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Wednesday, 22 November


OKeeffe takes top spot by just one vote The Shepparton Adviser

OKeeffe takes top spot by just one vote

ELECTED INTO NEW ROLES From left, Greater Shepparton City Council Mayor, Cr Kim OKeeffe and Deputy Mayor, Cr Seema Abdullah, who were elected into their new roles during last weeks special council meeting. Photo: Alicia Niglia.

IT was a close call at the election of Greater Shepparton City Councils mayor during last weeks special council meeting, but the votes fell the way of Cr Kim OKeeffe with five councillors swinging their vote her way, and the remaining four votes going to outgoing mayor, Cr Dinny Adem.

Joining Cr OKeeffe in the top spots on council will be Cr Seema Abdullah, who was elected deputy mayor.

Having been in the role of deputy mayor for the last term, Cr OKeeffe told The Adviser she is looking forward to working closely with councillors, the community and members of parliament to achieve better outcomes for Greater Shepparton.

Greater Shepparton City Council Mayor, Cr Kim OKeeffe said, I am very honoured to have been elected as the mayor for Greater Shepparton for the next 12 months.

I would like to thank my fellow councillors for their support in electing me as mayor, and also for their support the past 12 months in my role as deputy mayor.

Over the coming 12 months, I plan on focusing on the councils Ask of Government, and will be looking to strengthen the tendering process and look at how the timelines of projects are affecting the community with an aim to provide better outcomes.

I will be listening and focusing on what is happening in our community and how we as a council can learn from it.

There are many topics to continue to focus on such as continuing to lobby hard for better rail services, educational outcomes and further development for GV Health.

Were in an exciting time with a new council and new mayor. There are some great opportunities for us looking to the future.

I would also like to acknowledge and thank former mayor Cr Dinny Adem for the effort and dedication he has shown in the mayoral role for the past two years. He has been a great mentor and I would like to acknowledge the results we have achieved as a council during his term.

Deputy Mayor, Seema Abdullah said, I am very pleased and thankful to my fellow councillors for their support and faith in me.

As a councillor, carrying out my councillor duties are of most importance and I will continue doing them to the best of my ability.

Being elected as deputy mayor will mean that I will continue doing my role with the...


Adviser wins inaugural social media award The Shepparton Adviser

Adviser wins inaugural social media award

A SOCIAL WIN The Adviser social media manager, David Lee was pleased that The Adviser was presented with the inaugural Victorian Country Press Association (VCPA) Best Social Media Campaign Award at the VCPA Annual Conference and Awards on Friday night. Photo: Nicholise Garner.

ON Friday night at the Victorian Country Press Association (VCPA) Annual Conference and Awards night, The Adviser was pleased to take out first place in the inaugural VCPA Best Social Media Campaign Award.

The award, which was well contested, provided the opportunity for The Adviser to showcase the work that has been put into our social media platforms, together with press marketing, that are designed to offer a personal and daily connection with the local community.

The Adviser social media manager, David Lee said, The opportunity that Nitro Circus provided us when the crew announced they were coming to put on a show in Shepparton was something that we thought would best be done over our social media platforms, and the success rate we had on our posts proved that this was the right move to make.

We utilised a range of posts on Facebook, from the breaking news announcement that the show was coming to Shepparton, to a couple of competitions and even a video to get the community revved up prior to the arrival of the show.

Wed like to thank the crew at Nitro Circus for providing us with all we needed to make this such a successful campaign and we look forward to continuing the success of our social media platforms.

Judge, Francis Nicholls-Wunder said, Facebook was an excellent choice of medium considering the younger demographic of the target audience. Response to the competition was fantastic, and organic, seemingly without any paid advertising.

The use of video was important to grab the attention of Facebook users. The competition conditions were straightforward and encouraged audience interaction, leading to come impressive virality for certain integral posts.


Meet the committee The Shepparton Adviser

Meet the committee

Anne McCamish shares her passion for new SAM

A PROUD COMMUNITY PROJECT SAM Foundation committee member, Anne McCamish says that the new SAM will be something that the whole community will be proud of and has the chance to contribute to. Photo: David Lee.

THERE are nine members that make up the SAM Foundation board committee, with each of them having their own rhyme and reason to wanting to see the new SAM built for the local community. The Adviser caught up with committee member, Anne McCamish for the first of a nine part series where we hear from those who perhaps have the deepest connection with the project.

Anne said, There are two main reasons I joined the committee, the first coming down to the fact that at the moment the young people and children of Shepparton are not getting the experience of art that they could be due to the lack of an adequate facility. We could provide that with a new SAM.

The second reason is that Shepparton doesnt feel like it has a heart, such as Federation Square provides in Melbournes CBD. A place like that provides a meeting place, a safe, open and secure space and we can have that with the new SAM and best of all it will be located in a beautiful and natural environment.

Incorporating the Indigenous gallery and the specific interest that will be on display on the immigration of the region will help to unite the city.

The time will come, hopefully next year, when we see a local launch that excites and inspires people. This will most likely be at the turning of the sod and in my opinion wed like to see a kick-off for a call out for the local community to contribute toward the donations.

Everyone who puts even one dollar into the new SAM will have an individual ownership of the museum and thats a wonderful thing to be a part of.

This has been a tremendously successful city and we should celebrate that. We can with the new SAM and it will show the world how successful we are.


Learn more about Kiallas newest school The Shepparton Adviser

Learn more about Kiallas newest school

DISCOVER ST ANNES An artist impression of what the new St Annes College in Kialla will look like, which interested members of the community can find out all about at an upcoming information session. Image: Supplied.

IF you have any questions about one of the newest schools to open in Kialla, St Annes College, then dont miss out on your chance to find out more at the community information session next week.

Running on November 30 from 7:30pm to 8:30pm at St Mels Parish Hall, the community will hear about how the school came to be where it is, the schools Pedagogy that will lead to learning, the building design theory and how to enrol your child.

St Annes College principal, Dom Poppa said, The evening is a general information session open to the public so they can find out what St Annes is.

It will be an opportunity to find out about our learning intentions and to meet the director of Catholic Education office Sandhurst, Paul Desmond and the architect on the design brief and what the school will look like, so that parents can get an idea on when their child comes to school what they can expect and how that fits in with the learning and teaching.

We will welcome your questions and we begin our inquiry to create a learning community that will give our children a choice in their learning.


For further information, phone 0408 596 354.


3 Peaks third win The Shepparton Adviser

3 Peaks third win

A RACING VICTORY From left, locals, Robin Knaggs and Bill Parsons have just walked away victors of the 3 Peaks Rally for the third consecutive year. Photo: David Lee.

LOCAL racing enthusiasts, Robin Knaggs and Bill Parsons took to the rally track around the hills of Bright recently, taking out first place in the 3 Peaks Rally for the third consecutive year.

The three day motoring event saw the local duo come out on top, beating 31 entrants with their outright points adding to 1,148 in their Nissan GTR R35.

Robin and Bill said, We have been racing together in motoring events since 1996 including the Dutton Rally, Clipsal 500, Grand Prix and Indie Car Rally.

We enjoy the camaraderie and enjoy racing.

Were happy with the result. I think it came down to experience and the fact we got lucky. Theres a lot of navigation, which can be tedious.

There was a fair bit of competition, but you just see how you go at the end of the day.

Our next race will be the Adelaide Clipsal at the end of February next year.


140 years of nurturing communities The Shepparton Adviser

140 years of nurturing communities

HUGE MILESTONE Berry Street is celebrating 140 years providing support for families and the community, and celebrating almost 20 years assisting the local community. From left, Berry Street senior administration officer, Daniel Nardella, senior manager administrative operations, Julie Petts, Hume regional director, Patrice Jackson, receptionist, Elisha Rawlings, senior manager community, partnerships and support services, Helena Simmons and leader of Berry Street School campus operations, Rachael Coulbourn. Photo: Alicia Niglia.

THE meaning behind Berry Streets slogan of Were For Childhood couldnt be a more accurate representation of what the organisation has achieved over the last 140 years across Victoria, and even more so for what it has achieved for the Greater Shepparton community over almost 20 years.

The Berry Street family have worked tirelessly for the benefit of others and what they have done is definitely worth celebrating.

Over the years, Berry Street has been helping the community through various programs, some of which have been available from the organisations conception and some newly introduced models, but all have one goal; to see the people who make up the community thrive, succeed and contribute positively.

Berry Street Hume regional director, Patrice Jackson said, It is so exciting to be part of an organisation that has such a wonderful, rich history, yet is able to adapt to contemporary welfare issues and community needs.

Berry Street believes all children should have a good childhood, growing up feeling safe, nurtured and with hope for the future.

Berry Street has been an important part of the Goulburn Valley since 1998.  It has been my privilege to be part of Berry Street for almost that entire time.

During the last two decades, Berry Street has grown and developed in so many wonderful ways.

The highlights for me were the establishment of the Berry Street School campus in Shepparton, the delivery of Kinship Care support and services to grandparents and other family members caring for vulnerable children and, of course, the opening of our Education First Youth Foyer.

In the local area, Berry Street employs more than 100 dedicated and skilled staff. We have more than 50 committed, passionate foster carers (but could definitely do with some more!!) and we have the support of some wonderful volunteers and mentors. Together, we exist to protect and care for children, and to strengthen families.

In celebration of Berry Stree...


Child care relief around corner for Murray families The Shepparton Adviser

MORE than 4,000 families in Murray will be better off from the Federal Coalition Governments child care overhaul.

Federal Member for Murray, the Hon Damian Drum said the new child care package will provide the greatest hours of support to the families who work the longest hours, and the greatest subsidy and financial support to the families who earn the least.

The government knows the cost of living pressures many young families face every day. This is why we have taken action to overhaul the child care system to make it more affordable for mums and dads, Mr Drum said.

Many families throughout our electorate have both mum and dad at work; these families rely on child care, which can be often quite expensive. With these new changes families using child care in Murray should be reassured that relief is around the corner.

Minister for Education and Training, Simon Birmingham said the child care changes are focused on helping the families that need it most.

Almost one million families will benefit from our additional $2.5B investment and comprehensive changes to the subsidy system, our new hourly rate cap to put downward pressure on fee increases and the end of the $7,613 annual rebate cap, Minister Birmingham said.

With 1.15 million Australian families set to access child care next year its important families have the opportunity to plan for the changes.

Visit the child care estimator at top find out how you may benefit.


Australia votes Yes The Shepparton Adviser

57 percent of voters in Murray vote in favour of Same Sex Marriage

ON Wednesday last week, the results were released for the Same Sex Marriage vote and the people of Australia have shown their support, with 61.6 percent voting in favour, including 57 percent of voters in the Murray electorate.

Of the 150 Federal Electoral Divisions, 133 recorded a majority Yes response, and 17 Federal Electoral Divisions recorded a majority No response.

12,727,920 million people participated in the voluntary survey, representing 79.5 percent of the more than 16 million eligible Australians.

Following the release of the results, both sides of government have stated that they are hoping that a decision on the law change will be made by Christmas this year.

Local resident, and Goulburn Valley Pride Inc. committee member, Damien Stevens spoke with The Adviser, saying that he was very pleased, excited and happy with the result, and it means he will be able to marry his partner of 10 years in April next year to celebrate their decade being together.

This is wonderful for many LGBTI people who want to get married, Damien said.

Personally this was the result I expected having worked with the LGBTI+ community. There has been a gradual increase and swell of support for marriage equality from our broader community.

Although unnecessary, this survey has provided the clarity on paper that the government said it wanted surrounding marriage equality and Australia has spoken.

In Prime Minister, Malcolm Turnbulls words, An overwhelming number of people responded to the survey and an overwhelming number voting in favour.

Both Turnbull and Bill Shorten want this sorted by Christmas. There are bills tabled right now.

There are hundreds of local LGBTI people that this affects and thousands more family members, friends and allies that this indirectly affects.

Marriage provides the loving, committed, safe and legally binding relationship on paper that people who want to enter into marriage can now do. But there is still work to do.


Community Connect The Shepparton Adviser


FRIENDS OF THE AUSTRALIAN BOTANIC GARDENS SHEPPARTON will be celebrating building stronger communities together by Reaching for the Stars at the top of Honeysuckle Rise in the Australian Botanic Gardens Shepparton on Thursday, November 23 from 7:30pm.


THE BUNBARTHA TENNIS CLUB IS CELEBRATING 100 YEARS and is planning its next meeting to celebrate the occasion on Thursday, November 23 from 7:30pm at the Bunbartha Community Centre. Any past players and community members are welcome. For further information, contact Trish Moss on 0427 298 288.


GV HEALTH EXTENDED CARE AUXILIARY are holding an event at Fairley Downs Homestead on Sunday, November 26 at 5250 Barmah-Shepparton Road, Bunbartha from 5pm to 8pm. Tickets are $40. For further information, contact Lolene 5821 9182 or Margaret on 5821 4937.


SHEPPARTON SPIRITUALIST CENTRE will be holding their next meeting on November 26 with John and Leeanne Rollinson. Meditation will start at 12:30pm, followed by lunch. Please bring a plate to share. Service starts at 1:30pm. All welcome.


AN XMAS CONCERT FOR SENIORS will be held on Thursday, November 30 at 1:30pm and is the last concert of the year at the Shepparton Seniors Centre in Welsford Street, Shepparton. Guest artist is Just Us (two lady singers). Entry is $5, which includes afternoon tea. Everyone is welcome with bulk bookings on 5821 9580.


NEIGHBOURHOOD WATCH GREATER SHEPPARTON POLICE SERVICE AREA MEETING will be held on Tuesday, December 5 from 7:30pm at Shepparton Police Station, Welsford Street, Shepparton. Residents of all areas of Greater Shepparton are invited. For further information, contact Peter on 0427 701 705.



SHEPPARTON VIEW CLUB is part of the Smith Family and is a friendship club that meets on the first Friday of each month from 11:30am to 12 noon at the Terminus Hotel in Shepparton. There are guest speakers and activities on offer. For further information, phone Helen on 5821 7503.


THE SALVATION ARMY THRIFT SHOP is now open between 9:30am and 4:30pm every Saturday. Come in and see us for a friendly chat and find yourself some bargains at 3 Mill Street, Mooroopna.


MENTAL WELLBEING: DEPRESSED? ANXIOUS? ISOLATED? SUFFERING GRIEF OR LOSS? KNOW SOMEONE WHO IS? The Shepparton Grow group meets weekly to offer peer support and use a proven program for mental wellbeing on Wednesdays from 1pm at 11 Service Street, Shepparton. All welcome. For further information, contact Lindy on 0448 052 769.


ARE YOU A SINGLE OR STAY AT HOME DAD? Would you like to meet new people and build close friendships for you and your children? D...


Letter to the Editor The Shepparton Adviser


Dear Editor,

Greater Shepparton City Councils history is in the making.

Twenty years into the journey that commenced early in 1997 following the amalgamation, with an inaugural council of seven men, we now have two women councillors at the helm of the nine member council.

Congratulations to Mayor, Kim OKeeffe and Deputy Mayor, Seema Abdullah on their appointments. I wish you every success in your term of office and would like also to thank former Mayor, Dinny Adem for his excellent service to the community of Greater Shepparton.

Yours sincerely,

Patricia Moran


Tuesday, 21 November


Teddies support camp program The Star

TEDDY bears and Prep students alike enjoyed a teddy bears picnic at Wonthaggi Primary School recently.

The teddy bears picnic is part of the schools camp program, teaching students to become more comfortable in a camp environment.

The program requires students to stay at school a little bit longer, allowing them to adjust to spending more time in the company of teachers and peers.

During the picnic, the Preps enjoyed an afternoon tea. This was followed by group games and a teddy bear hunt.

Throughout the camp program, Grade 1 students enjoy a dinner at school and Grade 2 students take part in a school sleepover.

They are then prepared for their first formal camp, which takes place during Grade 3.

Wonthaggi Primary Schools camp program is well established, and has proven to be an ideal way to help students develop confidence and independence.

Fun and games: Prep students Kayla, Makinley and Ruby enjoyed a teddy bears picnic at Wonthaggi Primary School. The picnic is the first step in the schools camp program.


Jo farewells Woorayl Lodge The Star

AFTER managing Leongatha aged care hostel Woorayl Lodge for the past seven years and nursing for more than 60, Jo White retired last Thursday.

She celebrated with a high tea with residents and staff.

Ms White said her time spent working at the lodge was the happiest time of her life, and that she thought of the staff and the residents as family.

Working at the lodge has been a wonderful experience. I know I made a lot of changes when I first arrived, but they were all for the best, she said.

We have an amazing team and I feel like I am among family when I am here with the residents.

Staff member Maggie Gruen said Ms White was an inspiration and a mentor.

It was an absolute pleasure working with her, she said.

Throughout her time at the lodge, Ms White worked to provide high quality care to all residents.

Ms Gruen said staff promised Ms White they would continue to maintain Woorayl Lodge to the same quality standard she would expect.

The new facility manager is Shane Jenkins.

Queen bee: Woorayl Lodge director of care Jo White retired last Thursday, after seven years in the position and 60 years in nursing. She was farewelled with a delicious high tea


Brigade unveils memorial rock The Star

A MEMORIAL rock honouring all past members of the Leongatha South CFA was unveiled in front of 50 current members on Saturday night.

Long serving members Edwin Millett and Paul Norton shared the honour of cutting the ribbon to unveil the plaque and memorial rock.

Captain of the Leongatha South brigade Hilco Zuidema welcomed all to the unveiling and thanked operations manager for CFA District 9, Simon Bloink, for his attendance before running through some of the brigades history.

The first meeting to form the brigade was held on July 23, 1956. The station was built in 1982 by the members of the brigade and was opened by Les Lupton in July 1983. In 2010 a meeting room was added on. Previously members used the former Leongatha South school for meetings.

Just six captains have served the brigade in its 61 year history: Harold Vagg, Steve McAlpine, Don Landry, Gordon Vagg, Garry Williams and Hilco Zuidema.

Captain Zuidema thanked Stuart Landry for making and installing the plaque, managers at Holcim Quarry Ross Newton and Reece Morehu for the donation of the rock, and Brent Sinclair Catering for the wonderful job they did on Saturday night.

Social times: having a chat prior to the unveiling of the memorial rock were, from left, Rebekah Vagg, Janine Moscript, Sylvia Vagg and brigade secretary/treasurer Carly Hurst.


Sales for a cause The Star


TWO Leongatha streets banded together to raise money for worthy causes on Saturday.

Residents of Trease Street and Allison Street held garage sales to raise funds for Water Aid and the Leongatha Mens Shed.

These garage sales are an annual event to help homeowners clear out their clutter and give back to others.

The day was instigated by Water Aid supporter Johanna Haasjes and Leongatha Mens Sheds David Brereton.

Ms Haasjes has been a long time campaigner of Make Poverty History, but decided to put weight behind Water Aid to help provide safe water, sanitation and hygiene to those who go without around the world.

There are many great organisations, but I have chosen Water Aid because it is totally dedicated to its goal of transforming lives by improving access to safe water, sanitation and hygiene in the worlds poorest communities, she said.

The garage sales coincided with World Toilet Day on Sunday.

Pieces in Ms Haasjes garage sale were donated by the public to support the cause.

Ms Haasjes said they had been blessed with both beautiful weather and generosity.

Mr Brereton sold pieces on behalf of a Leongatha Mens Shed member, with all proceeds going back to the Mens Shed.

Worthy causes: David Brereton and Johanna Haasjes organised the annual garage sale event in Leongathas Trease and Allison streets on Saturday. This event put money towards the Leongatha Mens Shed and Water Aid.


Sculptures explore Australias history The Star

AUSTRALIAN history man-made and natural is analysed by the latest exhibition at Gecko Studio Gallery at Fish Creek.

Travelling, works with wood and paper by Jan Learmonth of Inverloch is a collection of works that are material explorations of the controversial history and culture of land and water in Australia, the movement of people across sea and soil to occupy and exploit the land, the precarious state of river systems and natural environment.

I use natural and locally found materials, carved, bound, thatched, and recoated, to construct intricate sculptures. They take the form of boats or other vessels, rolling or floating through arid landscapes, she said.

I also map these altered landscapes by tracing tracks and topography with large flat works on paper. The work questions attitudes to country, interrogating tensions between land use and land care.

Learmonths work is held in the collections of Deakin University in Victoria, the Gold Coast Art Gallery in Queensland, Albury Regional Gallery in New South Wales, Latrobe University Arts Museum in Victoria, and private collections throughout Australia, New Zealand, Portugal and the USA.

Learmonth has exhibited widely, and was part of Geckos LOeuvre des Oufs exhibition in 2016 and Findings in 2015.

The exhibition opened on Friday and will continue to December 11.

Gecko Studio Gallery is at 15 Falls Road, Fish Creek, and is open Thursday to Monday from 9am to 4pm. Phone 5683 2481.

Thought provoking: Sixteen Standing, a wood and bone work by Jan Learmonth in her exhibition Travelling, works with wood and paper at Gecko Studio Gallery, Fish Creek.


Hailstones pelt Dumbalk The Star

DUMBALK copped a huge half hour hail storm on Friday afternoon.

Lachlan Vandermeer of Dumbalk sent The Star a video via Facebook of the enormous amount of hail he received on his property.

Dumbalk resident Peter Lamberts car and his sons car was dinted by large hailstones.

The hail was so heavy it put holes in Jason Rileys undercover area roof at his Dumbalk home.

At Michelle Kenneys Dumbalk home, all of her familys cars were damaged, the laser light of her dairy shed was smashed, her kitchen flooded and her vegie patch destroyed.

Her driveway had washed away and the hail also smashed her rain gauge.

Huge hail: large hail stones fell on Dumbalk last Friday afternoon, damaging residents cars, roofs and lights. Michelle Kenney took this photo.


Gays rejoice, but MP to vote no The Star

SOUTH Gippslands gay community has welcomed the outcome of the Australian same sex marriage survey, which supported legalising marriage between people of the same sex.

Ryanston gay man Wayne Moloney was amazed by the result. As a young man, he fled from gay parties raided by police and now aged, 70, is closer to having his 48 year relationship with his partner Keith Ritchie recognised by the law as having equal value.

This is an outcome I could not have imagined when (in the past) police could break into your bedroom and put you away for five years, he said.

I am thrilled to think that the love and acceptance Keith and I enjoy in our community may be more widespread than previously thought.

And for my wonderful young friends, I am overjoyed that they can lead a life free of a legal and social shackle around their love.

Mr Moloney now called on Federal Parliament to immediately legislate for same sex marriage.

The peripheral issues should be debated later as they may impact on existing laws, that is anti-discrimination and the like, he said.

Marty Thomas runs the restaurant Moos at Meeniyan, and is openly gay and supportive of South Gippslands gay community.

Im so ecstatic about the yes vote. It feels wonderful to be a part of such a positive and accepting community, he said.

Lets move forward. Theres no looking back now. Legislation should be made quickly. I hope that a more tolerant society will evolve from this voting campaign and minority groups will feel more safe and above all, equal to all other human beings.

McMillan MP Russell Broadbent said he would vote against same sex marriage in Parliament, despite the majority of constituents in his electorate voting in favour.

Ive had a consistent position on this issue and Ive been consistent all the way through that Im against same sex marriage, and that we will have a conscience vote and I will vote according to my consistent position, he said.

Its my personal view on the matter and I understand that 35,000 people voted no in my electorate and I represent the whole of the electorate.

However Mr Broadbent said he expected same sex marriage would become a reality in Australia.

I expect the Parliament will reflect the national vote. I expect it will be fairly straightforward and the Parliament will make a decision before Christmas, he said.

I think the Australian people have made a decision and the Parliament will respect the 60-40 vote.

The result of the national survey held by the Australian Bureau of Statistics was announced last Wednesday.

Across Australia, 61.6 percent of people voted yes and 38.4 percent voted no.

In McMillan, 61,479 people voted yes, while 36,500 voted no: 62.7 percent to 37.3 percent.

In the electorate of Flinders, the vote was 70 percent for and 30 percent against, while in Gippsland, the yes vote...


State award for Star The Star

THE Great Southern Star has just won the 2017 Victorian Country Press Association award for Journalism- Best Community Campaign for newspaper 2000 to 6000 circulation for its Save Our Town campaign, launched on January 10 this year to help reinvigorate Leongatha.

The Stars general manager Tony Giles was thrilled to accept the award during the annual presentation night at the Pullman Hotel in Melbourne on Friday night.

The award was for a promotional initiative which creates or lifts the profile of an issue affecting all, or a specific section of a community.

Judge for this section Lynne Smith has been a journalist all her life and was the first female editor of the Latrobe Valley Express and in her comments she said, Who better to launch a campaign to save its town than the local newspaper. The Stars SOS Save Our Town campaign was created in a bid to stop businesses from closing and attract new ones.

I would have liked to see the paper settle on one tagline and continue it throughout the extensive coverage which was impressive.

In this campaign, not only did the paper keep the issue at the forefront for several months, it took the initiative and hosted a free marketing seminar for local businesses. This campaign is a great example of leading from the front to support its local


A local newspaper is the community. It is the communitys voice. This is why when there is an issue or cause that is important to the community, its the papers role to raise it. Even more, it must be prepared to take up that cause and run with it. But is not enough to publish a series of stories. Papers need to launch these campaigns with a committed comment piece to show they are prepared to lead from the front.

After all, a newspaper is best placed to read the feeling of its community. To me, a newspaper can give sound to the voiceless, it can give hope to the marginalised and can help right wrongs. This is why community campaigns are so important. Dont be afraid to take a stand.

Star success: Brad Lester, editor of The Great Southern Star, was thrilled to win the prestigious state award for the Save Our Town campaign.


Heroic teenager awarded The Star


A MIRBOO North teenager has been recognised as a Community Hero for his outstanding efforts to save his fathers life at their Mirboo North farm in July.

Paul Mancarella, and his son Douglas, 17, were moving sheep into a shearing shed on a Sunday afternoon, when the father-of-three suddenly collapsed.

Realising his dad had stopped breathing, Douglas worked quickly to lay Paul on his back, call Triple Zero (000) and begin cardiopulmonary resuscitation (CPR).

Douglas had learned some CPR at school and was grateful for the help of the Triple Zero (000) call taker to pace his chest compressions until paramedics arrived.

Mirboo North paramedic Mark Cooke nominated Douglas for a Community Hero Award for his quick response and maturity in what would have been a frightening situation.

Douglas was so calm, mature and just so effective in everything he did, Mr Cooke said.

He was doing an outstanding job of CPR, and that enabled us to do the best we could with our equipment and skills.

Paul, 52, was defibrillated six times and regained a pulse before being flown to Monash Medical Centre in a critical condition. He has since recovered.

Douglas brother Mark, 13, who was unaware their dad was unwell until he saw the ambulance pull up in their driveway, was proud of his big brother.

I ran up and straight away gave Dougie a huge hug just because of the amount of work he did to give Dad the best fighting chance that he could to survive, he said.

The Mancarella family was in the audience to see Victorian Minister for Ambulance Services Jill Hennessy and Ambulance Victoria CEO Tony Walker present Douglas with his Community Hero medal at a special Parliament House ceremony yesterday (Monday).

Mr Walker said Douglas actions showed the importance of knowing CPR to save lives.

Douglas made all the difference to his fathers chances of survival in those first critical minutes, by providing first aid while paramedics were on the way, he said.

With 75 percent of cardiac arrests happening at home, CPR is one of the most important skills you can ever learn.


Rail yards review plea The Star

SOUTH Gippsland Shire Council has been urged to modify its proposed design for the Leongatha rail yards.

Leongatha Rotary Club and Leongatha Chamber of Commerce and Industry have asked council to relocate a traffic school and also include more parking within the site.

Council is proposing to transform the disheveled land between Bair and Long streets into a park for the community to enjoy.

Council proposed to build the school near the Bair Street bridge, but Rotary wants it closer to the station area, closer to parking and toilets.

Rotarys Ross Garner told council last Wednesday, Our view is that this be done in undue haste.

Mr Garner said the traffic school would teach children road safety and pedestrian skills. The school was suggested by Rotary.

Chamber president Brenton Williams said an extra 80 carparks including six long vehicle bays could be created by removing the mound now used for parking next to Apex Park and lopping cypress trees near Long Street.

Cr Meg Edwards told council, We talk about working with our community and this is a once in a 20 year opportunity to get it right.

A final master plan for the site could come before council for possible adoption in December.

Fresh idea: from left, Leongatha Rotary Clubs Ross Garner and Leongatha Chamber of Commerce and Industry president Brenton Williams with their plan for the Leongatha rail yards.


AGM 13th November 017 2REM 107.3FM

A well attended AGM was held at SS&A Club Albury on 13th November 2017.
Elected Board Members.
John Elias (Chairman)
Ian Page (Deputy Chairman)
Gavin Dainton
Eileen Middleton.
Allan Wilson
Joy Middleton
Greg Ingham
Auditors report showed Albury Wodonga Community Radio is progressing very favorably.

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