophile and homosexual.

Pastor Frank Houston founder of Hillsong in Sydney, Australia 1977, two years before his son Brian joined him in Australia in 1979. Frank Houston was the most famous Assemblies of God evangelist in Australia and New Zealand in the 1960s to 1990s. He died November 2004. But he was a secret life-long homosexual and criminal pedophile. Now in Gods hands. Please note the carefully manicured hair, perfect suits and polished shoes. These were all part of this pedophiles carefully manicured disguise.

So-called Pastor Frank Houston was a pedophile who used the Christian ministry as a cloak or instrument to access little boys and young males.

Like a wolf in sheeps clothing, he thought it was the perfect disguise to access his prey.

The pedophile Frank Houston groomed good trusting wholesome New Zealand and Australian Christian families, and then secretly accessed, assaulted and sexually abused their innocent pure children.

The pedophile Frank Houstons preferred pedophile victims were little boys and young males.

In his criminal pedophile mind, Frank Houston calculated that being a Christia...


Europes 3rd largest insurance company turns away from coal "IndyWatch Feed Nsw"

Generalis recent announcement about its improved coal exclusion policy puts an end to insuring new coal plants and mines while turning away new coal clients with more than 30% of their energy production or revenues coming from coal.

Generali follows Allianz, AXA and Zurich which all have announced restrictions on insuring coal. Now, Europes four biggest primary insurers have limited coverage for the coal industry, supporting the phase-out of the main driver of dangerous climate change and the cause of hundreds of thousands of premature deaths globally each year, including more than 22,900 in the EU. [1]

Greenpeace, Unfriend Coal and Re:Common have called on the remaining coal insurers around the world to also restrict and exclude coal investments and insurance.

Greenpeace Italy climate campaigner, Luca Iacoboni, noted that this new coal exclusion policy sends an an important signal today that coal is becoming uninsurable and the answer to this is an urgent energy transition to 100% renewable energy. This is not just a matter of securing the survival of our planet, but of the insurance industry as well. Moodys Investor Service has also warned that climate change has a net negative credit impact on the the re/insurance industry. Re/insurers like AIG, Chubb, Mapfre, Hannover Re-Talanx, Vienna Insurance Group and Uniqa, who are all still actively insuring coal must move away from this dirty fuel or face public scrutiny and economic losses.

Re:Common campaigner, Alessandro Runci, said that while Generalis new policy is another strong signal to the coal industry, Generali fails to mention when existing coal clients, like those in Central and Eastern Europe, will be dropped. In order to become real climate leaders and to address the air pollution problem exacerbated by their clients, they need to quit coal with no exceptions. That includes no life extension of plants in the form of retrofits beyond 2030 and no to retrofits that would even temporarily increase capacity of existing plants.

Lucie Pinson of the Unfriend Coal campaign observed that Generalis move shows that coal is increasingly becoming uninsurable. The majority of global insurance companies with the expertise to lead in assessing and underwriting new power plants have now committed to end or limit insurance for new coal projects. Recent climate disasters should remind industry laggards of the urgent need for action.

According to the European Environmental Agency, member countries incurred economic losses caused by weather and climate-related extremes up to approximately...

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